Aunty Rachel Ch. 1

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It was ladies day at the Tennis Club, and I always enjoyed that, apart from keeping my body in good shape it was also the perfect time to catch up on all the news and gossip. I invariably met up with a group of three friends from my School days and we’d have a couple of doubles games, then move to the bar for the really important part of the afternoon, finding out who was doing who and where! I never ceased to be amazed at how many husbands or wives were playing around, and at times felt quite jealous, my life – though happy – seemed terribly boring and conservative by comparison.

Even the parties my husband and I attended never seemed to have the erotic and sexy goings on that other parties seemed to have. My friends would teasingly tell me I was so straight laced I wouldn’t know another man’s cock if it was right under my nose! that usually had the table doubled over in laughter, and I was usually the one laughing loudest, but sometimes, just sometimes, it hurt a little to be perceived as so uncool and old fashioned.

This particular day was no exception, especially when they all clamored to know who the gorgeous hunk was that had dropped me off at the club, as it certainly wasn’t Charles, my husband. I tried to play all mysterious, just to get them all going and make them think I’d suddenly become as hip and with it as them, but eventually had to admit that it was my young nephew that was visiting for a few weeks. Although that drew hoots of laughter, it also drew a string of saucy remarks about how could I stand being in the same house as a hunk like that and not do something about it, or had I seen him naked and was he hung. I found myself getting redder and redder, and was actually glad when I saw Jimmy pull up in the car park to pick me up, and made some quick good byes and fled – to the accompaniment of a few more ribald comments.

Needless to say I was a bit flushed and flustered when I got into the car and greeted my nephew, and thanked him for picking me up. Partly from what the others had been yelling after me – god I hope he didn’t hear them! – and partly because the comments had in fact made me acutely conscious of just what a gorgeous hunk my nephew had turned into since I last saw him a few years ago. I was surprised and a little shocked at the heat that was suddenly flowing through me as I looked at him from the corner of my eye, especially when I noticed that periodically his eyes would leave the road and dart over to look at me. I tried desperately to stare straight ahead as I answered his questions about the club and the friends I met for my weekly tennis outing, but occasionally I would have to turn my head and look at him, and on one of those occasions I realized that his glances were not directed at me generally but at my breasts specifically.

I quickly glanced down and almost gasped aloud as the flush of embarrassment raced through me. After the game of tennis I always took a quick shower before joining the others for drinks, and I always took a T shirt with me to replace the sweaty tennis blouse, but what I’d forgotten was that I also left off the sports bra that I used for the games, so the seat belt was cutting between my breasts and molding my T shirt to them, outlining them totally. But what was even worse was that the chat with the girls in the bar, and my subsequent realization of what a hunk my nephew had become, had caused my nipples to swell and stiffen and they were now jutting out almost, bursting through my T Shirt, and that’s what was taking his eye!

I was mortified, but there was absolutely nothing I could do that wouldn’t emphasize the situation even more, so I just turned my head and stared out of the side window, trying to ignore the fact that he was just a few feet away and in all probability staring at my breasts even more now I was turned away and it seemed safe to ogle. Oh god, that thought made it even worse, a part of me was actually feeling flattered that a teenager would still see me as an attractive woman, and maybe it was that part of me that started to take over, because I found my hands moving to tug down the hem of my T shirt, tightening it even more across my breasts and making my nipples stand out even more. A shiver ran through me and I groaned inwardly, god, I was behaving like a horny teenager instead of a respectable married woman! Then the irony of the situation hit me and I chuckled out loud, gosh if my friends could only see me now, preening and playing up to my hunk of a nephew, wouldn’t they be surprised, bet they wouldn’t call me dull and conservative then!

“What’s so funny aunty Rachel?” asked Jimmy

“Oh, nothing, just remembering something the girls said” I replied, and grinned widely, oh yes, this would show them, I thought, and turned and looked quite boldly at Jimmy, “Hey, you’ve really grown up these last few years” I said, “All my friends at the club thought you were a total hunk and wanted to know how come I was lucky enough to pick you up and where, cause casino siteleri they’d like to go there too!”

It was Jimmy’s turn to blush furiously and stare straight ahead. Not daring to look at me, and I noticed his hands shaking a little as he gripped the wheel, he gulped, “And what did you say?”

I laughed, “Oh I told them you were my new fancy man and we were rushing home to make mad passionate love!”

He convulsed as if I’d stabbed him with a red hot poker and almost ran the car off the road!, “You didn’t” he gasped.

I laughed even more, “Of course not, I told them you were my gorgeous nephew, and how could they even dream that someone that good looking would be interested in an old hag like me”

I saw him go bright red again, and swallow as if his throat was suddenly dry, “You’re not old, and you’re certainly not a hag, you’re beautiful” he squawked.

I immediately felt the color rise in my face, this time from the pleasure and delight his words brought to me, and I subconsciously shifted in my seat, throwing my breasts into even greater prominence, “Why thank you Jimmy, that’s the most beautiful compliment anyone’s ever paid me” I said.

He gulped again, “I mean it, it’s true” he stammered.

I sat back in the seat, a warm smile on my face, not caring any more that he might be sneaking peeks at my breasts, indeed, I was hoping he was, god, what was coming over me? Fortunately the drive came to an end soon afterwards and I went inside while he put the car away. I rushed to the kitchen and made myself a tall, cool drink and gulped it down, I really needed that! Then, as he came in through the door, I called out that I was going to take a shower, and dashed off before I had to face him again. Straight into the bedroom and stripped off, then into the adjoining bathroom, and the shower full on cold, something, anything to get rid of this incredible heat coursing through my body! Then on to a more moderate heat as I slowly came back to normal, my mind dismissing the earlier thoughts and feelings as just a reaction to the bantering in the bar with the girls, after all I didn’t really fancy my own nephew, that would be even worse than just fancying someone other than my husband, and I’d never even done that in the 12 years of our marriage, I was a totally happy one man woman, even if my friends did think that was a little odd in this day and age.

I was dragged back from my musing by a sharp rap on the bathroom door, “Aunty Rachel, sorry to disturb you, it’s the phone, uncle Charles” called out Jimmy.

Damn, I thought to myself, just when I was beginning to enjoy the shower, “Ok, Jimmy, tell him I’ll be there straight away” I called out, and stepped from the shower to grab a towel and quickly dry off the worst of the water, then grabbed the closest dry towel and wrapped it around me, hooking it in just above the breasts, and dashed from the bathroom to the front room, wishing we’d got round to putting in the telephone extension in the bedroom that we’d always talked about. Jimmy was sitting on the couch and he looked up as I rushed in and blushed as his eyes quickly wandered over my body, realizing that in all probability I was naked underneath, and immediately I was conscious of that fact too, but I didn’t feel angry at his probing look, I felt, hell, I don’t know, aware and , god a little turned on too. I felt the color come to my face and hoped he would think it was from the shower.

“Would you make me a nice iced lemonade, Jimmy, and one for yourself?” I asked, and grabbed up the phone to talk to Charles, watching as Jimmy unfolded himself from the couch and walked off to the kitchen, god, the girls were right, he really had turned into quite a hunk!

Then I was listening to what Charles had to say over the phone, listening and getting a little angry, “No, damn it, Charles, you can’t do that to me, you promised. You promised faithfully there’d be no more weekend conferences, and now especially, with Jimmy visiting. Yeah, I know, he’s my nephew, so it’s my responsibility, but you promised. You say that every time! you can’t get out of it, but just this once, never again, you’ve told the boss, I’m sick of hearing it, if you have to go then damn well go!’ and I slammed down the phone.

Moving over to stare out of the window, I took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself, then realized that I wasn’t throwing things around the room the way I usually did when I got angry – being a typical fiery red head – and in fact, wasn’t feeling particularly angry at all. Oh, there had been that momentary flash when Charles gave me the news of his immediate departure for the weekend conference, but that had evaporated almost as soon as it had sprung up, how strange, how incredibly strange. Then a clearing of the throat brought my attention back to the present.

“Umm, Aunty Rachel, your drink” said Jimmy, and I turned to him, a slightly embarrassed smile on my face.

“Thanks Jimmy, I really need that” slot oyna I said

“I’m sorry if my visit is causing any problems” he muttered.

I smiled warmly, “It’s nothing to do with your visit, Jimmy, in fact I’m absolutely delighted you’re here. It’s just that Charles promised me he’d never take one of these last minute conferences again as he knows it disrupts all our arrangements and really upsets me”

“But if I wasn’t here” he murmured, blushing slightly

“If you weren’t here I’d be all alone all weekend and so angry I’d probably be wrecking the house” I said, with a grin, and he grinned in return.

“Do you really have that much of a temper?” he asked

I laughed, “Oh yes, red heads are notorious for their tempers – and their passion” I said, then immediately wondered why I’d added that last bit, and felt myself flush a little, so turned away and move over to the couch and leaned down to place my glass on the coffee table. I heard a sharp, half smothered gasp and instinctively knew what had caused it. I’d grabbed the first dry towel I could reach to wrap around me and it wasn’t a very large one, barely coming to the tops of my thighs, and as I leaned over I could feel it ride up over by buttocks, and knew that right at this moment Jimmy had a good clear view of my naked ass cheeks! Common sense and practically every other sense dictated that I should straighten up without any fuss and move slowly out of the room and back to the bedroom and get dressed, but the only sense that seemed to be playing any role at all at that moment was an impish sense of daring, and instead of straightening up I actually ‘accidentally’ brushed a magazine onto the floor so I had to lean down even further, which revealed even more of my naked ass to Jimmy’s probing eyes.

Jimmy’s eyes were probing, I could feel them like a hot caress on my naked ass, and it excited me incredibly, especially when I distinctly heard his muffled groan, so I retrieved the magazine in extremely slow motion before straightening up and turning back to face him. His eyes were a little glazed and there was a deep pink tinge to his face and neck, but what grabbed my attention even more was the huge bulge that had appeared in his trousers! My god, what did he have in there?, I thought. I felt strangely elated that I was exciting him, I never really remembered having that effect on a man before, at least not since I was courting Charles, but perhaps it was just as the girls at the club said, I was too dull to even notice if a cock was shoved under my nose. But I was certainly noticing it now, and even wishing that it was shoved under my nose, and I could lick it and suck it. God what was I thinking of, a shiver ran through me as I tried to change the direction of my thoughts, but it wasn’t easy, I was feeling even hotter than I had before the shower, and what’s more I was enjoying the feelings.

All this took place in just a fleeting second after I turned round, but none of it showed as I smiled at Jimmy and said, “Well, it looks like you’re stuck with just me for the weekend, I hope that doesn’t disappoint you too much”

He gulped, “Oh no Aunty Rachel, I can’t think of anything I’d enjoy more” he stammered.

I put on my best teasing look, “Of course I can always ring some of my friends and get them to bring over their gorgeous daughters to play with you” I said

He blushed furiously, “No, no need, I’d much rather be with you, and I’m sure none of them would be as gorgeous as you anyway” he stammered.

My smile suddenly became a mile wide and I moved quickly forward and flung my arms around his neck, “Oh Jimmy, you don’t know how much that compliment means to me, I was beginning to feel old and unwanted” I cried out, and I planted a brief – though not too brief – kiss on his lips.

When I pulled back, his face was even more flushed, and I noticed his hands had quickly dropped to encircle my waist and rest on the upper slopes of my ass cheeks, accidentally pulling the towel up over my bum slightly. “There’s no way you’re old, aunty Rachel, and I bet every man that sees you wants you” he stammered in a particularly effective effort at flattery, because I felt myself straighten and preen a little at his words, then I put on that teasing look and voice again.

“Oh, Jimmy, and are you one of those?” I almost purred.

“God, yes” he groaned, and bent his head slightly, and awkwardly pressed his lips against mine.

I knew this was crazy, but I just didn’t care, I was on fire, so instead of pulling away and telling him off for his forwardness, I leaned into the kiss, pressing my body against his, feeling the enormous bulge of his cock pressing into me. I held the kiss for a long moment, then tentatively slid my tongue forward to slip between his lips, and almost felt the gulp that went from his throat all the way down his body. Then his hands moved and they were under the towel, cupping and caressing my naked ass cheeks, and I could feel the canlı casino siteleri tension in him as he expected any moment that I’d pull sharply away and tell him off. But I didn’t, I stayed with my body pressed against his and enjoyed the light stroking of his hands on my ass, wriggling slightly beneath their ministrations and causing my pussy to rub sensuously against the bulge of his cock.

When I did finally pull free from the passionate kiss and take a half step back, it became immediately obvious to both of us that all that squirming around had done nothing for the security of the towel, because as soon as the embrace was loosened, the towel cascaded to the floor, leaving me totally naked. His eyes just about popped out of his head as they flew rapidly up and down my body, drinking in my still firm tits and my juicy pussy with its covering of bright red hair. I’d never had large breasts, but they were high and firm, almost like a teenager’s, and I was suddenly glad that I’d maintained an exercise schedule that had kept the rest of my body firm too, I knew I looked damn good, and I could see the confirmation of that in the glow of Jimmy’s eyes.

A part of my mind couldn’t believe this was happening, up to now Charles was the only man that had seen me completely naked, the only man that had stroked my naked ass, the only man that had kissed me so passionately, yet here I was with my own nephew acting like a total tart – and loving it! I glanced down between us and was again struck by the size of the bulge in Jimmy’s pants, and I knew I just had to know just what was causing it, so I dropped my hand down and cupped it over that bulge, and Jimmy almost jumped through the roof. I didn’t pull back, I stared him straight in the eyes as my hands slowly and sensuously rubbed his swollen cock through his trousers, then I grinned at him and said, “That feels terribly uncomfortable all locked up like that, why don’t we set it free”, and my hands moved to the top of his zipper and started to ease it down.

He half gasped and half groaned as I opened the zip completely then slid my hand inside and eased his stiff and swollen cock from his boxers, but it was me who gasped loudest when his rampant cock popped into full view, he was massive! Of course, I was no cock expert, as my friends would agree, I only had Charles as a living reference and he was much bigger than Charles, and of course I’d occasionally peeked at some of the magazines my friends had and had seen some naked men in there and he looked bigger than them too. I just stood and gazed in awe at this incredibly long, thick, beautiful succulent cock, and I knew I was going to have it, I knew I was going to take that cock into my mouth and suck it dry, take it into my churning pussy and suck it dry.

My god, what was happening to me, I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I quickly urged the rest of Jimmy’s clothes off until he was standing there as naked as me, and as obviously aroused and horny as me, and I took that gorgeous cock into my hand and began to stroke it, “Oh aunty Rachel” he moaned, and a shudder went through his body. I dropped to my knees and brushed my lips across his cock head and watched another shudder course through his body, then I ran my tongue the length of his cock to his heavy balls and back again, before cupping his balls in my hand and gently squeezing them. Mmmmm tasted so nice. Took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to run my tongue around and around it before sliding more of his thick stem into my mouth. Charles had always loved being sucked off, so I knew I was very good at it, and I was determined to make this very special for Jimmy, especially when the reward for me was to have this magnificent cock deep inside my pussy.

Being young and inexperienced meant a certain lack of control on Jimmy’s part, and I was well aware of that, so I made that first cock sucking as slow and long as I could, but eventually he couldn’t contain himself any longer and with a strangled roar he shot his load deep into my mouth. I thought I was going to drown for a moment as gallons and gallons of his gorgeous, hot, tasty cum juice poured into my mouth, but I managed to suck and swallow most of it, and I loved every moment, every morsel.

Jimmy collapsed into a chair as the final faint spurt of cum slipped between my lips and I knelt there looking hotly at him. “Wow, auntie Rachel, that was incredible, I’ve never..”

I felt a new flush of excitement burst inside me, this couldn’t be true, I wasn’t going to be his first, was I? I allowed my eyes to widen a little, “You mean you’ve never had your cock sucked before?” I asked, he shook his head, “Never been with a woman at all before?” I asked, again he shook his head. I couldn’t believe it, an 18 year old virgin in this day and age. I reached out and stroked his half erect cock, “And would you like to be with Aunty Rachel, I mean in every way?” I asked in the hottest, horniest voice I could muster, and I watched the shudder wrack his body.

“Oh yes, aunty Rachel, I’d love that, I’d really love that, I’ve always wanted you, you’re so beautiful and so sexy” he blurted out, and I had to smother a laugh at his obvious sincerity and enthusiasm.

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