Appointment with a Lover Ch. 02

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This is an original work and as such is protected under the copyright laws of the United States. Please do not duplicate, copy, print, distribute or exchange this piece without the expressed written permission of the author. This work is pure fantasy, and not based on any actual events. My format has changed slightly, as I have written it with the plan of making an audio recording of this erotic story, and that required a style shift. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.


He broke the kiss, scooped me up in his arms and carried me through the house upstairs to his room, which was also lit up with a few candles appropriately placed and the soft music from downstairs piped into the speakers in his bedroom. The aroma of the lightly scented candles, mixed with my perfume and his cologne, and the slight heady scent of sex filled the room. It was so erotic. He set me down and I started slowly unbuttoning his shirt as I kissed his neck and lightly ran my tongue over each spot that had just been brushed by my lips. He started protesting, but I looked in his eyes and placed one finger to his lips, “Ssshhhh,” I whispered, “I have no intention of ruining your plans for me. I just want to feel this body of yours.” I untucked his shirt from his pants to access the last couple of buttons. With the last button undone, I put my hands inside his shirt on his broad shoulders and gave him a taste of his own medicine – I slowly ran my hands down his muscular chest, slightly dampened with sweat, using the same silky, light touches he had given me. I managed to push the shirt off his shoulders and down off his arms, stripping his torso bare and tossing the shirt on the floor. With full access to his chest, I moved my kisses further down his neck and kept my hands lightly roaming across his shoulders and arms, and occasionally flicking his nipples with my fingers or my tongue. I playfully ran my long fingertips down his sides and across his bare stomach, causing him to flinch a little as my fingernails tickled his skin.

I rubbed my right hand along the waistband of his pants, and moved it down to feel his hard, stiff rod, his thick 8 inch cock straining to be released. I pressed my hand against it, looking up and giving him my most seductive smile and started to move my body down to get closer to his hot cock. He grabbed my hand away from his crotch, pulling me back up to a standing position. He growled at me a little, trying his best to act angry, but knowing it wasn’t working. “Later,” he said, “this is your night, remember?”

He wrapped his arms around me and picked me up again, gently laying me down on his king-size bed, and leaving enough room so that he could sit down next to me after kicking off his shoes. He brushed my hair away from my face with the back of his hand as he softly touched my cheek. “I want more,” I told him, as he grinned devilishly at me.

“Oh, you’ll get more, babe – that was just the beginning,” he teased me in his sexy, deep voice and leaning down to brush my lips with a warm kiss. I had succeeded in distracting him only slightly from his plans for me, and his focus became clear as he took another long look at my lingerie-clad body lying there in front of him. “Well, I guess turnabout is fair play. I want to see the rest of this body,” he said as he focused again on his mission of pleasuring me.

His hands were hot as he rubbed my arms and shoulders, bringing them together at my neck and moving them down towards my breasts. His large hands fit my C-cup breasts perfectly and he squeezed them both and teased my nipples through my bra. His fingers moved to the front clasp of my bra and he unhooked it easily, pulled the fabric away to reveal my full, creamy breasts. As he admired them, he rubbed my bare tits with his hands and teased the thick, meaty nipples with his fingers. “Beautiful…” he whispered as he leaned his head down to take the left nipple in his mouth, still massaging them both in his hands. He flicked his tongue around my nipple before sucking it, and then released it to pay attention to the right one. The combination of his tongue, mouth and hands on my breasts sent jolts of electricity through my entire body.

He enjoyed listening to me moan and sigh when he hit a particularly sensitive spot, and he took that as a cue to continue torturing me in this manner for what seemed like hours to me. “Yes, Chuck – that feels so good. I love your mouth on my nipples. Ooohhhhhhhh, god, yes…” I could feel the heat in my pussy building again and my hips unconsciously writhing slowly in desire. He shifted his position so that he lying on his left side next to me, and moved his right hand down past my waist and garter belt and used two fingers to rub my pussy through my panties, soaked with juices from my previous orgasm. His mouth left my breast, as he moved down the bed to get a closer look at what he really wanted to tease. As he got closer to my pussy, he saw that he could remove my panties without having to undo illegal bahis my garters – the strings on each side were tied and provided easy access with a simple pull of a string. Unfortunately for him there were 6, and he couldn’t untie them fast enough. Chuck cursed in exasperation as he untied the last string, and I laughed at him. “I did that on purpose,” I said to him. He smiled and rolled his eyes at me in mock annoyance.

“That’s okay,” he replied, “I got it, but thanks a lot for the help! Next time, pick out something that requires less work!”

“Oh no,” was my mischievous retort, laughing at him again, “Getting there is half the fun!” He groaned with frustration as he managed to free me from the panties and threw them on the floor with a triumphant flourish and a big grin.

He got up and moved to the foot of the bed. Standing at my feet, running both of his hands up my legs at the same time and back down, with a slight pressure as he rubbed my legs. He knew I was anticipating his touch, and he was doing everything he could to prolong the agony. When he reached my feet with his hands, he grabbed my ankles and surprised me by pulling me down the bed so that my ass was barely touching the mattress, and rested my legs on his shoulders. “And just what do you think you’re doing, sir?” I asked curiously, raising myself up on my elbows. He laughed softly, not answering me. He knelt down at the foot of the bed and gently pushed my legs apart and moved closer to inspect my most secret spot.

He rested his hands on my hips and kissed his way up my left thigh, across my mons, and lightly flicking his tongue around my trimmed patch of hair, and then kissing down my right thigh to my knee. “Mmmmmm, this feels nice,” he mumbled into my thigh. His hands moved to the back of my thighs and pushed my legs up and together at the knee, giving him a most delicious view of my hot, wet snatch.

He took my hands in his and pulled them down to hold my legs in the position he had moved them to and he softly traced the outline of my pussy with a single finger, as I drew in my breath at his touch and moaned as I laid back on the bed. His finger slipped along my labia easily because of my pussy juices, and he explored my inner lips, intentionally avoiding my clit. I could only whimper softly as he rubbed my wet lips with his finger, and gasped with pleasure as he effortlessly inserted it into my vagina and then slowly pulled it out again. “Ohhhh, yes…” I sighed, enjoying the attention I was receiving. With his finger easing in and out of my cunt, I felt his tongue flicker there as he teased my pussy with his mouth. A second finger joined the first, working in and out of my wet hole and his tongue briefly made contact with my hard clit, fully out from under its hood by now. I moaned in ecstasy and raised my hips slightly to match his every move. He removed his fingers from my pussy and replaced my hands with his own on the back of my thighs and spread my legs just a little and pushing my ass up slightly – giving his tongue and mouth full access to my waiting pussy.

He leaned his head in close, breathing in the smell of my sex. He teased me at first, running his tongue along my outer lips and barely touching my clit, then from my tight asshole up through my inner lips and flicking my clit with a little more insistence, repeating the pattern again and again. I was semi-reclined, supported by my elbows again, watching as he pleasured my pussy with his mouth and tongue. “Mmmmm, that feels great, Chuck. Your tongue feels so good on my lips and clit. You like it?” His response was a low moan as he closed his mouth around my clit, sucking it with more determination.

“Heaven,” he mumbled, and he ran his tongue again up and down my wet slit, “I want to make you cum.” I moved my right arm so that it was no longer restrained by my bra strap and ran my hand down to his hair as he licked and sucked my most sensitive spots, gently tugging at his locks to increase the pressure he was using on my pussy. My hips writhed involuntarily with the rhythm of his mouth, and I could only moan and whimper with pleasure as he continued. It was so hot to watch him between my legs, my body sensitive with wanton lust for his touch, and his complete willingness to give it. Using his tongue like a cock, he inserted it into my cunt and fucked me with his tongue, still holding my ass cheeks with his hands. He knew I was close to cumming, and he flattened his tongue and ran it from my vagina all the way up to my clit over and over, as my hips were squirming against his face. He took my clit in his mouth, sucking it and at the same time, he moved one of his hands slightly so he could insert his fingers again into my hot cunt.

The combination of Chuck sucking on my clit and finger-fucking me was too much to bear and my one elbow no longer supported me. I fell back, both hands on his head guiding him and increasing the pressure against my pussy with his mouth and hands. A powerful orgasm illegal bahis siteleri overtook me and I screamed out, “God, yes! Fuck me! Suck my clit! Ooooohhhh, yes! Fuck me harder, Chuck!” He took his cue from me and quickened the pace of his finger-fucking and kept my clit firmly in his mouth and rode out the orgasm that shook my entire body.

“That’s it baby, cum for me,” he commanded as best he could with his mouth over my clit, groaning as he felt my juices coat his insistent fingers. “Mmmmm, Lauren….come on baby….yeah, that’s it,” he coaxed, keeping his fingers inserted into my vagina until I stopped shaking, my pussy walls squeezing them tight with each aftershock that passed through me.

“Aaahhhhh… feels sooo good,” I moaned, my hips matching his every move, writhing with passion. As my orgasm subsided, he released my clit from his mouth and let his tongue slide down my pussy to take in my juices. He slowly removed his fingers from my pussy, continuing to stroke my skin as I recovered from his delicious tongue-lashing.

“Mmmmm,” he said in appreciation as he moved up next to me again and gave me a long, slow passionate kiss, letting me taste my juices on his lips and face, the aroma and the after effects of my orgasm leaving me weak. I curled up into his arms, as he held me and kissed me gently. He spoke softly and said, “Don’t get too comfortable, baby – we’re not even close to being done yet.”

I laughed softly as I snuggled into him. I knew we weren’t, I just needed to catch my breath before the fun began again. He gave me a devilish grin and pulled me in close for some warm tender kisses. Wanting more, I wiggled out of his grip and moved off the bed, using the break in the action to adjust the remaining clothing I had on. As the bra came off, Chuck instructed me to walk across the room, so he could get a good look at me in just my garter belt, stockings, and high heels. “You look so hot, Lauren. You’re beautiful.” he said to me as he looked me over up and down with approval, as I modeled for him.

“Well, as you said, we’re not done yet. Now it’s my turn…” I said seductively as I moved closer to the bed where he laid. Looking at his half naked body, I saw his hardening cock swelling against his pants. “This just is not acceptable. These (pointing to his pants) must come off!” I said in the most offended tone I could muster, considering the incredible orgasm I had just experienced. He laughed at me, and started to move his hands down to unfasten the button. “Oh no, please allow me…” I said softly as I moved onto the bed next to him. I gently raked the tips of my fingernails down his slightly sweaty chest, causing him to jerk from the unexpected feather touch. I knelt on the bed close to his hips and moved my hands to the button of his pants. I unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down, his cock still straining against his boxers. I teased him by running my soft hand up and down the length of his shaft and squeezing it ever so slightly through the material, smiling at him as he groaned in anticipation.

I stood up on the floor so I could slide his pants down his legs slowly, leaving the boxers in place and every inch of skin that became exposed was touched by my soft manicured hands and nails. His pants came off and he was at my mercy now. He lay on the bed with his eyes closed, enjoying my touch and the attention he was getting. His cock was fully hard and thick, the tip of his 8 inches peeking out from the material that still held it hostage. I rubbed his shaft with my hand and cupped his balls, as I positioned myself to carry out my pleasure mission. I slipped my hand inside his boxers, squeezing and stroking his pole, and bending down to give the very tip a wet kiss and a flick of my tongue to get the drop of pre-cum that had formed at the slit. “Mmmmmm,” he moaned as he felt my tongue on the sensitive head of his cock. I moved my hands to his hips again and gently pulled his boxers over his rod and down his legs, until they hit the floor.

His legs were spread apart enough for me to fit in between them. I moved up his legs, stroking them with my hands. As I got closer to his cock, the need to be a tease took over. I softly ran a manicured finger down the length of his shaft on one side and around his heavy sac and back up the other side, then repeating the same motion down the underside of his rod and then back up the front, and repeating the whole process over again and again. I closed my hand around his thick cock and squeezed as I stroked the length of it, cupping his balls in my other hand with a light bit of pressure. He moaned, “God that feels so good. I love your hands on my cock.” I continued stroking his shaft with one hand and massaging his sac with the other, my moves slow and deliberate, alternating which hand was doing what, and then using both hands to stroke his cock at the same time, as he moaned loudly, knowing it was his turn to be pleasurably tortured a little and accepting his fate. canlı bahis siteleri I knelt between his legs, and moved up slightly to encircle his cock between my breasts after my nipples softly brushed against his inner thighs. With one hand on each breast, I enclosed his cock between my cleavage and rubbed my breasts up and down his rod, taking the time to give the head a little flick with my tongue when it poked up between my breasts, enjoying the soft moans of desire that escaped from him with each light lick.

After a couple minutes of teasing him with my tits, I decided it was time for some mutual pleasure and I was ready to get my mouth wrapped around his thick rod. He lay there with his eyes closed, and as I continued to stroke him with my hand, I moved in to close my hot mouth around his sac, gently drawing one testicle into my mouth and nuzzling it, and lightly running my tongue around it and then moved to the other one, repeating the actions with my mouth and tongue. He drew in his breath and let out a low groan of ecstasy. “Oh baby,” he growled huskily as I moved my mouth to his shaft and slowly ran the very tip of my tongue up the front of his pole to the head. I gripped his cock firmly in one hand as I paid attention to the deep red, swollen head, my lips and tongue circling it as if I were enjoying an ice cream cone, then licking it with the flat of my tongue like a lollipop with an occasional flicker of just the tip of my tongue on his slit. “You fucking tease,” he moaned, “feels so awesome, Oohhhhhhhh God,” his voice trailing off into nothing. I continued teasing him with the different textures of my tongue and the pressures of my mouth, until I finally closed my lips around the full head and sucked gently, my teeth softly raking against the nerve at the joining of the head and shaft. Not so much pressure to hurt, but enough to let him know I was the one in control for the moment.

His hips jerked a little as I continued pleasuring the head of his cock with my mouth, as I shifted slightly so I could position myself for my next move. I slowly moved my mouth up and down just on the head, then taking a little bit more of his cock in my mouth with each stroke. I knelt between his legs with my mouth over his cock and my hands on his hips to brace myself, pushing my lips past the head and slowly taking the entire length of him into my hot, wet mouth and moving my head up and down on his thick shaft, and applying the perfect balance of suction and pressure. “Aaaaaahhhhhh, fuck!” he yelled out, raising himself up to his elbows for his turn to watch me. “That feels so damn good! Oh, God, I’ve missed your mouth, Lauren. Ahh, yes – suck my cock!” As I got my rhythm going, moving up and down the full length of his shaft, I moved a hand between his legs to stroke the very sensitive spot between his sac and his asshole, ever so lightly with my fingernail, causing him to squirm with pleasure and moan loudly. He loved it when I would deep-throat him – it was one of the things that made me a great cock-sucker, and he started grinding his hips slowly to match my pace. As I sucked him, my breasts were pressing against his legs, and my sensitive nipples would brush his thighs as I moved, causing my desire to rise and I increased my speed slightly, as well as the pressure of my mouth on his cock, fucking it with my mouth.

I looked up at him and locked my eyes with his as I sucked him and watched the ecstasy on his face as I continued. “Mmmmm,” I moaned as I came up for air and released his cock from my mouth, replacing it with my hand as I continued stroking him with the same rhythm. “Very nice,” I purred as he laid back on the bed.

“You do that so well,” he said softly, running his hands through my hair.

I gave him a sexy smile and whispered, “Oh, I’m not done yet. Just wait…”

He protested a little, “I want to fuck you…” he pleaded.

“Oh, you’ll get your chance,” I replied, “but not until I’ve teased you a little more. Fair is fair…” I let my voice trail off as he groaned with frustration.

I lowered my mouth on his cock once more, taking his entire shaft slowly and massaging his heavy sac with my soft hands. As I raised and lowered my mouth on his long thick rod, his hips began to gyrate slowly as he moved his hands to cradle the back of my head and used them to gently guide me up and down his shaft, but still letting me set the pace. I knew the head of his cock was extra-sensitive at this point, so I concentrated my mouth on the large purple head, while my hands stroked his shaft at the base and his balls. Involuntary moans of desire escaped from both of us as I pleasured him with my mouth and hands. I could feel the head swell slightly and knew he was close to cumming. Amazed at his self-control up to this point, but I wanted it – I loved to feel his orgasm and take it all with my tongue and lips. I increased the speed of the strokes with my hand, and let two fingers rest on his “spot”” between his testicles and his ass. He groaned as I applied a slight bit of pressure to that spot as the head of his cock went in and out of my mouth, really working his sensitive nerve. “Ohhhhhhh, god baby…yeah, that’s great…” he moaned as I continued to work his cock with my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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