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Betty she is 18, but looks much younger, slim body small boobs, basically a virgin beauty. She live somewhere near Liverpool. We got introduced by her mother, Beth. I and Beth met in a social media, we were very distance apart. We often had chat through a chat application. We were good friends. Once she introduced her daughter to me. I and Betty usually chat after her school, she considered me as her good friend.

One day Betty explained me one of her experience, while she was vacationing at Egypt, with her parents. They were traveling in a crowded bus, one metre man tried to grope her ass, through under her skirt. That was her first such experience, she was shocked and frightened.

I ask more about that incident, she was always willing to share things with me. I never took advantage of it. Once during a regular chat conversation, she shared her fantasy to have sex with an older man. Initially I thought she was not that serious about it. But someday later she asked for my help to fulfill her fantasy. I knew she was a virgin and we were long distance apart, there was very little I could do to help her myself. I asked more about her fantasy, what she feel when meeting older men and her classmates. She was more attached to older men than her age group boys.

She once told about her best friend, Michelle. Michelle stayed with her mother, who was a working in a stripper club, not a dancer but something else. Her dad was 45+ old chubby man, don’t have any regular job. Betty was a regular visitor to her best friend Michelle’s home. Betty always noticed, Michelle’s father checking her out, usually her legs, more often when he got chance. She knew he was attracted to her teen beauty. Betty shared this information with me, when I asked, if there is any man in particular, who can be used to fulfill her kink. But she was not sure how to or whether she wants to approach him.

We had few discussion about this, one of her suggestion was to stimulate few of her classmates to have group session, with her and may be her friend too. I totally rejected that idea, because I cared about her and didn’t wanted to get her into trouble. But I guaranteed her if she follow what I say, I could help her to fuck her friend’s dad. She was excited, and promised not to do any stupid thing that get her in trouble.

As a start, I want to know how he feel about Betty. I asked Betty to wear a short skirt, when she visit her friend next time. And guided her to follow some instructions, to know how he will react on Betty.

The day came. Betty was visiting her friend. She was wearing a short party skirt which she had for occasional family events. casino oyna She reached Michelle’s home. Even one were busy with somethings. Michelle’s dad was sitting in a couch in the hall. Betty intentionally took a seat just opposite to him. He was reading something. She noticed him checking her long naked legs. She spread her legs bit wider, so he can see things clearly. He took the bait. He was very excited to see her panties, when she spread her legs.

Betty stand and turned towards her couch, and pretend herself like arranging the pillow. He had a view of her back side. She bent over to arrange pillow, so that he can have a good view of her ass through her panties.

“WOW!” he yelled.

She turned her face to him and asked.

“Do you want to take a closer look.”

She smiled at him and turned her face. He dropped the book he was reading and slowly scrolled down on his knees and came near to her. He was nervous, but his lust forced him to do things he always wanted. He slowly touched her beautiful ass over her panties. Seems like he started to enjoy her. As I have instructed, Betty stopped him from going further. She stand-up from the couch and smiled at him. He was lustfully sitting on the floor, staring at her. She slowly walked away from there to her friend.

Later she explained me what are all happened, how she felt, how he reacted. She was excited and wanted to do more. I told will wait for the opportunity.

Soon after few days, Betty and her friend was planning to do sun bath at Michelle’s backyard. I thought of an opportunity, asked Betty to wear a full length skirt this time, but wear no panties, take them with you instead. She was excited with my ideas and was very eager to feel his cock.

So the day came. Betty was wearing a full length skirt and no panties only was a bikini bra under her T-shirt. Carried her bikini panties with her in a bag. She reached Michelle’s home, Michelle’s dad was there at the couch as usual, her mom was not at home. Michelle’s went for the preparation for sub bath at the backyard.

Betty turned to Michelle’s dad with a smile and asked.

“Can I use a room to change my dress.”

Michelle’s dad pointed his finger to a corridor area, which was a open area, and said.

“You can change over there.”

Betty already know he would do something like that, if not, she was willing keep the room door open, to intimidate him.

Betty moved to the open corridor area. Michelle’s dad was watching her moves, he knew she is naughty enough for him to have visual pleasure. Betty turned her back on him, while looking at him, she unhook slot oyna her skirt. She is now half butt naked. She smiled at him. He was surprised to see her beautiful naked ass. She took her panties from the bag and wear it. She haven’t shown her pussy to him. He was so disappointed for that.

Betty then turned towards him. She was wearing a T-shirt and bikini panties. She laughed at him, then took off her T-shirt. Now she is all in bikini, beautiful naughty Goddess, small boobs and curvy hot figure. Betty winked at him, then flashed her beautiful boobs by rising her bikini bra. He was more than excited to see her beautiful tight boobs. She slowly walked towards him and whispered,

“No touching, this time.”

He gestured yes.

Betty slowly raised her hands and touched his cock, it was hard for her. She felt blessed to feel a cock for the first time. She softly grabbed it and rub for a while. Then she smiled at him and walked away. She wanted to do more than that. She never thought grabbing a cock feel that good. She was getting him tempted for more. He was definitely dying to fuck her.

Betty was getting restless, she really wanted to taste his cum. She requested me to plan for it. We waited for a change. Betty visited Michelle’s on all week ends. One weekend I noticed, Betty was spending time at her house, and had no intention to visit Michelle. I inquired about it. She said.

“Michelle is not at her home, she and her mom is visiting her grandparents.”

I asked Betty if Michelle’s dad was at home or is he also visiting. Betty was not sure about it. I found an opportunity for Betty to fulfill her fantasy. I told Betty to visit Michelle’s home, like she has no prior knowledge of Michelle’s visit to her grandparents. Betty was not quite sure about that at the beginning.

I asked, “Betty, do you really want to fuck him, listen to me and your fantasy will get fulfill today!”

She was excited to her that she could taste his cum. She got ready to visit Michelle’s home.

Betty reached Michelle’s home, rang doorbell. She was very nervous. Michelle’s dad answered the door. He was surprised to see Betty there.

“Michelle is not here, she is visiting her grandparents.”

Betty slowly pushed the door back like a Dominant Mistress. She started at him and said.

“I Know!”

She slowly moved towards the couch and took the seat.

He asked, “oh, then what bring you over here?”

He smiled at her asking so.

Berry replayed nothing, but stood up from the couch. She looked around and asked him.

“Where is your bedroom? Take me there!”

And she slowly canlı casino siteleri started walking. Michelle’s dad lead her to their bedroom. When they reached his bedroom, he stopped near the door. Betty slowly enters inside the bedroom, walked towards the bed. She stipend near the bed, slowly turned around towards him.

She loosen her skirt, it fell off her hips. She was not wearing any panties. He gulped, he always wanted to see that beautiful pussy. She then took off her shirt. She was standing completely naked in front of him.

She said, “what are you looking at? Come here and taste my pussy!”

He was eagerly waiting for such a opportunity for long time. He came near Betty, stood on his knees, raised both hands slowly towards her hips, moved his face closer to her beautiful pussy. He pressed his face deep into her thigh. His warm breath was arousing her. She raised her right hand and hold his head deep, with a bit of force.

“Eat me!”

He carried Betty oh his shoulder, and laid her on the bed. He took off all his clothes. He is butt naked, with a hard cock ready to fuck Betty. He spread her legs and started kissing her pussy, licked it hard, sucked it like a juicy peach. She moaned loud, as no one was there to hear them. She made no limit or restrictions to min given her everything for him to lick, eat and pounded hard. She was moaning like crazy. It made him suck her harder. Her legs were crossed across his neck, tighten him deep on her.

Suddenly he released her legs and stood up.

“I have something for you too!”

He walked on his knees towards her face in bed. He grabbed his hard cock, squeezed it into her mouth.

“This is for you, suck it!”

Betty always wanted to suck a older man’s cock, but his move surprised her. But she started enjoying the raw salty taste of his cock. Betty sucked him harder, he was fucking her mouth deeper. He reached his climax. Got no time to take of his cock away. He cum in to her mouth, the load was huge, she accidentally drank some of his cum. She loved the taste, the feeling, was happy to taste and drink his cum. She asked him to eat her out.

He started to eat her by carrying her on his shoulder, Betty was sitting on his shoulders, while he was standing. He sucked her deep. She couldn’t hold on to him, she always wanted this kind of experience from an older man, which she had fulfilled. She cum to his mouth, face and all over him. Which eventually led them cuddling on the bed.

Took a while, after Betty got her strength back. She got up dressed up.

“Thankyou, please keep this with in us. I don’t want Michelle to know about this.”

He agreed, “I don’t want trouble too.”

“Bye, see you later.” Berry left the house.

After a day or so Betty explained everything happened between them, to me. She was very excited, happy and wanted to level up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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