Atonement! I

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It was total dark at first. Faint streetlight from a window reached in and brought a little detail to him and he could see that he slept in a strange place. Then he remembered where he’d been sleeping. He was comfortable and tightened his grip enough to assure him that he still held her sexy form. His arm was high up under her boobs, resting on his forearm. So what had awakened him?

Tugging and another pressure from behind.

“It’s OK.” Came the little voice from behind. A slender arm crossed from around his waist; she had already worked his zipper down and was pressing open his pants. “I couldn’t sleep, and I can’t wait for you to fuck her again. It’s nagging at me.” Lynette reached his already roused cock and clasped it firmly. He rolled onto his back to see her face, dim in the dark, but becoming clearer.

“What? But you were too sore, and you said…”

“I know,” she stroked his penis once and then nudged him in the opposite direction. “I said I can’t wait for you to fuck her.”

“What time…”



“Shhhh,” she let loose his member and nudged him again with her form so that he’d roll back. Her hand tried the waist of his pants and worked them down an inch or so. His penis was now freed and prodded his lover’s soft ass. Lynette was leaning over him on one arm and reached her roommate’s soft pajama bottoms. Feeling her way down she found him again and nestled his tip up to the full bottom, up, up the leg opening of the silks. His erection grew.

“What if she wakes, this might not be good?”

“She’ll be fine. I know she wants it. Remember; she’ll do anything to keep you coming after this hot box. I know she even needs you up in it.”

His erection grew and Lynette gave it one more stroke. She released him only to reach for his arm, which she pressed up into the loose gray t-shirt. “Get-it, pal.” His erection grew and he felt a little gush of moisture.

His hand was presses to one generous breast and cupped it. She squirmed and let out one long, “Mmmmm.” His erection grew one final time and surpassed her warm slot to grind into the grit of pubic hair afront of her full hood. He had been pressing his last growth between the crush of legs, but now with her movement she parted them and propped her upper leg up in a triangle.

“See, you’ve got it. I bet she knows it’s you and that you’re coming.” Lynette gently caressed his ear with her lips. “Softly now, slide it in.”

“Mmm, yesss.” Came the other girl’s voice absently, dreamily. A gyration of her hip brought moisture to his shaft and in the night’s hush he heard her hair delicately crinkle against his heads – both of them. The satin bottoms allowed room for about everything. He remained unconvinced until now; her left hand slipped down to hold his penis in place and her hips rolled again. She then pressed his full erection to left and right against her clit. Three times of that and she shivered a bit. OK. He massaged her breast and got another “Mmmm.” He looked back at Lynette and got a wide-eyed nod. “I want to see how that thing fills that snatch up.” She got on her knees and walked to lean over him so that she could look up at her friend’s ass and pussy. From there Lynette could see how her new friend’s cock lay along all of the front of girly’s slit and how girly pressed at him with her hand. “Oh yeah, she’s onto you mister. You’re caught; you’d better give it all up now.”


“Oh, she’s got you.” At that she could see girly fingers slosh into labia, spreading them for the reception. Sleepily a couple of movements rod his shaft.

The sleeper’s other hand, the one towards the bed, followed his hand up trying to enter her own shirt. With a couple of fumbles the questing fingers just raised the whole front of the shirt up and then flopped down before her slightly parted lips and upturned nose. He squeezed her nipple just a bit and felt her whole large areola tighten together to bring the tip to its full size. His action was met by more finger movement pushing his cock and another hip motion – this time a less lazy buck.

Lynette rolled off the end of the bed and walked around to crouch facing her friend’s crotch and all the action there. He saw in the dim that she was still in her string top and panties. She watched her sleeping friend toy wetly with the large cock head and grind it into her pubes. Little glints of light caught the glisten of girl juices and she saw his little bit of pre-cum stick to the little strip of hair. She was just that close, resting her head on the bed’s edge. She watched as another little buck slicked, and she heard the slippy sound of a hot, steamy, juicy cunt that needed a large cock. She reached up to take her friend’s fumbling hand away and reached forward, casino siteleri leaned, reached, until … until she kissed the head of the soaked penis. She watched enrapt as it came towards her, sliding along the enveloping slot. When it moved to the front of the labial hood again she let the head slightly into her lips and out. One more of that motion and she kissed its departure – it was time. Lynette placed two fingers on the head at her friend’s clit and pressed. It curled back just a bit, but still pressed coochy. She pressed back again and felt it give way. It was in – the head fell in. His forward motion now slurped into the moist recess, and a good three – four inches slid inside very easily. Again a slide and maybe another inch rode up, and another, but then a mumble from above brought changes. Another sleepy shift saw the penetrated woman close her legs, but bend more sharply at the waist in such a way that she sat her ass against his lap. She hiked back then, sucking more of his member into herself, but totally blocking Lynette’s view. Both wakeful persons froze briefly. His hand no longer held a flopped boob as her new position put them out of easy reach. He pumped a bit at her pussy, but found it harder like this as his weight was on his side.

Lynette knelt a bit more upright and placed both hands against the pike-poised form so she could gently roll her back. He waited, arms in position ready to receive – the one underneath he would use to cross under his lover’s form, lace it under her full breasts and prop her up. Her sleepy body straightened out as her weight rested on him. She was now almost laying on top of him, but at an angle and the awake girl nearby added the final support. Lynette’s hand cupped one soft thigh aloft which again revealed the spot the couple coupled. He was again able to reach those ample breasts, and he clasped one firmly, shaping it in his hand. This brought fresh sliding from the pierced girl’s pussy. The lighter, nimbler instigator brought herself onto the bed, gently shifting to see the action up close again.

He was now in reach to use his full stroke. He pressed forward in a slow motion thrust enjoying the soft parting of the now familiar flesh. Up he rose, up, up. Lynette used her free hand to feel his slow rise at the very spot where it pierced her friend’s crotch. He went and went and went, she observed with awe. “Oooh, yeah. More, more, more, there it is.” She felt his tightened testicles meet the ultra-wet labia, and with one determined thrust he gently crushed the swollen pussy flat. That was the max, all he had to put into it. And he was firmly holding her friend, his sheath, about the middle. Her sleeping body took him and seemed to have room for more. For a moment Lynette felt her tiny box was somehow less than impressive. “oh, yeah.” She kissed the clit of her friend who loosed a long “Mmmm,” of assent.

“Oh yeah, you’ll have work to do.”


“You’re gonna be breaking my little pussy in.”

He slipped wetly back and chocked up again, “What?”

“Not today, we’ve got a lot of fucking to do. I wanna take your whole thing like that. Nice big cock. I need you to spread me out.”

This talk confused him some, but excited him, and he started his earnest stroking with slow withdraws and fast thrusts in.

Lynette’s one hand remained where it could feel the action, while the other hand fished to the top of her panties. She licked her lips for moisture – her mouth had gone dry in anticipation. Anticipation of what? The other’s climax? Maybe she wanted a bit, too. The night before had been the first time she’d kissed a girl and the first time she’d shared a sexual experience with a man and another woman. What else was going on here? Just two weeks before she’d entered this room at this time of night to feel up and feel in her roommate. Now she was feeling as much want for this dominating cock that, so far, daunted her as she was feeling interest in the sopping juices it rode in — as much as she was feeling for the pussy that pumped with the trusts – as much as she wanted to kiss this fleshy clit. Some of it might be envy. Maybe she was feeling something new for the short, black-haired, mixed skinned beauty. She was drawn now, though, to drink of those juices, and gently brought her tongue to the tip of the folds. Again, again – now she really kissed it, now she buried her lips into the soft folds enough to retrieve and suck on that clitoris. In, in, into her mouth, it was succulent and warm and … delicious. She was so far into it now that she hardly noticed her own fingers twiddle her own tiny button, but she fully responded to the smoothness of his shaft’s press and glide past her face. She was lost in all this and didn’t want to come out. Now she was experiencing slot oyna a woman more than she thought possible even two weeks ago, and she wanted more. Gently now, licking the clitoris and nudging labia with her nose, she wanted more. She quickened her pace on herself and teased her sore, tight hole. With the other hand, the one at the couple’s cojoinder, she let her fingertips point to the hole in her friend’s pubis. Lynette no longer wanted to see the fuck – she wanted to be in there; she wanted to be the fuck.

Now with one fingertip in her own cunny, she let two for her tips slip in with the pumping cock.

He felt what was going on, but looking around the raised thigh all he could see was Lynette’s hair and back – her face and hand buried. He felt two fingertips turn into two fingers buried to the first digit. Now three, and the pussy of his new-come lover – normally a bit like a glass of water unless she was applying pressure – began to restrict him. The lover in question sleepily reached back with an arm, mumbled something ending with “…baby,” and stroked his hair just once. Her upturned, slightly opened lips beckoned his cum, but he thought better of it since she’d awoken to that surprise once lately. More action.

Lynette slid her fingers, three of them, in, out with his pushes, a little more each time. Now she decided to counter his strokes – in to his outs, out to his ins – and was able to get them more in. In this way she was caressing both, making both lovers her lover with herself in accompaniment on her own pussy with a middle finger entering and exiting and entering all the way to the knuckle. At the site of the honest sex she decided to add another step so she could really give to, get from both lovers. Lynette was losing control of her lusts in this situation – as she always does. Just like she had earlier with this man, like earlier with her roommate’s boyfriend (now her own boyfriend) she let sex take her with reckless abandon. Now she had to, just had to be a part of this copulation. With his out stroke she now pressed her fingers in, but did not withdraw; instead she just pressed forth the three fingers.

He felt even more pressure and knew it was fingers. Not wanting to waken the woman he refrained from really pounding her pussy and thus he’d stopped using his full length. Now, though, the fingers stopped climbing up. Not sure of how many fingers were in, he did feel that they were in up to the knuckles. The cool, unplunged two inches of his shaft now felt tight.

With three fingers inside her friend’s pussy Lynette then wrapped her pinky and her thumb around the pushing shaft. They had both dragged – dredging the depths – enough girl cum out to smooth the penis’ progress through her firm grip. Now he moaned and she registered the approach of his orgasm. Hers lurked about, too.

The subject of their joint effort swam in ecstatic dreams which now went hazy with orgasmic delight. She woke to the dream and accepted the orgasm that sent her pelvis rolling as a part of the dream. Sharply she uttered “Uh! Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh,” with their strokes which slowed. Her own rolling hips and pelvis added to the celebration that was her vagina. Some pleasant pain streatched her and she felt fuller than she had since, since; since she’d been a college freshman and started first experiencing different sexual experiments. Despite the pinching, the fullness was a comfort, but now it threatened to … to … grow. Somehow she couldn’t open her eyes, well, didn’t want to.

They’d both slowed at the yelled orgasm, but didn’t stop. When the ‘ahhs’ descended to cooing Lynette firmed her grip and realized ‘I’m going to give him a hand job and fist her.’ She started stroking in-and-out with the cock to spread oozing lubrication to the back of her hand and yet caught another whiff of her own climax. She only had wild thoughts now – only crudely, basely sexual. ‘How much can this cunt take?’, ‘I want to top it up’, ‘I want to … to … to climb up inside and find the end.’ All these were new thoughts and feelings, never had she wanted much from another woman’s body, never had she felt sexual heat about another’s vagina and she wondered if this was how men felt. She wondered until the next thought about it, which was ‘I want to … to … cum!’ “Eee, Ahhh, Eee!”

Through the wall of sleep she heard the orgasm of another woman, a bit shrill but confirming, at last, that she wasn’t asleep and swimming in the dark of a purely ecstatic dream. She was here, at this hand was the hair of her lover, and she stroked his hair. Here was the long stroke of his now familiar rod, but more. A contrary stroke was speeding up, going faster than him and spreading her to these new widths. A pressure at her front, from her belly to her clitoris canlı casino siteleri added more – still she didn’t open her eyes. Instead of looking around, she felt her own breast – cupped it, felt the nipple – teased it. Then pulled it hard; oh, yeah that’s not dreaming. Her other breast was being softly massaged by a solid, manly palm, and she flowed into the feeling of total manipulation from without. From within came the orange again and she bore down with her ass seeking that deep thrust to push her over again – there was one, two, three — but then a spreading, a thrust to be wide, then wider, wider, slip. She knew it was a hand, a lithe, maybe bony hand, there it was.

Lynette’s suddenly, on one of his out strokes, slunk into her friend to the wrist. In a scant moment his penis thrust up into it and she had to grip it tightly for both to fit while rising and falling. The clit she had been licking was stretched too taut to find so she licked too close to her own wrist. The clitoris she had been fondling had been hot, sore and damp; it still hungered.

“F-f-f-f,” she of the full vagina stressed atop her own quivering twat, “Fuck me, you, both, fuck, fuck, fuck, MEEE! Unhh Yeah!” Finally released to do so he could confidently pound this newly tight experience. He quickened and felt his own rising tide that he’d somehow held at bay. Lynette’s grip really caught him then and he fought to ram it home. All of this was amazing, but now the fingertips moved a tiny bit – just a flutter – and his orgasm just blew up. “Ah Ha, Huhh, Uhh, Uhh.”

What little spooge he had left from this day flowed into her space and then was pushed, squished down with thrusts to coat the intruding hand. All three still exhaled the ends of their orgasms and a last couple of thrusts, last couple of finger motions, last couple of hip turns happened in sync. They were locked as long as he remained pressed up inside, and he did linger a moment as all three of them shared a last deep breath and opened their eyes. She in the middle purred, “Mmm, wow.”

He disengaged first, pulling out and yet still holding tightly at midriff and breast. The fist in her pussy was now looser, loose enough to come out, but she caught Lynette’s wrist and held her fast. She felt the wet penis resting along the part of her ass and though about how this could go on. No, she knew she was going to be sore in a moment, and not a good sore at that, but one more thing. A while back she’d thought she felt a curious finger probe her out in the night, but had dismissed it as dream. Now she wondered and pressed down. “You wanna see something?”


“What’s up there? Huh? Get it in,” The wrist she held slid in, “Yeah, keep going.” She adjusted to find Lynette’s elbow.

“You, OK?” Both her partners asked.

“we’ll see,” she pushed and pushed; she was now over the wrist and up to an inch, two, three – dry skin. “C’mon, bitch, what you got?” She moved the arm out, and in, and out and each in gained her new moist millimeters.

Tight, it was tight all around her. Her eyes had to grow wide as she watched amazed despite the dim light. She watched her friend as she engulfed her from the tip of her tightly balled fist to somewhere just short of mid-forearm and then she felt it. Lynette felt her roomie’s top limit, a nub of cervix pressed her forefinger at the side. Then she was released. She slowly pulled out, still agasp at what she had just seen and felt. At the last moment she felt a vaginal contraction grip her wrist and stop her up. Then she was free and slipped her fist, as tightly balled as it had ever been, out with a slurp. ‘Oh my God!’ Lynette thought further as she saw the gape of hole before her, before it closed with a squeeze. It was humbling and she thought again of her tiny, tight hole. She had to clean off her arm, but decided to do a couple of things first. She crawled up to meet her friend’s face and kissed her gently. Her third kiss was met with a cryptic laugh, but she laughed back.

“Now go to bed. I need to sleep I’m going to be all wore out tomorrow, you two.” She snuggled up against his manliness and added, “You, too, Mr. Go to sleep.” And she grew still and closed her eyes.

Lynette crept to the other side of the bed and kissed his ear soundlessly and whispered, “I told you.” But that masked her second task. Under the edge of the bed she found a magazine and on it what she wanted. Her friend’s vibrator, penis shaped and larger than her own, would be the start of something; that thing she hungered to have herself, now. After cleaning her arm and fist in the bathroom she curled up in bed with her ill gotten prize. Not tonight, but soon she’d begin training with this toy. She didn’t know why the idea of a wider pussy was her new benchmark. She’d sure find out though. She fingered her own soreness again to test it out. Still sore, OK. She curled around the large dildo and drifted to sleep.

This was the first night he and she actually slept together in the bed.

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