Best Friend Turned Lover

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This is my first, ever, Erotica story. I have always wanted to write my own, so here it is…enjoy!! Let me know what you think. All characters are over the age of 18. Thanks to Oldnakeddad for editing!


“Happy birthday, Joe!”

Ah, it was my nineteenth birthday followed by the, all too familiar, utterance announced each year with the celebration of one’s birth however, to me, it was not a commemoration, only a mere painful reminder of another year I had failed to get laid, not for lack of trying of course. There had been numerous occasions where I’d come to the brink of sexual enlightenment, only to be foiled by unforeseen circumstances, but tonight, the night of my nineteenth birthday, was the night I had hoped I’d pop the infamous cherry.

Everything was set perfectly…my parents were going on holiday until after the weekend would pass and, once my mates had found out, that naturally called for a messy alcohol and drug fueled bender…whether I wanted to or not. In their eyes, it was set in stone, weeks prior to asking my permission, to basically destroy my parents’ house for a good time but I couldn’t disagree. I wanted it as badly as they did plus I was pretty sure they had already invited over 200 people, all waiting for the go ahead to start getting fucked up for 3 days in my parents’ home.

I was awoken, on Friday morning, to the clamors and shouting of the early morning rush my parents were creating. In a panic, so as not to forget anything nor to be late for their flight, they had failed to acknowledge the existence of their only child and left in a hurry to catch a ride to the airport. With the door slamming behind them, amongst the singing of birds outside my window, I had decided it was time to rise from my pit and jump into the shower. I checked my phone, while the water warmed up, I had a flurry of messages with well wishes for my birthday along with arrangements of the night’s motive. I ignored them for the time being, peeled of my boxers, hopped into the burning barrage of water and watched as it cascaded down my chest.

To paint you a picture, I was about 6’1″, clean shaven with a head of decently long dirty blonde hair, shaved on the back sides and usually slicked back if the occasion required the effort. I kept in shape by going to the gym regularly to maintain the fabled Adonis figure everyone dreams of having…only kidding but I was healthy and had a decent body. I had finished washing and drying off when my phone rang, it was one of my closest friends, Isaiah.

“Yeah, boy, what’s up?” I answered.

“You ready to get fucked up, Chuckles!?” he replied.

“Of course, when am I ever not ready to get paralytic for the sake of your enjoyment,” I retorted back.

“Good man. Has your mum and dad left for wherever the fuck, yet?” he asked, hoping they followed through with their plans.

“Yep, they’re gone and I’m currently standing in my room, naked, on the phone with you. So fuck off so I can get dressed,” I laughed.

“Having a wank to the sound of my voice is a bit weird, mate! If you don’t fuck anyone tonight, there’s no hope for you, bud,” he said, laughing.

“Fucking hilarious. Hurry and get over here and help me set shit up for later,” I said, knowing he would be useless anyway.

“Alright, picking up the boys now. Will be there in 20 minutes…and don’t have your dick out when we get there,” laughing to himself before hanging up.

He was right, I needed to lose the “V”, and soon! An hour later, the boys eventually turned up, consisting of Isaiah, Jake, his twin brother Sam and Joe number two made up the last of the group…having the same name as me was the reason everyone called me Chuckles, which derived from the fact that the moment I’d speak to a hot girl I’d become possessed by uncontrollable, nervous giggling. I had heard the knock at the door and proceeded to question myself as to why the fuck they took so long but what I was greeted by, after opening the door, would explain it all.

“What the fuck is that?!” I thought my eyes had deceived me but then I remembered how stupid my friends are.

“It’s your birthday present you bell end, don’t be so ungrateful!” Jake blurted out.

“It’s a goat! Where the fuck did you find a goat?!” I exclaimed.

“Do you know how hard it is to steal a goat?” Sam assured me, pointing to his mud stained clothes.

Meanwhile, Joe and Isaiah were unloading the copious amounts of alcohol from his Nivara.

“It’s for the casino siteleri party you pussy. Tie it up or something, we’ll need it later,” Joe shouted from down at the end of the driveway. I had to admit, it was pretty fucking funny but I didn’t want a goat shitting all over my house.

“Alright, whatever. Stick it round back and tie it up.”

I wasn’t going to argue, this night was about getting laid…I’d worry about everything else in the morning. Everything was unloaded and set up, it was coming up to seven o’clock and people were starting to arrive, most of which I had no idea who they were, but by then we were already pretty fucked up from pre-gaming for the last four hours so I didn’t really care. Isaiah had assured me he had plenty of fuckable girls coming but the only one I cared about was Emily. A year older than me, Emily and I had been great friends for ages, mostly my fault for friend-zoning myself the day I met her, except I hoped all of that would change, soon.

More time had passed and it was approaching eleven o’clock. My house was heaving with hundreds of people, much more than what had been planned however, by that point I was far too gone to care. Laced up on every type of alcoholic beverage under the sun, not to mention the abundance of narcotics floating around, and still no promise of me losing anything, except the respect of my friends if I didn’t fuck anyone, I thought all hope was lost. That’s when I saw her…the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known…and, to my disbelief, she was alone!

She stood about five feet-seven inches tall, had gorgeous olive skin, looked like a Greek goddess with her deep sea green eyes and a lethal smile…she was perfect, from her wavy auburn locks to her sexy little feet. She was draped in a tight red dress which clung to her petite frame, hugged to her flawless C-cup breasts and flowed down her firm stomach to my favorite feature, her spectacular derrière…I couldn’t draw my eyes away from such an amazing vision.

“Hey! Stop staring at my ass, perv,” Emily called out, laughing.

She hurried over and practically jumped on me and smothered me with kisses and birthday wishes. I gave her tight little body a squeeze and felt her braless nipples poke into my chest.

“You must be really excited to see me,” I joked.

“Shhh, dick, I can’t wear a bra with this dress and either it’s freezing out or it’s because I’m really horny,” she giggled, innocently flashing her deadly smile.

I wasn’t sure if it was because I was drunk or so fucking turned on, probably both, but I blushed and smiled back.

“I’m hoping it’s the second one,” I said.

After I had realized what I had said, I thought she would back off but she did the opposite and pushed me against the wall with the weight of her body.

“Why don’t you ever giggle when you speak to me, Chuckles? Am I not hot enough?” sticking out her bottom lip as if she were sad.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, was she actually coming on to me? Never, in the last five years, had she spoken with such flirtation toward me. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away.

“Trust me, you’re more than qualified. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met…I feel so comfortable around you,” I assured her.

“You know, I’ve always figured you have a crush on me because of the way you look at me and everything you do for me,” she sighed as she brought her mouth to my ear.

“But, until Isaiah told me, I wasn’t totally sure. Lucky for you, I’ve always wanted to fuck you,” she confessed.

My heart had leaped into my throat as she pulled away, a devilish grin upon her face. I was stunned…I tried to say something but was silenced by the touch of her lips pressing onto mine as she pinned me up against the wall, hungrily lapping my face like a ravenous lioness. She pushed her hips into me, the hem of her little red dress had risen far enough to feel the wetness of her mound seeping through her panties onto my leg as she grinded on me, leaving a wet spot on my jeans. As I reached down and gently caressed her perfect ass, she let go…I thought I had ruined my chances.

“How about you take me upstairs and unwrap your present,” she whispered.

With a wicked smile, she had taken me by the hand, led me through the crowd of people, upstairs and to my room. I excitedly fumbled with the lock and finally managed to free the door, it swung open, Emily pushed me inside onto the bed and locked the door behind her.

It was silent, I couldn’t believe what slot oyna was happening…I’d dreamed of this moment for so long. She stood there and allowed me to bask in all of her beauty. Finally, she broke the silence.

“Enjoying the view?” she smiled.

“I…I,” I was speechless. I’d never been so nervous in my entire life.

“Don’t be nervous. Isaiah told me you’ve never done this before. It’s okay.”

“That bastard, I don’t know whether to be mad at him or thank him,” I managed to speak.

“You can thank him later, now get over here and unwrap your birthday present,” Emily laughed.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I had basically flown off the bed and made my way over to her. She pulled me close and parted my lips with her moist tongue. Whilst our mouths made love, my hands had found their way to her perfect butt then up her magnificent body to her perky boobs as we explored each other’s fully clothed bodies. After what felt like an hour of caressing each other, she stepped back and pushed me back onto the bed.

Slowly, she turned around and let her dress fall to the floor in a heap around her heels, her arms covering her tits, around she turned once more, wearing nothing but tiny black lace panties. She dropped her arms to the side of her body, revealing her amazing boobs to me. Confidently smiling, she hooked the tips of her fingers under the lace of her panties, bent over and slid them off so they rested on top of her little red dress. She was fully exposed for my viewing pleasure and I was completely numb.

“Like what you see?”

Her slender fingers toyed with her pussy lips. I had some new found confidence, mostly from all the alcohol I’d consumed. I gestured to the pretty sizeable bulge straining against the fabric of my jeans.

“What do you think?” I replied.

Before I was able to say anything else, she had already kneeled between my legs, placed her palm over my growing bulge and felt up and down the length of my shaft through the material whilst she slowly popped each button open. She pulled my jeans off as I ripped off my shirt and tossed it into the bundle of clothes on the floor. By that point, I was as hard as I’d ever been in my life…eight throbbing inches of cock constricted by the last piece of cloth I had on. She was about to expose my raging hard on and, as bad as I wanted this to happen, I didn’t want to ruin our relationship forever.

“Em, are you sure you want to do this? There’s no going back after this,” I said with regret that she might stop. She looked at me dead in the eyes.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to have your cock inside me. I need it, now!”

I stared into her eyes, my mouth was wide open in shock as she flashed her dangerous smile once more.

“Does that answer your question?” Em, asked.

“There’s no one else I’d rather share this moment with than you.”

Her hands found the waistband of my briefs and she had cautiously pulled them down, slowly revealing my manhood, an inch at a time. When I was nearly completely exposed, she quickly tugged the remaining fabric away and grasped the base of my pulsing member.

“Oh, my god! You have such a beautiful cock! I wish I’d done this sooner!”

She stroked up to the head and back down to the base a couple of times and felt every inch of my cock. She looked up at me with a massive grin across her face then back to my cock and slid the tip between her mesmerizing lips, swirled her tongue around the head and slipped my whole shaft into her mouth…I felt as if I was going to explode any second. I tried to warn her but I couldn’t think straight when I felt my cock hit the back of her throat once more.

“Fuck…Em…I…I’m going to cum!”

Emily was more than experienced enough to know what was happening. She had slid my cock all the way out of her eager mouth until only the head was between her lips. I erupted with the most explosive orgasm of my life. The first thick rope of cum painted Emily’s throat, followed by two more filling her entire mouth. She swallowed the first load and my cock shot four more spurts of semen onto her tongue before I collapsed onto my bed, paralyzed with pleasure.

Ecstatic with her work, she climbed on top of me to awaken me from my euphoric dream. Lying on my chest, she planted her lips onto mine as I pulled her in closer, tasting myself on her tongue. Emily parted from the embrace and placed both hands on my body, towering above my head.

“You still have to fuck me, Joseph,” she said in the sexiest canlı casino siteleri way possible as I was already getting hard again from the excitement.

“Looks like we need to do something for about 5 minutes then.”

I flipped her over onto her back, grabbed her by the wrists and pinned her to the bed.

“I want to taste every part of your beautiful body.”

Drunk from her scent, I kissed her lips, moving across to her neck. A moan escaped her lips as I trailed down her chest and found a nipple with my tongue then flicked and bit it gently…I felt her wetness as it leaked out onto my leg. As I dragged my face down over her taut navel, I arrived at her clean shaven pussy.

“You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen,” I said.

She showed her appreciation by pressing into my face, she was so fucking wet but I still wanted to tease her more so I pressed her down into the mattress and lightly kissed her clit…her whole body shivered as she moaned with approval. I compassionately planted kisses all around her yearning sex as I needed to taste her so I parted her swollen labia with my fingers and licked from her asshole to the clit before inserting my tongue inside her dripping cunt…Em couldn’t take it anymore.

“I need your throbbing cock in me, now!” she demanded.

As she threw me off of her and onto my back, she rolled over on top of me, sat back and ground her slick folds over and around my now aching shaft.

“Happy to oblige,” I laughed.

“Oh, so, are you nervous now, Chuckles?” grinning from ear to ear as she rode, back and forth, my cock.

“I’ll show you, don’t worry.”

She raised herself and hovered over my mushroom tip then delicately lowered herself. As my cock head entered her pussy, she took it as deep as it would go.

“You’re fucking huge! Nobody’s ever filled me up this good,” she moaned.

I was so turned on I didn’t even think of using a condom but it was as if Em read my mind.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill…I need to be fucked! Now!”

I trusted her and I didn’t really need convincing at this point. Em slowly rode my pulsating cock as we both loved the feeling of all eight inches inside of her cunt. She raised up, arched her back, gripped my hand and lifted it to cup her breast as she moved faster and faster

“Fuck that feels so good!” We echoed in unison.

We laughed for a second before she rose off of my cock and got on her hands and knees, doggy-style, in front of me.

“Since you know the ropes now, get over here and fuck the shit out of me”

“How can I refuse such a generous offer?”

I got behind her and positioned my cock at her entrance as I, once again, marveled at her magnificent ass.

“Perving on my ass again, Chuckles?”

“Admiring your beauty, Em. You’re fucking gorgeous all over!” I sighed as she backed up her soaking wet cunt, engulfing my entire shaft.

“Mmmm, enough talking…fuck me already,” she moaned into the mattress.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I teased her hole one last time, pulled all the way out until only the tip was inside, then buried myself as deep as I could…going faster with each thrust as I played with her cute little ass.

“That feels fucking amazing!” she cried out.

“Harder!” she screamed.

I was able to feel her pussy start convulsing around my cock as she orgasmed around my shaft…what was only a few minutes, felt like hours of fucking this goddess and I was nearing the edge.

“Em…fuck…I’m so close! Where should I cum?” I begged for instruction.

“I want it all over me!” she begged back.

I disappointingly withdrew from her spectacular pussy, Em rolled over under me and played with her pussy while I stroked my cock above her, using both our juices as lube.

“Fuuuck…Em, I’m cumming!”

I shot out a thick stream of hot cum onto her perky tits, another covered her stomach and a couple of other spurts fell to her pussy. Em masturbated, using my cum, until she exploded with her second orgasm, more powerful than the first, as she grasped the sheets and screamed with pleasure. I knelt down between her sticky thighs and cleaned her delicious pussy with my tongue. When I had finished, I laid back, Emily crawled over me and collapsed onto my chest.

“Holy shit! That was the best sex of my life. Nobody’s ever made me cum like that, before. Are you sure you’re a virgin?” she joked.

“I’m not anymore, thanks to you!” I smirked.

“Well, we’re going to have a lot more fun from now on…that is, if you want to?”

“Em, there’s nothing I want more in the entire world,” I assured her.

We laid there for a while, eventually falling asleep in each other’s loving embrace.

The End.

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