Barbara and Johnny Learn

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“You know, Mom? I like going out with Johnny but he keeps trying to get fresh with me. How should I handle him,” Barbara Baker asked her mother.

“How old is Johnny,” her mother asked.

“He’s my age, twenty years old.”

“What does he do,” her mother asked expecting Barbara to say something like, “He works in a super market.”

“He keeps trying to feel my breasts.”

Mother retained her composure and responded, “If I were twenty, like you, I would expect any twenty year old boyfriend to try to feel my breasts. If you like him, let him.”


“Mom, I let Johnny feel my breasts last night when we talked in the driveway. Do you know what he tried to do?”

“He tried to get under your blouse.”

“How do you know? Well, yes, he did and I let him. I let him unbutton my blouse and undo my bra, but then he wanted more.”

“I bet he tried to feel your stomach. He’s working his way down to your private parts.”

“How do you know? Was Daddy like that? Anyway, I slapped him and came in the house. What should I do about him?”

“If you want to let him get to your private parts, let him. If you don’t want to let him get there, come straight home and stop dating him. The poor boy is in agony. He doesn’t know it but his body is telling him to make you pregnant.”

“I don’t want to get pregnant now but I want to keep dating him. I want to stay a virgin until I marry. What can I do now to keep him?”

“There are several things you can do. The easiest thing to do is get him to jerk off. If he presses his stiff penis against you and tries to masturbate, let him, encourage him, praise him for doing it. You could give him a hand job. Do you know how to give him a hand job?

“Not really, Mom”

“A hand job is simple. You just take his dick in your hand and rub it back and forth, sometimes gently, sometimes, vigorously. Until he cums in your hands. casino siteleri Don’t worry. A handful of cum won’t hurt you.”

“And, what is a blow job?”

“You do the same thing only you do it with your mouth. Just be gentle on him. He will need that dick to knock you, or someone else, up some day. You know, it’s no big deal. With a blowjob, when he comes, he’ll want to come in your mouth. Let him. He’ll tell you, ‘Swallow it all, don’t lose a drop.’ Swallow it for him. A girl has to swallow a bucket of cum before she can become a grandmother. Once you or he gets the notion of a hand job or a blowjob, it all comes naturally.”

“Do you give Daddy blow jobs and hand jobs?”

“Your father really enjoys fucking me. He loves to fuck me in the ass. Sometimes I give him a hand job or a blowjob for a change of pace. Whatever you do, you have to have your man ejaculate to calm him down. Do you know what “ejaculate” means?”

“It means male him cum.”

“No matter how you handle him, after he comes, he’ll be calm for a while and you can control him, maybe”

“Mom! Do you and Daddy really do all those things?”

“Naturally, Daddy’s human. I wouldn’t want to marry a man who didn’t want to make physical love to me.”

“Did you enjoy doing all those things for Daddy?”

“Yes, I loved it. We still do it, just not so often. We enjoy each other.”

“Did you and Daddy actually do those things before you got married?”

“You were born three months after our wedding.”

“I’d like to let Johnny go further than feeling my boobs”

“Let him.”

“It’s uncomfortable in his truck.”

“I can fix that problem. I’ll tell Daddy about your problems and he will agree with me that you need privacy and comfort. I’ll get him to go to bed after the eleven o’clock news on nights when you are out with Johnny. You can invite Johnny in to watch a late movie and have the living room all to yourself. The rest is up slot oyna to you.”

“Oh, Mommy, you are a dear.”


After spending some time bowling and stopping for a soft drink and muffin, Johnny suggested they go parking down by the waterfront.

“Like I told you before, Johnny. I am uncomfortable making out with you in those bucket seats that you have in your truck. I want to go home.”

“But it’s early yet.”

“Yes, it is. We can play Monopoly in the kitchen or we can watch TV with my parents. They will go to bed early and we can “not-watch” a late movie.”

“And if your parents don’t go to bed early?””

“Then you won’t get to play with my boobs.”

Reluctantly, Johnny agreed to spend the evening watching TV with Barbara’s parents.

With a wink of her eye, Mrs. Baker suggested to her husband that they watch the ten o’clock news instead of the eleven o’clock news and go to bed early. He agreed. Promptly at ten thirty, the couple retired for the evening.

“There’s a musical on Channel Four,” Barbara suggested.

“There’s a war story on Channel Eleven,” Johnny said.

“Do you think you’ll watch it,” Barbara asked.

“I’m more likely to watch that than a musical.”

“We can watch your war story but there will be no kissing until it’s over,” Barbara said.

“We will watch your musical,” Johnny responded.

“They settled on watching the musical but they didn’t watch much of it. Before the opening credits were complete, the young couple were locked in a loving embrace.

“You’re wrinkling my blouse,” she whispered as he kissed and licked her ear. His hand was fondling her breast.

“I’ll help you take it off,” he said as he let go of her breast.

Barbara’s blouse landed on the wing back chair across the room.

“I’m having trouble undoing the last snap on you bra.”

Barbara reached back and unsnapped it for him. The bra landed on the canlı casino siteleri floor near the wing back chair.

He sucked a nipple as his hand reached under her skirt. She kissed him tenderly on the back of his neck.

“What color are your panties?”

“Look for yourself.”

“Oh, they’re yellow. I like yellow panties.”

“I think you would like any color panties if I showed them to you while I am wearing them.”

Johnny was too busy feeling Barbara’s crotch through her panties to respond. He leaned against her; she took the hint and lay back on the couch. He pressed his dick against her soft stomach and masturbated. He came in his pants. In a moment or two, he sat up and admired the beautiful girl lying before him.

Barbara closed her eyes. Her right hand slipped into her panties. She reached for her crotch. She pushed the gusset of her panties aside and started manipulating her clitoris. Completely fascinated, Johnny watched a sight he had never imagined before. Her hips began to move up and down. His penis snapped to attention. He unzipped his fly and took his penis out.

Barbara opened her eyes when she heard his zipper. She felt his refreshed hard-on knock on her door.

“Get rid of your trousers,” she said quietly.

Johnny fumbled only a little as he dropped his trousers to the floor. Although it was only the first time he had removed a girl’s underpants, he handled the problem like a pro.

Throughout, Barbara kept manipulating her clit with her right hand but now she reached with her left hand and guided Johnny’s hard on into her virgin vagina. She hadn’t ever been finger fucked yet.

“OOOWW,” she screamed as her hymen tore and Johnny’s withdrew his rapidly shriveling penis.

“Get back in, Johnny. Finish fucking me.”

Johnny quickly pumped his penis back to attention, never noticed the modest blood flow, inserted his penis, and deposited a load of cum deep in Barbara’s cervix..


“How did it go, last night,” Barbara’s mother asked.

Barbara looked lovingly at her mother, kissed her gently on the forehead, and said. “You’re a good teacher.”

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