Aunt Tracy Stokes a Winter Fire

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I got my first taste of my aunt, Tracy, when I stayed with her and her husband five years ago. I was eighteen and my uncle gave me a job working for his construction firm for the summer before I headed off to college. Since my parents were trying to sort some problems out, I thought it would be best if I moved out of the state as early as possible. That’s when my Dad’s sister and her husband of ten years offered a room in their basement and a summer job. The taste came one morning when my aunt walked from the shower and into the kitchen wearing an open bath robe. My eyes, must have grown as large as the bulge in my jeans, but I can’t tell you what her expression was because I stared at her breasts without hesitation or inhibition. Tracy just said that Mark, her husband, was waiting in the truck, and that I’d better get going. I think she spoke with an amused laugh.

Five years later, I graduated from college with an accounting degree and went to work in the big city. A week before my graduation in May, my fiancé broke off our engagement. I was demoralized and never seriously started dating anyone else. I was really fitting the accountant stereotype. Then came the family Christmas get-together the following winter, and I didn’t want anything to do with any of them. My aunt Tracy called and said I could stay with her and Mark and that she may know a young someone who might be interested in going out. Remembering that morning in the kitchen, her soft breasts shaped by the white robe, I told her no-thanks, I was through with young women, but I would take her up on the offer casino siteleri to stay. Then she jokingly added that she thought I always had an eye for mature women.

The get together was as boring as I thought it would be. Who cares what my cousins or anyone else is doing for work, or when they’re getting married, or how many kids they now have? I was looking forward to the tax deadlines.

When I got back to Tracy’s house, Mark’s truck wasn’t in the garage. “Where’d Mark go?” I asked.

“He’s a workaholic,” Tracy responded. “He’s out plowing driveways and private roads.”

I looked outside and agreed the snow was coming down pretty good.

“Mark thinks money is everything,” she continued. “We don’t need it, but he works extra jobs anyways.”

“I think he just likes to work,” I said. “I don’t think he cares what he gets paid doing the job.” I sat on the rocker across from Tracy as she laid out on the sofa. “I remember working with him that summer, about five years ago, he’d let people get bargain prices, especially if they had more work for him.”

Tracy had already changed into a short night shirt. Her long brown hair flowed out from the pillow, but I looked at her luscious, bare legs. My god, I wanted to feel those muscles and her soft skin in my hands. She interrupted me, “Well, I think he should pay attention to something else.”

I quickly looked toward her, but she had caught me staring at her legs. Then she said, “I remember something five years ago too.” She sat up on the sofa and her short night shirt grew shorter, showing a slot oyna hint of her black panties. “Remember?”

I think she was flirting. “No,” I replied.

She patted the cushion next to her and I moved over there. Her perfume started to really get me going. “Five years ago,” she started. “Bath robe. I was falling out a little.” I smiled, but she continued, “and now it’s my legs. Have you changed your tastes?”

“I think every thing on you is beautiful and sexy.” I think I said that out loud because it got a response from my aunt. “Hhmmm,” I cleared my throat as she took a hold of my hand and placed it on her breast. Taking her cue, I began to gently rub my other hand up her smooth thigh.

She looked into my eyes to see if this lust of mine was genuine. I saw that she had the same desire as I did.

She unbuckled my belt and took my tongue into her mouth, “Make love to me,” she said.

Make love? I wanted to fuck the hell out of her.

My hands found their way the short distance up to her silk panties and slowly slid them down. She lifted her legs, one after the other while we still kissed, to help get the garment off. I broke our kiss and moved down to her pussy as she slid of the night shirt. She spread her legs to reveal to me her love. My tongue teased her lips and I tasted her steaming juices. My hands stroked up and down her thighs and they were matched with her hands rubbing through my hair.

She moaned, “Ohh, yes. My baby. I love you so much. Taste your beautiful aunt.” Tracy’s hips were gently moving back and forth. “That’s it honey, canlı casino siteleri tongue fuck your horney aunt. Lick my clit, baby. Ohh, yes. God, yes.”

Her legs were so smooth in my soft hands. So round, so perfect. She tasted ohh so good.

“That feels so good,” she said. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Tracy bucked her hips and drove her hot pussy into my face.

After her orgasm, she brought me up and kissed me longingly. Then she went down to my thick cock and started sucking me in. I closed my eyes and took in her warmth. I could feel her tongue on my shaft, massaging and stroking.

I ran my fingers through her rich hair, “Tracy,” I asked?

She looked into my eyes and I needed to say no more. She moved her pussy up and placed a hand on my erect and moist penis. We tasted each other’s tongues as she guided her hot pussy down on my cock. I closed my eyes and dropped my head back, my hands wrapped on the small of her back, moving in motion with her pulses. “Tracy, goddess. I want to fuck you so bad. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“Fuck your aunt for me,” she moaned. “I love your big cock. Ride this pussy good.”

She had pure lust in her eyes and I could feel myself growing inside of her. “Cum in me baby. I want your seed in me.”

I licked the sweat off her breasts, then moved to her neck. “I haven’t fucked in so long,” she said. “I love your young cock. Do you like your aunt’s hot pussy?”

“Uhh, fuck yea,” I said. I felt by balls tighten and my cock expand.

Her pussy massaged my exploding dick, “That’s it baby, cum in my pussy. You’re so fucking hot. Cum in your aunt’s pussy. Teach that asshole husband how to fuck.”

As I looked into her eyes and stroked her back and legs, I was sure glad I visited for the holidays.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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