Bathhouse Rush Routine

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Arriving a bit later than normal compared to my recent visits, it was obvious that a cool rainy Thursday spring day was an ideal reason to visit the baths. A reason shared by a nice variety of other men, including the slightly older and slightly heavier man that held the sauna’s entrance door open for me, as we arrived at the same time, though from different directions.

Being in a bit of a hurry, I undressed quickly, going to the counter to order a beer, putting my now heavier black bag on the bar.

Finishing the beer, fully enjoying the mixture of organic smoke and alcohol, I decided to go downstairs first. A couple of men were showering, and walking back, one person was sitting in a lounger at the corner of the whirlpool room, with no one in the water. The jets in the bench aren’t that bad, at least when sitting on one of the weaker ones. Which I did, picking a spot closer to the steps, that also happened to be a bit out of the camera angle.

After a minute or so, a man appeared at the edge of the entrance space, looking at the whirlpool, hesitating. Turning my head to look at him, I saw it was the same man that had entered the bathhouse ahead of me. He noticed my attention, taking off his towel, standing naked for a bit before walking up the steps. He sat directly across from the steps, his right hand in the water.

My foot brushed his briefly, floated away for a moment, and returned. Doing it a second time, his response was inviting enough to lead to my running my toes up his leg, along his inner thigh. He gasped when my toes began to touch his sack, pressing lightly as he played with himself in the bubbling water.

His fingers touched my foot, making me slide my hand down to my swelling cock as he placed my foot against his sexy stiffness, his moans growing louder while rubbing the sole up and down. I was stroking my hard cock when he moved closer abruptly, his hand reaching for my inner thigh, rapidly finding my rod.

He pulled himself closer, forcing me to straighten my leg so he could slide over, feeling his silky cock rub over my skin. The pumps faded, the whirlpool becoming merely a hot tub. He was staring down at my cock, his hand exploring my balls and between my legs as I kept stroking, already on the edge of orgasm, enjoying the speed ride of anonymous sex so easily found at a bathhouse.

Shifting, his hand began to rise along my shaft, my right hand beginning to play with his nipple, making him sigh. After several extended moments of mutual pleasure, with a couple of necessary pauses, he suggested I sit on the top level, so he could go down on me. A tempting proposition, except for the reality of the camera, plus not having a condom handy.

Distracting him easily by jacking his rigid cock, feeling the first quiverings of an approaching orgasm, I wondered just how far I would go. As it turned out, not very far at all. When the central fountain started up, I promptly disengaged, if not fast enough to avoid getting my face splashed. I was still hard when going up the jacuzzi steps, causing me to take a quick detour to the shower area to soap my cock.

I wasn’t the only one, either. Two other men were showering, one quite hard, the other soaping his balls and dick, looking at the other man, who was well built, likely in his early 30s. Being a bit time constrained, I soon dried off, heading to the sauna’s upper level.

Upstairs, I turned down the corridor towards the video area, passing the first video booth, a hot threesome on its screen, just starting to get horny with each other.

Surprisingly, the video feed was the same between the porn area and the private cabin, something that had never happened before.

Going into the larger booth, I spread out my towel, beginning to stroke while watching canlı bahis şirketleri a threesome get more explicit in their sexual games. Gay group sex is probably the porn that most reliably makes me hard, watching men with equally hard cocks get each other off. Especially two cocks being sucked together, or a man getting ass fucked and cock sucked at the same time, or hot nipple play.

The door stayed wide open as I began to play with myself, the black bag to the side. Already half hard, I heard approaching steps, my hopes rising. The sound stopped right before the entrance of the booth. However, the mirror at the end of the corridor provides a fine view to anyone inside or outside of the booth. Having already checked to ensure that I was well positioned, it was simple to turn my head a bit to see what was going on in the corridor.

Where a naked cock was being stroked through an opened towel, about as stiff as mine. I spread my right leg further out, pointing my held cock towards the mirror, a not so subtle sign of my horny awareness of a potential partner to watch some hot porn with. He took off his towel in then hallway, stroking himself quite openly before stepping in.

The combination of public and private certainly appealed to both us, as we kept getting harder jacking off. He took another step closer, positioning himself as I moved in response.

The door was still open when I reached out to touch his cock, recognizing him as the man from the whirlpool. He bent down to begin stroking my cock, his tongue touching my neck, his other hand running over my ear. He started to murmur about going down on him, a suggestion backed up with a touch of pressure on the back of my head.

Not being interested at the moment, I sat at edge of bed, pumping my cock after his hand began to glide over my chest. I tilted my head a bit, my tongue beginning to lick around his nipple. It was easy to distract both of us as my tongue and hands moved in the same rhythm, making his cock quiver, his moans growing louder.

His nipples were quite interesting, hard and sensitive, and when I began to suck at them, he couldn’t stop from talking about how good it felt. The door remained open, but no one went by. The screen was not visible, but it didn’t matter right now. Licking his nipples was making me hot, their rigid length being unique in my experience, almost like mini cocks. My tongue and lips couldn’t resist, as his breast began to get wet from all my oral attention.

Taking a break as he just stopped himself from cumming as I sucked his erect nipple, I spread the contents of my bag over the padded platform, the camera first, then the brown bottle of poppers, followed by a couple of condoms. I picked up the condoms, a clear signal of intent, and started opening the wrapper.

He threw his towel in the corner, obviously anticipating the next step in our games, as roles reversed, he being the turned on man having a willing cock sucker offering to go down on him. He was jacking off as I bent to put the condom over his rigid length, putting the latex over his cockhead, my lips following my fingers as it covered his erect length.

Sucking his horny cock, I rubbed his wet nipple, though in response to tweaking it a bit, he moaned ‘softer.’ After my mouth had almost reached the root of his cock several times, he said ‘wait,’ turning to close the door. His cock jutting out, he arranged his towel, then put a knee on the platform, which squeaked just a bit. I pushed the camera and rush bottle to the side.

Laying down, head at the corner, at an angle to the platform, his legs over the edge, his foot started rubbing along my leg. I went down on him again, glancing at the porn sometimes, though generally staying focused on sucking him. canlı kaçak iddaa Again, when I began to increase the pressure of my teeth and lips, he said to be softer, which was easy. Obviously, he was quite sensitive compared to the average I’ve experienced over the years. When he started to pump his hips to fuck my mouth, it was fantastic to let him determine the pace and pressure.

My left hand played with his balls, making him squirm and twist in delight as I kept the condom taut over his length. And again, there came a point where he asked me to be softer, his cock rigid in my mouth. We continued for a while, but he reached a limit, my skill at keeping him dancing along the edge of orgasm waning a bit.

I lifted my head, saw the screen, and knew it was time to get hard again. He took off the condom, both of us shifting. I moved to the back corner, my back propped comfortably, the porn in direct view. I watched the threesome do a sandwich, watching to be any of the men on the screen, sucking, fucking, or being fucked. He draped my left leg over his body, sexy cock on display, his head at the edge of the platform. My right leg hung off the edge, floating.

The screen filled my vision as his hand touched my rod. He talked about ass fucking, likely prompted by the sight of the rush bottle, and how good it would feel. Considering how nicely sized his cock was, my decision was relatively easy to make, to the extent that there was any decision involved. Being fucked in the ass by a stranger at a bathhouse is simply too risky, a reality that has been true for most of my life.

On the other hand, his simple desire wasn’t exactly my concern, the porn scene becoming more erotic. I was entranced watching a hard covered cock fuck a man being sucked off, the man doing the sucking stroking his hard cock while the fucked man played with his nipple.

By now, I was in a perfect state to enjoy the day’s first hit of rush. Opening the bottle required most of my dwindling concentration. I took a big hit before offering the bottle in his direction. He shook his head ‘no,’ so I closed the bottle as the effects began to spread through my body.

Effects of unbelievable maleness, like in my youth first experiencing orgasms with a male friend. But now, jerking off with a man laying close, watching hot gay porn, dominated by the vision and reality of cock. The foreplay in the whirlpool certainly contributed to the intensity, adding a bathhouse level to what was happening to me. He had waited until I was done with the bottle before beginning to lightly stroke my thighs with one hand, the other one busy playing with his stiff rod, his face turned towards mine.

Looking straight at his gorgeously aroused cock, I wrapped a hand around my heavy cock, feeling a wave of pure horniness rise as my mind began to slow in some undefinable way, the pleasure growing throughout my body. I knew he was looking at my hard cock with the same satisfaction as I was watching his, neither capable of stopping. His hand began to glide over my sack, sliding downwards when I lifted and spread my legs, cock rigid as he began to press against my ass.

The rush continued to expand. Lifting my head to look at the threesome on the screen, two men were being sucked by the kneeling third, hands moving over each other’s chests, the two standing men kissing deeply. For the first time, it truly felt like what it could have been so many decades ago with my first jack off friend. Keeping my breath in, I could feel him bluntly pressing against my ass, a rhythm enhanced by his restrained strength. A real turn on, a style I had never encountered before, perfectly matching what the rush was doing to me, another reminder of why sex with men is so hot.

We were both stroking when I finally canlı kaçak bahis let out my breath in his direction, being carried along in a pure sexual haze, watching hot porn as a skilled stranger kept alternating between touching my ass and playing with my thighs and balls, each time coming closer to the base of my rigid shaft. ‘Oh yeah .. oh fuck yeah’ were just the first of a stream of dirty words that filled my mind. He clearly knew how deeply the effects were reaching, asking me what I wanted, creating a string of dirty words as he began to run his fingers over my shaft.

‘I love cock .. sexy hot cock .. oh yeah .. hard cock lover .. men are fucking hot sexy cock lover men so hot….’ He was fisting his shaft as my head turned to look at him, my attention wandering between his cock and his face, raptly focused on my crotch.

‘You like that? .. like cock? .. sexy .. hard .. cock stroking’ I heard, turning me on and making me wonder how much the rush was affecting him.

‘Fuck .. oh yeah .. cock is so sexy .. oh fuck yes .. hot cock .. touch it’ I moaned as his fingers rose higher, my eyes again turned to the screen, watching the threesome. The sensations were both overwhelming and disjointed, beyond any attempt of control, fantastically arousing. I leaned back a bit, opening my legs wider as his hand returned to my ass, giving him a broader view of my jutting cock. My left hand reached for his pointing length, just as I felt his touch, soft against taut skin.

Gasping in pure bliss when he touched just underneath the front of my glans, losing myself in the animal pleasure, holding a hot cock as my ass and cock were played with by a skilled man, watching the threesome on the screen fuck and suck.

At some point, the sensation underneath my cockhead intensified in an undefinable fashion. Looking down, I saw both his thumbs rubbing the front of my glans, another delightful discovery of male satisfaction. His expression reflected just how turned on he was, his eyes taking in my aroused state.

His pre-cum was performing its own magic, my circled left hand gliding along his rigid length and over his cockhead. His thumbs began to lightly press, leading to a rising orgasmic wave at the base of my balls, causing me to groan ‘stop.’ He ignored me, as my right hand went to the base of my cock, grasping tightly, stretching the skin to allow his touch to grow even more entrancing.

I began to cum, my clamped hand just enhancing the power of the semen pumping from my tight balls. I was jerking him off, both of us naked. Just like I used to be so often with my first jack off friend in the past, turned on by sexy cock. His hips kept moving in rhythm against my circled fingers as he felt me surrender to his talent. My semen welled out, creating another incredible sensation as his thumbs began to slide under my glans, lubricated by my own sexy juices.

Slowly, as orgasm subsided, he moved a hand to his own cock, and I could feel him spreading my cum along its silky length, experiencing just how slippery it was before dropping my hand down to his balls. Making him moan, stroking himself faster, hips moving again in a wonderfully animal pumping motion. I reached for his nipple with my right hand, having collected a bit of cum off my slowly shrinking cock before starting to touch his erect nipple with a delicate circling motion.

This time, I knew that remaining gentle was the key to getting him off, his groans growing louder in the enclosed space. His legs were spread as I pressed my hand against his sack, his hips bucking in time to his stroking, my hand held in place as he moved against it.

I could feel his orgasm approach, his sack tightening. My fingers on his nipple slowed down, stretching out the process. The first jet rose as he began to grunt loudly, a majestic orgasm that continued for an extended time, feeling each pulse at his balls as he kept growing louder, his hips rising and falling. Slowly, his pleasure reached its peak, then receded, his body splashed with cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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