Becoming Lisa’s Pet Ch. 02

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Monday was filled with rushing around and signing up for the courses I was going to take this year. Most of them were just advanced ones building on those I had taken in my first year, but Lisa convinced me to join human biology and physical education as electives together with her. When evening came around I was completely exhausted and my feet hurt like hell.

Lectures started on Tuesday, so my mind was at least partially occupied with other things, but those hours I spent in the dorm room together with Lisa were sweet torture. She was being nice, really nice, and I somehow couldn’t focus my eyes anywhere else but on her. Whatever I tried to occupy myself with, it was futile.

If Lisa wasn’t talking to me and drawing my eyes to her sweet and full lips, she would lounge on her bed and wiggle her naked toes, she’d walk out of the bath room wrapped in a towel or try on the different outfits she had acquired over the summer. And every time she did so, I was transfixed. She was beautiful. And sweet. And it didn’t help that she tended to get so close to me that I had to resist wrapping my arms around her. Quite often she would touch me innocently, her hand brushing over my arm as she reached for something next to me, her legs touching mine when she sat down at my side. Each time I felt something akin to an electric shock travel along my spine and settle between my thighs.

By Friday evening I was a nervous wreck. A nervous and incredibly horny wreck. Lisa convinced me to do all the homework assignments first thing after the lectures ended. I still can’t say how I managed to get everything done with her so close to me, asking me questions in a soft, smoky voice, and staring at her papers with that cute pouting look when she could make neither heads nor tails of the questions. But somehow I did, and when the sun was setting outside the huge window I was done and free for the weekend.

“Thanks Lisa,” I told her and meant it, “I’d have never been able to get everything done so early without you.”

She grinned at me and brushed her hand softly over my cheek, picking up a loose strand of hair and guiding it where it belonged. I went stiff and stared at her with wide eyes. Did she know what she was doing to me?

“You’re welcome, Chrissie.” She almost whispered in my ear, and I think I closed my eyes. “I think we should celebrate that! Let’s have another pajama party!”

“Oh yes!” I shouted excitedly and mentally chastened myself instantly. But she didn’t seem to have noticed how eager I was, instead she had already pushed the table to the side and was folding out the couch. I helped her with it, and a few minutes later we were both lounging on my bed, the room dimmed and cozy, she in her kimono and me in my traditional t-shirt and panties, each of us holding a cup of sweet sparkling wine.

“To weekends and friendship!” She declared with a giggle, and I echoed her sentiment.

We chit-chatted a bit about what all the girls had or may have been up to over the summer, what teachers we got in which courses and such. We had both just agreed that April Mayweather — whose name in itself was a source of endless teasing to her — had looked absolutely ridiculous when she’d arrived in her Hello-Kitty mini dress, pink trainers and socks and pulling an equally pink trolley, when Lisa’s question washed over me like an ice cold shower.

“Did you have fun rubbing your pussy after our last pajama party?”

My body stiffened, and for a moment all I could hear was the blood rushing through my veins and my heart beating at incredible speed. “I — I — but I didn’t…” I stammered, and knew at once it was futile to deny it.

“Tsk, tsk,” she admonished with a grin, “you were quite loud in there. Our talk must really have turned you on.”

I was gaping at her, probably looking like a deer in the headlights, when I felt her hand come to rest on my thigh. My breath hitched, and I mouthed a stupid “oh” while a wave of heat spread in my lower body.

She giggled, softly, and I had the impression of small bubbles, made of finest crystal, lightly clinking against each other as they ascended through the air. I think I moaned, and her grip tightened a little, just enough that I could feel her finger nails on my skin. A shiver raced up and down my spine.

“I’d have loved to watch you, you know!” She purred, and the thought made my skin tingle. “Would you let me?” She inquired, her eyes locked onto mine.

I squirmed. “I — I don’t know…” My voice was barely a whisper. I was close to panicking, the thought felt so wrong, so dirty, but I could feel the crotch of my panties get soaked from my juices and my nipples getting stiff and sensitive, so that the soft brush of my t-shirt sent little shock waves through them.

I must have closed my eyes in embarrassment, because suddenly her mouth was only an inch from my ear. “You told me about the stories,” she whispered, and her hot breath caressed my neck, giving me goosebumps, “stories where women were made illegal bahis to show off their bodies, commanded to do all kind things. You were wishing it was you who was made to do all those things, weren’t you?”

I may have imagined it, but for a second I felt her lips brush my neck and could not stop a needy moan from escaping my lips.

“I could do that,” she continued, a hoarse tinge in her voice, “make you do things. Display your body.” Her fingers trailed up my thigh, coming close to the source of heat radiating between my legs, but stopping at the last second. “Make you do naughty things. Kinky things.”

“No!” I protested, perhaps somewhat weakly, only eliciting a giggle from Lisa. “Stop it!”

“Are you afraid what I would do to you, Chrissie? What you would let me do to you?”

She dared me, and somehow she triggered that rebellious streak in me that had us rowing all of last year.

“I’m not afraid of you, or of what you could do!” I huffed.

“Then you won’t be afraid of me doing that.” She stated and rested her hand over my pussy, which instantly felt like myriads of electric shocks were traveling through it.

The conscious part of my mind screamed at me to run, to jump up and get the hell out of here. My heart picked up even more pace, until it was galloping a mile a minute. I felt like I was floating. The pulling heat in my pussy became a throb and washed away all sensible thought. “No! No! Yes, oh god yes!” I whimpered, “please, oh please!” My hips lifted themselves from the bed, meeting her hand’s gentle pressure, and I felt my self plunging head-first from a cliff, not knowing what waited below.

The sudden intensity of feeling brought back a semblance of awareness, but I knew that there was no way for me to take those words back. I had become wax in Lisa’s delicate hands, and she knew it too. Still, the feeling of excitement was stronger and more sexual than anything I had experienced before, and it made my breath hitch and my skin burn.

She smiled at me, a happy, satisfied and slightly predatory smile that made her look even prettier. My eyes caressed her soft lips, longing to feel them on my skin, but then her fingers let go of my pussy and left me with a feeling of emptiness between my legs, making me sigh in frustration.

She moved to kneel next to me and bent down toward me, which made her kimono fall open a bit, giving me glimpses of her perfect breasts, even exposing a part of her rosy nipple. I could not turn my eyes away.

She softly brushed my cheek, and I leaned into the touch. It was such an intimate gesture, it made me feel small yet secure.

“I will make your fantasies real,” she purred, “I will make you experience things you wouldn’t think possible.” Her index finger traced the contours of my lips, and I tried to kiss it, to capture it with my lips and taste her skin, but she skillfully evaded my attempts.

“You’re so sweet,” she told me, “sweet and innocent. And yet you have such a dirty mind.”

The words made another shiver race up my spine.

She bent even closer, her cheek brushing mine and sending butterflies dancing all over it. “I will show you feelings deeper than anything you have felt before,” she whispered, “make you feel more erotic, more loved than ever before.” Her tongue snaked out and tickled my ear lobe, and I couldn’t resist any more and wrapped my arms around her.

“No! No no no, that won’t do!” Before I could enjoy the feel of her body, she had disentangled herself, gripped my wrists and pinned them down next to my head. The pleading, startled look I sent her was returned with a stern, chastising one of her own. I didn’t understand what I had done wrong, how I had failed her, but after the intense closeness her aggressive behavior was like a blow to my guts.

She stared at me, her eyes almost cold, while I was searching them for an answer. My wrists started to hurt and my hands began to grow numb. I didn’t understand, I only felt rejection like an icy blade stab right into my heart. I felt small, and weak, and helpless. A sob escaped my lips, and I felt a tear trickle down the side of my face.

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t know for what, but felt such a need to make up for whatever fault I had committed. “I’m really sorry! Please!”

Her face softened at my plea, and she let go of my wrists. Yet I didn’t dare to move them. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth and sent the warmth of hope flowing through my chest. A finger trailed after the lone tear streak, picked up the salty expression of my desperation and carried it to her lips. Her eyes closed and she got a dreamy expression as she sensuously licked it up. To me, it was a picture of pure eroticism.

“Bitter,” she said softly, “like so many things in life. Yet so sweet in its own way, to those who know to appreciate the rareness of such a gift.” Her hand once more caressed my cheek. “You will learn to appreciate it too, my pet.”

My heart pounded in my chest, from joy that she illegal bahis siteleri wasn’t rejecting me and from fear of what she would make me do.

“I will lead you to incredible pleasure.” she whispered, and her finger trailed down, over my chin, down my neck and across the small dimple below, drew a line over my t-shirt between my breasts and even lower, until it stopped over my bellybutton, where it started to move in lazy circles and made my muscles quiver. She was looking at me intensely, and I felt like an open book to her. Then, suddenly, both her hands were resting on my breasts and her thumbs were caressing my nipples, sending jolts of wonderful lightning through them.

“But that pleasure comes with a price.” Suddenly she was pinching them, hard, and I gasped. “Pleasure and pain. Yin and Yang. Darkness and light.” Her voice was soft but determined, and I somehow didn’t dare to flinch. Her grip hurt, but it was still bearable and made me realize that I still had my arms where she had put them, that I could easily pull away and flee, but that at the same time I couldn’t, I needed to let her do that to me.

My thoughts must have been obvious, because she smiled at me, lust flushing her cheeks and enhancing her beauty. A short wave of envy over her perfection constricted my heart, but was washed away by the realization that it was me who made that beauty shine. Warmth spread again through my body and somehow transformed the pain in my nipples into a strange sensation, both unwelcome and wonderful, and it woke an incredible urge to please her, which she seemed to pick up instantly.

“Good girl,” she whispered, “good little pet.” It felt humiliating that she addressed me that way, but at the same time my pussy twitched from want. “I want to pinch you harder. Will you let me?”

Her eyes were studying me, drinking in the emotions that played on my face. I nodded, but she shook her head. It took me a few seconds until I understood her request.

“Yes,” I whispered timidly, “I’ll let you.” My cheeks burned from embarrassment, but she shook her head again.

“Beg me!” It was an order, spoken softly, but still leaving no doubt about her sincerity.

Somewhere in the back of my brain a voice shouted: “No! Why are you doing this? Stop it!” But I didn’t pay it any heed, instead I whimpered: “Please! Please pinch my nipples harder!”

“If you wish.” She said it almost casually, but then her fingers clamped down on my nipples like vices. For a moment it was pure agony, and I let out a short cry. My face screwed up and my sight blurred as tears threatened to spill.

“You’re beautiful like this.” Her lips where only inches from mine. Despite the searing pain in my nipples I felt the caress of her breath on my face. “So submissive, so powerless. So vulnerable.”

The grip on my left nipple lessened, which made me gasp in relief. Her hand began to stroke my breast, her thumb occasionally teasing my now overly sensitive nipple, and I felt almost torn apart between the contradictory feelings shooting through my chest. It made my whole body tremble.

“Please and pain,” she reiterated, “they can blur together and form something much more intense. Something so beautiful.” She smiled at me, and I truly felt beautiful. “Think hard,” she whispered, “then tell me whose you are!”

For a moment, my mind was frozen, but then my thoughts raced back to the stories I had read, pleasuring myself and imagining myself in the place of those women, imagining myself uttering their words of submission.

“Yours Mistress!” I gasped out. “I am yours Mistress!”

A short stab of intense pain shot through my other nipple as she let go of it and the blood rushed back, but it was quickly replaced by a wonderful burning sensation. Lisa was looking at me with a satisfied smile and sat back on her heels, ending her caresses. My chest was heaving and my skin still tingled.


The command felt like a whip lash, yet before I had realized what I was doing, my hands were pulling my t-shirt over my head. I hesitated for a moment. Was I really going to exhibit my whole body to her? I felt her gaze burn on my stiff and swollen nipples.

“Look at your panties! They’re drenched in your juices, you horny little girl!”

Another verbal whip lash, which was accompanied by stabs of lust shooting through my loins.

I reached down with trembling fingers and slowly pushed the panties down my legs. I was about to throw them to the floor when Lisa extended her hand.

“Give them to me. And spread your legs.”

Slowly, taking a deep breath, I complied with her request and spread my legs until they touched the edges of the mattress. I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide from the shame, but even more I wanted to please her. My arm shook as I handed her my soiled panties. Then, instinctively, I put my arms back into their old position, next to my head. It brought a delighted smile to her face, which in turn made me feel warm.

She canlı bahis siteleri smiled at me for a few seconds, then she stood up and walked around the couch, her eyes roaming all over my body. It felt daring, humiliating and exciting. Lisa kept walking back and forth in slow paces. Tension gripped me. Her eyes became calculating, measuring. It made me self-conscious. Did she like what she saw? Would she find me ugly, now that she saw my small, girlish breasts and boyish hips? What was I thinking, that a beauty as her could be drawn to a less-than-average girl like me?

The time seemed to drag on, and the tension inside me mounted. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more, when I thought I’d start to cry, she crouched on the mattress, looking closely at my exposed pussy.

“Oh my, you are one randy little pet. You’re still leaking pussy juice like mad.” I felt mortified by her statement, exposed like never before in my life. “It’s still dripping, it’s already running down your ass crack.”

I was flushing from embarrassment, fighting with all my might against the urge to cover my private parts. My mind was becoming a jumbled mess. Another tear trickled down my face.

Lisa giggled quietly. “I want to watch you now. Do for me what you did after our last slumber party.” Her finger nail trailed a hot line up my leg, from the ankle until a hair’s width from my pussy. I trembled under the touch. “Pleasure yourself, let me watch you cum my pet!”

Yet, I was frozen. Conflicting emotions threatened to tear me apart. Exposing my body to her had been one thing, but letting her see me in the throes of passion — nothing could be more intimate. She was asking me to lay myself completely bare. Then another finger nail trailed up my leg, making me tremble even more, and before it left again, it softly scraped my pussy lips. I gasped out loud. Heat shot through my pussy, and I felt myself caught in a rush. My fingers, on autopilot, sought out the source of the heat and plunged into it, while my other hand clamped around my tit.

“Very good, little pet,” Lisa encouraged me, “go on, and tell me everything you feel.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated on my own fingers, twirling in my pussy and rubbing my breast.

“Oh god…” I whimpered, floating miles above the ground, “it’s so intense. My pussy pulsates like crazy, clamping around my fingers. It’s so hot and wet.”

“And your tits? How do your tits feel?” Her hand touched my belly, starting to caress it in small circles, making me gasp again.

“They’re burning, and my nipples are so hard, they’re throbbing. Oh my god, they’re almost hurting.”

I lost myself in the intensity of the feelings I was experiencing. Somewhere in between, Lisa ordered me to spread my pussy lips and to rub my clit. I did so with reckless abandon, my breath hitching, my body writhing on the mattress, babbling dirty nonsense. All the while she was encouraging me to let go, to show her the horny slut I was. I had completely lost all sense of time and space, a crescendo of lust raging between my legs, when a sudden pain on both pussy lips startled me and made me open my eyes.

She had captured them with her fingers and was pulling them further apart than I’d have dared myself, stretching my pussy completely, obscenely open.

She shouted: “Come for me, little slut!”

That derogatory command, combined with the humiliating way she was handling my most private parts, sent me over the edge. I clamped my legs round my hand, pressing down on my clit, and incredible pleasure washed through my body. I shouted and groaned and whimpered for what seemed like ages, tremors shaking my body until I had stars dancing before my eyes and was completely spent.

Soft caresses on my cheek slowly brought me back to reality.

“Well done, my pet.” Lisa whispered, and every touch to my now hyper-sensitive skin made me gasp.

“That was…” I still had to catch my breath and became aware of the bedsheets sticking to my sweaty body. “That was incredible. Thank you.” I looked at Lisa’s face. She was expecting more, and I couldn’t help myself. I complied. “Thank you, Mistress.”

The words somehow didn’t feel wrong. Yet, the moment I said them, something broke inside me, something crucial that I hadn’t even been aware of. A deep sob shook my body and tears started to run down my cheeks. “Please,” I begged, “hold me, Mistress.”

I hadn’t dared to expect her to do that, but she did wrap her arms around me. She turned me onto my side and spooned me from behind, pulling me close to her and telling me soothing nothings. I didn’t know why I was crying, and it took her almost an hour to calm me, but finally the sorrow drained from me and was replaced by feelings of contentment and security.

“Are you alright?” Lisa’s voice inquired.

It took me a few tries until I could voice my answer. “I am, M-Mistress. But I’m afraid too.”

“Afraid of what?”

“Of everything. Of where this is going. I…” I struggled a bit, but then I found an analogy that expressed my emotions. “In the back of my mind, there’s this feeling of doom. Like I’d stepped on a train for an exciting journey but knew that it was going to crash, with no possibility to get off.”

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