Bachelor Party Vengeance

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My husband Rafiq was delighted that his friend Aftab was finally getting married. After many years in school, both in Pakistan and the US, and then being together in business in the Emirates, they were brothers in thought. Their usual gang, comprising Andy, Hemant, Robert and Phil was in the process of putting together a nice bachelor party at Hemant’s house. Rafiq was quite open on some details with me, and confessed that they were going to hire strippers for Aftab’s benefit. I was not that much of a spring chicken to imagine they would be reading literary classics at such an event! He asked me to trust that he would keep his hands off them and nothing would happen. I wasn’t so sure about his friends but trusted Rafiq and agreed to let him go.

I discovered their full plan by accident, or maybe due to karma, through Hemant’s girlfriend Karen, who had come across an email detailing their intent. The group planned to go out for happy hour and hit a few bars getting Aftab drunk, then to a strip club before heading back to Hemant’s apartment where other strippers would show up. I wondered why they would hire strippers to go to Hemant’s apartment, why not just stay at the strip joint? That’s when Karen told me that knowing those guys they had hired the stripper to fuck Aftab, and maybe the others too. I was shocked at the thought and wanted to tell Rafiq’s he couldn’t go but Karen had an idea to ruin their plans and test my husband’s and her boyfriend’s honesty at the same time. After listening to the plan out I decided to go along with it.

The night before the bachelor party, we put our plan in motion, hoping to give Rafiq a big surprise. Karen had found the contact details for the strippers and we called them to cancel, on account of a sudden death in the family and delay in the wedding. We then called Hemant and confirmed that strippers named Julia and Xenia would be coming at the appointed time.

I guess I should take a moment and tell you a little about myself. My name is Zeenat. I am in my mid-twenties, with dark brown hair and black eyes. I have mid-sized breasts, a thin waist, tight round ass and nice legs. Guys constantly hit on me and I admit I liked the attention and flirted even though I had been married for a couple of years. Though Pakistani by birth, I easily passed as Southern European or Latin, since I was fluent in Spanish and Italian from my many years abroad in Europe. Karen was half Indian and half Canadian, and a beauty in her own right.

We showed up at Hemant’s apartment just past midnight, posing as the strippers. I wore a wavy blonde wig with shades even though it was night time. I had put on a lot of make-up, much more than usual. To add to the disguise, I added greenish blue contact lenses. I was dressed in a sexy black miniskirt, see through top and high heels. I figured I would be able to fool Rafiq’s friends easily since they had only met me a few times, and never in this state of dress, but I feared that Rafiq would realize it was me pretty quickly. Karen was dolled up in a tiger patterned dress, which had deep slits on either side, and with stilettos to match. She looked nothing like her usual self, but still brutally gorgeous.

Our plan was to remove our outer wear. However, when we were in our lingerie, I would get down on my knees in front of Rafiq, while Karen did the same to Hemant. We would undo their pants, pull out their cocks and tell him they were going to get a blowjob. We figured that if things got that far and they went along, we would pull off our wigs and bust them! We wouldn’t leave our guys, but there certainly would be hell to pay for their lies and deception.

Hemant let us in and commented how hot we looked. He led us into the main lounge, his hands caressing our bottoms and causing all my cheeks to redden. The rest of the guys were sitting around, drinking and were extremely pleased to see us there. Rafiq was propped up in an armchair and looked wasted. I felt more comfortable that he would not recognize me so easily. Karen probably came to the same conclusion about Hemant who took a deep swig from a bottle of bourbon.

They were all horny and drunk and were eager for us to start stripping right away. I was nervous, but started to dance for them once they turned on the music. Karen was less inhibited and also had better moves. I danced as sexily as I could, grinding my hips and touching my breasts. Karen circled behind me and began to rub my tits and legs. Slowly, she grabbed the hem of my dress, lifted it over my head, and let it fall to the ground. I was actually enjoying my striptease and I was very turned on stripping in front of Rafiq and his friends without them knowing it was me.

I took Karen in my arms and as we swayed, I slid her dress straps to the side. I went to my knees, lowering her dress in the process. Karen daintily stepped out of her garment and resumed dancing and touching me. The guys were alternatively silent with lust and yelling with gusto as we put on our show.

We casino siteleri started getting more into it and I put my leg on Aftab’s chair, allowing him to touch and kiss it. Then I went over to Robert and repeated the move with my other leg. Karen had meanwhile taken Rafiq’s face in her hands and buried it in her boobs. Andy came over and gave me a slap on the ass, which caught me by surprise. I ordered him to his seat, where Karen let him caress her leg.

They were telling us to strip as we continued to dance. Phillip moved behind me and Andy to my front. They sandwiched and began grinding into me as we now danced together. Karen was also being doubled up by Aftab and Robert. As I enjoyed the sensation of being caressed by two horny males, Phil unlatched my bra and Andy quickly removed it. I was startled and didn’t know how to react as the spectators including Rafiq cheered. Both started fondling my tits and before I could react Phil turned my head around began to kiss me while tossing my shades off. Andy at the same time began to suck on my tits. I felt Phil’s hard cock pressed against my ass and I was very turned on, but when I noted someone’s hands slide into my panties and begin to rub my pussy I stopped them. Meanwhile Karen was in a similar sort of situation with her two fans.

The only thing I could think to say was that we wanted to suck someone’s cock now and that they should all sit down. The guys obliged but not before my panties were around my ankles, as were Karen’s. I was embarrassed that I was naked in front of Rafiq’s friends even if they didn’t know it was me. I stepped out of my panties and headed over to Rafiq naked. I tried to look cool and sexy but was a little flustered by what just happened.

As I approached Rafiq I thought he’d realize it was me, but he was too drunk. I knelt down between his legs and unbuttoned his pants. I didn’t look up at him because I didn’t want to make eye contact. I pulled out his semi-hard cock and to my disappointment he didn’t stop me. As I stroked his cock it quickly got very hard and I thought that it was time to bust him. Yet I was stark naked and had just allowed his friends to fondle me. If I busted Rafiq now they would all know it was us. Karen had also pulled Hemant’s dick out and was clearly waiting for some sort of signal from me. Our agreed upon code word, “cricket,” did not even come to my mind!

As I reasoned whether or not to bust Rafiq or to suck his cock, I felt my ass being lifted and my pussy being penetrated! I had no clue who was behind me, but he had his hands on my hips and his cock burrowing into my cunt. The cock felt a bit smaller than Rafiq’s, but I still let out a moan as it felt good sliding inside me. Rafiq put his hands on my head and lowered it to his cock. I opened my mouth and started sucking on it as my pussy got fucked. Looking out of the side of my eyes, I noted that Karen was on all fours, with Hemant’s cock in her mouth and Phil pounding her from behind. With no signal from me, she probably had to go along with the show, or maybe she was actually enjoying the episode also. I was both scared of what may happen if they realized who we were and also very aroused by the thought of being on show for everyone to share the delights.

Aftab shouted encouragement to the performers, and Robert began fucking me deep and fast. My pussy was so wet and I was really enjoying it. I couldn’t believe I was sucking Rafiq’s cock as of one his friends fucked me while the others watched or skewered Karen and cheered. I loved having a cock in each end of me! At this point I was terrified I’d get caught, but there was no going back now. Robert began to cum and I was thankful that he had the good sense to wear a condom. I noticed a few brightly colored boxes on the side table and realized that they had no intentions of having unprotected sex with the “strippers”. Phil was also reaching climax with Karen, who was giving Hemant a worthy blow job.

Robert backed off after coming, but my ass was grabbed by the groom to be and another hard cock immediately slid into my pussy. Aftab was now fucking me very hard. Robert had me on the verge of an orgasm and Aftab put me over the top! Right before I knew I was about to cum I stopped sucking Rafiq’s cock and placed my hands on his thighs and hung my head between his legs. I braced myself, trying to resist the orgasm, but to no avail. My body was overwhelmed by the intensity of a huge wave. It was obvious to them all I was cumming. My cunt clamped down on Aftab’s cock the spasms causing him to lose it. Rafiq had probably had too much alcohol and was slow to reach orgasm. Mercifully, he blasted into my mouth soon as I restarted my ministrations after being sent over the moon by Aftab. I collapsed in front of the sofa, while Rafiq ran his fingers through my wig.

Hemant had shot a load deep into Karen’s mouth and she had swallowed most of the juice. Phil had slowed his tempo, and was fondling her tits from behind. Jokingly she pinched slot oyna the underside of his dick, making him jerk and come. Phil disengaged with a friendly slap to her rump. Andy now turned her over, spread her legs and mounted her furiously. Since he had been watching for a while, he was quite excited and shot off much too soon for his liking. He decided, however, to stay on top of and in Karen while sucking her tits and deep kissing her.

Rafiq was still fondling my hair. Andy asked Rafiq if he wanted to fuck me now but he responded, “Go ahead you fuck her now, but at least take some time to enjoy yourself,” he joked after Andy’s quickie with Karen. If Rafiq only knew he was giving his wife to his friend to fuck! Andy sat down in an armchair and positioned me so that his cock entered me from behind. He began to rock me and I soon started to move with the motion he desired. Hemant sat in front of us and began to fondle my breasts. Andy heeded Rafiq’s suggestion and took a while coming, I enjoyed the ride immensely. It was a downer, when he finally removed his rod and, being the gentleman allowed me to sit in the armchair while he fetched a drink.

Karen was now perched in Rafiq’s lap, with his cock buried in her pussy. We were both confused as to how the state of affairs had panned out. But neither one could say anything now. “C’est la vie,” was all our looks could convey to each other. Getting my friend fucked by my husband was a bigger turn on than I could imagine, and I did not feel too bad when Rafiq came mightily. Karen stayed on him for a while until his member retracted from her vagina.

Hemant got on his knees in front of me, laid me back, inserted his fingers in my pussy and slowly pushed all the way in. I wasn’t completely recovered from my last orgasm yet after a couple of minutes I felt myself building towards another big one. Hemant squeezed my tits as he finger fucked me and the others watching were commenting what a great body I had. I had an amazing orgasm that lasted a very long time! When it finally subsided I was completely drained, but Hemant still fingered me for a few more minutes. Withdrawing his dripping hand, he had me lick the fluids off. He whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you in my bed,” and gave me a deep kiss.

Robert had decided to give Karen a change of pace. He bent her over the armchair and penetrated her rectum. Although he had greased his penis, the invasion hurt her and she let out a short scream. This encouraged Robert more and he rammed his advantage home. Karen was impaled at the end of his rod, but soon began to enjoy the sensations.

Although I was spent at this point, Phil was next up. He came up behind me and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. I felt a burning sensation as my anus was stretched around his cock. The pain was intense yet I enjoyed the violation. Phil announced how tight my asshole felt and I felt his hard cock begin to pulsate as he jetted deep inside. He had not worn a condom and his cum dribbled all over my backside. When Phil removed his cock my asshole quickly shrunk back to its original size and felt relieved of the invasive pressure.

Aftab was now fucking Karen’s cunt and she was scratching his back leaving visible scars. He would have a hard time explaining those to his soon to be wife. After bucking and ramming, he pulled out of her, removed his condom and shot his cum over her breasts. Karen took his cock in her mouth and licked him off, sending him to heaven. His future bride would certainly have high expectations to live up to.

Hemant and Phil encouraged Rafiq to fuck me in the ass. He had been slowly stroking his cock while watching his friends fuck us. As Rafiq got behind me and pushed his cock in my asshole I was so disappointed he was willing to cheat on me. It was also very ironic that Rafiq was fucking my ass because he had always asked to do that to me and I had put him off till now as I did not want him to think of me as a slut. He didn’t hold back either and pounded my ass hard! The other guy’s marveled at how intensely Rafiq was fucking me and that I was taking it like a trooper. I really felt like I was being torn and was clearly moaning in agony now, but he did not miss a beat. Rafiq blew his load and pulled out of my ass, leaving me breathless.

Both Karen and I were given a few minutes of respite, while the guys secured refreshments. But this was short lived as the doorbell rang and Hemant let in two other guys, who were apparently the brothers of the bride to be. “Guys,” Hemant indicated towards Karen, “please enjoy.”

Then holding me by the hand, he announced, “I am taking right of the house lord and repairing with this lady to my chambers.” The other guys protested, but he guided me into his bedroom. Hemant was the only guy who hadn’t fucked me yet. I was pleasantly surprised to see up close the biggest cock of all the guys. It was huge! Maybe 10 inches long and very thick! Even though I was exhausted from being fucked the last two canlı casino siteleri hours straight I was curious to be tormented by such a big cock. I only wish they started me off with Hemant because my pussy was so worn out and tender that I knew it was going to hurt.

Hemant had me suck and lick his huge cock for a few minutes before he started fucking me. As I was giving him the blowjob he wanted I stopped and just had to tell him out loud and in amazement how huge his cock was. I could tell from his reaction he had heard that from many girls but could also sense he liked hearing it. Sucking his massive cock got me very horny and when he gave me the orders to climb on top of his fat cock I eagerly obeyed! He grabbed me at the waist and slowly lowered me onto his prick. My tender pussy never felt so filled and we had to work a bit to get the dick all in! My cunt was being stretched out so much to accommodate his large cock. I couldn’t help but moan and even though I was sore I loved having Hemant in my cunt! After I rode him for a bit, he turned me over and getting on top, began to thrust with passion. Just then I panicked, having realized he was not wearing a condom! But that was exactly what he wanted and Hemant pulled out and sprayed my face and body with his semen. He picked up a towel and wiped me off, while kissing my tits and mouth.

“Do you want to see what is happening outside?” he asked. I shook my head in agreement and he turned on the big screen TV in the room. I could see Karen being held aloft by one of the brothers as his dick pounded her cunt. Meanwhile the other brother had his cock up her ass. The rest of the crowd were watching and cheering encouragement. Both guys came and Karen let out a shrill scream. Disengaging, they laid her on the sofa to rest, and then high fived each other. Karen was clearly spent, or so I thought. However, I was horrified Hemant had a camera out front and was recording a tape which would be seen many times and someone may recognize Karen or me.

Hemant turned me around and tried to force his giant member into my asshole. I yelped in pain and he gave up after realizing that he would rip my backside if he persisted. Tears welled up in my eyes and he took me in his arms and comforted me. “Its okay,” he said, “lets go meet the others.”

Everyone clapped as we came back and the two brothers decided that they wanted to fuck me. Once again they performed their tandem act, this time with me in between. With all the fucking I had already endured, I went through the motions, though the brothers definitely got their money’s worth. They finally let me down, grimy, sticky and exhausted.

Karen was already in a state of near coma, though even this had not stopped a couple of the guys from giving her a quick one as she lay in a daze, and I figured the party could go on no longer. I told the guys we had to leave. I excused myself to the bathroom adjacent to Hemant’s bedroom, dragging Karen along. I was shaking as I cleaned up and couldn’t believe what I had just done. The only good thing was I did not think any of them knew it was me, but it also upset me very much that Rafiq was willing to cheat! I thought how I could possibly be mad at him when I had just fucked so many of his friends. How could I ever face any of them again, especially since I enjoyed fucking them so much? Damn Hemant was so huge I would probably get wet every time I saw him! We got dressed and just wanted to leave as quickly as possible! While leaving the bedroom, I had the presence of mind to locate the VCR and swipe the tape, replacing it with another cassette.

When we were ready to leave, Hemant handed me an envelope of money and told me how wonderful I was. I didn’t bother to count it and we just ran out of there as fast as we could. When I got home I found DH. 10,000 in the envelope, a pretty sizable amount!

The next day, Rafiq and I talked about Aftab’s bachelor party. He told me everything had gone well and people had enjoyed themselves. I wondered how he would react if he found out that his own wife had been the prime entertainment! I felt guilty about fucking his friends, but I reasoned to myself he would have cheated on me so this was what he deserved! Of course I was glad I did not get caught and had no intentions of telling anyone what had actually transpired at the party. Well at least Karen and I made good money for our trouble, even though we had lowered ourselves to the level of common whores. In all fairness, the bachelor party vengeance had backfired somewhat on us.

The wedding was a fancy affair and went nicely through the ceremony and reception. At one point, while I was alone and near the exit, Hemant approached and passed me a package to open in private. Wondering what it was, I went outside and I opened it to find a VCR tape. A message attached stated, “Zeenat, this is the real tape; thanks to Karen and you for a lovely evening; you forgot to remove your wedding ring, I noticed it while we were in the bedroom.”

“PS, no one else knows or will ever know; this will be our secret; I hope we can recreate the moment sometimes!” “Oh I do too, I do too”, I fantasized, as I ripped the tape out of the cassette and tossed it into the trash.

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