Between London and Brighton Ch. 02

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I woke up in the middle of the night the urge to touch Amanda. Her side of the bed was empty. I did hear the shower and radio going. Again I was in the need of her. There was no controlling my urges.

I rose from the bed and headed to the bathroom. My nipples were erect, my pussy wet for her. She didn’t hear me with the cascading water wetting down her sexual body, that needed to be devoured again.

The door was slightly ajar with the steam escaping from the loo. I stuck my head thru the door and thru the slight fog, I saw Amanda bringing pleasure to herself. I stepped in, opened the glass shower door seeing her fingering her pussy.

“I finish you off love,” I said in a quiet tone.

I removed the wet fingers from her pussy, sucked into my mouth, licked them dry, as all of a sudden she was kneedling in front of me, opening me up, feeling her tongue nipping at my clit.


The water was now caressing us both. I was lean with my back against the shower wall, my hands raised holding on to the shower head. My eyes were closed, breathing gotten heavier and heavier, as Amanda ravished me.

She spread me open, her tongue circling the slit, teasing me by entering her tongue into me, pulling it out, pushing it in, holding on to my bum, going faster and faster. I no longer could hold on, as I came and came on her tongue.

She raised herself, kissed me, entering her tongue in my mouth, tasting myself. I took her beautiful face between my hands, holding her to my lips, abling to taste more of me.

We dried each other off and went back to sleep.

I woke with the morning sun streaming into the room. Amanda was still asleep.

I ordered güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up coffee with toast and my favorite marmalade. I slipped into a short nighty, awaiting the arrival of coffee.

Amanda was slowly waking up, turning over with the cover slipping away exposing her swelled up boobs. I just looked at her, and went to sit on her side of the bed. I wanted to see all of her. Brazenly I uncovered her completely. The vixen smiled at me, her tongue licking around her lips.

“Kiss me,” she commanded me.

I leaned down over her, our lips touched as before, but this time we both were feverish. I felt it, her face cheeks flush and heated.

I removed my short nighty, Amanda pushed me down on the bed, as she laid herself on top of me. Our tit nipples were erect, rubbing against each other. I spread my legs, waiting for her to go down on me. I didn’t have to ask her. The teasing bitch kissed me all over. Teasing me to the point I no longer could resist pushing her head down between my spread legs.

“Kiss it, tongue my pussy, NOW, do it NOW.”

I get so demanding when physically morphed into a sexual frenzy. The teasing bitch Amanda manipulated me to a gushing squirt.

# # # # # # # # # # # #

I wasn’t quiet ready to leave for breakfast but Amanda was ready for it and left for the restaurant. I said I would join her shortly.

I couldn’t help myself and Skyped my girlfriend in London.

When she came on, she looked sweaty, disheveled.

“What’s wrong love,” I asked her.


“No there is something wrong, tell me, please,”

Before Melissa could answer a woman appeared before the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cam. Took Melissa in her arms and kissed and fondled her tits in front of me. I was speechless. Melissa returned her kisses, and took the stranger’s nipples between her fingers. Pulled on them, heard the stranger moaning. I should have shut down the cam, instead touched my pussy. My legs were open for my finger fucking, that all of a sudden I needed so badly.

Melissa and the strange bitch saw me getting excited. She pushed Melissa down to her knees. The cam was adjusted to see what was being done to the stranger. Brazenly I kept watching.

“Do it,” I heard the stranger command Melissa.

Again I heard the command. Melissa didn’t react fast enough and was slapped in the face. Her hair pulled hard. Slapped again and again. Melissa began to cry and couldn’tbelieve it excited me so to see her being humiliated.

My orgasms rolled over me, as the stranger let out a scream of release.

In a sobbing voice, Melissa spoke to me.

“Please forgive me for what I have done.”

Before she could finish, the stranger pulled Melissa again by her hair and in a harsh tone said,

“You don’t talk to that bitch when you are with me, do you understand me?”

Melissa didn’t defend herself as the strange woman slapped her down. Threw her on the floor, stood above her with her legs spread wide. I had turned into a voyeur, seeing what was happening to my girlfriend. I kept watching. What I witnessed next was an unbelievable high as I saw the strange lady peeing on Melissa. She just laid there and accepted it.

At that moment I discovered a side of Melissa güvenilir bahis şirketleri I wasn’t aware of. The peeing had her rolling back and forth, then heard her say,

“Oh Paulina, don’t stop peeing on me, aahhhhh yes.”

I was sexually excited and enraged at the same time. I closed the laptop, laid back on the bed thinking I would be able to rest. Instead I was irritated, my pussy throbbing for more orgasms. I widened my legs, didn’t need much to make me squirt and orgasm.

I took a shower again and finally went to the cafe to have breakfast with Amanda. When I arrived Amanda had already left. I caught a glimpse of her thru the large window walking with someone to the Palace Pier.

I was so upset I couldn’t finish my breakfast. I shouldn’t have done what I did. I stayed my distance and followed Amanda to the Palace Pier. Amanda with whom ever it was stopped and kissed. I finally realized it was a younger woman.

They continued there walk towards the end of the pier and it being still early in the morning the pier was manageable.

The looked at each other and kissed again. Amanda was risky and put her hand inside the girl’s shirt, which was only buttoned with one. Amanda opened the shirt wide and leaned into her breasts and suckled them.

I kept watching. It aroused me. My pussy was throbbing and getting wet again in my tight jeans. I looked at them again. This time the girl was standing behind Amanda and could only imagine, that the tits I had made love to the night before, were being fondlied by this strange girl.

I couldn’t bare it any longer and returned to the hotel.

I was doing literary research on my laptop, when I heard the door opening. Amanda and the strange girl entered the room. I was still furious but trying to hide it. Amanda with a smile on her face introduced Laura to me.

“You must be Angela,” she said.

“Yes, I am.”

“I told Laura that I met a wonderful woman,” Amanda chimed in.

I smiled at them both.

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