Another Fantasy Fulfilled in Vegas

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For those who have read previous “Fantasy Fulfilled” stories set in San Francisco and Los Angeles, you know that I made a new friend recently and I have made it a priority to help her fulfill all of her fantasies. Marie is a married, 24 year old sex machine. She is 5’4 ” tall, weighs 115 pounds and has the most beautiful pair of 34 C breasts you have ever seen. Her perky nipples are pink but she sometimes covers them with a dark colored lipstick to enhance their beauty.

I am old enough to be Marie’s father. Although I am in good physical shape and have the brain and heart of a 30 year old, I am clearly a mature male and together with Marie we make a striking and interesting couple.

Simply stated, Marie cannot get enough sex. She climaxes multiple times every day and thinks about sex constantly. She has a wonderful and open attitude about sex and loves to talk dirty even when she is not having sex. She also likes to push the limits of sex. From the first moment we met in San Francisco we had an immediate attraction and high level of trust. Marie asked me to help her with some of her fantasies and this story is another chapter in my quest to help her fill them all.

Marie and I arranged to meet in Las Vegas for a two day fantasy session. Given the time difference I flew into McCarran International Airport the night before I was to meet Marie. Hers would be a short flight from San Francisco and I wanted to greet her when she arrived. I got a room at the Best Western Hotel which is less than a mile from the airport. I had a couple of single malt scotches and a quiet dinner and went to bed. I wanted to be well rested when Marie arrived.

The following morning Marie arrived in a Southwest Airlines flight and I was waiting for her in the unsecured area of the airport. I had a bouquet of red roses waiting for her along with a passionate embrace and deep French kiss. She was all smiles not knowing all the details of what I had planned. However, based on our previous fantasy encounters, Marie knew she was in for a good time. I didn’t ask her what she told her husband. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and I did not need too much information.

We left the hotel in the rental car and drove downtown to the Bellagio. If you have never stayed at the Bellagio you have missed a real experience. Hotels like the Bellagio are not for everyone. It is big, bustling and home to Cirque du Soleil, several bars, a casino, a spa, several restaurants a large pool and a wonderful huge fountain that performs to lights and music every night. It is quite simply a spectacular property in the heart of Las Vegas.

We checked in to the hotel eager to reconnect. Marie was blown away with the opulence of the hotel and the splendor of the design and furnishings. It is an impressive building and the scale of the hotel is almost overwhelming. We had both been there once before but it had been a while and we had forgotten the scale and grandeur of the property.

We had a room with a Premier Fountain View which allowed us to see the famous Las Vegas strip and the lovely and entertaining fountains outside our huge window.

After the bellman left the room Marie and I fell on to the king sized bed in a passionate lip lock. She is such a great kisser and she is always ready for action. We rolled around on the bed like a couple of teenagers in the back seat of daddy’s car. We ripped each other’s clothes off and we were naked within minutes. I could not wait to suck on her marvelous breasts knowing how much she loves that. Her tits are very sensitive and as I licked, nibbled and bit her erect nipples I could that Marie was ready to cum. When I touched her overly sensitive clit, she erupted in a magnificent orgasm screaming softly into my ear.

I pulled the down comforter back revealing 1,000 count sheets and we quickly dove under the cover wrapped in each other’s arms. She is so delicious.

Within seconds my mouth had found her wet and dripping vagina. She tastes fantastic and loves to be eaten. I quickly ate her to at least 6 climaxes before she pulled me to her and told me she needed my rock hard cock inside her. I plunged all 7.5 inches deep into her in one push. Her pussy is so tight and always feels so wonderful I have to concentrate on not cumming too soon. However, her dirty talk and lovely body make it very difficult to hold back.

However, my discipline paid off and Marie climaxed another 5 times before I told her I needed to cum. She asked me to cum in her mouth so after another few strokes inside her I pulled out and placed my throbbing cock in her wet, warm mouth. My balls clinched and I came with a roar and she slurped down every drop of my cum. 6, 7 or 8 spurts and she never spilled a drop. She also loves to hold it all in her mouth until I finish and then she opens her mouth to show me the load and then smiles and swallows it all. She is amazing.

We lay in the bed basking in the warm afterglow of hot, steamy sex. Marie seemed satiated although I knew that would not last long. We talked softly and enjoyed each other’s company after not seeing each other for several months.

Marie casino siteleri smiled a sexy smile and said, “So what do you have in store for us in Las Vegas?”

I smiled and told her all would be revealed very soon. She had no idea how much work had gone in to planning this adventure.

Marie had indicated that she wanted to attend a “swinger’s club” and there are several in Las Vegas. Seems a lot of couples like to “play” in Vegas while they would never do so in their home towns.

I made a phone call to one of my dearest friends in Los Angeles. He has spent a lot of time in Vegas and knows some of the major players in the city. I told him about Marie and that I did not want to take her to a sleazy club where a bunch of dirt bags would stand around waiting for a chance to get a blow job or fuck her. I wanted her to have a high quality experience but I also wanted to help her test her limits of pain and pleasure.

He made some calls and eventually put me in touch with a man called Fabio. I must admit I was a bit skeptical with a name like Fabio but once I called him I learned he worked for one of the richest men in Las Vegas. The only industry that makes as much money as the casinos is the porno business and his boss, Mr. Bruno Maselli, was a major player in the industry.

I also learned that for very special clients they have some custom programs available, however, he made it very clear that only a few select people could qualify for admission to this exclusive club.

It seems Mr. Maselli does own a swingers club but he also hosts parties at a villa he owns. The villa also serves as a set for filming porno movies. Once invited to the villa, guests become a part of a very unique and interesting group of erotic players.

I went through a checklist of questions with Fabio including sending photos of the lovely Marie and myself. He also sent some forms that turned out to be releases for Marie. If she accepted the invitation to join this exclusive club she would have to allow a live Internet broadcast and the videotaping which would be sold for a profit. She would also be performing in front of a live audience who may (or may not) put tips in a jar during her “performance.” She would also receive a check from the company owned by Mr. Maselli. She was going to become a porno star.

After I sent the forms back Fabio told me they would do some checking and if approved, Marie would be invited to the very special “3-P” club. The 3-P club stands for “Progressive Pain and Pleasure” and is structured to provide maximum pain and pleasure to select individuals. I had to include Marie’s sexual resume and was grateful that I had taken photos of our previous encounters in California.

After several days I received a call from Fabio telling me that Mr. Maselli had personally reviewed the information and was going to issue an invitation to Marie.

I would be welcomed as her escort. I received a formal invitation with directions and contact info and we were to be at the villa at 6:00 PM and plan to spend the evening being well taken care of by our hosts.

After doing some sightseeing around Vegas and getting a blow job in the restaurant where we stopped for a drink, we returned to the Bellagio. I poured us each a glass of wine and told Marie of the plan. Marie was grateful that I was not going to take her to a sleazy swingers club. She was excited and eager to go to this private place so she signed the forms and I faxed them to Fabio. She was about to become a member of the 3-P Club.

Marie dressed in a slinky black party dress and five inch black heels with no hose. A single strand of pearls around her neck made her very sexy and elegant. We went downstairs promptly at 5:00 PM and were greeted by a limo driver who had a sign that simply said “MARIE” in big bold letters. We were escorted to the long, black limo and climbed into the rich leather seats.

I could not resist raising the privacy screen once we started moving and I pulled Marie to me, lifted her skirt and started tickling her sensitive clitoris. She came within seconds. I worked her to another four orgasms by inserting my fingers deep inside her while licking her sensitive nipples. We were all over the limo……………in the seat and on the floor like teenagers on their first limo ride.

We paid no attention to the fully stocked bar or what was happening outside the windows of the limo but before we knew it we were rolling up to a gated community in the Las Vegas upscale suburb of Summerlin in the Las Vegas Valley.

Once inside the gates it was obvious we were in a very elegant neighborhood filled with multi-million dollar homes. The landscaping was incredibly lush and beautiful considering Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert.

We wound our way through the lovely neighborhood along the Spanish Trail Country Club and golf course and eventually came upon a large property with a twelve foot high wall surrounding the house and grounds. The wall was made of beautiful stacked stone and softened by lovely landscaping and flowering cactus. However, the landscaping did not hide the fact that there were slot oyna video cameras mounted along the top of the wall providing 360 degree surveillance of the house and grounds.

The limo snaked its way to a rear entrance where a guard opened the gate manually. As we entered the grounds we noticed a large empty lot inside the compound and adjacent to the large house. We learned later that this lot was used to park cars when large crowds attended events

Looming large on the property was an enormous house. It was basically modeled after an Italian villa on the outside with balconies, huge arched windows and sumptuous landscaping surrounding the structure.

Palm trees of all varieties, blooming bougainvillea, fruit trees and other blooming plants adorned the grounds creating an extremely elegant setting.

The house looked huge from outside. The floor to ceiling arched windows added to the grandeur of the estate. We later discovered that the house had 12 bedrooms, 9 full bath rooms and 6 partial bath rooms. It had a large swimming pool adjacent to a 25 meter lap pool. At the end of the pool was a sunken hot tub with a fountain that spilled water from the pool into the hot tub before being circulated throughout the swimming complex.

Stone walkways were enhanced by lovely low voltage lamps that cast a soft glow on the path. Landscape lighting highlighted the palm trees and blooming flora surrounding the house. It was, quite simply, one of the most elegant homes I had ever seen.

The home was owned by Bruno Maselli and it was apparently not his primary residence or his only home. I later learned that this home was used primarily for very special private parties such as the one scheduled for this evening. We entered the home through a door at the back of the home adjacent to the ten car garage.

We were greeted at the door by an elegant older woman named Sophia. She was in her fifties with gray hair pulled back into a bun, stylish glasses and a very pleasant smile. Her accent revealed her European roots and we assumed she was of Italian descent. She welcomed us to “La casa di dolore e piacere” (The House of Pain and Pleasure). She quickly told us that they commonly referred to it as La Villa di Piacere Puro (Villa of Pure Pleasure).

Sophia embraced us both and gave Marie a kiss on the cheek. She took her by the hand as we walked into the enormous kitchen. It was at least 50 feet by 75 feet and featured granite countertops, stainless appliances and seating for 12 in a bay window overlooking the luscious grounds and pool.

From there we went into the library which featured paneled walls, shelves full of books, overstuffed chairs, soft down lighting and the ubiquitous arched floor to ceiling windows which looked out on to the grounds.

The jaw dropping tour of the house took us to the front of the house where the expansive foyer featured a large open area and a leather top table with fresh flowers lit from directional lighting above.

The staircase to the upper level was wood and glass and curved its way to an elegant and expansive area featuring too many bedrooms to count. We were led to what appeared to be a guest bedroom but it was set up much like a “green room” in a television studio (where on air guests waited for their appearance surrounded by fresh fruits, bottled waters, a full bar, an oversized closet and a king size bed. Sophia insisted that we make ourselves at home and told us the attendants would be along shortly to assist us for the balance of the evening.

While the house was elegant and even extravagant, it did have the appearance of a home that was actually lived in by real people. There were no photos of families or personal items that would indicate people actually used the house on a daily basis. It was almost as if the house was a movie studio or prop for film. Little did we know that this was precisely the situation.

Marie tumbled on to the bed and told me she felt like she was in a dream. I had to admit it was a rather other worldly situation we were in and I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten us into. Marie seemed to not have a care in the world as she asked me to bring her a bottle of Perrier.

Within a few moments there was a knock on the door. We told them to enter and in stepped a lovely young woman of about 28 years old with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a kind face. She told us her name was Tamara and she had been assigned to be Marie’s personal assistant for the evening. She told us she would return on 30 minutes to help Marie prepare for the evening. She told us to ring the buzzer beside the bed if we needed anything at all.

In precisely 30 minutes Tamara returned knocking softly on the door. Marie and I were relaxing wondering what would happen next. Our question would soon be answered.

Tamara began by asking us a few questions as she referred to the files in a folder she carried. Once Tamara confirmed that Marie had signed the releases she told us how the evening would unfold.

The whole point of the “3-P Club” is to start the subject (Marie) out with mild forms of pleasure followed by mild forms of canlı casino siteleri pain. As Marie progressed to each succeeding level, the pleasure and the pain would increase. There would be a total of 12 levels of pain and pleasure. Marie could stop the process at any point during the evening. Only 3 women had ever made it to Level 12.

There would also be a live audience in the room. Approximately 60 people had paid $2,500 each to watch the live spectacle. We quickly calculated that this would total $150,000. I asked Tamara who would get the money and she quickly told me that Mr. Maselli was hosting the event and that he controlled the funds.

She also added that patrons could offer tips for Marie’s performance and she could keep all of that money. She told us that Mr. Maselli usually shared a portion of the evening’s proceeds with the guest of honor but she could not confirm an amount. A lot depended on Marie’s performance.

Further, there would be a live pay per view broadcast on the Internet and people would pay as much as $19.95 to watch the events of the evening live as they happened. There would also be a videotape of the evening and it would be sold in adult stores and on the Internet. So now we understood how Bruno Maselli could afford the mansion we were enjoying at that moment. This was a gold mine and I wondered how many women had been in Marie’s position.

Tamara left the room and told us the attendants would be along shortly. I asked Marie if she was okay with all this. She responded like a champion.

“Are you kidding? This may be the best night of my life and completion of my ultimate fantasy. I’m going to be a porn star.”

I laughed with Marie and told her I would be there with her. I told her to always know she could count on me to protect her and if things did not go the way she wanted that I would intervene and stop the show.

Within a few minutes there was another knock on the door. Two lovely women, one blonde, one brunette entered the room followed by two gorgeous men, one with jet black hair and the other a blonde, surfer boy type. All four of them were tan, fit and beautiful. They all carried small bags with them and Marie wanted to know what they were carrying. They told us their costumes which would soon be revealed.

Carla (the blonde) and Ashley (the brunette) escorted Marie to the bathroom where they would wash her in the shower and prepare her body for the evening. The two men, Giovanni and Carlo were hunks. I do not have a gay or bisexual bone in my body but I have to say that these two men were gorgeous. They were both over six feet tall and weighed about 185 pounds. Their teeth were perfect reflected in their handsome smiles and framed in neatly trimmed haircuts.

The men moved to a corner of the room and began to disrobe as and get into full costume. They stripped down to G string pouches (like male strippers wear) featuring impressive bulges and totally toned bodies. They put on tuxedo pants over the G strings, tuxedo shirts with open collars and a black leather vest. Both men were athletic and fit and had six pack abs with little to no body hair.

When Marie returned to the main room she looked gorgeous. She looked clean, rested and relaxed. Her two attendants escorted her to the closet and extracted her outfit for the evening. First she donned a skimpy pair of black thong panties followed by a lacy black bra which enhanced her lovely and perky breasts.

They then helped her put on a lovely full length, cream-colored, chiffon negligee which completely covered her body all the way to her toes. She then put on the five inch black heels. The “crowning” blow (so to speak) was a wreath of small while flowers that was placed on her head. She looked so angelic and wholesome covered in white. I, however, knew better. So did everyone else in the room.

Then the two female attendants disappeared momentarily and returned also wearing white full length robes that made them also appear innocent and angelic. The juxtaposition of the men in black leather and the sweet, angelic looking women seemed to put an exclamation point on the entire theme of Pain and Pleasure. These people knew exactly what they were doing and everyone was eagerly anticipating what was soon to follow.

At precisely 6:30 PM we were led to a set of stairs that descended to the lower level. The two female attendants walked slowly down the stairs with Marie following closely and the men followed Marie. Soft music could be heard emanating from the main room to which we were being led.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs the double doors were opened revealing an astounding sight. There were at least 60 people, perhaps more, standing or sitting behind velvet ropes. They were staring at the entourage as we entered to the right of an oversized bed which was elevated on some kind of platform. It must have been at least 20—24 inches above the main floor of the bedroom. It was a canopied bed adorned with ropes and sheer curtains on either side. The lighting on the bed was soft and focused and the patron’s area was dark and dimly lit. Soft music emanated from the discretely placed speakers around the room, most mounted high on the wall. The room had ornate crown molding and the ceiling was at least fifteen feet high. A wide blade ceiling fan turned lazily above the room.

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