Arms Room Romp

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Dear readers,

Ever wonder what happens when you give a soldier 1) a laptop, 2) wireless Internet, and 3) copious amounts of free time? “Ta-da!” Well, I hope you enjoy my first submission. It started out as a simple fantasy a friend confided in me, and I took it from there. It is actually only second part of the fantasy, but I already hashed out the first part directly to her over AIM, and I just felt like going into this one. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I realize, as this is my first time ever writing like this (though, admittedly, I’ve frequented this site more times than I can count), my story probably won’t be a number one hit, but if it gets you off, then hey, that’s a mission complete, if you ask me!

Thanks for reading,


We hurriedly dash into the empty arms room. The thick smell of old gunpowder and oils on steel is abundant in the dimly lit room. Our breath is caught in our throats as our hearts pound mercilessly. A moment passes, and nothing happens, just quiet. The coast is clear; we narrowly avoided getting caught in our embrace! A nervous laugh escapes our lips.

I turn my attention back on you, and your heaving chest as you lean back on a rack of rifles. Your thin blouse clings to your skin in a fruitless attempt to cover your hard nipples and exposed cleavage. My lust-filled eyes drink you in.

I close the distance with you. Almost impossibly, your heart beats even harder as my course hand wraps your side, and slides up your top from the waist. Your mouth finds the nape of my neck. Tentatively, your lips trace the muscles and veins straining under my warm skin. I feel your hot breath burning on my skin. Your mind races, stuck between the decisions to kiss, bite, or lick me. It’s all you can do to breathe.

As if on autopilot, your casino siteleri hands move up to the collar of my uniform, and begin to unzip the jacket. No sooner than it hit the floor, your hands tug on my undershirt shirt and tear it over my head. My dog tags jingle against my hard chest. You trace my body with shaking hands.

I reach over and grab a single bullet, and your loins dampen as I drag the cold metal from your collarbone, down across your skin. I hold at your breasts – your soft, milk white breasts. Your senses are on overload: I’m pressing the bullet tip down now, and the sharp tip feels as though it’s searing your flesh. You can’t wait any longer. You pull my head down to meet your wanting lips and dash your tongue in to mine. This is no ordinary kiss. It’s deep and passionate.

Without breaking your hold, I reach up to grasp your shoulders. I need feel your body against mine. The fabric of your shirt pops as it tears a little, and the air feels cool against your newly exposed skin. Your whole body is quivering with excitement. As my calloused hands graze over you, a throaty moan escapes your mouth. When my hand reaches up to your mouth to silence you, you grab and suck in my thumb in a pseudo blowjob. You faintly teethe it as I take it back.

Hunching over, I take your full breast in my hand, and trace my wet thumb across your nipple before suck it into my mouth. In my other hand, the bullet moves down your belly. You inhale sharply as your stomach jumps with sensation. I grind my hips against you, drawn in by your breath. When you grind back, I drop the bullet in a lapse of concentration. A mischievous grin creeps across your lips – you feel my fully aroused member restrained by the fabric of trousers.

Hands on my belt, you drop to your knees. You can’t wait to have it in you, and your mouth is ready. slot oyna I’m not wearing underwear, as usual, and it bounces up, freed from my pants. A drop of pre-cum oozes from the tip. Your tongue reaches out, and licks it up before taking me whole in your mouth. Now it’s my turn to let out a guttural moan.

Your head softly bobs to and fro. You continue until you feel me beginning to tense. Much to my painful dismay, you pull away, and stand up to meet my gaze. At the same time, I rejoice: I want this moment to last. We kiss again, and I can taste a difference. Now, I’m hungry for you.

I fumble with my own shaky hands as I struggle to unbutton your jeans. I take great pleasure in sliding them down over your gorgeous, round ass. I give it a quick, fierce squeeze. I love that ass! You kick shoes and jeans off, and again, I drink you in. You look absolutely amazing standing there, not a stitch of cloths but your panties and a slight cross of your knees for a feeble attempt at modesty. Absolutely delicious! I pull your panties down as I come face to face with your glistening sex. I love it when you’re shaved. I drink in your rich musk, and it’s intoxicating. I can’t wait to dive in. My tongue parts your wet lips, and I can finally taste you. I massage your lips and gently tease your hood. Wave after wave of ecstasy crash over you as I lap up your running juices. Your hands pull my head in tight as your first orgasm of the night explodes within you. I continue to drink as it subsides.

We take a small break as I kick off my boots, and push my trousers the rest of the way off. That done, I stand up, and we both know what’s next. You turn around, and the cool metal of the racks shock the burning hot skin of your breasts. I firmly grip your hips. You reach back, and guide me in your parting lips, all the while never taking your canlı casino siteleri seductive gaze from my eyes. It’s all I can do not to send cum spewing inside just from your look! My throbbing cock slides in your velvety, well-lubricated hole with ease. I stop to take a breath and regain my composure. I can’t blow it now!

Slowly at first, I start to pump in and out of you. You meet my every thrust. As our momentum gains, my balls slap against the lips of your pussy. Your eyes roll back and close in surrender. We’re thrashing with full force, now. Our sweaty flesh claps as we come together. You’re so slick; it’s all I can do not to cum. You look back at me, biting your bottom lip. Your pussy muscles tighten around my dick, and another climax rips through your body even bigger than the first. Before you could even gasp, my hot cum rockets inside of you as we cum together. My legs spasm as my instincts push my cock as far inside you as I can possibly manage. The muscles in your pussy milk my cock for all it has. Your rubbery knees give way, and it’s all you can do to hold your exhausted body up on the weapons.

“Oh, God… holy… fuck!” It’s the first words you’ve said the whole time. All I can do is give you a shit-eating grin, and try to catch my breath.

I pull out of you. Cum seeps out and runs down your leg. Honestly, it’s so incredibly sexy, my dick tries to return to life, but it’s deflating fast. I reach down, and wipe our ooze with my finger. To my surprise, you take my finger into your mouth, savoring our combined juices. In the distance, we hear a voice echoing. Panic sets in, and we scramble for our clothes. Because your pussy is so drenched with cum, you decide to leave your panties off. I smell them before I stuff them in my pocket. The scent of sex is thick in the air, snuffing out even the smell of the guns. I barely finish zipping up my jacket as a sergeant walks in the room. There’s no mistaking that scent and what just happened, but there’s nothing we can do, so we both just smile at him as we quickly walk out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20