Bible College Pt. 02

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I slip the shoes off of my feet, and carry them in my left hand. It is past midnight, and the hallways are dark and quiet in my dormitory, so I creep as quietly as possible. I climb the three flights of stairs to my floor. I reach for the stairwell door, and it swings open towards me.

“Well, well, well. Where have you been? Still out with Will? Or with one of your other boyfriends?” Smirks Carrie, my across the hall neighbor.

“Not that it’s any of your business… But, yes, I’ve been on the most AAAAAmaaaazing date with Will,” I reply.

She sniffs, “He’s a good boy. He’ll realize how sinful you are, and drop you like a hot potato.” She starts down the stairs, but turns around to say, “I’ll pray for you. You really need Jesus.”

In disbelief, I stand on the landing squinting my eyes in her direction for a moment. What is her problem? I’m really not that bad of a person. I try my best to be the kind of girl that I was raised to be. I know that I miss the mark sometimes, but I try so hard.

I slowly make my way down the hall to my room, and open the door quietly. Dee Dee is still studying at her desk. She turns around and raises her eyebrows at me.

“Well? How did it go?” She asks.

“It was interesting. Definitely not what I expected.”

Dee Dee quizzes, “What does that mean? Is he a dullard, as I suspected?”

“No! He is nice, and seems very intelligent. I would even say that he has a lot of potential. I’ve already agreed to see him again,” I reply.

“Wow! He must be something special. That is not like you at all.”

“I was pleasantly surprised,” I say with a grin.

I head to the bathroom to take off my makeup and get ready for bed. I cannot stop smiling as I splash water on my face. Even the buzz of the electric toothbrush cannot distract me from my happiness. I slip out of my dress, and run my hands down my body, unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor. I take a heavy breast in each hand and gently squeeze my nipples. Quickly, they harden, and I allow a little moan to escape my throat. I remember Will’s fantastic mouth and kisses, and feel my excitement beginning to rise. With one hand remaining on my breast, I slide my hand down to the soft mound of hair between my thighs. It is slippery with my juices. I know that I can’t stay in here forever, but I’m hopeful that my roommate will go to sleep soon, and I can spend some time enjoying myself. I slip into my pajamas, a cute, rose print, off the shoulder top and matching shorts, which barely cover my backside.

I head back into my room, tossing my dress and shoes in my closet. I turn down my bed, and turn on the lamp.

“Deeds, are you still using the overhead light?”

“Nope. I’m about to call it a night. My eyelids are so heavy,” she replies.

I click on my bedside lamp and flip the switch for the overhead light.



I take out my notes and try to study, but my thoughts keep returning to Will, those amazing, erotic kisses, and the electrifying connection that I felt. I press my thighs together, creating worlds of friction and arousal there. I can feel the warmth growing in my loins, threatening casino oyna to set me ablaze. I hear slow, rhythmic breathing from my roommate. Clicking off my lamp, I settle in to enjoy the product of my arousal. I run my hands over my stony nipples, and breathe deeply as I feel my body relaxing into the familiar touch. My hand runs down my belly to the small triangle of fabric under my shorts. I can feel my inner warmth seeping through the thin fabric. I stroke my labia gently and slowly, savoring the slow burn of pleasure. My panties are dampening, and I slip my finger under the fabric into the silky wetness found there. I’m suddenly drawn from my personal pleasure,

“Anna Joy, can I ask you a really personal question?”

It’s all I can do not to groan in disappointment at the intrusion.

“Sure, Deeds, you can ask me anything. You know that I will only answer if I’m comfortable.”

“Okay. I’m really hesitant to ask this…” she hesitates. I can feel her discomfort from across the room. “Have you ever had an orgasm? I mean REALLY had one.”

“Wow! What an awkward question!” I laugh. “Of course I have had an orgasm. I’ve had thousands. Have you never had one?”

“I haven’t. That’s why I have the appointment tomorrow.”

“What?” I ask with incredulity, “are you going to see if the doctor will get you off? I don’t understand,” and flick my lamp back on.

She throws her head back and laughs.

“Not exactly… My meds can make orgasm difficult or even impossible, so I have been weening off of them. He just wants to check on my progress off of the meds.” She replies.

“On your orgasm progress?”

A soft chuckle from Dee Dee, “No. He wants to see how I am doing with my new lower dose of medication.”

“I hope that you don’t mind my asking, but have you tried to get yourself off?”

“Of course I have!” Dee Dee exclaims.

“I just don’t understand how you can never have cum in your entire life. I remember doing it for myself in a house that we moved from when I was three. I didn’t know what to call it, but I knew that I loved it, and I couldn’t go to sleep without doing it.”

“What? Who masturbates at three? That is insane,” she replies.

The room fills, once again, with uncomfortable silence, which stretches itself into a palpable fascination on my part. My brain is attempting to piece this puzzle together. How can she have never had an orgasm in twenty years? I wonder what she has done to try to make it happen. I have got to help her. This is completely unacceptable.

“Ok, Deeds,” I finally say. “I’m going to help you figure this out. Everyone deserves to cum every now and again. We just need to figure out what works for your body.”

“How can you help?” She asks.

“I can tell you what works for me. We can start there, and then you can report back to me if it’s not working. Then, we can figure out something else.”

My mind races with erotic ways that I can help her.

“I’m super tired tonight. Let me think on this a little and get back with you tomorrow. Ok?”

“That sounds good. I mean not really good,” she stammers. “I mean, it sounds like a plan.”

“Its a plan,” slot oyna I chuckle softly as I turn out the light and surrender to sleep.

I awaken to the soft sounds of Dee Dee heading into the shower. She has an 8:00 class this morning. I don’t have classes, but I have to be at work in a few hours. I remember our strange conversation last night, and then the wonderful date with Will. My longing quickly returns. My desire rises like the sun, overcoming me. I need the release of orgasm, but I don’t have much time before Dee Dee will be back. I quickly take my breasts in each hand, and pull them out of my top. I love the way that my nipples swell and harden. I pinch them both fiercely, and moan a breath of pleasure. I slip my right hand down my stomach, and around to the roundness of my ass. I slide my finger in my crack and tease the button of my rectum. I’m pressing my thighs together and thrusting my hips forward to create the glorious friction that will bring me release. I drag my shorts and panties down and toss them away.

Moving my hand forward, I feel the slippery, juicy, glorious wetness that accompanies my arousal. I slither a finger inside, and revel in the pillowy-soft flesh that envelopes it. I draw my finger out and stream nectar onto my labia. My fingers find the growing nub of my clitoris. I thread two fingers around it and slowly stroke up and down, while continuing to thrust my hips. I can feel the tightening warmth growing exponentially stronger in my loins. The warmth swells and stretches until I am panting and sweaty with the heaviness of it. My toes are curled tightly into little balls of tension. Remembering last night’s erotic kisses from Will, and the hard bulge in his pants pushes me to the edge. Slowly, steadily, methodically stroking my clit until I am overwhelmed by wave after wave of release, shaking my body with the tide of it. Feeling battered, yet renewed, my body continues to shiver. In this sunset moment of bliss, the door opens, and Dee Dee, in her robe, stares awkwardly at my body – legs spread, fingers inside my splayed labia, breasts bared. Scrambling to cover myself, I snatch at the blanket which has slipped onto the floor.

She blushes, then creeps slowly into the room, and sits on her bed.

“Wow, Anna. If that is what orgasmic bliss looks like, I need some of that!” She whispers breathlessly. “I’m sorry that I interrupted you.”

“No worries. I was done.” I sheepishly reply. “Sorry to have embarrassed you.”

“I’m not embarrassed. Well, not too much anyway,” she states while pulling on her pants. “I’m curious to know how to do that for myself. When I walked in the door, you looked so damned… I don’t know… Sexy? Peaceful? Satiated? I guess all of those things at once… I want that.”

Wrapped in my blanket, I stand and determinedly walk the few steps over to her. “I promise you that you will have that, even if I have to do it for you.”

Silence stretches into a thinly drawn breath. “You would do it for me?” She gulps.

“I would rather teach you how to do it for yourself, but I would do it for you if you needed me to. You deserve to be able to cum. Hell, that may be the reason that you are depressed canlı casino siteleri and needed those drugs to begin with.” I reply.

She finishes getting dressed, and looks at me strangely.

“This conversation is a little unnerving. I don’t really know what I think about what you just said. I have a jumble of thoughts about it,” she says.

“That’s okay, Deeds. We can think and talk more about it later,” I say.

The phone rings, the insistent double ring which tells me that this is an on campus call.

“Hello?” Dee Dee answers. “Just a moment. I’ll get her for you.” She places her hand over the receiver, and wide eyed squeaks at me, “Anna, it’s Will!”

I was not prepared for an early morning call like this. I tighten my grip on the blanket still covering my nakedness, and walk over to the phone. I clear my throat a few times, and take a deep breath.

“Hello? This is Anna.”

“Anna, hi. It’s Will. Good morning.Umm, I know that it’s early. I hope that I didn’t wake you,” he stammers.

“Nope. You’re good. I’ve been up for a while.”

Dee Dee opens the door and turns around to wave. “Don’t forget about the car later,” she stage whispers across the room.

“I got you,” I mouth back.

“So, I know that you said that you have to work a lot today, but I know that it’s your day with no classes. So, I was thinking that it might be nice to go to breakfast together, if you have the time,” he sputtered. “So, I guess, umm, what I’m asking is if you would like to go to breakfast with me.”

I hesitate, “Well, I have to be at work in a little while, but breakfast sounds nice. Sure, I’ll go. Can you give me 20 minutes?”

“Yes!” He exclaims. I’ll be in your lobby to pick you up in a few minutes.’

“Hold on. Will you just wait for me in the parking lot. These are some nosey girls in this dorm,” I request.

“Sure thing. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you said yes. I was worried about your answer all night long,” he admits. “I guess that you can tell that I’ve been thinking quite a bit about you.”

“Wow! I’ve been thinking a lot about you too.”

“You have? I hope that its all good stuff.”

“Very good stuff,” I reply. “I guess that I had better get some clothes on if I’m going to breakfast.”

“Hold on. Are you naked?” He asks.

“Well… nearly…” I reply.

“That is hot. Why are you nearly naked?”

“Umm… I’ll have to tell you later.

He chuckles. “Ok, but I will not forget.”

“Ok,” I nervously reply. “Damn,” I mouth to myself.

“I’ll see you in a few,” he says.

“See you soon. Bye.”

“Good bye,” he says.

I hang up the phone and rush to the closet to pick out something to wear. I reach my hand toward a cute little green dress, but let it fall as I remember that I have to work soon. I will need to wear my uniform to breakfast. I’m disappointed, but know that this is real life, and if he is interested in me he will have to accept that I work… a lot. Grabbing the black pants and white shirt from the closet I hurry into the bathroom. I work quickly to put myself together. I inspect myself for a moment in the mirror. My hair is doing something funny on the left side, where I slept on it strangely. I pull it back into a low chignon. A little mascara and lip gloss and I feel confident enough to go. I slip on my comfortable work shoes, grab my purse, and head out the door.

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