Ashley’s Temptations

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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. I’ve imagined this story to be part one of a trilogy. If the feedback is good I’ll write parts two and three soon.


I never thought that as a middle-aged school teacher I could possibly be seduced by one of my own students. I just wasn’t that kind of guy, but then I’d never had a student like Ashley before. I’d actually known Ashley since she was little. When I visited her family she was always the sweet little girl who bounced into the room with a smile holding a stuffed bear and giving great big hugs. Over the years I watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady. She was almost like a daughter to me.

Now Ashley was in her senior year of high school and was an absolute beauty. An honor roll student, Ashley was also a member of the school dance team, drama department, color guard, and French honor society. She also happened to be a student in my senior history class…and that’s when things got really complicated.

I wasn’t sure how I felt having Ashley in my history class. It felt awkward at first because it was hard to see her as a student of mine. Ashley handled it well, in fact she didn’t seem to feel awkward about it at all. She sat in the front row, studied hard during class, and then still hugged me outside of class. It was difficult though not to notice how much of a beautiful woman she had become. When we hugged each other, I could feel her breasts pressing up against my chest, I could detect the lovely scent of her hair, and I could feel her deep breathing tickling my ear. I felt really guilty when, during one such embrace, my cock began to stir.

Ashley definitely had a dancer’s figure, perfectly proportioned with curves in all the right places. Her breasts were amazingly perky and got lots of attention from the guys. Her ass was tight and beautifully curvy, her legs were smooth and shapely. Ashley’s long brunette hair came down well past her shoulders, and her smile could be both adorably cute and slightly naughty at the same time. It was enough to drive any man out of his senses.

As the semester progressed, I noticed that Ashley was getting a little more flirty with me. She’d hug me just a little bit longer than usual or sometimes touch me gently on the arm. During class, while I was lecturing, Ashley would lock her eyes on mine and gently lick or suck on her pen. She would “accidently” drop something as an excuse to cross and uncross her gorgeous legs. She’d arch her back, thrusting her breasts forward while pretending to stretch, and when class was over she would put a little more sway in her hips as she walked slowly out my door. She was just subtle enough to tease me out of my mind but discreet enough so she could deny having done it.

Then, finally, Ashley made her move.

On the day of the mid-term exam, Ashley walked into the classroom and placed her books on her usual front row seat. When I saw her I actually did a double take. Ashley was wearing a short black and white striped mini-skirt that ended at least eight inches above her knees, highlighting her amazingly toned dancer’s legs. Her thin fabric white top was tucked into her skirt and clinged to her figure perfectly. The way Ashley’s breasts bounced when she walked made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. A pair of black two-inch heels with a thin strap that fastened around her ankles completed this ensemble. I had never seen Ashley look so hot or desirable before.

Ashley smiled at me after noticing my double take and then slid into her desk chair, wiggling her hips to adjust her mini-skirt and crossing her legs before taking out her test materials. My brain was sweating just looking at her! I needed to get behind my desk as quickly as possible to hide the growing bulge in my trousers. When everyone was settled I passed out the exams and went to the safety of my desk chair. Thank goodness my desk was large and covered on three sides.

As the exam progressed I tried to calm down a little bit but my eyes kept wandering over to Ashley as she worked away on her test. My mind kept going to places it shouldn’t go. I tried to think about Ashley the cute little girl who I loved like a daughter, but right there before me was Ashley the sexy high school senior in her tiny mini-skirt and high heels playing with my mind. As she worked away on her exam, I began to fantasize about all the things I wished I could to do to her. I wanted to hold and kiss her while my hand went up that mini-skirt between her legs to touch her pussy. I wanted to nurse on her perfect breasts as she straddled me illegal bahis and rode my cock. I wanted to hear her screams of delight as she felt me unload inside her.

I snapped myself out of it. “What in the world are you thinking?” I thought. “She’s half your age, and a student no less.” I quickly decided to divert my attention by going over some lecture notes. I reached for my text and opened it, trying to find something, anything that would take my mind off Ashley. Opening the book I noticed there was a yellow post-it bookmarking one of the pages. I pulled it off the page and read it:

“I’m not wearing any panties. – Ash”

I quickly looked up and saw Ashley staring at me with a naughty little smile. My mouth fell open as Ashley playfully bounced her crossed legs and twirled her hair teasingly. Ohgod why is she doing this to me? I hurriedly closed the book and noticed another post-it on the back cover:

“Look in your top desk drawer. – Ash”

I was almost afraid to, but I moved the book aside and slowly opened the drawer. Inside, folded very nicely, was an extremely small white satin thong that Ashley had apparently been wearing earlier. That naughty little tease was playing with my head. Ashley silently blew me a kiss as I looked up at her in disbelief.

All through the rest of the exam period Ashley made a show of crossing and uncrossing her legs while she continued to work, allowing me glimpses of her beautiful teenage pussy up her mini-skirt. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t keep myself from looking. Just like the rest of Ashley’s body, her young pussy was soft, smooth, and beautiful, and I felt so guilty for wanting to be inside it.

Finally, after nearly an hour of mental torture, the exam ended and all the other students turned in their papers and left. Ashley took her time, making sure she was the last one left in the classroom. Spreading her legs as she stood up, Ashley granted me one more look up her mini-skirt at her beautiful pussy. She smiled teasingly as she walked over to me and hopped up on my desktop, crossing her legs as she perched on the corner of the desk. Mygod those legs were perfect.

“I need your exam, Ashley.” I tried to regain some control of the situation.

Ashley held the papers to her breasts and flashed a smile filled with sexual tension. “Come and get it then.”

As I reached out to take her exam, Ashley wrapped her arms around me and gave me the most amazingly passionate kiss I’d ever experienced. Sparks shot through my entire body when her lips touched mine and waves of intense desire washed over me. When her tongue entered my mouth my knees buckled. It felt so good, and it just seemed unbelievable that Ashley could turn me on so much.

I knew I had to stop this.

“Ashley, we can’t,” I said breaking our kiss, “we can’t do this. Its not right.”

“It sure feels right,” Ashley replied uncrossing her legs and scooting to the center of my desk. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to.”

Ashley laid back on the desktop and raised her gorgeous legs up towards the ceiling. Then, in a move I would remember forever, Ashley spread her legs wide into a full mid-air split, her beautiful young pussy completely exposed to me and ready to be fucked.

“Mygod,” I whispered out loud to myself.

Ashley began to pump her hips in short quick thrusts. “Don’t you want my little pussy?” She spoke in a child like voice. “Little Ashley is all grown up now and she wants to give her tight young pussy to you.”

The temptation was unbearable! I so wanted to ravage her on my desk right then and there, pound that young girl’s pussy over and over while she screamed in unbearable pleasure.

It was just then when I remembered. “Ashley! My next class will be coming in any minute!”

Ashley gave me a little pout, closed her legs again and hopped of my desk. She quickly collected her books and headed for the door. Looking back over her shoulder she flashed me a naughty smile. “I know you want me,” she flirted.

I watched her tight ass wiggle hypnotically in her mini-skirt as she walked out the door, her high heels clicking on the floor as she walked. After she left I looked at her exam and noticed she had attached another post-it note. I swallowed hard as I read it:

“Every night I think about you when I masturbate. – Love Ash”

Ohgod why was she doing this to me? I decided I needed some air and quickly headed to the staff workroom to get some water and calm down a little. Thank goodness that was over. I had never been so conflicted AND turned on at the same time.

I headed back to my classroom as the next period students were coming illegal bahis siteleri in and sitting down. I quickly got the class started, passed out the mid-term, and settled into the safety of my desk chair. I really wanted to just put my head on the desk and take in the past hour but I had to monitor the class as they worked on their midterms.

Then, suddenly, I felt something tugging on the leg of my trousers. I looked under the desk and saw Ashley on her knees smiling up at me. Mygod what was she doing?!? I almost tried to stand up out of reflex but Ashley grabbed my legs and held me down. She put a finger up to her lips as if to say “shhhh”. I surveyed the room nervously to see if anyone had noticed what was going on but everyone was working diligently on their exams.

Ashley had untied my shoelaces and was retying them around my ankles to the legs of my desk chair. I probably could have forced my way out but not without letting everyone in the room know what was going on. I didn’t get time to think about it though. Ashley put both her hands on my knees and spread them apart in one quick forceful motion. I swallowed hard and glanced worriedly around the room. She wasn’t really going to…

I felt the button on my trousers come undone. Looking down again I saw Ashley smiling mischievously as her beautiful hands began pulling my zipper down, revealing the tremendous bulge in my boxers.

“This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening,” I thought to myself as Ashley’s baby soft hand reached into my boxers and gently gripped the shaft of my cock.

“Oh…” I let a soft moan escape my lips when she touched me sexually for the first time in her life. The was Ashley…little Ashley…one of my students…all grown up now…on her knees in front of me pumping my cock slowly in her hand.

With her other hand Ashley reached for a pad of post-its she had on the floor next to her and quickly wrote something on it. Flashing a naughty smile she handed the post-it to me:

“Your cock is just as big as I dreamed it would be. This might take a while…xoxo – Ash.”

I knew I was in trouble.

Ashley whipped her hair back and crawled between my legs.

Ohmygod, she was really going to…

Leaning forward on all fours Ashley enveloped my cock gently with her mouth. The sudden warmth sent jolts of pleasure through me. I convulsed as Ashley attacked the area all around the base of my cock with her tongue, licking and sucking gently. She looked up at me with the most submissive eyes as we both seemed to escape into our own private world together.

Ashley lingered for a minute, sucking and teasing the base of my cock. Then, with a lovely sigh of contentment, she smoothly dragged her tongue up the side of my cock to my tip. On her way back down again, Ashley let out a soft satisfied moan, the vibrations sending unexpected blasts of pleasure through me. I placed my hands on my desk and looked around the room just hoping no one would discover what Ashley was doing to me.

Up again, then slowly back down again. Up again, and slowly down. Ashley’s mouth was so warm and moist, her lips wet, and her eyelashes tickled me as she blinked. Her tongue began expertly swirling around the head of my very sensitive cock. Ohgod, when did she learn to do THAT?

Ashley bobbed her head up and down slowly, carefully, her doe-like brown eyes looking up at me in total submission as if I was in charge, as if I was making her do this, even though we both knew she was the one in control. She had me exactly where she wanted me.

Bobbing slightly faster now, pumping me gently. The pencil I had grabbed just to have something to hold onto snapped in half from the tension. A few students looked up at me but then went back to working on their exams, completely unaware that one of my students was on her knees under my desk giving me the blowjob of my life.

Up again, and down. Ashley sighed in contentment as she tortured my cock with the most amazing techniques, forcing me toward release. My heart was pounding, my hips quivering, my eyes rolled back into oblivion.

As Ashley went up again she paused to tease the head of my cock, and then went back down forcefully. In my mind I cried out for her to finish it.

Up again, another pause, then down forcefully, moaning softly the whole way down.

Ashley’s head bobbed up and down at a quicker pace, getting faster all the time. She encircled my cock with her tongue, squeezed it, and began pumping me as hard as she could. This was it. She wanted me to come.

Faster and faster, up and down at a feverish pace. Ashley’s soft silky hair caressed canlı bahis siteleri my inner thighs as it whipped back and forth from her pumping. My entire body was trembling as I felt the orgasm coming. Ohgod Ashley keep going! Please keep going!

Her head bobbing up and down at full speed, I felt Ashley pressing down with all her weight to keep my hips from bucking in the chair.

“Ohgod here it comes,” I thought to myself as Ashley’s warm mouth and amazing suction had me on the brink of insanity. Finish it PLEASE, Ashley!

Just as I began to feel the waves about to crash over, Ashley took my cock out of her mouth, sliding her tongue down my shaft and back up again, leaving me dangling on the edge of a massive orgasm. Ohmygod! Little Ashley was a fucking tease!

Then Ashley swallowed my whole cock forcefully. The sudden sensations caused my hips to buck involuntarily as she assaulted my sensitive member. Ashley curled her tongue around my cock and sucked hard, pulling everything from deep within me. But, right before I exploded, she backed off and released me again, denying my orgasm. Ohgod, what a teasing bitch.

As she pulled back, Ashley took another post-it and wrote a message, handing it to me:

“This is REALLY fun! xoxo.”

I gave her a look of sheer desperation, mentally pleading with her to finish this before we were discovered. She wrote another note:

“Do you want me to keep going?”

Did I? Did I want little Ashley, my student, a high school senior who was half my age, and the girl I loved like a daughter, to suck my cock until I came inside her warm moist mouth? It was now or never.

I gave in.

Ashley smiled as I nodded, and dove down again on me immediately. She moaned as she closed tight around my cock and sucked it repeatedly with short, rapid pulls, turning me into a trembling mess. Then she forcefully held my hips down on the chair, took a deep breath, and then swallowed me completely. I slammed my fist on the desk in reaction, causing everyone in the room to glance up at me. Ashley wouldn’t stop though. Her soft lips gripped my cock firmly and gave me a single, long, hard pull. I felt the release I needed being sucked from inside me even faster than my muscles could push it out.

Then the contractions began, my cock flexed, and the explosion came.

Ashley bobbed her head up and down as fast as she could, forcing herself to swallow everything quickly as I unloaded inside her. I tried to play off the orgasm as a coughing fit, and I could feel Ashley giggle at my attempt to hide what we were doing from the class as she continued to suck feverishly on my cock.

Finally the bell rang and students got up from their seats, turning in their exams one by one on my desk, totally unaware that just inches away, Ashley was on her knees draining my cock.

As the last few students left and closed the door behind them, I looked down at Ashley.

“Everyone’s gone Ashley,” I said with a quivering voice as my post orgasm cock became extremely sensitive.

Ashley kept on sucking.

“You can…ohgod…you can stop now.”

Ashley kept on sucking and giggling.

“Ashley…oh fuck! ASHLEY PLEASE!”

Ashley shook her head, continuing to suck my cock like a machine. I tried to move her away from me but Ashley took my wrists and held them down forcefully on the chair, all while sucking my cock as if her life depended on it.


She had me screaming the walls down. The entire room seemed to orgasm around me as I begged and pleaded for her to stop. Finally, Ashley slowed her pace and brought me down gently. My whole body twitched as the aftershocks had their way with me. I leaned back in my chair completely exhausted and breathing heavily. Ashley finally released my cock and began kissing my inner thighs gently over and over causing me to shiver from the sensations.

Looking down, I saw Ashley’s beautiful eyes staring up at me. I wanted desperately to say something to her but I couldn’t put two words together.

The sound of someone knocking on the door made us both jump. I quickly fastened my trousers as Ashley fixed my shoelaces. When I opened the door another staff member was there asking me for help with her computer. I glanced back at my desk to make sure Ashley was out of sight and then walked with the teacher to her classroom, closing the door behind me.

A few minutes later when I returned to my room, I noticed Ashley had left. I breathed a sigh of relief that she had gotten out okay and neither of us had been caught. When I sat back down in my desk chair, I saw another post-it note attached to the drawer. My heart pounded as I read it:

“I had a wonderful time. We’re not finished yet though. Little Ashley wants you to have her pussy, and I can’t wait to try again. – Love Ash xoxo”

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