Art Gallery Opening

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There is a new art gallery opening. The setup is unusual. It’s building has many small rooms with nooks and crannies. Not the sort of structure you would imagine for an art gallery but somehow it seems right. The rooms are low lit with accent lighting on each display. The walls are white. The floors are of dark wood with old oriental carpets. There is soft, enticing music playing. There is a smell of musk in the air. The artwork on display is of various mediums by many artists yet there seems to be an unspoken theme. Sensuality seems to permeate the atmosphere. The paintings, sculptures, pots, photographs, everything all has underlying eroticism about them. Some speak their ideas clearly; others require you to let your soul climb into them.

You are there, meandering slowly from display to display feeling each one’s message. It is late. Most of the visitors have left. There are only a few people remaining in the gallery. You are in a room alone, wandering, hands behind your back. You become engrossed in a painting. It is abstract yet you can almost see a figure in it. A woman. The longer you look, the clearer the image is to you. She is lying down. You stare at this for quite a while as it mesmerizes you.

As you gaze into the woman’s beautiful, yet distorted face, you feel a presence behind you. You don’t move. You smell a hint of lavender. A voice whispers ever so quietly to you. “Don’t move. Don’t say anything. Keep looking at the beautiful goddess before you.” You continue to look upon the woman who now does look like a goddess now.

You remain as still as possible. You are intrigued by the mysterious voice. The atmosphere surrounding you has made you slightly aroused. You feel something in your hand, still locked with the other one behind your back. It is soft, light. Spirals are being drawn on your palm, getting larger and larger as they extend up each arm. The feeling forces you to close your eyes, your head slowly falls forward. All of your senses are tuned in to the feather gliding up and down your arms. You feel your nipples become erect. You long casino siteleri to touch them but you cannot move. The feather moves from your arms to your neck. They slither back and forth across the nape, behind your ears, in your ears. As they move to your face, you feel a body press into your back. The smell of lavender becomes stronger. Warm breath caresses your back thru your shirt. Your head falls back and grazes the hair of her. The arms of the silent woman reach under your arms pulling your hands apart. “Don’t touch anything” the voice says. Her arms are across your chest as her soft feathers are drawing circles on the front of your neck, making their way higher. They dance lightly on your face. The sensations run deeply throughout your whole body. You shiver. Your head rests on the mystery woman’s shoulder, her mouth close to your ears. Your breathing becomes deeper.

At that moment, the owner of the gallery is heard politely telling all guests that it is time to close the gallery. The woman grabs both of your hands and pulls them behind your back. She guides you to a door in the corner nearby. “Don’t make a sound” she whispers in your ear. She opens the door. It is a small closet. She slips you inside the closet and closes the door. You hear voices from the other side of the door but you cannot make them out. You don’t move, you just barely breathe. It is so dark in the closet. After what seems an eternity, you hear a woman’s voice saying good-bye. You hear light footsteps nearing the closet and then the door opens. The room outside the closet is darker than before. The woman reaches in and grabs your hands again and pulls you out. “We are alone now,” she tells you. “I have watched you all night. I saw your reaction to everything and I knew I had to have you.”

She leads you to a large white pedestal that has a bronze figure of a naked woman reaching towards the sky. You remember how that one aroused you. She takes the statue off of the pedestal and places it on another one within your view. She pushes you back so that you are leaning against the sturdy structure. She slot oyna moves into your chest, close. She is still holding your arms by the wrists. “Close your eyes and don’t move, ” she commands you. With your eyes closed, you feel the woman’s hands start to caress your arms, shoulders and back. They are light caresses that make you tingle. Her hands come down your chest and massage your pectoral muscles. They slink down to your sensitive nipples and pinch them. This arouses you beyond belief. Your penis longs to be touched, to be set free from it’s constraints. The fingers continue to move downward. They rub your belly and teasingly peek inside the waist of your pants. Your back arches in anticipation of what’s next. The hands unbuckle your belt, slowly and carefully unzip your pants. You are wearing no briefs. Your swollen member springs out. The hands slide your pants down your legs, fingertips grazing your skin. The woman removes your shoes then takes the pants completely off of you. You are naked from the waist down. All you have on is your turtleneck shirt. Your nipples are clearly visible thru it, erect.

The woman kneels down in front of you, her face right before your cock. It points directly to her mouth. She takes her fingertips and twirls the tip and the head as her breath flows over it. She sticks her fingers in her mouth and wets them and returns them to the tip. They make it so slippery. Her tongue slowly licks up one side of the head then circles the very tip. Her mouth opens wide and she quickly takes the full length in her mouth. You gasp. The suddenness has surprised you. She stays still, not moving, your cock clasped tightly in her mouth. You want to move it in her mouth but you have been ordered not to. You can feel your penis throbbing in her hot, wet mouth. She slowly starts to pull away, sucking deeply as she does. When she reaches the end, she sucks even harder. As the pressure is released, you ease back down her throat. She performs this three more times. After the last one, she removes her mouth completely. She stands up and starts to remove her clothing. canlı casino siteleri She slips her shirt over her head revealing full, large breasts tightly encased in a lacy black bra. She slides her spandex pants down her round hips and you notice she is not wearing any panties. She is barefoot. She is naked from the waist down just as you are. You cannot hold back any longer and you reach your arms out to her. She falls into your chest. Your bare legs and hips touch. Your cock pushes against her belly. Your hands cup the cheeks of her ass and her hands are on yours. She leans up on her tiptoes and whispers in your ear “I want you, NOW.”

She pulls you down to the floor lying you down on your back. She stands over you, feet on either side of your hips. Slowly she lowers herself down to your erect cock. She hovers just as it touches the hairs of her vagina. She rotates her hips sliding it around the tip of you. With one hand, she guides you to the opening. She gets down on her knees and when she does that, you slip deeply inside her. You both let out loud, deep breaths. She stays still just for a second as her pussy walls tighten around you. Then she starts to rise and fall slowly. Her hands are on your chest, caressing you. She leans down and kisses you, long deep kisses, as she moves up and down your cock. She clasps her arms around your neck and pulls you up and around. Not losing your rhythm, you both roll over so that she is now underneath. She whispers in your ear again. “Do it hard!” she says. Encouraged, you thrust into her with all your might. She wraps her legs around your waist thrusting her hips to meet yours. The tension builds in you both. She reaches down and fingers herself bringing her close to climax. Her moans and yours echo throughout the gallery. You near orgasm also. You move together as one, in perfect harmony. Feeling your legs tighten and tense up, you both arch your backs and release the pent up climax with such intensity! The screams reverberate. The orgasms seem to last forever. Finally, spent, you collapse on her. You cannot move. You are exhausted. Her arms are still locked around you. Your curiosity gets the better of you and you finally whisper into her ear…..”Who are you?”

“My name is Kisa” she says. You both lay there until you drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20