Ben is Kept Under Control Ch. 05

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It was the spring of 1974 at a lakeside cottage north of Toronto. I was a twenty-four-year old bondage bottom spending the weekend with Robert, an older dominating fellow Englishman and Marco, the hunky straight, but curious, son of the cottage owner eager to try out BDSM. As the evening got late, Robert tied my wrists behind me and held me down while Marco paddled my ass. Then we made our way down to the beach in the bright moonlight.


We walked over to a big fallen tree trunk in front of the fire pit, and Marco immediately sat down and pulled off his shorts. He looked up at me and began to fondle his beautiful cock. I instantly fell to my knees and took that big Sicilian dick in my mouth for the third time that week. It tasted just as good as always.

The thoroughly sexed-up straight boy pushed right to the back of my throat. There was no reason to hurry this time, compared to our previous encounters, so he took his time raping my mouth and throat until finally pulling out and passing me off to Robert. He used me for a while and then I was passed me back and forth between them, getting me so hot that if I’d been given half a chance I would have popped right then and there.

Robert, seeing how excited I looked, took hold of my shoulders and shoved me backwards onto the sand to cool me off. The shock of landing on my ass made me realise how desperate I was to have a pee, not surprising given the number of beers we’d drunk. I pleaded with him to let me go to the bathroom, but he just laughed.

“Oh no, you’re not getting up. We all know how much you like piss, so let go and do it right there; the sand’ll soak it up.”

Realizing that it made a crazy kind of sense, I did what he told me and immediately my piss spurted up into the air. With my hands tied behind my back, I couldn’t control where my stiff penis was pointing, so my piss just went up like a fountain and fell back down onto my chest, stomach and face.

After laughing at the spectacle, the guys decided to stand up and shower me with their own recycled beer. The front of my body was already soaked, so they nudged me over onto my stomach, and pissed on my back, my hair and my bum, stinging my bruised ass cheeks and seeping down into my crack. By the time we’d all finished I had the contents of about a dozen bottles’ worth of beer dripping off me and a layer of wet sand was clinging to every part of my body.

I revelled in the feel and smell of the piss, enjoying the overpowering male scent in the air. The guys stood over me for a few moments, then sat back down on the log watching me as I struggled to my knees and crawled towards them.

Without the use of my hands to steady me, I tried to kneel in front of Marco but fell onto my stomach instead. I didn’t care, since all I wanted to do was lick his feet. I got a big mouthful of sand as well, but I didn’t care; I was tasting him. I licked the top of one foot clean, then the other, and began working up from his calves to his thighs. Robert watched for a while then went to get more beer, coming back with three bottles of beer, poppers and lube.

Meanwhile I’d got to my knees and licked my way to the top of Marco’s thighs, only to have him push me away when I tried to swallow his dick.

“Get away, you pushy cock-sucking cunt, you don’t deserve it yet.”

If I couldn’t suck dick, then I figured I’d aim for the next best thing; I leant forward and pushed my head up into his armpit to get some real stinky funk. As I did so I heard him say Robert,

“Fuck it. This is one real sick puppy. He loves sweat.”

The scent of his sweaty body made me so dizzy with excitement that I lost my balance and fell forward onto his chest. To steady me he hooked his arm around my neck, keeping my face tight against his armpit so I could carry on tonguing his hairy underarm.

It wasn’t long before he was pulling me away from his pit and shoving my face down to where his cock was waiting, already hard. That left me kneeling with my face in his groin and my ass sticking up in the air, perfectly positioned for a doggy-style fuck. Sure enough, I soon felt Robert’s fingers lubing my hole and once it was loose and sloppy, he substituted his dick and began to piston in and out while Marco kept my mouth on his dick.

I was getting fucked fast and unrelenting and each time Robert slammed forward his hips would bang up against the bruises on my ass, painfully reminding me of Marco’s heavy hand with the paddle. I was really getting off on this exciting threesome, so it came as a big disappointment when I felt Robert pulling out; but then I iperked up when I heard him asking the Italian Stallion if he wanted to trade places.

“You told me none of your girlfriends would let you fuck ’em in the ass. Well this is your chance to find out how it compares to pussy. His hole’s all lubed up and clean as a whistle; I need a break and it needs more dick!”

Marco didn’t need any more encouragement and while Robert was pushing me forward and draping my willing body over top güvenilir bahis of the log, our favourite horny straight boys scrambled around behind me. Robert pushed an open bottle of poppers up my nose, letting me sniff deeply while I waited for Marco’s dick.

Pushing down on my upper back with one hand, Marco used his other hand to guide his steel hard dick into me. Poking excitedly around in the general direction of my hole, he missed a couple of times before plunging his entire length into my bowels in a single movement. Soon I could hear him muttering over my shoulder to Robert.

“Fuck, man, this is one tight cunt. You’ were right when you told me about his ass muscles gripping your dick. Feels great, man; plus, this is one bitch that’ll never get pregnant, right?”

I hoped Robert would let me suck his cock while Marco was fucking me, but instead he knelt in front of us, feeding us poppers and giving his straight fuck-buddy encouragement and advice.

“Pull on his tits hard; he loves it. It makes his ass spasm and squeeze your dick even tighter.”

Hearing that, Marco grabbed hold of my nipples and pulled really hard, sending a mixture of pain and pleasure directly to my sphincter muscles and making them react in exactly the way Robert predicted. I loved the way he twisted them and wished he’d keep doing so, but after a while he stopped and let his hands drift down my body until they ended up rubbing my bruised backside.

Just like when he’d stopped paddling me earlier that night, he seemed to get obsessed with the heat radiating off my beaten ass. He squeezed and rubbed my ass cheeks while slowing his fucking motion to a crawl. I heard him muttering to himself,

“Fuck, this ass feels so warm, that’s amazing.”

But then, perhaps realising that obsessing about a man’s ass while his own dick was inside it, must look pretty homo, he grabbed my hips instead and began rough-fucking me harder than before.

All this was too exhausting to last long and suddenly he was shouting in my ear as he swamped my bowels with a load of cum then fell forward across my back with his dick slowly softening inside me. I tried to keep him there by clamping down on it with my ass muscles, but my hole was so wet with lube and cum that I couldn’t stop it flopping out of me or the slimy mixture from trickling down my legs.

Marco moved off me and I gingerly got myself off the log and flopped down on the sand. Robert came around to untie my wrists and hand us each a beer and for a few minutes we were all quiet with our own thoughts, until I broke the silence by thanking Marco for a great fuck. Not surprisingly he’d been looking very preoccupied, and when I started speaking to him he seemed embarrassed and cut me off in mid-sentenc.

“Yeah, OK, thanks, it was fun. But hey, I know you get off on sweat, but really, you smell like a fucking toilet. How about getting cleaned up, eh?”

He sounded a little hostile, making me wonder whether he was having post-orgasmic second thoughts about what had just happened, so I was glad to hear Robert pipe up.

“You’re right, Marco, though the two of us are pretty sweaty too. We should have a quick dip to cool off. Come on “toilet-boy’, lead us to the lake, my lad.”

We got up and ran down to the lake, whose waters felt just warm enough to enjoy, even though it was so early in the season. He and Marco jumped in and splashed around in the shallows while I spent my time trying to swill all the sand, lube, piss and cum off my body. Once they’d had enough and I was reasonably clean, we scrambled out of the water and trudged back to the cottage, where the kitchen clock told us it was two in the morning. We all needed some sleep, and while Marco headed to his bedroom Robert sniffed suspiciously around me.

“That dip in the lake didn’t really clean you up, get and have a quick shower. I don’t like sharing beds with boys who smell of piss, even if some of it’s mine.”

After my shower I climbed into bed and he draped his arm over my body and pressed his semi-hard cock against my bum. I lay there rewinding the night’s events in my mind while waiting for him to go to sleep. Once I felt him relax and heard his steady breathing, I dropped off myself and slept like a baby for the rest of the night.

When I woke up in the morning, I found that we’d turned over during the night and now I was behind him with my arm thrown over his body, exactly opposite to the way we’d gone to sleep. I also had a morning hard-on which was pressing against his ass crack. As I carefully removed my arm and gently backed away, he growled at me.

“That’s better, don’t think for a second that your dick is getting anywhere near my hole, sonny.”

When I stuttered an apology he laughed, saying he knew how hard young men’s dicks could be in the morning.

“But now that you’re finally awake, get down between my legs, I need a pee and your mouth’s a lot closer than the bathroom.”

Of course, once I had his cock in my mouth, I ended up doing more with it than türkçe bahis just swallowing his morning piss and it was more than twenty minutes later before we emerged from the bedroom to find Marco making coffee. Robert and he were wearing shorts and t-shirts, but I was still naked.

When I looked at Marco I wondered if he was regretting his behaviour of the before. Did he think we’d got him drunk and set him up to do all sorts of “homo” stuff that he really wasn’t ready for?

If he regretted any of it in the cold light of the “morning after”, we never heard about it and indeed he looked happy to see us. We made small talk about how we’d slept and the day’s weather forecast, and then he excused himself for a couple of minutes and returned with a pair of Speedo swim trunks.

“Here, put these on, they’re my brother’s. I don’t want to see that dick and that black and blue ass waving at me all day.”

Since he was the one who’d caused my bruises, I thought it was a bit unfair for him to blame me! When I pulled on the Speedos, I realised I was being teased. His brother was obviously a lot younger than him, since the briefs were so small on me that it covered only the bottom half of my cheeks while effectively outlining my cock and balls in front; I might just as well have been naked!

After breakfast we went outside to enjoy the sun. The heat wave had broken over night and now the weather was a perfect mix of sun and milder temperatures. Burgers on the barbeque for lunch, followed by sunbathing and messing around in the water in the afternoon; Marco proudly showed off his family’s lakeside lifestyle.

As the afternoon wore on, we tired of the water and sun, and climbed back up the bluff to sit on the patio deck. They sent me for a couple of rounds of beer and chips and then Marco got up to make a call on the cottage phone in the kitchen. Since the windows were open, we couldn’t help over-hearing his half of the conversation.

“Hello Mrs. Cooper, this is Marco Cantrone. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was in the same business admin class at University as Jimmy, and I was wondering if he’s up with you this weekend? Yea, I’ll hang on, thanks Mrs. Cooper. …

“Hey Jimmy, Marco here. How’s it going? …

“I remembered you said your family’s cottage was in Wasaga Beach, so I looked up your Dad’s number in the book. Our place is about fifteen miles away on the lake…

“I’m up here with a couple of friends of my Uncle Carlo…

“Yeah, that’s right, real close friends of Carlo’s, you could say …

“Yeah well, I was thinking about what you told me back in Uni about how much you liked spending time with Carlo, and I wondered if you’d like to meet these friends of his …

“That’s great, we’ll pick you up in the car. Its only about a half hour from here. How do we find your place once we get to Wasaga? …

“OK, that’s a great idea. We’ll see you outside the McDonalds on Ontario Avenue at seven o’clock. We’ll be in my new black Firebird. I know the guys will really enjoy meeting you. Say bye to your Mum for me, please.”

Marco came back out onto the patio, looking like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

“I guess you heard all of that?”

Robert answered for us both,

“Of course, you weren’t exactly whispering. You continue to surprise me, Marco. Does this mean you’ve found us a new play-mate out here in the Ontario countryside! Tell us about this mystery guest.”

“Yeah, well, Jimmy was in a lot of my classes at Uni. He hung out with our crowd now and then and was the first openly gay guy I ever knew. One night he got really smashed and told me he’d been messing around with someone who I realised later must have been my Uncle Carlo.

“What he told me sounded really hot and the next time I was alone with Carlo I asked him to tell me exactly what kind of kinky sex he was into.”

He said all of this in one excited breath; he might have been straight, but he definitely shared his uncle’s interests in kink! Meanwhile it occurred to me that this college friend of Marco’s must be the same boy Carlo told me about at brunch on the previous Sunday.

At six o’clock, with the guys ready to leave, I asked Marco to lend me a shirt and a pair of shorts less revealing than the skimpy Speedos I had on. Instead I was told I wouldn’t need them, since it was a hot day in a beach town and most guys would be going shirtless.

I wasn’t at all convinced, but meekly followed them out to the car, getting my first look at the backseat of a 74 Firebird; a tiny bench suitable mainly for dogs and/or toddlers. As I stood wondering how I was going to squeeze into it, Robert pulled my arms behind me and snapped cuffs on my wrists.

“Get in there or I’ll put you in the trunk again. Don’t worry, no one can see the cuffs. Just sit back and enjoy yourself, Bondage Boy!”

I was a little worried, but still sprang a hard-on while we sped along quiet country roads on the way to the Lake Huron resort town. We arrived half an hour early güvenilir bahis siteleri so that Marco could drive up and down the beachfront road at walking pace along with all the other boys showing off their cars. He was right about the boys in town; the college age kids and farm boys were nearly all shirtless, taking advantage of the spring heat to start on their tans.

While Robert and I were ogling them, Marco was staring at the bikini clad girls walking along the beach. He might have spent the previous night fucking the hell out of my ass, but sadly there was no question of his confirmed heterosexuality! Once we’d all had our visual treats, he swung the car around and headed for Macdonald’s where Jimmy was waiting with a case of beer under his arm.

He turned out to be a cute snub-nosed blonde with green eyes, the same age as me and roughly my height, though even skinnier. When Marco got out the car to let him in, it looked like the pumped-up, hunky straight boy outweighed the newcomer by at least thirty pounds.

Jimmy climbed into the backseat alongside me, smiling bashfully at me and murmuring a quiet hello; I liked him on sight. He hardly had a chance to settle in before Marco swung the car away from the curb and set off back to the cottage. Even though we were both thin as rakes, the only way we could on the tiny backseat was to face each other with our legs entwined and knees in each other’s groins.

Talking later, Jimmy said he’d had grave doubts when Marco had spoken about the “friends of Carlo’s”. Was he pulling his leg? Would those friends turn out to be one of the elderly couples from Carlo’s dinner parties? But he relaxed instantly when he saw the tiny pair of speedos failing to disguise my hard-on, then he noticed the handcuffs and knew this was his kind of party after all. Robert confirmed the evening’s dynamics by turning around and staring at the two of us cramped together on the tiny back seat.

“Jimmy, why don’t you take that shirt off, you must be hot and sweaty back there.”

Jimmy grinned over at me, while saying “Yes, Sir” and immediately followed instructions. That left the two of us half-naked on the drive back, playing footsie with each other’s dicks in our scrunched-up quarters and getting hot with thoughts of the fun to follow.

However, when we arrived at the cottage, we realised we were going to have to wait till later for fun; Marco immediately declared that he was famished and went out onto the patio to fire up the BBQ for burgers. After dinner Jimmy and I cleaned up in the kitchen while the other two sat outside enjoying a glass of the Scotch I’d bought for Robert. As the two of us stood at the sink, I thought about the way we resembled and differed from each other.

I was a couple of inches taller and a little heavier but otherwise our bodies were very similar. He had more body hair though it was less noticeable since he was so blonde. When stiff, our dicks were almost the same length; though mine was uncut and he was circumcised. Our eye colours differed but we had identical clone-style haircuts courtesy of our barber, friend and sometime lover, Marco’s Uncle Carlo! And of course, we shared something very important to the two alpha males sitting outside sipping Scotch; our deeply submissive natures!

Jimmy asked about the bruises on my ass and was excited to hear that they were Marco’s doing. He said he’d had a crush on Marco in college and had been shocked and delighted to realise that his Master Carlo was Marco’s uncle. As we were finishing the dishes, Robert strode into the kitchen and said that Marco had gone for a long swim in the lake, so this was a perfect time to get us cleaned out. He was right; I hadn’t douched since we’d left Toronto the night before and since Jimmy was staying at parent’s cottage, he obviously didn’t have access to an enema hose!

Robert marched us into the bathroom, got us to hang over the side of the tub and lubed us up. He’d found an oversized turkey baster in the kitchen drawer, which he dipped into a sink of warm water and squirted its contents up my ass. He repeated this until I felt painfully full, at which point he let me run to the toilet. He did the same with Jimmy and by the third time everything was coming out clear.

Robert told us not to tell Marco what we’d been doing; he didn’t want to gross out our handsome straight boy with the details of how we kept our shit off his dick! Then, just as he was saying that he’d dispose of the baster later, since he didn’t want to think of Marco’s Mum using it at Thanksgiving(!), we heard Marco coming back in from his swim.

When we walked into the living room there was Marco in his swimsuit, whose wet, clingy material made his big Sicilian cock look gigantic. He looked over at Jimmy and I, still naked and sporting stiff dicks as a result of what Robert had been doing to us, and almost unconsciously began to rub his own lengthening dick.

He told us that we shouldn’t go outside, as a big Lake Huron thunderstorm was about to break, not surprising after a week of such hot, muggy weather. Robert said, in that case, we should just head to the bedroom and get started. Marco nodded and pulled down his wet shorts, Robert followed his example and suddenly there were four hard dicks on display.

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