Becky Visits Grandpa: Bizarre Twist

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Becky’s Visit with Grandpa Takes a Bizarre Twist

Becky always had a soft spot for her Grandpa Tony. Ever since she was a little girl, he spoiled her every chance he could, telling her that of all his grandchildren, she was his favorite. Grandma Betty died of cancer when Becky was only 4 so as she got older, Becky took it upon herself to visit with Grandpa often and keep him company.

He is a large, muscular old man. In contrast Becky is a very petite young woman.

Grandpa Tony was a star athlete in high school and college. He loved being active with his darling granddaughter Becky, hiking, playing badminton, tossing balls around and biking with her. Then two years ago Grandpa Tony fell and broke his hip, confining him to a wheelchair from that point on. He moved into a Senior Living apartment that was handicap accessible giving him all the freedom he needed to live alone. Fortunately his new apartment was only a few blocks away from her home, so Becky made sure to stop by and visit him every afternoon after school.

This afternoon in particular started out pretty much like any other – except for the fact that it was Becky’s 18th birthday! Becky let herself in to Grandpa Tony’s apartment (he had given her a key) and she found him parked in his usual spot in the living room by the bay window. Two other men, dressed in sweatsuits, also were there sitting on the sofa and drinking beer with Grandpa… two men Becky had never seen before.

“There’s my little birthday girl!” Grandpa says, as Becky strolls in. “Becky, this is Pete and Jack,” he said, pointing at the men. “They both are widowers. Turns out they just moved in to an apartment down the hall early this morning. So I invited them in to get to know each other, and we’ve been talking football and reminiscing about the old days.”

Becky smiles politely and says, “Hello”. Jack and Pete each say hello back, ogling at her as if they’ve never ever seen a pretty young woman before. Becky’s mini skirt got the attention of the two dirty old men. She stripped off her school jacket and tossed it on the table next to Grandpa Tony – revealing her small breasts nestled in a little bra under a tight, white, lace blouse.

Right away she felt a little uncomfortable, realizing these two men seemed to be undressing her with their eyes! Instinctively she brings her hands to her chest in an attempt to hide her small breasts from their view. Unaware his new found friends were thoroughly enjoying the red headed eye candy named Becky, Grandpa Tony just keeps talking and talking and talking. “Pete and Jack played football together at State College,” Grandpa went on to say. “And they’ve been best friends ever since. Jack is 77 years old, Pete 80. After losing their wives, they decided to save some of their Social Security and share an apartment.”

Becky moves away to the other side of the living room and sits in a chair facing all three men. Jack offered her a beer to celebrate her birthday, but she declined. “Oh go ahead, Becky.” Grandpa Tony says. “We’re all drinking, so join us! And besides, today you’re finally of legal age.” After the long walk from school on this hot summer day Becky was pretty thirsty, so she did what her Grandpa told her to do and took the beer from Jack, first sipping then gulping it down to quench her dry mouth. Seeing her finish that so quickly Pete gets up and hands her a second one, and she chugged that down. It did taste good, cold and bubbly and tingling illegal bahis all down her throat.

Becky was feeling pretty buzzed after yet another beer, finally feeling a bit more relaxed. Leaning back in the chair, she unknowingly spreads her legs apart just a bit, giving Pete and Jack a peek at her tight white cotton panties.

As Grandpa Tony goes on and on telling Pete and Jack all about Becky and boasting about how good his favorite granddaughter has been for him, Becky suddenly realizes both the old geezers are staring directly at her crotch! She looks over at Grandpa Tony and ever so slowly brings her knees together so as not to draw attention to herself.

Becky quickly glances back at Pete and Jack and her eyes stop when she sees each man has a large bulge in front of their sweatpants! She looked directly into Pete’s eyes, then back down to his crotch. Her jaw drops, fixating on what she could only imagine to be a raging hard on (leading a rather sheltered life, Becky has never actually seen a man’s cock for real).

Pete took this as his cue. He stands up and saunters over to Becky. “My oh my,” Pete says, licking his lips, “Such a pretty little thing!” He runs his fingers through Becky’s curly, red hair. “I’ll bet that little pussy of yours is covered by fiery red hair, too, huh sweetie?”

Becky is shocked! She makes a move in an attempt to get up from the chair but Pete uses both hands to hold her down.

“Shit! Hey, Pete!” Tony yells, “What the fuck are you doing, man? For crisake, she’s my fucking granddaughter! Go find an old cunt your age and leave her alone!” Becky froze. She had never heard Grandpa use that kind of language, so she knew he must be been fuming mad at what Pete said.

“Grandpa?” Becky shouts, “What’s going on?” Jack is just sitting back laughing.

“Oh, my dear,” Pete mumbles, you’ll soon find out!” Out of nowhere he pulls a pocket knife. And just that quickly he has Becky’s legs spread apart and lifting up her skirt!

“FUCK YOU, PETER!!” Tony screams. “You’re fucking crazy, you fucking asshole!! Leave Becky the fuck alone, man!! She’s almost 60 years younger than you, you fucker!!”

Pete runs the blade of his knife up Becky’s creamy white thigh and under her panties. With one quick move he’s sliced off her panties, exposing her bright red mound of hair. “Mmmm, nice!” Pete exclaims.

Becky squirms under Pete’s firm grip, unable to break away, she screams, “Grandpa, HELP me! Grandpa!!”

Grandpa Tony’s voice suddenly change from demanding to pleading. “Come on, man. Please! Leave her alone! Please?! PLEASE!!?? I beg you!! He turns to Jack and says, “Jack, do something, please, Jack??”

Jack stands and from his gym bag sitting by his feet he pulls out a roll of duct tape. “Sure thing, old man,” Jack says laughing. “I’ll do something! I’ll do something about your protests and pleas!” He goes over to Tony, rips off a large piece of tape and places it over Tony’s mouth.

“There,” Jack says, “Ha! I DID something.” Jack rips off two larger pieces of tape and secures Tony’s arms to the sides of the wheelchair. “I’ve listened to you yak it up all day, guy,” Jack says, “and you screaming and yelling was the last straw!”

“Now,” Jack continued, “Just sit there and watch. I think my buddy Pete and I are going to have some fun with this little tease, and lucky you, Tony. You get a front row seat to see all the action!”

Pete lets out a big laugh. illegal bahis siteleri “Cool, Jack,” he says. “Yeah, Tony. Bet you never dreamed the day would come when your darling little Becky would be fucked right in front of your sorry old eyes!”

“OH GOD!! PLEASE, MISTER, STOP!” Becky screams. “Please, NO! I’ve never been with a guy! I’m, I’m, I’m a virgin!!”

Terrified, Becky won’t stop screaming, ranting and going on and on about being a virgin and telling the men to please let her go. She begs Pete not to rape her but that only makes him mad. Jack tosses the roll of tape to Pete, who stuffs her cut up panties in her mouth and covers it with duct tape.

Now the only sounds in the room are muffled screams from Becky and her Grandpa, and the two filthy old men laughing.

Jack already has stripped out of his sweatsuit, standing there in middle of the living room naked. His skinny, wrinkled old body clearly showing 77 years of age, his old but very large cock standing straight out at attention.

Pete yanks down Becky’s skirt and pulls it off. He slides his knife up under her blouse, slowly cutting off each of the twelve tiny gold buttons. He opens her blouse and slips the knife under her 32A bra, cuts it apart and pulls off the blouse and bra to expose her small, perky tits as her body trembles.

Becky is now stark naked, as is Jack. Pete cups her sweet little titties while Jack positions himself between her legs and jambs his cock into her virgin pussy, brutally penetrating her. Becky tries desperately to scream but can’t.

As Jack savagely fucks Becky, Pete strips naked and dangles his hard cock in front of her face. Ripping off the tape and pulling her panties from her mouth he orders her, “Suck it, bitch!”

All Tony can do is watch helplessly as his granddaughter gets two holes violated at the same time by these two horny old men.

“What a tight cunt!” Jack says. “Yeah, baby! Take all of ol’ Jack’s prick!” Not caring about whether or not she gets pregnant, Jack shoots his load deep inside Becky’s womb just as Pete cums down Becky’s throat. She’s swallowing sperm and sobbing uncontrollably at the same time.

Jack climbs off the teenager and glances over to see the look of sheer anger in Tony’s eyes. “Don’t worry, bud,” Jack says laughing. “You’ll get your turn!” With that he moves over to Tony, unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. With Pete now laughing, too, Jack reaches into Tony’s open pants, under his underwear and grabs his penis! It’s little, but it’s rock hard. Pulling it out he turns to Pete and says, “Looky here, Pete… looks like Grandpa Tony is enjoying watching his sweet little Becky get fucked!”

Jack tugs at her Grandpa’s pants and is finally able to get them down around his ankles and then off. Grabbing the waistband of Tony’s underwear, Jack tugs those off, too. Naked from the waist down, Tony tries to kick Jack but Jack jumps out of the way.

“Stupid move, Tony,” Jack says. “Why I have half a mind to pull you out of that wheelchair, drop you face down on the floor and fuck that old ass of yours, man. I’m not into fucking men but do something stupid like that again and I just may make you an exception to my rule!” Tony knew Jack wasn’t bluffing, so he stopped struggling. The LAST thing he wants is to be fucked up the ass by another guy in front of Becky!

Jack wraps his hand around Tony’s small cock and starts stroking it, taking the time to get canlı bahis siteleri it nice a stiff, and says, “Let’s see if his granddaughter likes her Granddad’s cock better than yours, Pete!”

Pete shoves Becky over towards Tony and kneels her in front of his wheelchair. “Go ahead, honey. Suck Grandpa just like you sucked me!” he says. Becky tries to resist and pull away, mortified at the thought of putting her Grandfather’s penis in her mouth, but Pete forces her head to Tony’s lap. “Bitch! SUCK it!!” he shouts.

And with that, Becky lowers her mouth onto her Grandpa’s cock. Tony is humiliated beyond belief, yet his old cock remains hard as a rock. Jack is loving it!

“I’ll bet the little bitch has a tight, virgin ass, too, Pete!” Jack says.

Pete takes the suggestion, kneels behind Becky and without hesitation rams his sopping wet cock into her tight, virgin asshole. It hurts so much Becky almost bites her Grandpa’s cock! “Oh yeah, Jack!” Pete says, “You’re right, it is fucking tight!”

Pete fucks her ass mercilessly as Becky’s head bobs up and down in Tony’s lap. Grandpa Tony can’t help but cum, shooting his load down his granddaughter’s throat just as Pete dumps his load of hot sperm deep inside her bowels.

Pete spins Becky around and tosses her down on the floor. “After it being up your ass you need to lick my cock clean, bitch,” Pete says. Becky can no longer resist, giving in to his orders she wraps her lips around Pete’s wrinkly old soft cock and sucks her anal juices from it.

“Good bitch,” Pete says.

For the rest of the afternoon, hour after excruciating hour for Becky, Jack and Pete take turns fucking her mouth, her ass and her pussy – all while Grandpa Tony can do nothing but sit there and watch, powerless to do anything to help her.

When they have had enough of her, Jack & Pete simply dress and go, leaving naked Becky passed out on the floor, their sperm dripping from her mouth, her cunt and her asshole.

Becky wakes up and climbs naked into her Grandpa’s naked lap. “Hold me, Grandpa,” she whimpers, tears running down her face. Their lips meet and she gently kisses him. Becky wraps her arms around her Grandpa, and the kissing suddenly gets more intense. Grandpa’s showing his pleasure as his cock gets hard again.

Without hesitating Becky lowers her wet, burning cunt down onto his little cock and begins to ride it, slowly at first and then gaining momentum. Their lips still locked in a passionate kiss, Becky rides her Grandpa’s erect member, and just like that these two are fucking like there’s no tomorrow!

“OH MY GOD, YES! YES!!” Grandpa cries out as Becky’s tight cunt milks every last drop of sperm from his throbbing dick.

“I love you, Grandpa!!” Becky shouts.

“I love you, too, honey!” Grandpa Tony replies.

The stay locked together for as long as Grandpa’s erection lasts, until he finally goes soft and slips out of his granddaughter’s vagina.

“Forget those two guys, Becky,” Grandpa Tony says. “As far as I’m concerned it was I, your dear old Grandfather, that has taken your virginity, OK?”

Becky whispers in his ear, “Yes, Grandpa. It was you. I love you!”

Becky falls asleep in his lap.

Their grandfather/granddaughter relationship has changed forever now. The thoughts of what those bad men did have almost vanished from her memory banks. All Becky wants is her Grandpa… to hold her, to love her and of course, to fuck her every single day she comes to visit.

But if there was any doubt that one of these three old men were successful in impregnating Becky, sure enough nine months later she gave birth to a handsome baby boy. She named him “Anthony Peter Jack”.

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