At the Villa Ch. 02 Pt. 02

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Chapter 2 Part 2 — Lydia

This is part of a series of adventures which took place at the villa, after some of the girls were involved in three previous adventures, two, ON THE BOAT and one, AFTER THE BOAT TRIP — VICTORIA. So read the previous stories and continue to enjoy the ladies hunger for the pleasures of the flesh. There are more to come.

I hope you enjoy them. They are all fiction. I don’t beg for votes or comments, but they are most welcome.


Not even an hour passed before my sister bashed home, locking the door behind her. From a place where I was not hiding, I watched her coming in.

‘Sam where are you? Are you ready for me? If not, just shed those damn clothes; I’m waiting in my room… Have you heard me?’ Sis shouted as she walked straight to her room.

‘Yes sis, but what you’re asking is not possible, especially now that you’ve got a boyfriend.’ I answered.

‘Whoever told you; fuck him or her! What takes place inside this flat, while we are alone is my damn business; you’re just my kiddy brother; so get naked and come to my room?’ she cried.

I never heard her swearing. I knew she’s trouble when she’s around, so I obeyed. I took all my clothes off and walked straight to her room. She was there standing looking through the door, waiting for me. I stopped at the door, my hands covering my already raging hard cock. She was there with a sexy smile on her face. Her eyes were shinning; full of sexual desire; craving for my naked body.

‘Sam, do you feel dishonoured to show me what you’re hiding with your hands.’ She cried at me.

I just stayed there, shocked, not a single word escaped my lips. She looked sexy, hot and ready for what she had in mind. I did not yet know, although I knew she was after my hardon. We just kept looking at each other. Her eyes still focused on mine, penetrating them, trying to study my body language. She seemed she wanted to know what I was thinking; what I was feeling.

‘There’s no way out of this, Sam. I had been waiting for this hour for more than two years. Now it seems to be the right time, so let’s start.’ She imposed.

‘Let’s make it square, ok sis; I had been day dreaming and masturbating about seeing your naked body for quite a few months; so if you like to make love to me,’ I took my hands away; ‘here… it’s ready, maybe harder than you ever thought and maybe also bigger than expected. Where is yours? Is it ready?’ I cried.

‘If you want to know… mine is hotter than you think… wetter than any you ever dreamed about, but you will only touch it with your mouth.’ Sis answered.

She just ran towards me and hugged me while she grabbed my hard dick with her right hand. She knelt infront of me and hugged it and kissed it more than a dozen times. ‘Oh! Sam it’s so beautiful, magnificent. I couldn’t wait until I let you put it in my arse.’ She moaned.

She was very impatient, she stood up, pulled her blouse from inside her skirt, undone the front buttons and threw it away ending on a chair in the corner.

I just watched her taking it off infront of my eyes. Her black bra came into view. I must say it was nicely filled, rather too pressed but I had no idea what size. She put her hands under her bra and lifted them a little. ‘Do you like them, kiddy brother? Aren’t they nice, eeeemmm? In English the size is 36C, for your information, eemmm. Would you like to unlock?’ Her final question as she quickly turned with her back to me. There was the clip of her bra nearly close to my eyes.

I didn’t hesitate; I just unlocked it and let it go free. Sandra then freed her skirt and let it go free, flowing down along her long legs. That’s when I noticed, that she was wearing also black panties.

‘Sam.’ My sister lifted her hands. ‘Put your hands around me and cup my breasts… yes, that’s perfect; now lift them a little bit up and search for my nipples with your fingers, eemmm… yes brother…roll them.’ Sis ordered me; something she was always good at.

It wasn’t an impossible task to find them. They were thick and long; their feeling between my fingers sent shivers of pleasure all through my body. She pushed her arse back and automatically my dick settled between the crack of those beautiful orbs. The more I rolled them the more she moaned and the more her arse moved up and down massaging my raging hardon the hotter both of us became.

‘Sam, yes Sam… eemmm… lick my ear brother… yes… and my neck… eemmm… yes Sam… squeeze them hard, Sam, squeeze them… harder, harder… eemmm… roll them.’ My sister cried as I kept rolling then and sometimes pinching them.

Her arse movements never stopped as never stopped her moaning. She was definitely hot. Her long hair was tied in a beautiful pony tail leaving her beautiful rather long neck bare, naked. I obeyed every order up to that moment but now one hand skid away from her breast, slowly moving downwards, slowly massaging her stomach. It continued downwards until it entered inside her panties casino siteleri from under her elastic waist band. It searched further down over her pubic hair. My fingers started to scratch there within her bush, which doesn’t seem to be so thick, like Tressa’s.

At last one finger found her clitoris. She jumped and cried; her body shook.

‘Ohh Sam, you found my temple of love… yes Sam.’ My sister Sandra cried.

I continued searching until my hand cupped the whole of her mound. I pressed my hand against it, squeezed the love juice with which she so wet, drenched and soaked. Her body trembled fervently as she moaned, her arse pressed harder against my raging hardon.

It was enough I felt humiliated hours earlier. I had been already twice on the verge of exploding, but I managed to survive. This was the moment when I did not want to fail, this was my sister who was in search of sexual relief, sexual satisfaction. She wanted me as much as my cousin Tressa did earlier.

I massaged her pussy a few times, her legs were slightly open. There were no problems. My sister relaxed and became rather easy. The free flowing love juice made it possible for my hand to flow around, also freely, massaging those pouty lips and further down around her arse hole. I even pressed a finger down between her swollen lips, moving it backwards and forward while my sister’s body started to vibrate. As my finger ploughed through her valley of lust and pleasure, she went wild, wilder than my cousin. Then I ended it on her clit, she gave her a few light tingles before I pulled it away from within her black panties.

In split second I was on my knees kissing her covered orbs. They looked most beautiful, most desirable, there, covered with that black coloured panty. I grabbed her panties from the waistband and in one stroke they were down by her ankles. Automatically she lifter one leg and slowly I pulled the panty off as my eyes where focused between her legs. Wow; I got the first glimpse of her vaginal surroundings. She seemed to know what I was doing as she held her leg up high so the vaginal area became wide open for my eyes desires. Then she posted her foot back on the floor making sure her legs were wide open. I could perfectly see the whole of those beautiful swollen lips covered with a very light coat of pussy hair.

I was there on my knees, my eyes wide open, feasting on my sister’s most beautiful treasure, her most intimate and precious part of her body, all totally exposed to my eyes delight.

‘How many times I dreamed about being in this position looking at your incredible treasure of love, its beauty and its lust. The desire to see it, feel it and make love to it in any way you may desire. How many times I visualized this picture, this moving film while I held my raging hardon in my hand, thinking about you, licking and suckling on its hard head. How many times did you masturbate with me in your dreams?’ I asked

Before she answered she leaned forward, resting herself on her folded hands on the bed. Her crack of her arse opened wide, the view was inconceivable; unimaginable. I was there frozen, watching its beauty. Something is wrong here, I thought. An hour or so earlier I experienced the first look at my cousin’s naked body. I must say I have enjoyed the first taste of musky smell and of the real juice and not less, admiring her most intimate area; but this seems not right. Was this because of the closeness with which we lived together as brother and sister? But there was never any breach of any indecency between us; we always kept our decor. ‘I should look for an answer?’ I asked myself.

‘Sam, yes, I had masturbated many times, maybe even more than you ever did, as I had always dreamed about this moment. Many times I enjoyed huge orgasms while I fingered myself. Many times I sucked my cousin’s pussy and she sucked mine while we were dreaming about your lips sucking my juices. I don’t remember how many panties I drenched. I can as well let you have this one as a remembrance of this most memorable day, which I’m going to treasure all my life.’ My sister declared.

I couldn’t believe if what I was hearing was right. When I heard her making such a confession I could not believed every word she had said. I thought maybe she was crazy but I knew she loved me, just too much. I also remember what I had been through when I dreamed and masturbated just thinking of dreaming about my sister and my cousin. This was going to be an experience in itself and which I may never experience again.

I knew how much she meant to me and how much I meant to her. The closeness we lived in, how open we were with each other about everything, except were sex talk was involved. We had never talked about sex or out intimate parts.

With my fingers I separated her swollen lips. They were incredibly beautiful; and desirable. I had a quick look and inserted my nose to breath in the fresh aroma directly from the source. A very huge breath went through my nose as filled my slot oyna air ducts with her pussy smelling aroma. Wow this was unbelievable. I enjoyed the smell and took a second take before my tongue connected with her clit. A shiver of sexual energy went through her body. She froze, then cried and moaned as her body started shaking. My hardon was now on the verge of exploding. I cared for him. I didn’t want him to waste what it had collected since my last explosion. I pulled away and ordered my sister to lie on her back in the middle of the bed with her legs opened to the maximum.

I just got on top of her in the opposite position. My mouth immediately went into action as I attacked her pouty lips and licked through the furrow and between the walls of her drenched valley, until the door of her temple. She gave a cry of pleasure as, as soon my mouth sucked her engorged clit into my mouth; she did cum. Her body went haywire, as it had already started shaking. Her sexual energy exploded throughout her entire body and now it was sexual chakra was totally awake.

She just took my hardon in her hand, pushed the foreskin down and licked it. She even licked the few drops of pre-come which had just emerged from the little oval opening. She took a little time licking as she moved her hand up and down, masturbating it. That she done for a few times then she engulfed most it into her mouth. Soon she closed her mouth around it, I just exploded, filling her mouth with my highly protein cream. I kept sucking and licking her pussy, her sweet juices more than flowed which I leisurely devoured. Her body was still under the spell of that huge eruption.

The sexual eruption she was going through was an incredible surprise for her, something she was not expecting, especially so soon. Her mouth, she kept closed tight. She did not even loose her grip on my vibrating cock. The first mouthful of cum that hit the inside of her mouth, shocked her. She kept her mouth shut, totally locked her lips tightly around my hard prick as it pumped one shot after another. Delightfully, Sandra gulped it all down her throat. She was incredibly, remarkable.

I went wild. I was suckling and licking her clit. I wetted my pointing finger as I rolled it in her soaked valley of pleasure, lust and sexual hunger. Without touching her virginity I collected as much of the flowing nectar around it making sure it was well lubricated. I prepared it, ready for the next eruption. As it started to evolve I put my finger against her asshole and pushed straight up to the first knuckle inside her anus. She didn’t shout or cry. She was too lost, enjoying the latest of her mind blowing orgasms. I just pushed the rest of my finger, into the depths of her anal tube. I remember that at that very moment she put her hands on my head, closed her legs as tight as she could and jammed my head there; imprisoned between her legs; my mouth crushed against her fleshy lips.

My hard dick was still raging in her mouth as the last drops of my semen had been long lost down her throat. I couldn’t move, only my tongue was still rampaging against her engorged clit. The yearning for pleasure has increased dramatically throughout her entire young tender body. Sandra’s body started to vibrate as her veins were filled with red hot blood. My finger already half way up her anal tube was sucked further in; with every beat her heart was beating. It was really beating and with every beat her anal muscles contracted.

With hard luck I managed to move my finger in and out and around as it was totally embedded into her anal tube. I pulled it out and then in again as I finger fuck her; it felt great. The energy flowing through our bodies was incredible.

My hardon was raging again as she had never let it escape from her mouth. She kept sucking the purple helmet as with her hand she kept the right movement, up and down along most of its length. Her body was going wild. Her hand going wilder as it was really was going up and down along my rigid wet cock. Saliva was leaking from her mouth together with the pre-come which was emerging from the oval orifice; not to mention what was left from the seamen I had earlier deposited within the cavity of her mouth.

At last she opened her legs, pushed my head away from her clit, closed her legs tight and slide away from under my body. I nearly found myself on the floor. I stood and turned around, putting my hand under her neck and hugged her against me. She was still in wonderland, her eyes were closed, her mouth still wet with some of my sperm and a slight smile on her face. I slowly kissed her as I hugged her naked body. She was beautiful. I looked all the way from her head to her feet. I just watched and enjoyed the beauty of this creature; my dear loving and beloved sister.


‘One answer I couldn’t ever answer was; why I was the chosen one?’ I said.

‘Today; do you know why you were the chosen one?’ Lydia asked curiously.

‘I think yes, but not sure. All these years I had been away canlı casino siteleri I never cared much. I was always angry for what my sister put me through.’ I answered.

‘So why, do you care now?’Lydia asked.

‘I’m starting to miss my sister again. I had not seen her in the last nineteen years!’ I answered with new feelings for my beloved sister.

Lydia looked at me without speaking. She stayed quiet, while I laid there on the bed as I was recounting the second episode of my incest period with both my sister and my cousin. My hard dick was still in her hand; just caressing it, sweetly and lightly, sometimes even gave it a glance. As soon as she heard my last comments she pulled the foreskin backwards, exposed the purple mushroom head and started licking and moving her tongue around the helmet. Lydia even tried to put some of it in her mouth.

I thought about how much my sister loved lollipops. She was good at sucking them but I just lay down and enjoyed what Lydia was doing to me.

With one hand I searched until I found one of Lydia’s nipples which I secured between my fingers. I rolled it for a few times between my thumb and my index until she moaned; then I squeezed it hard. She loved and enjoyed my breast teasing. I knew it as Lydia was reciprocating by giving me her best treatment with her mouth, not the best head, but more than close enough.

I was really relaxed; laying there on the bed with my raging hardon showing signs that it was enjoying what Lydia was doing, as it got harder and harder. The way Lydia was moving her tongue along its length was sending me crazy. I had to put some brakes on it as I really wanted to enjoy the pleasures Lydia was bestowing on me, up to the utmost limits. The way her mouth and her tongue were caressing and sucking it, sure I needed to pull more than my brakes and fast and fast. I was in near explosion. I had never retired my hand from her breast. Her nipples were actually manipulated, teased and squeezed as her body cried for more.

With the other hand I started to pull Lydia’s bum to turn it around. She took the hint and turned slowly until she was close enough. Lydia lifted one of her legs and moved it over my head to the other side, straddling me as she presented me with the best view of her wide open fleshy wet sticky lips. She was wet and soaked.

My incest experience as I remembered them and recounted it them, had produced the desired effects on Lydia’s sexual desires. She did not stop sucking and licking my hard dick as I lowered her pussy over my mouth but not too close. I wanted to enjoy its beauty, feel the heat flowing out as much as that of the love juice dripping out of her virgin temple of love. I lifted my head slowly and pasted my tongue along the sweet wetness of her pouty lips. Lydia moaned and cried and my tongue drifted between the extreme sensitive lips especially when my tongue hit with her clit. Lydia’s body jumped and trembled as she kept sucking on my hard cock while enjoying her sacred flesh. I was very conscious of what I was enjoying, working my tongue against this incredible hot crack which I’m really hoping to penetrate sooner than I ever taught.

Lydia was more than desirable. Her creamy coloured skin, those swollen lips with sweet juice dribbling along the smooth skin looked and felt incredibly hypersensitive. I stopped licking and teasing as I watched in wonder; its beauty. I inhaled deeply; feeling the beautiful musky smell of her vaginal aromatic smells and thought; ‘What about the smell of her craving pussy; yearning for more kissing, touching and licking, enjoying the feel of her love segregations.’

I attacked back. I gave it a few kisses then ploughed my tongue through the valley of love and aspirations. The juices were flowing while I felt new shivers of pleasure awaking and flowing throughout her body. Mine were at the highest peak, as she continued to massage and suck on my throbbing dick. Lydia’s sexual energy continued to multiply as she moaned with my dick still filling most of her mouth. She took more of it; most of it was hidden inside, sometimes pushing as deep as she could, at times even down her throat.

I found the cradle. I continued pounding my tongue against her clitoris which I teased with gusto as I suckled harder on it. Her body continued to shake and tremble as she was flowing into another mind blowing climax. I let Lydia enjoy, I sucked more and more and when she let my dick out of her mouth to cry and shout, I pushed her away from over my body. Lydia fell on her back on the bed. In split second I was kissing and hugging her extraordinary sex starving naked body.

‘Want to continue?’ she asked as she came back from wonderland.

‘Did you enjoy it?’ I asked

‘I never thought that this was the quickest way to wonderland.’ She answered.


After Sandra and I enjoyed that first encounter, we entered our parent’s bedroom and looked for some evidence of their love making. We checked the drawers of their night stands. On my father’s side we found condoms and the KY. A new tube and one half empty, probably it had been used a few times. Searching further into mum’s lingerie drawer, we found more condom packets and a small vibrator.

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