Animal Urges

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Hunting with wolves. Racing with lions. Hanging out with sloths. Swimming with dolphins.

These are the things my dreams included, and more. I had always wondered what it would be like to be a creature of the wild.

Nobody wanted to experience the wild with all the passion in their heart, like I did.

What I didn’t realize was that becoming wild and giving into my baser instincts didn’t necessarily mean becoming an animal… until recently.

Working at a zoo is very time consuming. Many people seem to think it’d be easy and a lot of fun. It can be fun, but it’s also hard and, at times, dangerous. This has been proven by many a zoo keeper who’s gotten mauled or injured by the bigger animals. Sometimes even small ones, such as snakes or other things in the bug and reptile houses. I’ve never been hurt in my line of work, and I don’t plan to be. I’m very cautious, but I love all the animals very much. They’re a part of my family.

One day, as I was feeding the birds in the aviary – one of my favorite places to hang out – the head zoo keeper walked in with a man very close to my age, maybe a bit older. He was dressed in the uniform of a zoo keeper, but I had never seen him before.

“Oh, there you are, Raegan!” Melinda, the head zoo keeper sighed with relief upon seeing me. “This is Mark. Can you help him out for today? He’s just been hired. Mark had a lot of awesome recommendations from the St. Louis zoo, but obviously he doesn’t know the Nashville one, as he just moved here! I’ve given him a list of what his duties would be… If you could show him around, that would be such a huge help, we’ve got a big school field trip arriving in a bit, and I need to organize some things for them.”

Melinda had always been a talker, as long as I’d known her. Finally, she finished her explanation, looking at me expectantly. I just nodded and smiled shyly at Mark. As our boss hurried off, muttering under her breath, I studied my new co-worker.

Mark was roughly two inches taller than my 5’5. He had curly brown hair flopping about on his head, and the outline of some five o’ clock shadow on his chin. His bright blue eyes studied the aviary – he hadn’t even looked at me yet! – and the corners of his mouth were turned up just slightly. He looked as if he smiled easily. And, oh, the muscles on his forearms… I would’ve bet a LOT that he was sculpted like a model underneath that zoo keeper’s uniform.

I cleared my throat and finally he looked at me. His eyes widened, and I wondered if I had bird droppings in my hair or something.

“Hi, Mark. I’m Raegan. Would you like to get started?” I asked.

His eyes widened a bit further, and he coughed slightly and said, slightly hoarse, “Sure.”

Shrugging off his weird reactions, I wondered vaguely if he was a smoker. I took the list Melinda had given him and studied it.

“Looks as if we’re working in a lot of the same areas.” I said, smiling up at him. “Why don’t we head over to the farm animals first? We can feed them, and hose down the paths before people start arriving. I had just finished in here when you guys walked in.”

Mark smiled, almost tentatively, and said, “Sure.”

As we walked out of the aviary, I asked, “Is ‘sure’ all you can say?”

He glanced at me, the corners of his mouth pulling up again, and shook his head, a small laugh escaping him. “No. Sorry, I was just distracted by the beauty.”

Oblivious to the fact that he was trying to use a pick up line, I grinned and said, “Yea, the aviary is one of my favorite places! I love the birds.” Mike gave me a confused look, but by then we had gotten to the farm animals.

We started in on our work, and I found Mark very easy to talk to.

As we moved from area to area of the zoo, and then repeated the cycle, I found myself wondering what it would be like to kiss him whenever I saw him smile, or what his big hands would feel like rubbing my back.

Then I would chastise myself. “He’s your co-worker, Raegan! It’d be big trouble if you were to fall for him!”

But I couldn’t casino siteleri help myself. Mark was just one the most of awesome guys I’d ever met! He was funny, kind, and loved animals! He was basically what my dream guy would’ve been, if I’d ever thought deeply about what kind of guy I wanted.

After the day ended, I politely wished Mark a good evening, and excused myself to the women employee’s locker room. After changing hurriedly and applying a fresh coat of deodorant, I walked quickly out the door, feeling exhausted from the day’s work, and wanting to do my final walk-through of the aviary before leaving for home.

I bumped into Mark on my way out, though – literally. His big hands reached out to steady me, and I almost swooned when he touched me. But inside I slapped myself and shouted, “Raegan! He’s a CO-WORKER.”

I quickly caught my balance, with this handsome new zoo keeper’s help, and took a step backwards. “Hey! I wasn’t expecting you to still be here.” He had changed from his uniform into street clothing. He was looking good in his dark wash jeans and a plaid button up shirt, with the top button undone and a bit of chest hair poking out.

“Yea… well, I was wondering… if you don’t have any plans sometime, could you show me around the city? I’d really appreciate it!” When I was silent for a moment, he talked on, saying, “I’ve just moved here, and you seem really nice and fun, and I’d like to… get to know you, too.”

After he paused again, I smiled, saying, “Yes. I know some great places! Obviously we won’t be able to do them all tonight…”

“That’s okay. I’m here in Nashville for good!” Mark then winked at me. I smiled back shyly, and we headed out to my car, as I had offered to drive.

First I took him to Bread and Company for a good dinner. He agreed it was delicious, and then I drove to 12th and Porter. 12th and Porter was a great music venue, with a nice bar and standing room only where their main stage was, so there was always a lot of dancing.

“My friend Sandy’s band is playing tonight. She said I could get in free, but I told her I was working earlier today and wouldn’t make it. She said she’d put me on the list anyway… I’m glad you asked me to show you around, because now I have an excuse to come here!”

We got in just as my friend’s band was trooping onto the stage to loud cheers. After grabbing a drink from the bar, I took a gulp for courage and grabbed Mark’s hand and hauled him through the press of people to the edge of the stage. Sandy saw me immediately and waved, then noticing the guy I was holding hands with, raised her eyebrows at me in question. I just blushed a brilliant red under the flashing lights as she grinned and winked, then leaned forward into the microphone to greet the crowd.

“Which one’s your friend?” Mark asked.

“Sandy, the singer.” I replied, grinning as his mouth dropped open as she started to sing.

“She’s awesome!” He shouted over the music blasting all around us.

After a while, the crowd had loosened up some, and a lot of people were dancing. Mark and I were the only people close to the stage who weren’t.

But then, as they started one of my favorite songs, Mark turned to me and put his hands on my waist.

“Care to dance?” He shout-asked.

I froze, but then downed the last of my second drink, thinking, “What the hell?” and pulled him closer, smiling up at him as he smiled broadly down at me.

When that song finished, a slow one came on. He pulled me close again, his arms wrapped around me, and I threw my arms around his neck. There was a tension building between the two of us that I’d never experienced before… but I liked it.

About halfway through the second slow song, Mark leaned down and asked if I wanted to go somewhere else.

I turned to look at Sandy, singing her heart out on the stage, yet glancing curiously at Mark and I every chance she got. “I should probably stay to say something to her…” I glanced back at the man who was holding me close, and the look on his face made a shiver slot oyna run through me.

“But I guess I’ll just text her later.” I finished.

Mark grinned, and then took my hand, and led me back through the crush of people and out the door.

Once we were out on the slightly quieter street, I turned to the man holding my hand, and asked where he wanted to go next. He stared at me hard for a second, and then swooped down and kissed me. I was taken aback and frozen with shock at first, but then I responded passionately. He was a wonderful kisser – even though I was 23, I didn’t have that many people to compare him to – and I felt electricity shooting through every fiber of my being.

After we broke apart, he asked, “Want to go back to my place?” I nodded in response without really thinking and then realized what I’d just implied with my nod… what was I doing?!

As we climbed back into my car, and Mark began programming his address into my GPS, I said, “I don’t normally do this. Or, actually, I’ve never done this.”

He slid his eyes away from the GPS and scrutinized me.

“Never gone home with a man after the first date?” He asked, smiling.

“Well… yes. But…”

“I’ve never gone home with anyone after the first date, either!” He interrupted.

I stammered myself into silence as he attached the GPS to my windshield, and just began driving to Mark’s apartment.

Once we got there, he came around to the driver’s side and helped me out, like a proper gentleman. But I knew if I went upstairs with him, the gentlemanliness would end.

Mark grabbed my hand and led me to his ground floor apartment. He never let go of my hand, even while unlocking the door. He escorted me inside, and told me I could lay my purse on the side table. I turned to the side table, and saw a framed picture of him as a child smiling with a puppy in his arms.

“You’ve always loved animals, haven’t you?” I asked, my voice quiet but ringing strangely in my ears after the loudness of the concert.

“Yes!” He exclaimed. He saw the picture I was looking at and grinned, saying “That was my first dog of many, Fido. I thought it was an awesome, unique dog’s name at the time.”

“My first dog was named Bingo. I thought the same thing.”

We stared into each other’s eyes, and suddenly we were kissing each other. It built and built in passion until it was just a blur of tongues and hands and lips and my long auburn hair flying around me crazily, his brown hair flopping adorably.

Suddenly I realized my legs were pressed up against a bed. I let myself sitting on the edge, and then scooting backwards and reclining until Mark was on top of me, and we were still kissing. It was like I was watching from outside of my body as I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, and he pushed his hand underneath my tank top and squeezed my breast through my plain black bra. “At least I’m wearing matching black panties.” I thought, bemoaning the fact I wasn’t wearing anything lacy. But who wears lace to work at a zoo?

Before long, my shirt was off and my 34C breasts were free from the non-lacy bra. “Where is the confidence to be undressed in front of this man coming from?”

Our kissing stopped, and I lay there beneath Mark, panting loudly, as he lowered his mouth to my right nipple, sucking and nibbling, while his hand pinched and pulled gently at my left. I groaned and arched underneath him, surprised at how good the pinching felt. His shirt was off, and I had been right, he was very sculpted. I traced his chest muscles as he continued the lovely treatment of my breasts.

Suddenly, my pants were off too, and I felt nervous deep down, but instead of acting on that nervousness, I sat up slightly to look down on Mark, who had moved between my legs and was slowly pulling my panties off, kissing my legs as he went.

“Look at how wet you are.” He breathed. His breath hits my bare pussy, and I suck in my breath at the sensation.

He gently strokes my lower lips, and then he lowers his head and begins to lick. I groan canlı casino siteleri and arch my back again, grabbing at my own breasts and pulling on the nipples as if my life depended on it while Mark continues to eat me out.

Masturbation NEVER felt like this. This… this is amazing.

His tongue flicks in and out and around my pussy, until his face is covered in my cum. He’s so good at this, I know he has to have done it before. But that doesn’t bother me as my orgasm builds, and then finally explodes. I am crying out with pleasure as he continues to lick my pussy lips and my clit.

Suddenly, I look up to find him hovering over me as I am recovering from my amazing orgasm, and I realize his pants are gone, too.

This is it. The end of my virginity.

But I don’t say that out loud. If I were to do that, it would make it even more real and I’d chicken out. Also, it might kill his mood. I haven’t even seen his dick yet, but I am now feeling it press against my still very wet pussy. He looks into my eyes, and pushes in. I cry out again, this time from quite a bit of pain.

“Oh, Raegan, you’re so tight!” Mark groans. He starts to move as if to pull out, but I stop him and say, “Give me a minute to get used to you.”

He does, and when I nod slightly, he begins to move. At first, it’s all pain. But then, the pleasure starts to push that out. I am soon moaning, not from pain, but from all of the wonderful sensations coming to me from my lower half.

And then, my upper half joins in as he leans on his left arm and plays with my right nipple with his other hand, and takes my left one into his mouth and sucks. He’s still moving the lower part of his body in and out of me, too.

I am soon close to an orgasm again as he continues to stimulate my nipples, and pump in and out.

“Can you come with me, Raegan?” Mark asks, lifting his head and looking into my eyes.

I nod. I’m so close, and I can tell from the way he’s moving faster and faster that Mark is, too.

“Come on, Raegan! Come for me!” Mark yells, his fingers tweaking my nipple again, hard. And that’s all it takes to send me over the edge. I am coming, and suddenly he’s pulling out and coming on my stomach and breasts.

I stare in shock for a moment, then look up and see his contrite face, and giggle.

“Raegan… that was… amazing.” He pants.

I smile and say, “I may need a shower now.” My breathing is still fairly labored, too, but I don’t know what dried cum is like, so I want to get it off quickly, just in case.

I stand up and Mark gasps.

“You’re bleeding!”

“What?!” I cry. I quickly realize he is staring at the bed, and I look and see a couple dots of blood… much less than I expected.

“Were you a virgin?” he asks, his face in a state of shock.

Suddenly, my high is over. I nod, and head into the bathroom off of his bedroom, blushing.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” I hear as I’m leaning in to turn on the water. I turn, startled, and see Mark has followed me.

“I know.” I whisper.

“I’m just surprised. I thought a beautiful woman like you would have had all the guys after her.”

I flush with surprise at the compliment. Once I feel the water is warm enough, I step into the tub under the shower head. I start to pull the curtain shut, but Mark follows me in and shuts it himself. Soon he is helping me wash off the cum on my breasts, and with the hot water running over us, I am starting to get very aroused again.

When I look down, I see he’s gotten hard again. His dick looks to be about 6 inches. I take it gently in my hand, and a shiver runs through him. I began to stroke up and down, and then we’re kissing underneath the water, hard and fierce. He suddenly grabs me by the waist and turns me around. Mark pushes at my shoulders until I am bent, looking at the floor of the tub, with my hands braced on the sides of the tub. Before I know it, he is inside me again, taking me from behind.

And it was even better than the first time.

Crying out and moaning with pleasure, I thought to myself that I wanted this to happen more than just tonight – maybe every night. I wanted to do things with him I’d never thought of doing – ever.

And guess what? I’m seeing him again tonight.

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