Bike Ride with My Daughter Ch. 02

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Bike ride with my Daughter II

Part I: When our car broke down after a night marriage ceremony my brother-in-law – Abu, my wife – Janet, daughter – Sowmya along with me were left with a bike to travel. I got aroused as my daughter’s ass was pressed on my dick while riding the bike. Looking through the mirror I found the brother groping his sister. On the way we stopped to pee. Seeing the naked ass I got more aroused and stopped at a nearby theatre. The movie and had already began. I sat with my daughter. My wife and her brother sat at a different place. As the movie rolled on I led her to the bathroom to know her more. When we returned ………

Part II
After the episode in the bathroom we returned as if nothing occurred. My daughter sat beside me as I sat in the end seat. I looked at my wife who was trying to avoid all the hands around her. Her saree was loose and blouse open. Hands were fondling & squeezing her mounds. One of them lifted her saree and tried to pull out her panties. She was giving a stiff resistance. Her brother moved in and held her hand. She glared at him as one of them pulled down her panties. He soon folded up her skirt to her thighs and squeezed.
My eyes darted back to the screen as a villain started tearing the sexy actress’s clothes. Her boobs jumped out as if released from a spring lock wobbling. He grabbed them and sucked as if for the first time. He quickly moved on to her skirt and panties. I got a good view of her slender thigh and red polka panties. I felt my rod stir. I turned towards my daughter to see how she was taking it.
It was then I noticed a hand creeping on her thigh. It was her neighbor. His hands were moving along her thighs slowly under her skirt. She tried to push his hand away but he persisted and was too strong for her and she yielded. I watched as he slowly lifted her skirt and placed his hand on her naked thigh. He moved his hand upward and squeezed her pussy with his fingers. She jumped up and looked at me. I acted as if I did not notice but was deep in the screen. He was getting bolder. I saw him unzip and take his rod out. She watched as he began to pump with one hand while the other searched her. He grabbed her hand and led it to his dick forcibly and made her hold it. Holding her hand on his dick he continued his pumping with renewed vigorous energy. His other hand meanwhile roamed on her ass. He managed to get his hand under her ass lifting the skirt. He pulled her panties to a side getting the gap and inserted his finger in her anus making her jump once again. This time both didn’t look at casino siteleri me. On the verge of ejaculation he forced her head down and ejaculated on her face trying to insert his dick in her mouth. He pushed his finger deep into her ass and held her as he continued to spray his cum. As he eased his grip she quickly wiped her face with her skirt. He beamed at her.
My eyes once again strayed to my wife. She was moving angrily from her seat grabbing her clothes. She moved towards the door and so did the other four along with her brother. I whispered to my daughter that I would be back and went to see what was happening. There was a sound of arguing but I couldn’t see them. Since it was night, there was none around. I found that the sound was coming from men’s room. I opened a little and peeped in. the four of them had surrounded them. Abu was arguing with her as if he was their leader. Suddenly he grabbed her by the waist and pushed her to the wall and held her hand above her head. She was struggling as the four moved in. one of them held her hands as Abu moved his hands over body. He moved his hands pressing her boobs and slowly to her navel squeezing her stomach and then grabbed her pussy. She let out an ‘ayah’ sound as his grip tightened. He moved his hands slowly to her ass and thumped them. With a quick pull he disrobed her saree.
“What are you doing?” she was screaming, “this is a public place. You are my brother and there are strangers with you.”
“I always wanted to see you being fucked. It will be my greatest luck to see you fucked by 4.”
She looked at him as if he was crazy. “That’s not possible. A sex is between 2 persons.”
“That’s all changed sis. Just wait & watch.”
“But your in-law, think of him. Please let me go. I will do it for you another day”
He pulled of her skirt as the others grabbed her blouse and bra off. I watched her plum breast jiggling. She was in her panties. I felt my rod thrusting. The last piece of clothing was also being pulled down, but stopped as the panties reached her thigh. She was brought to her knees as Abu moved. One of them opened his zip and let out his dick on her face and forced her to suck, while the others took their position. Another of them grabbed her ass and split open her ass cheeks and began to tongue her asshole. He took out his dick and slowly pushed it in her asshole. Terrified and with protest she tried to stop but was pulled down. She screamed ‘aaaaaah mmmmmm noooo ee’ as he entered her ass roughly. Abu soon jumped in grabbing her pussy and sucked it. She was pulled up and the remaining slot oyna two began to play with her boobs.
I returned to my seat with my dick ready to blow. The person next to Sowmya had moved and another person was in his seat. Sowmya was sitting in his lap. As he saw me he said with a sly grin that the girl was feeling lonely so he had asked her to sit on his lap. He quickly let her down. I stopped him. He looked at me surprised.
“Let her sit in your lap. She can see the film better. I don’t mind.”
He was taken back but he thanked his lucky stars and pulled her up again. I returned to watch the movie. It was a fighting scene but my eyes were on Sowmya. Still with doubt he moved his hands over her thigh and looked at me. I gave him a go-ahead smile. He soon lifted her skirt up and groped her thigh passing his fingers between her thighs to her panties. Lifting her up he pulled her panties down and freed his dick. He made her sit on his dick and pressed her harder on his dick. He began to move her ass forward as he started rocking her. The film had many erotic scenes and he needed no persuasion. He released her and made her stand, then lifting her skirt he squeezed her ass. Placing his dick at 90 degree he pressed it on her ass. With two quick thrusts he held her tight as his cum flowed over her ass. He held her tightly for few seconds then wiped his dick on her skirt. As soon as he was finished I took her to the men’s room.
One of them had come out and was standing by the door. Seeing me he got a little tensed. I lifted Sowmya`s skirt and showed her cum drenched ass and said tell Abu we wanted to wash. He gazed at her ass hypnotized till I put the skirt down, and then as if recollecting his thoughts he looked at me and went in. after some time Abu came out. I showed her ass once again. He looked at me and understood. He took her in and lifting her skirt wiped the cum with his handkerchief, then slowly pressed his dick on her ass. With great expertise he tied her eyes with his cum filled handkerchief. He led her to a side room warning her not to speak. The room was filled with my wife who was riding a huge dick and sucking one. The man at the door pushed Sowmya to her mom’s pussy and she began to suck it. He lifted her skirt displaying her young virgin ass. He took out his huge dick and parting her ass cheeks slowly tried to push it in. After little pressure Abu moved him and began to suck her asshole lubricating it. After a five-minute marathon at her asshole he parted her ass cheeks and pressed his dick, which slid in smoothly surprising Sowmya.
“mmm oooo canlı casino siteleri yeaaaah” she went on moaning leisurely.
The man near the door moved in shoving his fat dick in her mouth. She sucked eagerly as Abu speeded up his movements grabbing her ass. She was being pushed forward and backward by both of them and that movement was making all three of them happy. Suddenly Abu stiffened holding her ass cheeks wide open as he ejaculated in her ass. The other person too held her head as he thrust faster in her mouth and pumped out his semen down her throat.
She looked at me and I told her to dress up. She seemed disappointed. I came up behind her as she finished dressing. I lifted her skirt and viewed her panties clad ass rubbing my dick. Then I pulled down her panties and slowly slid my dick in her wet pussy. She was all ready and gasping for a dick. I began to fuck her pussy hard pulling her up and grabbing her breast. I let the skirt down and holding her tight towards me, with the dick still in her I told her to walk out.
“Like this?” she asked
“Yeah.” I said and pushed her forward. She seemed ambivalent. We reached the door and moved out. I was feeling all crazy as if was on drugs and maybe turning to a voyeur. I wanted someone to see me fucking a young girl. Unfortunately (or fortunately) no one was around. I led her to my bike and pushed her to the seat and began fucking her. She was looking around while I was fucking her.
“Someone ….is. …Watching..Us” she said as I squeezed her boobs. I looked up and saw two people watching us. They looked like passerby and drunk. I turned her around and lifted her skirt giving them a good view of her ass. I traced her ass line and slowly inserted my finger in her asshole as she sucked my dick. I flung her flat on the bike and pushed my dick into her asshole thrusting it deep inside and began to pump her ass vigorously as she grunted. The onlookers watched our act in disbelief. I was putting in a good show for them making sure they saw my daughter naked from all angle. I lifted her leg up and pushed my dick giving them a view of her young flower. They soon had their dicks in their hand. I couldn’t hold longer. I pulled her down as I began to spurt. I pressed my dick on her lips as I ejaculated like a fountain on her face. When last of cum splashed out I allowed her to suck me dry. Without a look at the gate we went to the bathroom. My wife was now sitting on her brother’s lap. Her skirt was pushed up to the waist. It looked like she was riding him while others were teasing her nipples and asshole. One of them pulled her to his dick. She began to suck it. My daughter smiled at me seeing her mother fucked by five of them.
I was wondering to go back to the theatre or perhaps to the strangers at the gate???


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