Aphrodite’s Gift Ch. 01

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Chapter 1. The Negotiation

Sex. I wonder what that is? I thought to myself while a guy approaches our table.

My friends and I just finished three rounds of margarita in Puntasia. Gene is probably doing it with her boyfriend in the restroom. I tucked my black hair behind my ear and looked at Miles. The guy is probably going to ask Miles out. Who wouldn’t? She has beautiful blonde hair and body that can be flaunted in men’s magazines.

The guy introduced himself and stared at Miles. She tosses her hair and giggles. She winked at me then went to the dance floor with the guy.

This is absolutely normal. I looked down at my skinny body. Maybe putting make up can help with my attractiveness tonight.

I went to the washroom, “Gene? Are you here?”. No answer. They must be in the men’s washroom. As I applied lipstick, the door opened.

A girl with long golden locks entered. She’s wearing small red dress that hugs her body perfectly. She must be a 36-24-36, I thought to myself. She smiled at me with her bright eyes. In spite of my shy self, I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Oh! I left my lipstick!” she exclaimed while rambling thru her purse. “Do you mind if I borrow yours?”

How can I say no to such a beauty? “Here”, handing it and smiled, “not like you still need it.”

“You think I’m pretty, huh? You’re not bad yourself,” she said as she paused applying the rouge. “You can call me Aphrodite.” I stared at her lips as casino siteleri she pouted, imagining that we kissed indirectly by using the same lipstick. What the hell am I thinking? She’s a girl! Stop fantasizing.

“Like the Goddess of Love? See, even your name is pretty. I’m Norah — boring like my name”

“Aww, don’t be so hard on yourself. I guess you’re not getting some tonight, huh?

“More like I haven’t gotten anything ever!” then she gawked at me. “Oh I’m sorry. You’re a perfect stranger and I’m already complaining nonstop.

“No prob,” she returns the lipstick and I felt her smooth hand on mine. “Were you saying that you’re a virgin?”

“Uhmmm…” I tried to smile. I must be tipsy to be saying these things to this girl. “Gawd, I’d be willing to trade anything for your body.”

“Even your virginity?” she cocked her head then grinned.

What a weird question. “Actually,” shocked with my reply. I stared back at the mirror and saw my dull skin, black wiry hair, and my body lacking of curves.

She came closer and tilted my face to look at her. “Really? Being beautiful has a price, you know.”

I nodded, dizzy from the alcohol and her heavenly scent. “I’d give anything.”

“Come then,” she interlaced her fingers with mine then dragged me outside the bar. “Let’s negotiate here,” as she shoved me to the back of a dark red limo.

Oh my god! What am I doing?

“We are going to negotiate for your beauty, my dear,” she said slot oyna as if reading my mind. She was tracing my thigh with her finger, lingering at the tip of my purple skirt. “You said that you’re willing to give anything, right?”

I nodded again. Words somehow escaped me. I closed my eyes as she touches my lacy panty.

“Not now, Norah.” She giggles while grabbing a bottle of wine. She hands over a drink, “what if the price is to make people happy?”

“That’s easy,” I managed to murmur missing her finger on me. “No one looks at me like how they look at Miles. Err, my friend from the bar earlier. She’s very pretty, like one snap of her finger she can make any man do what she wants.”

“You can be prettier than her, Norah.” She grabs some old parchment from nowhere, “but you can only be more beautiful if you make love with anyone. Of course, you’ll have to start with me.”

She must have seen confusion in my eyes, so she placed her hand over my thigh again. I gasped then murmured, “I’ll do anything.”

“Good, Norah,” her finger is tracing my cunt against the sheer fabric of my panty. “Sign here then”.

I scribbled my name in the parchment while my eyes are closed. Then she pushed the garment aside, then placed a finger against my wetness. She’s better at touching me than when I do it myself. She pressed a finger inside then I looked at her lustful eyes. She kissed me penetrating my mouth with her tongue. I surrendered to her skillful fingers and canlı casino siteleri tongue. She grabbed my left boob and pulled its nipple. I was feeling hot and wet. This beautiful woman is pleasuring me. She placed two fingers inside the tightness and I felt myself getting closer. I moaned. She twirled them inside while teasing my nipple. Too much.

“Say my name when you come, Norah. This will seal the deal.” I couldn’t understand the last part but I was bucking my hip frantically grasping her hair.

“Aphroditeeee!” as liquids gushed from my cunt. She didn’t stop fucking my cunt with her finger. She continued while I was reaching for my second orgasm. Just when I was about to come, she opened my thighs and positioned her lips to my cunt. She pushed her tongue inside and made me come nonstop.

While I was dizzy with the sensations, I saw her pushed a 2-sided cock inside her pussy. She gasped as one cock disappeared in her cunt. She held my thighs apart then pushed the thing inside of me. I groaned while the thing penetrated me.

My next orgasm is building as she rides me. She was grinning at me, “Oh Norah! This will just be the beginning for you. I can already see you becoming prettier as we fuck. Remember that if you go a day without fucking, you’ll go back to the way you look. You will be only be prettier if you have sex with different people.”

I couldn’t grasp what she was saying. I just screamed, “Yes, Aphrodite! Yes! More! Give me more!” I was matching her pace by lifting my hips. We are burying the cocks deeper in each other’s pussy. Her strong thrust made me orgasm to oblivion. Then I felt her coming too. As I was about to black out, I heard her say, “make me proud, Norah”.

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