Arcade Adventure

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I’m they type of guy that likes to collect porn. Lately, I have been concentrating on finding some of the old classics on DVD for my collection, such as Deepthroat, Debbie Does Dallas, Alice in Wonderland, and the like. Little did I know, that I was going to experience things I had never thought possible.

I was out one Friday night, looking to add some DVDs to my collection. I had managed to find one that I was looking for, when I arrived at my last stop for the evening. It was a plain brick building, with a parking lot in back, and a sign out front. I went in, and started browsing though the DVD racks for the items I was looking for. I went up to the counter, and asked if they had any older DVDs, and they did happen to have one of the DVDs I was looking for, so I purchased it. As I was waiting for him to find the DVD and finish the purchase, I had time to look around at my surroundings. This store had an Adult theater, which is self explanatory, but it also had an ‘arcade’ in the back. I’ve never seen an adult arcade before, so I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but my curiosity was peaked, so after completing my sale, I wandered back to the arcade.

It was very dark, so my eyes had to adjust a little bit. The arcade turned out to be just a row of booths along the wall, with a red light at the top of the door, signifying that the booth was occupied. There was only one booth that wasn’t taken, so I stepped inside and shut the door. There was a folding chair, a small wastebasket, a box of tissues, and a video screen with a slot to put in money. The only light in the booth was the screen, so it was still fairly dark inside the booth. I got some money out of my wallet, and put it in the video machine. There were several channels to choose from, so I found one that I thought was good, and started watching the flick. It always amazed me that the guys in these movies had such big cocks, and could seem to go on forever. After a while, I decided to relieve some pressure. I stood up, dropped my shorts to my ankles, and then sat back down. I’m an average guy, with a 6 incher which I’m happy with. I started slowly, enjoying my video and lightly touching myself. I guess about 5 or so minutes had passed, and I was watching this stud on the video shooting his load in the mouth of the gal he was banging, when I heard a bump noise from the booth to my left. I guess I turned to look just out of an involuntary reaction, and when my eyes focused on the wall, there was this big cock hanging through a hole in the wall to my booth. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised to see it there. I performed the male ‘at the urinal’ maneuver, staring directly ahead at the video screen, acting like I couldn’t see anything at all. I just concentrated on my video and sat there, I’m sure I looked kind of funny, staring straight ahead like that, as no one could see what I was doing anyways.

After a short while, I glanced over, and the cock was still there, lightly bouncing up and down. A couple of things went through my mind at that point: First, was it real? Second, I wonder what it would be like to see it shoot its load if it was real? The second thought actually kind of gave me tingles, as I love to see a cock shooting cum in porn. Tentatively, I reached out, wanting to see if it was real, and put my hand around it. It was DEFINATLY real. It was warm, and soft to touch, yet hard in my grip. It was the first time I ever touched a cock that was not mine. I sat there, staring at the cock in my hand, not really thinking of anything but seeing what it looked like. It was a little larger than my own, circumcised, and definitely needing some release. Almost in a slight daze, I went back to watching my video, continuing to stroke myself, and beginning to stroke the cock in my hand at the same time.

After a few minutes, my timer on my video started to wind down, so I got up, added some more money to the video screen, then turned to face the cock. The booths were not very wide, so I was able to lean back against the right wall of the booth, while stroking the cock in the hole on the left wall of the booth. Now I would watch it, see how it reacted and see it when it shot its load, which was quite an exciting thought to me. What I didn’t take into consideration, was that I was leaning back against the right wall, which also had a hole in it. I figured it out shortly there after, when I felt a hand grab my illegal bahis balls from behind. I jumped, and was startled by it, but the hand had a grasp on me and I couldn’t really move away. Then the hand became gentle, and started massaging my balls lightly. It sent tingles through my already hard cock, and I decided, if I’m stroking someone’s cock, then someone can damn well stroke mine. I spread my legs a bit, leaned back against the wall again, and let them continue. It was really an exciting and amazing sensation, and I found myself getting very excited and caught up in the moment. This went on for a little while, and it was very erotic to be feeling. Then the hand on my balls and cock, decided to move up the valley, and I felt tingles as the finger slid up the crack to my ass hole, and wiggle at the hole. It was a very intense sensation, and I think I actually moaned out loud. The finger stopped for a second, then when it came back, it felt like it was wet. I realized that the person had put lubricant on their finger and then I felt the finger entering my ass slowly. At first, I was shocked, and was going to move away, but the finger entering me wiggled, and it sent a shock of pleasure through my entire groin area. I found myself moaning again, this time a little louder, as my body shook with pleasure.

I lost track of time, as I was totally into the sensations I was feeling, but I’m guessing that this had gone on for 5 or 10 minutes, when the cock I was stroking was pulled back through the hole in the wall. I was puzzled, and also kind of disappointed, as I wanted to see this cock shooting cum. I bent over, and looked through the hole. I could see the cock right on the other side. The guy had his hand on it, and it was lightly and slowly stroking it. I put my hand through the hole, and made a ‘come here’ motion with my hand, then waited a few seconds to see if he would stick it back through the hole, which he didn’t. I again reached through the hole, and made the same motion, but he still didn’t put it back for me to stroke. Well, I just wanted to see that thing shoot it’s load, and I was not thinking clearly as my ass was getting fingered and it was driving me crazy, so I leaned over, put my face to the hole, and said ‘ put it back through the hole so I can stroke you off!’. About half way through that sentence, he popped it back through the hole, and right into my mouth.

I was literally stunned.

It slid right into my mouth, and I felt the head bounce against the back of my throat. I tried to say ‘nooooooo’ but it came out as ‘mmmmfffff!’ instead. Then the cock started sliding in and out of my mouth, slowly. It would slide in, pause for a second, then out. Over, and over. I was so stunned that I just stood there, bent over and I couldn’t move or do anything. I know I was thinking: ‘Oh my god, there is a cock in my mouth’ over and over again, but I didn’t do anything to stop it. All this time, the finger is making good work in my ass, and my cock felt like it was just going to explode. I have no idea how long this went on, but eventually, the finger in my ass moved out, and back down to my balls. I felt the hand was slick, and it felt really good to my aching cock. After a few seconds, the hand let go, and disappeared from the hole. The next thought was ‘what do I do about this cock in my mouth’. Then I felt something else pushing up against my ass hole, and from the size and feel, I could tell it wasn’t a finger. I again said ‘nooooo!’ which came out as MMMMFFFFF! I felt the head of a cock push past the ring and into my ass. I felt each inch as it slowly pushed its way deeper, and I couldn’t help but moan again, very loud. I felt the head of his cock hit my prostate, and it sent a wave of pleasure so intense that I almost lost my load right then and there. Then the cock started going in and out of my ass, and my eyes rolled back into my head. I know I had a continuous moan streaming from my body as I felt a pleasure that I never knew existed. I could feel the head of the cock as it was going in and out, and my cock was so hard and ready to pop, but I couldn’t get to that point. All of the surprise and frightful thoughts that were in my head were pushed way by the extreme pleasure I was feeling through my body, and I could tell I was wishing it would not end.

I totally lost track of time. I can’t even remember if the video was still playing, but I didn’t care. illegal bahis siteleri I was caught up in the moment, and moaning with my eyes rolled back, and didn’t care to stop. Then the cock that was sliding in and out of my mouth, pushed in and paused like it always had been, but he didn’t slide back out. Then he kind of moved, like he was adjusting his footing, and then he thrust all the way in as far as he could go and held it there. I wondered for a split second why he stopped, then the cock swelled up in my mouth, and his first squirt of cum shot into my mouth. It was hot, salty, and there was a great deal of it. I just stood there, as this cock fired shot after shot into my mouth, which would then flow out around his cock and down my chin. Eventually, the squirting stopped, and the cock started to go limp, and it popped out of my mouth. I spit the rest of the cum that was in my mouth onto the floor, coughing at the same time. The cock withdrew from the hole, and I could see the guy fastening his pants, then leave the booth.

I continued to stay bent over, as there was still a cock sliding in and out of my ass. The cock was sliding in and out at a slow steady pace, and it sent sharp pleasure waves each time it hit in deep. I wanted to cum so bad, but it just wouldn’t come out of me, and felt like I was going to fall over from the sensations. Eventually, the cock started to speed up, and I reached back, and felt the cock as it was sliding in and out of me. I reached back a little farther, and felt the guys balls, and they were really tight and sucked up into him. I realized through the haze that if I didn’t do something, there was going to be a huge load shot into my ass. I tried to get my hand around it, but it was so slick from the lubricant that I couldn’t get a good grasp on it. As I think back now, I could have just stood up and moved away from the wall, but that never crossed my mind during the session. I finally did get my fingers around the cock, but then he thrust it deep and I felt the jerk as he started cumming. I could actually feel the cum as it coursed through his cock, as I still had my fingers around it. I felt the warmth inside, and I moaned loudly. Then next thing I know, my orgasm took off, and my first squirt hit the opposite wall with a splat. It was the most intense, and exhilarating orgasm I have ever had, and the amount of cum I was releasing was like a fountain. It seemed to last forever, with each of my squirts firing right after I felt the throbbing pulse inside me of his squirts. I almost passed out at that moment.

Eventually, the cock in my ass stopped pulsing, and I could tell it was starting to go limp. I felt it in my hand start to slide slowly out of my ass, and could feel the condom he had on it as well. When it popped out of me, I could feel the end of it was very full of cum, and the thought excited me a little. After he withdrew, I just stayed there…ass against the wall, hands on the opposite wall, struggling to catch my breath, feeling my chest pounding away. After a few minutes, my pulse started to slow, my breathing was easier, and I had stopped shaking. I was pondering what happened, trying to get past the conflicting thoughts on the whole session I had just gone through, and trying to figure out what I really felt about it. What I should have done was move my ass away from the wall.


Next thing I know, another cock gets rammed into my ass through the hole. I cried out, as it went in quite fast thanks to all the lube the first cock had on it, but just stood there. Suddenly, my cock was awake again, and starting to rise up from the stimulation. I moaned again, as the head of the cock bounced off my prostate, driving me to the sensations that drove me absolutely wild. My head drooped down, and I saw another cock pop through the hole I was facing, and then I just lost control. I leaned over, and sucked that cock into my mouth, and really started sucking on it like there was no tomorrow.

I’m not sure how long this lasted. I think I had three in my ass, and I sucked four. I was getting tired, my legs were starting to quiver from being in a bent over position against the wall, and there was cum all over the floor. Then I felt something bang up against my ass and balls, and I looked down between my legs, and there it was:

A monster.

This cock had to be 8 or 9 inches. It was wrapped in canlı bahis siteleri a condom so tight that it looked like a shrink wrapped piece of beef at the local walmart. I could see that it was shiny and slick, as it was covered in a generous amount of lubricant. I said to myself, oh my god…No! but I couldn’t move. I watched as it was lifted up, and felt the head of the monstrosity up against my ass hole, and still, couldn’t tell myself to move away.

Then it started its way in. I felt like someone was sliding a baseball bat into my ass. I felt myself stretching, and did my best to relax as it went in. Very slowly it slid in, never forcing its way, but a steady push. I could tell it was about half way in, and my cock could tell also. It was bobbing up and down, as each inch went in, and seemed to be quite happy. Eventually, it was all the way in, and the monster started going in and out of me, with long full strokes. He would slide out, all the way so that the ring of my ass would release the head, then it would start back it’s way in, like it was the first entry each time he slid in. luckily, he was continuing to add lube, so that there wasn’t a lot of friction building up. I started moaning as I knew I was being fucked by a monster, and it totally turned me on. No more cocks appeared in the hole in front of me, so I could fully concentrate on the one in my ass. It was huge, but I was taking it like a man! Over and over, the cock slid all the way out, then slid back into me. Time had no meaning any more, and I’m not sure how long it was really. Eventually his strokes started getting more shallow, so that he wasn’t leaving my ass all the way each time. as he continued, it started getting a bit more friction, as the lube was getting a bit worn out. Then he pulled it all the way out, and on it’s way back in, there was a little bit of a ‘give’ or ‘release’, and the friction lessened a little bit, and I had the feeling that the head of his cock grew a little bit. From that point, it started feeling much better, with less friction, and I was amazed on how really good it felt. I remember thinking ‘thank god for lube!’, and I could feel the head of his cock starting to swell inside me. it kept getting bigger and bigger, so I reached back, and felt his balls. They were rather large balls, and they were sucking up into him, preparing to fill is prostate and push his cum out through his monster cock.

I started my third orgasm at that point, but there wasn’t anything left inside me to squirt out, except a drop or two. My tank was completely empty at that point. Then I felt his final push in, and knew that the entire mass of his cock was completely in my ass. I moaned loudly, then I felt an explosion of heat inside me as his cock jerked and pulsed inside my body. The warm spread through me, and his cock seemed to loose all friction that it had, sliding in and out so easily. The sensation was so intense, that it almost dropped me to my knees. Finally, he stopped pulsing and throbbing inside me, and I felt him slowly pulling out. I watched between my legs, as this huge rod was removed from my ass, fascinated that I had been able to accommodate such a large item. Then I noticed something:

The condom was bunched up at the base of his cock.

The release sensation earlier, that felt so good, was the instant the head of his cock pushed through the end of the condom. His entire load was now deposited so deep inside me, and I could feel it slowly making its way out of me. I fell to the floor, mostly because I just couldn’t stand up any more. I heard a voice through the hole that the monster was through saying ‘shit’. I saw a face appear in the hole, and the face asked me if I was okay. I nodded weakly, and he said ‘I’ll wait for you outside’.

I cleaned myself up as best as possible, got my shorts back on, and left the booth. I headed for the exit, and sure enough, he was waiting for me. We talked for a few minutes, he gave me his name, phone number, etc, and apologized for the condom breaking. He told me that had never happened before, but that next time he wouldn’t get a condom out of the bucket at the cash register. He explained that he was married, and always practiced safe sex, and only came to the arcade during that time of the month. He again apologized, then got in his car and left. I drove home, and got into the shower, letting the hot water pound on me for quite a long time, pondering all that just happened. It was the most intense sexual encounter I have ever had in my life.

Things sure don’t always turn out like you expect them, and not every surprise is a bad one.

I wonder when I should go back?

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