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Oh! Please don’t stop! Oh Fuck! I’m almost there….

*beep beep beep*

Ugh! The sound of my alarm ruined a perfect dream. My fingers were toying with my nipples as my hips wiggled in anticipation of my dreamtime orgasm. As I groggily stretch and begin to focus, I remember what day it is. My lover is coming home today! This is my last morning waking alone.

In just 3 short hours, I’d be in the arms of the man I love and by far the best lover I’ve ever had. It isn’t that he has the body of a god or a cock like a porn star. Rather, he is erotic…sensual…adventurous. Oh, don’t get me wrong – he has an amazing cock. It’s just the right size for any and every opportunity and hard as a rock. Any bigger and it would be too big for some of my favorite activities. He is tough looking, tattoos covering his arms and well placed scars that give him that air of intrigue and add to his sexual draw. The thing about him that captured me, however, is this amazing air about him that makes me want to share every sexual fantasy and kink with him. I find myself dreaming of other things I want to try – things I’d never even thought of before – and full of an uncontrollable desire to share them all with him. As I do, it causes me to develop new kinks and desires. He encourages me to express them openly as we explore each and every idea together.

One hand has now slipped between my thighs and seeks out the wetness between my legs. It takes only a moment for me to find that warm spot. I get so wet. I used to be so self conscious about how wet I’d get. One of the first times we were having sex, I was mortified when I could hear the squishy sounds as he was pumping in and out. Later he told me how hot it was to hear my pussy snapping with wetness.

Now my fingers were sliding in and out of me. When they were thoroughly moist, I slipped them into my mouth and tasted my wetness. I love the sweet taste and musky smell. My body is quickly remembering the dream I was rudely awaken from as the fingers from my other hand brush over and tweak each nipple in turn. As I feel my orgasm approaching, I force myself to stop so I can get out of bed and get myself ready.

Today would be perfect.

I got out of bed and headed for the shower – my body still aching to be touched. The water felt illegal bahis so good as it cascaded down my shoulders and over my breasts. I longed to touch myself again but knew I should wait. I lathered up a washcloth and began to spread the soapy substance over my entire body. As the rough material of the washcloth brushed over my erect nipples, I heard myself moan out loud. I lathered my thighs and my ass and ached to be touched. As I rinsed myself, I allowed my figures to stroke my pussy lips one more time.

Oh god! I needed the touch of my lover. Toys and fingers are fun but nothing brings as much pleasure as his cock. He knows how to slide along my slit without penetrating me…how to tease me and make me wet…how to push me to my limit and make me gasp when he suddenly and without warning plunges deeply into my pussy. All this daydreaming had my fingers wandering again. I decided that I should prepare my pussy for my lover – so I could feel every bit of every move he made.

I reached for the shaving cream and the razor. I spread my legs widely – admiring my protruding clit and swollen pussy lips. Lathering myself up, I slide the razor over my entire pussy area – making sure that the skin is soft and smooth from ass to pussy to pubic mound. Soon I am bare and silky smooth. Mmmm! He loves this look and his hard cock against my smooth skin always brings me right to the edge of orgasm. I decide to make today perfect in every way and I turn off the shower to start my primping.

Wrapping my hair in one towel, I grab another fluffy yellow towel and slowly pat my skin dry. I reach for my favorite fragrance of body lotion and rub it into all of my skin. It makes every inch of my body soft and everything about me smells inviting. I next find a dark red nail polish and polish my finger and toe nails. I know how much he loves high heels on me and I want my feet to look perfect.

Next I dry my hair and apply my make-up. I go for a simple look with understated colors but rich red lipstick that will so nicely contrast against his cock. I can’t wait to feel his cock slide deeply in and out of my mouth. I love struggling to pull him in deeper until I have taken him all the way down to the base. He always moans when use my lips to tighten and loosen around him as my tongue plays over the length illegal bahis siteleri of his shaft and my fingers gently run over his balls. Tonight I’d remind him exactly what I mean when I tell him that I’m a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom. His whore. I will please him in every way he desires.

I look at the clock. The shower and primping took longer than I though. I will be in his arms in just 90 minutes!

I mist myself with his favorite perfume and turn to the closet. I pull out my highest heeled strappy black sandals, my shortest skirt, and my most daring shirt. A sheer, lacey, front hook bra acts like a frame to my breasts and the matching thong will complete my look.

Before clasping my bra, I add a special piece of jewelry. This necklace was a gift from my lover but wearing it is a gift to us both. To the average person, it would appear to be just a long simple chain that finds itself slid inside of my shirt. The truth, however, is that it is a long chain with nipple attachments on each end. After tweaking and teasing my left nipple, I slide an adjustable cuff around it and tighten around the base. This tightness maintains the nipple erection and makes it obvious to anyone looking at me that I am very turned on. The chain crosses from my left nipple, over my right shoulder, behind my neck, over my left shoulder, and I attach the other end to my right nipple. Every movement I make now causes my nipples to be tugged lightly which in turn causes my pussy to quickly moisten.

I continue dressing and slide on my thong and wiggle into my skirt. The skirt appears to be a modest mini until I slip into my 3 inch heels. Suddenly the skirt looks very short and I am very aware of how I can move to increase my lover’s viewing pleasure.

I next put on my revealing shirt. With the subtle sheerness of my shirt, my jewelry could be seen through the bra and shirt when the light hit just right. The deep V neck allows me to show as much or as little as I like, just by the way I move.

I’m nearly ready – in every way. I comb out my hair and throw it loosely in a clip on my head. Later I’ll let my hair fall free. I know that at some point, my hair will be in the hands of my lover as he pulls me closer, and thrusts deeper into my pussy or ass.
I can’t stop myself canlı bahis siteleri anymore.
My nipples are being teased with every movement. The thought of my lover sliding his cock into my ass has caused me to moan out loud. The tingling of my clit as my thong slides over it and my naked pussy lips has me needing more. The smell of sex is in the air and I want to cum. I sit on the edge of my bed and view myself in my dresser mirror. I open my legs and see my pussy lips swollen with desire and start playing with my clit. Moving my shoulders around causes my nipples to be pulled. I slide my panties aside and open my pussy lips with one hand and begin sliding the fingers of my right hand inside of me – all the while, watching myself in the mirror.
I start with one finger – it is so wet. I wiggle it all around inside me in big circles and then thrust it in and out. In moments I’ve gotten both a second and a third finger deeply thrusting into my pussy. I wonder how many fingers I can get in. I’m so wet…how much could I really take? I’m pumping 3 fingers in and out quickly now – feeling my orgasm approaching. I wiggle them around, spreading them within me and then sliding them in and out again. I pull them from my pussy and put them in my mouth. So wet. So sweet. Soon I’ll be sucking my cum off my lover’s cock. I tug sharply on my chain and moan out loud as I again slide the three fingers in again. I add my pinky – leaving just my thumb to play with my clit. I wanted to try for 5 fingers but it was too late. My orgasm flows over me hard and unexpectedly. I feel my pussy tighten around my fingers in a pulsating rhythm. My pussy juices fill my hand and have started running down my thighs. I slide out of my panties and use them to dry myself up as much as possible. I then suck and lick my fingers purposely leaving a bit of my juices on my lips.

I pack up my panties and put them in my handbag. The first kiss I share with my lover will have my pussy juices on my breath. I’ll have to pick him up at the airport. I have to leave soon. I’ll keep teasing myself and licking my fingers all the way to the airport – just to make sure he can taste what I do. After kissing him hello, I’ll slip the wet panties into his hand. He’ll not be able to control himself. I wonder if we can find a private place to fuck at the airport. I want him to fuck me…my pussy, my throat, my ass…any and everything. I slide my fingers in my pussy again – and back to my lips and tongue.

Time to go…which of my sexual fantasies will he fulfill first? In 30 minutes I’ll know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20