Becoming Daddy’s

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I was so happy as I ran down the stairs, knowing I wouldn’t have to walk in the doors of my former high school. I was an official graduate. No more homework or tests or even early mornings. It was pure freedom. Well until college started of course, but I had the summer to party it up with friends and maybe even find myself a boyfriend to lose the good ‘ol V-card to.

I walked into the kitchen, smile on my face, and seen my father sitting at the table reading the newspaper. My father was a great looking man for his age. At 42, he was in great shape and had nearly no grey on his head. I always admired him for raising me alone since my mother died when I was a baby. Never once did I see him even go on a date. I was always curious as to why that was, but I never thought I was in any position to ask. So I didn’t.

“Good morning little girl.” My father said, as he put his paper down and turned to look at me. I chuckled softly at his nick name for me. “Daddy you know I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m 18 and just graduated high school.” I said, walking to him and sitting on his lap. I leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“Oh, you’ll always be my little girl, Sadi. That will never change no matter how old you get. I also have something to talk to you about and it’s pretty serious.” I frowned as his voice became that stern serious tone I’ve heard him use a few times throughout my 18 years, but nodded my head.

He cleared his throat and turned me so I was straddling him, one leg on either side of his thighs. I almost blushed at this, but didn’t dare. “Sadi, you’re 18, an adult. You’ve just graduated high school, which I am extremely proud of you for. It’s time you know what is to be expected of you from this moment forward. I know you have this idea that this will be a party summer with your friends and then you’ll be off to college in the Fall. This however is not the case.”

My mouth dropped open and I was about to start telling him off, but was stopped when he put a finger to my lips and continued on.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have never had a female around since your mother. That’s because you were mine. You have always been mine Sadi, whether you like it or not. You will be my submissive, my lover, my everything. Even the mother of our child.” I had tears in my eye’s at this point. How fucked up was this situation? My own father, the one meant to protect me and love me, wanted me to be his lover and have his fucking kid.

I started to move my legs off of him so I could run upstairs illegal bahis and lock myself in my room, but he grabbed me before I could get fully off and held me tight to his body. He pushed me even closer until I felt the hard bulge in his pants.

“No, little girl, you aren’t going anywhere.” He breathed out into my neck. I then felt his warm wet tongue as it moved the length from my ear to my collar bone. I was only in a thin cami and sleep shorts. I squirmed more as I struggled against him, trying my hardest to escape his clutches, but it was no use. My daddy was so much stronger then I was.

The tears were free falling no as I cried silently. Even though I hated my father’s mouth on my neck, my nipple’s still puckered to the point of hurting.

“Daddy please don’t do this, I’m your daughter!” I exclaimed, crying harder. He let out a deep sigh and placed a hand on both sides of my face, using his thumbs to wipe my tears. “Don’t cry sweet baby, everything will be perfect. You’re ready now. I gave you time, even though I didn’t want to, but now enough is enough. You will be everything I want you to be and you will be listen to my every word. I don’t want any bull shit or you will be punished.” He finished.

With that, he stood up, moving his hands to my ass and carried me up the stairs into his bedroom. He placed me softly on the bed as I cried and shook slightly, afraid of what was going to happen. He walked to the dresser, opened it, and took out what looked like a dog collar.

He walked to me and sat on the bed. “Sit up.” Daddy commanded and I sit what he said. I didn’t want to be punished. “This is your collar baby. Once I put it on your neck, I will lock it in place and only I will have the key to take it off.” He said softly as he leaned in, putting the collar on, snapping it into place. He retrieved a small padlock out of his pocket and latched it on. I heard the ‘click’ noise and knew I was stuck.

He smiled lovingly at me and took my hands into his. “Stand up little girl and let me see you.” I did as he said and used his arms to help myself stand on the floor besides the bed. I stood in front of daddy and I saw his eyes darken as his stare was trained on me.

“Take off those little jammies baby. I want you naked.” I swallowed loudly, grasping the hem of my cami, lifting it over my head. My breasts were a 36 C cup, perfect size in my eye’s and apparently daddy’s too. My nipples hardened as soon as the air touched them, causing me to shiver slightly.

Tossing illegal bahis siteleri my cami on the floor, I hooked my fingers in the top of my shorts and slid them down my hips until they slide to the floor. I didn’t have panties on because I never wore them to bed. I used my foot the kick the clothes away and stood there in front of my daddy naked as the day I was born.

“Mmmm, little girl, you are beyond delectable. You shave your pretty little pussy too, good girl.” He rasped out. His hands went to my hips, holding me still as they worked their way up over my flat stomach to the bottoms of my breasts. My breathing started to get heavy as his hands continued to move.

“…and these tits. Best fucking tit’s I have ever seen and on my own little girl. I knew you were meant for me.” He whispered, cupping my breasts, using his thumps to rub my hard nipples. I bit my lip, holding in my moan of pleasure at the action. He leaned forward and wrapped his lips around my right nipple, sucking a bit, then moved on to its twin.

Once finished he squeezed my breasts and told me to lie down on the bed. I did.

“When was your last period little one?” He asked me while stroking my tummy.

“Almost 3 weeks ago daddy.” I said on a whisper, not really wanting to share the information. He smiled and seemed pleased and I frowned a bit.

“Your fertile baby. I can’t wait to fill you with the seed that made you so we can have our own baby. I also can’t wait to see your tummy grow big and round and see your tit’s swell with milk.” He moaned out, opening my legs to him. He ran his fingers over my bald slit and I gasped out loud. It felt amazing, even if it was my daddy doing it.

“You’re wet little girl. Does that turn you on? Being your daddy’s pregnant little breeding slut? It makes Daddy’s cock so hard.” He stood up and started to remove his clothes. Once naked all I could do was stare at his cock. It was huge and thick. I was practically drooling over it.

Daddy laughed softly as he seen me looking. “My little one likes her Daddy’s big fat cock doesn’t she? Don’t worry baby, I’m going to put it inside your pussy.” He came back onto the bed, opening my legs as wide as they would go and began to lick up and down my slit, paying close attention to my clit.

I started to moan and squirm and he ate my pussy and I desperately wanted to cum in my daddy’s mouth. He slide a finger deep inside me and I groaned loudly, bucking my hips into his hand. He then slide in another and scissored canlı bahis siteleri them, stretching me and making me ready for him.

At this pointed I wanted him. I wanted my daddy’s cock in me and to fuck me long and hard to make me cum screaming. I wanted to give him my virginity and to cum deep inside me.

“Cum for Daddy baby, it will make my cock go inside this little pussy easier.” He said against my clit making me shake with my oncoming orgasm. He pumped my hole with his fingers a few more times as he wrapped his lips around my click and sucked. I exploded, screaming out for daddy and shaking hard. I bucked and wrapped my thighs tightly around daddy’s face while he continued his onslaught.

“Mmm baby your pussy juice taste’s so good, but now I’m going to fuck you and plant my seed in you. You ready baby?” He asked me as he positioned himself between my legs, his large cock at my entrance. I nodded for him. “I need the words.” He stressed, sounding like he was in pain.

“Yes daddy. Take my pussy.” He nodded and rubbed the cock head on my slit, making me twitch as it hit my clit. He got to my entrance and began to push in. I gasped as I stretched for him and he continued pushing in. Once he got to my hymen he told me to hold on and he slid out a bit and rammed in the rest of the way.

I screamed out in pain and he stayed embedded deep within my pussy. “Good girl baby, good girl. That’s it, now it will be good, breath baby.” He whispered to me, kissing my lips between words.

Within a minute the pain drifted away, leaving only great pleasure. “Please daddy!” I panted and he smirked at me. He pulled out and slide back in. This continued. Me pulling his hair, him grasping my tits as he rammed into me.

“Fuck little girl, Daddy’s going to cum deep in his pussy!” He shouted as he pounded me. He reached down and rubbed his thumb on my clit in circles and it was enough to send me into orgasm.

“DADDY!! I’M CUMMING!!” I shouted and clenched every muscle, shaking and moaning with unbelievable pleasure.

“That’s it baby! Here it cums!” He said as he slammed home. I felt his cock pulse and squirt warm jets of his baby seed deep inside my pussy. I moaned at the feeling as I continued to have aftershocks of my tremendous orgasm.

“That was amazing baby, I am so proud of you for taking me and my seed inside your fertile womb. Such a good girl.” He cooed at me, rubbing my hair as his cock still lay deep inside me.

“Thank you daddy.” I breathed out.

“I’m going to keep my cock in you for the night so none of my precious cum leaks out of your little pussy baby and tomorrow we will get into more fun.” He explained as he cuddled into me. I smiled and did the same. Within a few minutes we were both asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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