Birthday Suit Rituals

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We knew our family had a special ritual for when someone in the family turned eighteen. It made us feel nervous but the ritual was a secret and no one had ever been able to break into that secret. Eighteen is the age for sexual consent and we were afraid we would lose our virginity to a family member. That idea was a real turn off.

My favorite cousin and I had birthdays two days apart in July and we were to go through the ritual. We were given no choice. The ritual started back in the nineteen thirties or maybe earlier, so we kind of decided it might be some kind of variation of the usual spanking and rolling under the bed. Folks in that era were just coming out of the flapper twenties with really short skirts and plunging necklines. They had turned very modest, making their skirts longer and necklines higher and tighter.

My cousin, Millie and I did some studying on the internet trying to find some reference to eighteenth birthday rituals around the world. We weren’t sure of our national heritage so we looked at all kinds of European country records.

Millie said, “Sally, I’m not finding anything. Incest has always been taboo in our family the best I can find. It is pretty much the same in all countries but is still practiced in secret. I just can’t image anything like that in our family.”

“Well, Millie, I guess we will just have to wait and see. It is unusual for them to combine the celebration for the two of us but it is unusual, according to Mom, for there to be two birthdays so close together. She said since some family members were coming quite a ways to participate they didn’t feel justified in having separate parties. At least we will have each other for support. I hope.”

A couple of things we each had noticed from the past was who attended the rituals. We had been around for them. We had seen five of our relatives go though them, three of them were girls and two were boys. We were not allowed to see those people for a quite a while afterwards; usually at least three weeks. That made us wonder if they had been hurt and it took a while for them to recover so we weren’t able to see them. That left no hint.

One other thing that made us a bit nervous, well, a whole lot nervous, was the gender fact. When a boy was going through the ritual, most of the attendees were women and most were women over thirty. There would be a few younger women but very few.

When a girl was going through the ritual, all kinds of obscure male cousins, uncles and even guys-in-law would be present, besides the father, brothers and relatives we usually saw. There were of course the mother, close aunts, sisters, girl cousins and sisters-in-law, if any.

We got the impression there was more interest in watching or participating in the ritual for girls than for boys. We also noticed much of the interest was across gender lines.

We were scared.

Finally the day came. It was to be the day between our birthdays and it happened to occur on a Saturday. That would make it possible for those farther away to come. And come they did. There must have been fourteen guys and not all of them were relatives. Maybe they were boyfriends. I don’t know how they qualified but I guess they were sworn to secrecy. We figured this was really going to be some kind of spectator sport and we were going to be sorry they were going to be making sport of us. There were about eight women in attendance also.

We had been given dresses and underwear that were supposed to be special for the celebration of our eighteenth birthdays. Millie’s was blue and mine was white. There wasn’t much to them and as we dressed in my house, we wondered why they were special. The material was pretty flimsy and the seams were more basted than actually stitched. The underwear was a mystery too. The bras and panties were obviously homemade and very shabbily made.

There was no elastic for the panty waist and in fact they were held in place by a small Velcro fastener that worked by folding the material at the waist to fit and then attaching the Velcro pieces together. The bra was also fastened with Velcro in the back and really gave no support. There were no shoulder straps.

We had both been raised very chaste and had never been allowed to date until we were eighteen. Our lives and conduct had been carefully monitored. Therefore, we were in a state of emotional despair at what we really considered revealing clothing. They left us barefooted, so the three items we were given were all we were given.

At nine o’clock that morning we were escorted to the old barn we had on the place. It was no longer used as a barn and had been transformed into a kind of meeting place. We had a lot of potlucks and corn shuckings and such that were held in the building. They gave us some sort of paper house slippers (I think like they have used in some hospitals or prisons) to wear across the dirt.

As the door to the barn was opened ahead of us we could hear a lot of laughing and carrying on but as soon casino oyna as we were ushered through, things got kind of quiet. On one side of the barn there was a platform with two chairs. On the other side were some risers where most of the “spectators” were seated.

We were placed in the chairs facing the assembly. They were wide chairs made for the wide bottoms of most of the older men folk who were usually in charge of the dance, or meeting, or whatever happened in this old barn. If either of us had sat to the side of one of the chairs, probably someone of our size could have sat next to us and had plenty of room. In other words only one chair was needed for Millie and I but we were each in a chair. Later I found the wideness was needed to spread our legs.

We were extremely embarrassed by being place before these people, mostly men, in the first place. Wearing such transparent and flimsy clothes doubled our discomfort. I looked at Millie and she was red and my face felt like it was on fire. I wanted to jump up and run. I looked at the door. It had the slide bolt closed and was being guarded by Uncle Henry, who had a big grin on his face. There was no getting passed him.

A big birthday cake was rolled out and lifted up on the platform to a table. Everybody sang a happy birthday song of local origin. The cake was cut and everyone was given a piece. There was milk and coffee. The audience stayed in place and it was passed to them. There were no candles to blow out. Millie and I were somewhat distracted by getting refreshments. We ate while everyone else was eating. Then things were cleaned up and we once again were the center of attention. I began to shake. Something was about to happen that I didn’t think I was going to like.

Another uncle, John Rollins, was the master of ceremonies but first we have to attend to a couple of things. He announced that it was almost time for the “unveiling”. There was a cheer from the people. My mother and Aunt June, Millie’s mother, also clapped but more tentatively.

“Are you girls both virgins? We have no reason to believe otherwise. We know you have been well protected.”

In stuttering voices, we affirmed that we were. This was getting really scary. I had heard that losing your virginity was a very painful process and if it was to be done before an audience it would be both painful and deathly humiliating. I almost shook out of my chair.

Then the statement was made, “We want to make it unmistakably clear; THESE GIRLS ARE NOT TO LOSE THEIR VIRGINITY HERE TODAY!!!

That was a relief but it still indicated some kind of sexual activity was going to take place. The idea of the flimsy clothes we were wearing was even more ominous. I might not be losing my virginity but I was pretty sure I was going to lose my clothing. Even if all they did was throw water on us we would be the same as naked.

Uncle John then asked for two assistants. A couple of men who had been standing at the end of the risers came forward. They disappeared behind us.

Uncle John then came forward to stand so we could see him. He addressed Millie and me saying, “To begin with we are going to do something that may make you a bit uncomfortable but hopefully that can be changed over the next few hours. That all depends on your cooperation as we celebrate your coming of the age of consent. You are now there and we hope you join in with the rest of us in this very old tradition. If you learn to relax, and we don’t expect that to happen right away, you will also learn to enjoy the proceedings. Boys!”

The someone came up behind me and tied first one arm and then the other to the arms of the big chair. The ropes were soft but the angle of my arms was a little uncomfortable. I was tense and that seemed to make it worse. I tried to relax my tension but it seemed to just make me more tense. I didn’t like this at all. I glanced at Millie and she was really squirming, even more than I was. She had begun crying.

Uncle John then said, “Now for the unveiling.”

The same two guys simply ripped our clothes off, leaving us completely naked and exposed to all these people. Our paper shoes had been taken as we stepped up on the platform. Those bastings had given way easily and the dresses were pulled from under our butts with almost no effort. The panties and bras were also easily taken from us.

Now our whole bodies were red with embarrassment and I expected our legs would be tied open to make us even more of a spectacle. In the meantime, I was crossing my legs and drawing my knees up trying to keep the front of my naked body from being completely exposed.

I should describe the stars of this show. I would not call either Millie or I pretty but we were kind of on the cute side I suppose. I guess we inherited our blond hair. It wasn’t thick but was pretty long. That’s the way it was usually worn in our part of the country. We worked on farms so we were firm and we were tan. My breasts were smaller than hers. She was maybe 35B and slot oyna I was probably 33B. We both had large areolas. Our work kept us pretty thin. We weighed between 115 and 125. Millie’s family was tall and she got some of that. She was 5′ 7″ and her legs were long. I could see her feet touched the floor from that big chair. I was 5′ 3″ and my toes just touched but I could not put my feet flat.

My feet were never tied and neither were Millie’s.

Uncle John came in front of us again and addressed us explaining what was going to happen. I’m afraid he leered at our nakedness as he spoke and that made it even worse. I had avoided looking at all the other people, except my mother. I wondered how my lifetime protector could abandon me to this now.

“None of us can remember how, or exactly when, this ritual was begun. There have been discussions about ending it but there has also been a lot of dissension about ending it. Some of us really like it. The ladies like the ritual when it comes to the boys and we men like it when the women are the subjects. It is like a coming out party for you and great entertainment for us. However, there is no one here who didn’t go through this on their eighteenth birthday so you should have sympathetic participants.

“Today you are going to have eighteen orgasms. That is a lot in one day. Hopefully no one will try to treat you too roughly. We have monitors who will watch for that to make sure this all done safely and sanely. You are going to be watched carefully to see that this does not become torture. Boys and girls your age are capable of having multiple orgasms. If you cum too fast too often, it can become painful so we are going to pace you.

“Our experience is that our featured participants sometimes strongly resist at first. That is why your arms are tied. When we believe you have surrendered adequately to the ritual, your arms will be released. That will make the experience more enjoyable for you. Your legs have not, and will not, be tied because the participants you see before you are going to have to spread you legs for two different activities. To begin with you will be manipulated with vinyl gloved fingers coated with KY jelly. After each orgasm, you will be cleaned by your mothers or someone trusted. You will be given a short rest period. Each following participant will have a choice of getting you off by hand or by cunnilingus. We will encourage cunnilingus because the tongue is by nature more gentle than the finger. A few of our women have an aversion to eating pussy but I don’t know why.

“When you have had eighteen orgasms, you will be released, having completed the ritual. You should find it to your advantage to get it done as quickly as possible. Try to enjoy it. There is no time limit. Since you have no sexual experience it is unlikely you will be able to fake an orgasm but we have very experienced observers who will catch you at it if you try.

“You will be refreshed with drink and food whenever you ask. We want to keep you hydrated and energized. If you have to urinate, and it is likely you will, you will be brought a bucket and will urinate either from your chair, or when you have had your arms released, you can stand or squat over the bucket. If you need to take a shit, you will be escorted by your mother or monitor to a place outside the barn for that. Some people may go along to watch but for the life of me I can’t understand why. The animals do it out there and so can you. There will be observers nearby to make sure you return.

“Let’s see, is there anything else? Oh, yes. Your mother’s will be first to get you started with a finger massage of your pussies. No immediate family member will be allowed to perform cunnilingus as that is possibly incest. Forced incest is not acceptable to our community. Since you are each the oldest of your family I believe only your mothers and fathers are present that are immediate family. The rest of those here have drawn slips of paper to designate their order. The papers are colored. Blue for Millie and white for Sally to match the clothes you briefly wore out here. We have compared to make sure you aren’t scheduled with the same participant at the same time.

“You will find that most of the men will choose to perform cunnilingus because they like to look at what they are manipulating up close. There will be no restriction on their use of hands. They are free to handle your breasts but cannot tickle. They can massage outside your vagina with fingers and rub your clit. They have been instructed about that and we are going to watch that there is no penetration to break your hymen. Each will come up individually so you will not be surrounded by people other than the designated observers.

“Are you ready to begin?’

I was crying and could hear Millie crying also. I heard Millie plead not to have to do this. She beat me to it. How could anybody agree to such humiliation as we had already been subjected to. I just wanted to be let go. Millie promised to do anything, canlı casino siteleri any chore, anything to be released from this situation.

I just decided to allow her pleas to stand and said nothing. I closed my eye. Neither of us admitted to being ready to begin.

I was shaking severely and tried not to look at anyone. Most of the time I had my eyes closed. When I suddenly sensed someone near me, I opened my eyes just a little out of curiosity. My daddy and a cousin were at each side of my chair. I thought my mother was to be first.

I said, “Daddy”, in a pleading manner but he would not look at me or even acknowledge me. He and the cousin grabbed hold of the arms of the chair and picking it up, they turned it about a forty-five degree angle from the risers. Everyone was going to have a good view of the finger or tongue as it assaulted me.

Then I did see my mother. She knelt beside my chair. I saw little rugs all around my chair. They were for knees. She dipped her finger in a jar of jelly she held in her left hand. She put that jar down after coating her finger from the contents. Her finger was bare and she said, “As your mother I have special privileges to touch you without a glove. I’m not going to open your legs wide because I understand how you feel but others will open you as wide as they can. Be prepared.”

She went on talking as she inserted the finger into my slit and ran it up to my clit. I had been told that to masturbate was terrible and could result in some very bad things. I had accepted that so my clit had only been occasionally rubbed. I think maybe I had a couple of orgasms in my life. We were supposed to be a very religious family. That idea was gone now.

She continued talking to me softly. “I’m sorry you have to go through this but if you didn’t I’m afraid we would be shunned in the family. Other families in the community also do this so we would surely be ostracized if the word got around. We talked of ending it three years ago. The women said we should continue for boys because they are stronger but discontinue it for the girls. I’ll bet you can’t guess who fought that idea. The guys said they weren’t giving up their fun. That was the end of that. There were more men voting than women. Both men and women wanted to introduce sexual intercourse but the older people vetoed that. “

She massaged the clit almost exclusively as she talked. Even if it was my mother I was getting a reaction to her attention.

“You are lucky because you are a girl. Girls are better able to have multiple orgasms faster because they don’t have to get an erection. Boys take a lot longer to get in their eighteen shots and by the end they are so sore they can’t walk and their ejaculation is almost like water. Girls can usually get through in just a few hours. You will be sore but girls seem to recover faster. I hope for your sake that you will just try to relax and let yourself cum. It feels really good if you let it. Don’t fight it. I’ve seen cooperative girls get this done in six hours or less. The more you relax your body when you feel it coming, the easier it will be.”

I tried to relax and her soothing voice helped. It didn’t really take long before I felt the most fantastic feeling I had ever felt in my life. It is possible I had experience self inflicted orgasms but having someone else, even my mother, do it for me was beyond description. My hips lifted off the chair and I felt that if my arms had not been tied I could have flown away. I bucked for what seemed a long time and then went limp.

I heard my mother say, “Can we have a glass of juice over here, please?”

A female cousin appeared and my mother gently lifted the tumbler to my lips and I drank. As I drank I noticed something.

“Why are you naked, Mother?”

She replied, “Why this is my birthday suit. Each participant has to wear his, or her, birthday suit. That’s why we call it the birthday suit ritual. You will see no more clothes on anyone coming up here to get you though this. The only exception is Uncle John. We had a unanimous vote a couple of years ago requiring Uncle John to remain clothed.” She laughed.

“I can tell you this, being naked is the part I love. I guess I have become somewhat of an exhibitionist over the years. I love to be seen naked by as many people as possible. I’m only a little less than double your age. I’m 35, as you know. So a lot of us have become exhibitionists. That means two or three times a year, I get to participate in this. From now on you will be able to be a participant and I’ll bet you will grow to love this part. I think it is why so many of the women participate. Few are here today because of other things that happen to be going on but sometimes we have more naked women than men. There are other things you will find out more about later.”

Then she said, “Rest for a few minutes. This is going to go on so I suggest you ask for the next person very shortly. You will be tender when he starts but the good feeling will overcome that quickly. Later you will need more time but get on with it as soon as you can and you will be though faster. Show a willingness to cooperate and maybe after three orgasms or so they will release your arms.”

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