Anna and Lacey’s Secret Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Lacey’s Final Conquest

Two weeks after my sleepover with my best friend Lacey and her boyfriend Craig, Lacey invited me to come over to her house again. I was still a little upset with her from our last meeting. Craig had treated me very badly, proclaiming to anyone at school who would listen how he had scored with me twice, even though I already had a boyfriend. He went on and on, boasting about how he’d “enjoyed two of Anna’s holes” and how he was “plotting his conquest of the third.” Luckily, my boyfriend Nathan didn’t hear any of this terrible gossip, because he had graduated two years ago.

Nathan is the love of my life, even though I have been cheating on him with my beautiful best friend Lacey ever since I met him. I have been desperately trying to resist Lacey’s advances, but she is just too incredible. She can pleasure me so forcefully and completely, that her charms are utterly impossible for me to resist. But I had been doing a better job of resisting her lately, with only two major slip-ups since Nathan found out we were lovers.

Once again my boyfriend gave me permission to spend the night at Lacey’s house, provided as usual that I didn’t get naked or let her touch me. I could see the doubt in his eyes, though, as I promised again to stay faithful to him. I knew that his faith in me was slipping, so I doubled my resolve to stand firm against Lacey’s seductions. I absolutely would not let her or anyone else get into my panties this time.

Lacey had told me to dress nice, as we were planning to go out on the town with a few other girls from school. I was excited about the chance to socialize with the other girls, and to be outside of the constraints of Lacey’s bedroom, where it was so easy to get worked up and dizzy from the close presence of my best friend’s luscious and seductive body. I figured that a night out on the town would be just what I needed to take my mind off of the exquisite pleasures of my lover.

So I dressed carefully an hour before going over to Lacey’s house. I surveyed my pale slender naked body in the mirror before putting anything on, my eyes roaming over my small firm breasts, my thin hips, and my taut flat stomach. Then I turned around and checked out my tight ass—it always seemed to get Lacey in a frenzy. I was still a little ashamed of my body after Craig’s assault on it a few weeks ago, but still felt proud of its power to drive both men and women crazy with lust. Then I started dressing, picking out my very best black panties and bra, lacey undergarments that hopefully no one would see except my boyfriend Nathan when I returned to him at the end of the night, unsullied and unseduced. Over these, I put on a satiny black dress that was low-cut to reveal my milky chest and short enough to show off my thin shapely legs. To finish off the outfit, I tossed on a pair of see-through black tights and some cute black flats then rushed off to meet Lacey and her friends.

I was very nervous when I rang Lacey’s doorbell, wondering what the night would have in store. Lacey answered the door after several minutes, smiling widely as she saw me. She was wearing tight jeans tucked into black boots and a thin white t-shirt. As usual she had no bra on, so I could easily make out her swelling large breasts and erect nipples under the fabric.

“Wow, you look incredible, Anna,” Lacey said with a lewd smile. “I’m glad you decided to dress nice.”

I could hear the other girls laughing and chatting upstairs.

“Anything for you, Lacey. You know I’d do anything. Only—I have one request tonight. I really want to try to remain faithful to Nathan from now on, so can you please lay off with the flirtation?”

Lacey seemed a bit put off. “Oh, darling. Are you upset about last time? I know Craig was a little rough on you. I dumped him, if it makes you feel any better.”

“Thanks. I just feel… kinda like a whore, with all that’s been going on lately. So can you just promise… not to pressure me into anything?”

Lacey grinned in a way that always sends chills down my spine. “I’ll see what I can do. Why don’t you come upstairs and meet the girls?”

I went up the stairs after her, watching her ass in the tight jeans despite myself, but feeling a little relieved at how sympathetic Lacey appeared to be. I thought she would be mad at not being able to possess my eighteen year old body again, as she had done so many times before.

When we entered her room, I was a little surprised. First of all, none of the other girls were dressed nice at all. In fact, most of them were wearing skimpy pajamas and low-cut or sheer t-shirts. Second, the girls all seemed a little strange to me. None of them I would ever have taken for Lacey’s friends. There was Emily, a beautiful and incredibly smart honors student among several others I didn’t know who were equally beautiful. Looking over all the girls and so much bare skin, I started to get a little wet and flustered. Worst of all, though, I suddenly noticed my archenemy Hilary Hotchkiss sitting coyly on Lacey’s bed. She was the feisty captain of the cheerleading team, a gorgeous icy blonde with perfect breasts and ass—a girl who always went out of her way to make me feel uncomfortable and unwanted. Tonight she was wearing an incredibly tight pair of plaid boxer casino oyna shorts and a sports bra. She looked at me immediately with a scowl.

“Oh look, it’s that slut Anna who fucked her best friend’s boyfriend.”

“Hey, be nice,” Lacey said, more teasing than angry.

“I didn’t—” I blushed deeply, unable to think of anything to say. “I thought we were gonna go out,” I said, turning to Lacey, angry that she hadn’t tried to defend me.

“Well, there might be a bit of a change of plans,” Lacey said mysteriously, causing the girls to giggle. Hilary laughed out loud.

“You see,” Lacey said, placing a firm hand at the small of my back, just above my ass, and pushing me further into the room. “We were going to go out. But then me and the girls came up with a much better idea.”

“Oh—w-what’s that?” I stammered, blushing intensely, as I noticed the eyes of all six beautiful girls staring right at me.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Lacey said huskily, close to my ear. She then began to softly kiss my neck as the other girls watched closely.

I sighed weakly, unable to fight her off. Her soft hands slipped down my body to rest on my thighs as her lips worked their way up to my mouth. Then she tongue-kissed me deeply, while her two hands slowly worked their way back up my slender body, pulling my dress up with them.

“What are you doing to me?” I gasped softly, nearly paralyzed with desire, but also deeply uncomfortable with all the other girls around.

“Sssh,” Lacey whispered in my ear, pulling my dress over my head.

I stood there in my tights and my bra and panties in front of all the hungry-eyed girls. Then Hilary stood up from the bed and advanced behind me. I felt her cold hands unhooking my bra, while Lacey kneeled down in front of me and slowly rolled my tights down my thighs.

“Please, I don’t want to do this. I have a boyfriend.”

But they didn’t stop. A minute later, I was standing there in just my black panties, my breasts the subject of all those hungry eyes. My small pink nipples were now painfully erect in the cold air.

“I want to put my clothes back on,” I said suddenly, but then Hilary clamped down her hands on my wrists and I couldn’t move. Lacey reached up and pulled my panties down my legs slowly. All the girls giggled a little bit when my shaved bare pussy lay naked before them, small beads of sticky excitement gleaming on my clit and the folds of my labia. I started struggling in Hilary’s grasp, but she held me tighter, digging her nails into the soft flesh of my wrists. Then the two girls pushed me down to my knees in front of Lacey’s bed and pulled my arms out in front of me.

Lacey began to tie my wrists to the bedposts one at a time while I struggled and protested, but Hilary held me too tight. When I was bound in that way, kneeling in front of the bed, tied and helpless, Lacey approached me with a blindfold and wrapped it around my eyes.

“I think that tonight we’re going to play a game instead,” I could hear Lacey saying. A few faint sounds of giggling and laughter came from the room around me, but I couldn’t see what was happening.

I felt a strong tug on my hips from Hilary’s cold hands, then heard her say, “get your ass in the air, bitch.”

I decided it would probably be best to do what they said, since I was at their mercy. So I poked my bare cute little butt up in the air for all the girls to see.

“…And the game for tonight is ‘See how many things we can put inside Anna’,” Lacey announced. All the girls chuckled and shrieked excitedly at this.

“No, please. What are you doing?” I moaned, terrified but also a little aroused.

“Who wants to go first?” Lacey asked.

I heard muffled conversation around the room, then silence as soft footsteps came up behind me. Then suddenly a soft new pair of hands stroked my outstretched ass.

Someone laughed, “Emily’s going for it,” and I knew that the cute little asian honors student Emily was kneeling behind me, delicately stroking my pale beautiful ass.

Emily was a very shy girl, but exotically beautiful. She had straight black hair that was cut short at her neck, piercing black eyes and a cute button nose. She even had a few freckles spread across her cheeks. She was incredibly slender with tiny breasts and thin hips. Most people who didn’t know her thought she was still in middle school. But I had heard rumors around school that she was into girls and had a lot of love-making experience. Now this perky beautiful girl was caressing my ass while I knelt there helpless and all the other girls watched on, occasionally hooting and hollering.

After stroking me shyly for a little bit, I felt one of Emily’s hands slide down my ass cheek and between my legs. She started to tentatively stroke the folds of my labia. I could feel her warm breath on the back of my thighs, and figured that her face must have been only a few inches away from my slowly moistening cunt.

“C’mon, start fucking her already!” I heard a girl cry out.

This seemed to embolden the shy asian girl, as her nimble fingers suddenly pierced upwards and penetrated me, producing a wet squishing sound. Then she slowly began working those two fingers in and out of my cunt, eliciting a helpless and satisfied groan from me.

Emily’s slot oyna other hand now began stroking my ass cheek as she finger-fucked me. Then suddenly I felt her shy wet tongue delicately lick the edges of my puckered ass hole, sending jolts of electricity through my body.

Emily inserted a third finger and started working my pussy harder, thrusting up into me and occasionally licking my asshole or prodding it with that cute button nose of hers, and my hips began to shudder back and forth with her thrusts. The girls began laughing and cheering Emily on as she worked my tender cunt. I was totally at her mercy, but would have begged her to keep going if she stopped. Then she added her pinky to the three fingers fucking my cunt, and it sent me over the edge. I started moaning and bucking wildly while sticky juices of satisfaction spurted out of my cunt and all over Emily’s dainty little hands and face. When she was finished with me, she removed her fingers with a sickening squelch, and then wiped the warm liquid across my bare back.

I could feel fluids dripping down my thighs as I knelt there, my ass still trembling slightly in the air while all the girls cheered Emily’s conquest of my cunt.

“Okay, who’s next?” Lacey shouted out over the cheers.

I heard someone exclaim something and leave the room running. Then a moment later she returned causing all the girls to laugh spitefully.

“Oh yeah, Anna will love that.”

“Go ahead, Ruby. It’s your turn.”

I shivered nervously, wondering what was in store for me next. The girls were laughing hard now, making me more nervous. Then I felt something cold and wet at the edges of cunt. Ruby brushed it back and forth across my labia several times and up across my clit. It was hard and bumpy, and it stung a little where its wetness seeped into my open cunt.

“Yeah, she’ll love that. Fuck her, Ruby!”

Then Ruby shoved the hard curved thing into my cunt slowly, and I could feel the walls of my pussy expanding around the bumpy cold object. I suddenly realized that I was getting fucked with a pickle. An unusually long and thick one. But I didn’t have time to contemplate this shame, because Ruby was already thrusting the vegetable deep up inside me, and I was panting and squirming, trying to accommodate the sudden girth.

The girls laughed hard now at my discomfort in having the massive pickle inside my cunt. The pickle juice definitely stung now, and it made my whole pussy itch and burn with the friction. I groaned several times and squirmed around as I got fucked by Ruby’s pickle, but wasn’t anywhere near orgasming again.

“That’s enough,” I heard Lacey say, to some disappointed cries from the girls. “Next please!”

I felt the pickle slide out of me and sighed in relief. I heard someone unzip a bag and heard several gasps of appreciation. Then a new girl approached me from behind. I heard the humming noise before I felt anything, and knew that someone was about to use a vibrator. Then I felt a firm hand cup my ass while the vibrator buzzed up under me, and slowly landed on my clit. The sudden contact sent waves of screaming pleasure through my body, and my hips bucked up suddenly, causing the girls to laugh. Then the girl behind me began to work the vibrator up and down the outside of my pussy, occasionally returning to my clit. I began to moan low and desperately, eager for my cunt to be violated again. My body trembled in anticipation of another orgasm. And then suddenly the girl pushed the vibrator up inside me and I hissed at the terrible but wonderful throbbing pressure.

She just left the vibrator churning up in there for several minutes while I grunted and squirmed for all the girls to see, beside myself with pleasure. Then without any warning, she slipped the vibrator out of my cunt, and I moaned pleadingly in despair. My cute little ass ground frantically at the empty air beneath me, squirming back and forth in unbearable irritation.

“Why did you stop?” I asked breathlessly. My face was totally flushed red with pleasure and agony.

The girls laughed again in unison. “Looks like she’s ready for the next girl.”

I kept bucking my hips back and forth in the air, like an animal in heat, wishing I could put my hand between my legs and bring myself to a crashing orgasm. But they were still tied tightly to the bedposts and I writhed there naked and helpless.

I heard a new girl approach me from behind and put a cold firm hand on the small of my back.

“Hi Anna, it’s Hilary.”

I shuddered and groaned, too desperate to get fucked to care that my worst enemy was about to have her way with me.

“Do you want me to fuck you Anna? Would you like that?” she asked mockingly.

“Yes, Hilary. Yes, do it,” I hissed.

“Are you a filthy slut Anna? Is that why you want to get fucked?”

My ass thrust higher into the air in desperate anticipation and wiggled there a little. “Yes yes, please do me, Hilary!” My bare knees ground into the soft carpet and my hands chafed at the ropes that bound me. My whole body was on fire.

“No, I want you to say it, whore. Are you a filthy slut?”

“Yes, I’m a filthy slut. Please fuck me. Please?” I moaned loudly over the jeering laughter from the other girls.

Hilary’s hand slid down to grab canlı casino siteleri my gyrating ass roughly. She even dug her fingernails in a little. Then I felt her other hand spreading my labia, getting my squirming body lined up for a new surprise. Suddenly I felt it at the opening of my cunt: a bulbous rubber head shaped like the end of a penis. Hilary began pushing the shaft into me roughly, still clawing at my ass with one hand for support. Then I felt her other hand reach around and grab a firm hold of one of my breasts and squeeze it. With a tight hold on my ass and breast, she slowly worked the unusually thick member into me, causing the walls of my cunt to widen and swell with pleasure. It felt incredible, if a little bit uncomfortable. But she was sliding the thing into me too slowly to bring me to orgasm. Suddenly, I felt Hilary’s taut muscular naked thighs pressed against the back of mine and the firm protruding bones of her hips rub against my spread trembling ass cheeks. I realized that she had strapped on a dildo, one that must have been about nine inches long if I could judge right, and was now totally inside me.

“Yeah, how does it feel to get fucked?” she asked breathlessly, clearly a little turned on herself.

“It feels a-amazing, Hilary,” I panted. “Please, start fucking me?”

“Okay, if that’s what you want, slut,” she growled, shoving the final inch of the strap-on into my eager cunt and ramming her hips into my tender ass. Then she grabbed ahold of my ass with both hands and began pulling the strap-on back out of me, until only about an inch was left inside my trembling cunt.

“Don’t stop,” I moaned.

She laughed, then slowly began working the dildo back into me and out again, not going fast enough to send me into orgasm. The strap-on must have been pressing against her clit on the other end, because she squealed with pleasure every time she thrust the whole nine inches deep into my trembling frail body. And then after a few minutes of slow agonizing fucking, she began to pick up the pace, really ramming deep into my swollen gushing cunt. I could feel her hard muscular cheerleader’s legs tensing and pushing against mine all the while, and her knees on the inside of mine on the carpet, forcing my legs further and further apart. I began to moan in unison with her cries of pleasure as she fucked me.

The girls were cheering us on from all sides, as things worked into a frenzy. Hilary kept holding my ass in her claw-like hands as she fucked me again and again. My breasts bounced up and down in elastic rhythm, and suddenly my body contorted in intense mindless searing orgasm. I screamed out in ecstasy as Hilary kept ramming me, and I felt her shudder in release too as she orgasmed with me. When our motions had finally slowed to a halt and Hilary worked the strap-on out of me, I felt my legs literally dripping with post-coital liquids. The girls all gave a round of applause to Hilary, and I could imagine her standing over my out-thrust ass, bowing, the massive strap-on still jutting out from her crotch and dripping with my sticky fluids.

“That was exhausting,” I heard Hilary exclaim among the congratulations. “Anyone want to get something to eat?”

The girls were all in agreement, and I could hear them sliding coats on over their slinky pajamas and slipping on shoes. I heard Hilary drop the stained dildo to the floor with a wet plop and call out, “where are my panties? Fuck, that slut got juice all over my legs!”

Then they all departed, leaving me alone in the room, utterly exhausted and spent, my ass still thrust up weakly in the air. “Hello?” I called, a little frightened. “Lacey? Did everybody leave?” But no one answered.

So I was left alone and shivering somewhat in the cold bedroom air, my pale naked body covered slightly in goose bumps. I thought about Nathan who was waiting back home for me, probably wondering where I was by now. If only he could imagine his perfect little girlfriend bound and helpless, the subject of a pack of girls’ wild and perverse fantasies. Eventually I fell asleep against the side of the bed, my wrists beginning to feel raw from my bonds. I was completely ashamed and exhausted, and I had no idea what else was in store for me.


I woke up suddenly and realized that I wasn’t tied to the bed anymore, but was laying naked on top of Lacey’s sheets. I looked down between my legs and saw that I was still sopping wet, my pussy red and tender from being violated so many times. Then I looked around and saw that all the girls were still there, only they were on the floor now, and all their clothes were strewn on the ground around them. Six naked girls were sprawled there, entangled in each other’s shapely limbs. And I realized that they were pleasuring each other. Emily and another girl were sixty-nineing at the foot of the bed, rocking slowly back and forth as their tongues flicked out in unison at each others’ swollen dripping clits. Two of the other girls I didn’t know were sitting facing each other, one in the other’s lap. They desperately pressed their juicy cunts together, trying to get off from the friction while they tongue kissed and fondled each others’ bulging breasts. And in the middle of the floor: Hilary was on her back, her legs spread wide, and Lacey’s beautiful head of auburn hair shoved in between them as she slurped and licked at the cheerleader’s gushing cunt. I marveled at the site of Lacey’s tan ass swaying back and forth in the air as she eagerly lapped at my enemy’s pussy.

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