Blood Passion Ch. 03

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Nik laid in bed, curled up under the blood soaked blankets. His body felt heavy. Muscles ached. One hell of a headache made opening his eyes a crack torture. He remembered it all though, an intense, wild night of carnal, incestuous pleasure. No words could describe the feeling and sensations experienced other than it felt natural. But a piece of his modern, socially conditioned mind felt a tinge of regret for the taboo of it. If incest was wrong, why did it feel so right?

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Veronika asked, walking into the room.

She wore a simple bathrobe, sitting next to him to rub his muscles.

“Still feeling sore from last night?” she continued.

“Yeah, my body feels like I put on a ton. Hard to move. My lips are dry too,” he meekly whispered.

“I’ll go get you some water,” she said.

Returning with a glass, she helped him drink it slowly. Some spilled onto the bed, but considering it was already ruined from her neck being bitten open, she didn’t care.

“My throat is still dry,” he whispered.

His eyes locked directly onto her jugular. He could smell the sweet vitality call out to him.

“We’re going to learn a lot together, Nik,” Veronika said, pulling up her sleeve. “I’m sorry I never told you sooner. There is a lot to discuss.”

She pressed her wrist to his lips. Sharp teeth quickly extended outwards, piercing the supple, soft skin. Veronika shivered in pleasure, and Nik drank hungrily. This time, he controlled the flow better than the previous night. Once he dined on his mother’s potent vitae, he felt his lips no longer dry. Veronika stroked his hair lovingly, gazing into his eyes.

“We’re vampires, baby, you, me, and your aunts. All our blood relatives are vampires,” she said.

“Even my cousin?”

“Even her.”

“So, why didn’t I need blood before last night, mom?” he asked, confused.

“There is a lot to talk about. I might as well go over it all now. I owe you that much.”

She sighed, wiping a lock of hair from her eye.

“For generations, our family have been vampires. We don’t know the how or the why, we just are. We’re not movie vampires. We can live in the sunlight, stakes don’t do anything to us, but our family, our clan, has a unique curse. We can’t harness our powers without incest.”

“I just thought you and Aunt Viktoria and Krystal were hot, I didn’t think any supernatural mumbo-jumbo had anything to do with my urges.”

“Its okay, baby, your urges are natural for us. It is who we are. There is nothing to be ashamed with thinking your mother is hot. I raised a stud of a son and each day we grew closer to your eighteenth birthday, the more my pussy became moist at the thought of us together.”

“I saw you and Aunt Viktoria enjoying each other yesterday as well.”

Veronika smirked, and blushed.

“Did you enjoy the view?” she asked.

“Yeah, I never got so hard…well, there was one time I saw Aunt Krystal fucking her teammate when they came to visit, but just that one time.”

“I know your next question and the answer is yes, you can fuck your aunts. Aunt Viktoria came here for this very reason. Our family has a long tradition, the parent teaches the child, so that is why she only teased and tempted you yesterday.”

“So that must mean…”

Veronika nodded, knowing exactly what he’d ask.

“Damn, I’d love to see that. So, wait, if we’re vampires, don’t we get some cool powers?”

“That is the hard part of this conversation. We’re in uncharted territory. See, we have a family tome that talks about some of this stuff. It got handed down from mother to daughter for centuries; mother to daughter, never any other combination.”

“What about dad or your parents?”

She shook her head.

“The bloodline has stayed maternally for centuries. From a certain, unknown date onwards, only women have been blood relatives. All the men are not related to the clan. We unlock our power through incest, specifically a man and woman. The tome got damaged. I can only guess during the fighting.”

“Fighting?” Nik asked.

“Do you love me, Nik?”

“Of course.”

“But you’re why there has never been another man in the house since your father passed away, never another man near me sexually. Do you want to know why?”

Nik shrugged his shoulders. He never thought about it growing up, how his mom never had another man around. The only man who would drop in to hang out was his uncle when he came for a visit with Aunt Viktoria.

“Jealousy, it tore the clan apart. Parts are damaged and we don’t have the entire story but the males all killed each other in their lust for power. You felt it when we drank each other’s blood, how I almost suffocated you and then how you got stronger once you drank mine. We feed each other in an incestuous cycle.

Maybe one of our forbearers moaned in a way to make another jealous, or one got greedy and wanted all the clan’s women, it doesn’t matter. Since then we never had a male in the bloodline, until you. I did not want another man in your casino siteleri presence in case history repeated itself. I can’t control your aunts, baby, but you’re my man now. You’re the only man I need.”

She reached down and placed a firm hand on his flaccid cock. The immediate touch of her skin made it spring immediately, sending pleasure signals throughout Nik’s body. His blood pumped harder, his breathing increased, and he could smell the wetness between her legs as all his senses heightened.

“The only powers we know about so far are we don’t age when we have sex, and our physical and mental attributes increase…at least that is what the tome says.”

“Mom, your hand feels good,” he groaned. “I need you badly. I don’t care if Aunt Viktoria hears us.”

“Don’t worry, baby, remember we are all supposed to fuck each other. She’ll just have to wait her turn until I’m finished milking my stud son dry.”

Veronika leaned in and passionately kissed him, still rubbing his cock as it got harder and thicker. Nik reciprocated, fondling her huge tits while kissing her back, adding in some tongue action. They moaned in mutual pleasure, their blood setting off endorphins that heightened the pleasure.

“My baby boy is all grown up with a cock that can please any woman. I need It inside me again badly, baby. Fuck mommy again, fuck me hard,” she cooed.

Nik didn’t reply with words but with actions. Veronika let out a pleasurable yelp and then moaned, getting flipped over onto her back. The robe fell open, exposing her perfect, naked body. She reached out, pulling her boy in closer so she could feel his muscular, dominant body on top of her. All grown up, an adult, but inside he’d still be the boy she helicoptered around growing up.

“Yes, baby, it feels so good,” she moaned, feeling his thick cock penetrate her sore pussy.

It had been seventeen years since she had sex, the last time being with his father. Veronika knew her place and role once she birthed a man into the family bloodline. No other man would be needed in order to sate her lust. Patience, the only skill she needed to temper to feel pure bliss.

Nik kissed along her neckline, his sharp teeth lengthening instantly at the temptation of incestuous blood. Better controlled than last night, he sunk his teeth in gently, like leaving a love bite but with enough force to break the skin.

Once the blood touched his hungry lips, he felt a force inside him fortify. He felt it before but the literal blood lust clouded his thoughts during the moment.

“Your pussy feels great, mommy. Every time I thrust into you I don’t want to stop,” he grunted.

“Slow down, work your hips gently right now. Let’s take it slow,” she tells him. “Last night we got consumed by the blood lust. Let’s enjoy this moment and explore all our bodies have to offer.”

The lusty mother bit her lips, letting her hands explore his muscular, compact physique. Fingers danced along the muscles on his arm, shoulders, stomach, all over. She counted herself lucky to have a handsome, stud of a son to enjoy their incestuous relationship in.

Nik spent ample time exploring his mother’s large tits, fondling them, kissing them, engulfed in the euphoria of making them his forever. His hands caressed her legs, from thigh to calf, teasing her as he tried to find sensitive, erogenous zones hidden in plain sight.

They cuddle-fucked slowly the entire time, making it softer, sweeter, more romantic than their previous night’s hump fest. Their eyes would lock and they would blush and smile, happy to be together like long, lost lovers. No hint of shame remained between mother and son, only a deepening love, both sexual and parental.

“My big, strong, boy, I lay it on thick because you don’t know how important you are to me,” she cooed, letting her head fall back against the pillow.

Nik’s teeth dug deeper into her jugular, drinking up her crimson honey. Each gulp filled up muscles, reinvigorating long, dormant powers.

“I want to cum inside you again and again. I need to, mommy,” he said.

Before Veronika could reply, Nik’s lips pressed against hers, feeding the lusty mother with powerful vitae. Sloppily, she gratefully drank the crimson liquid, but some of it dribbled out onto her face and pillow. Nik didn’t mind, licking his mom’s face of the blood.

They held each other tenderly, enjoying the intimate moment for a while longer. Nik came inside the wanton womb casually, letting the sperm splash inside as if it were as normal as breathing. Veronika cooed again, feeling the hot goo fill her up.

“I think we should clean up and eat breakfast now, baby. Aunt Viktoria is visiting and it’d be rude of us to spend all day in bed fucking. We can always do that when she leaves.”

Nik nodded, planting one final, romantic kiss before rolling off her.


A little while later, Veronika walked down into the kitchen after getting cleaned up. She finally put on some normal clothes.

“I know that look, Ver, that look like you found gold,” Viktoria said, slot oyna looking up from her papers at the kitchen table. “You fucked him a good hour?”

“More or less,” she replied, head in her hands at the table.

Veronika looked like she stared at the hot teacher with a schoolgirl crush. Viktoria just smirked, knowing she’d probably get the same look soon.

“Did you guys talk at all?”

“I told him a few things but you’re the tome bearer, sis. You can fill in the gaps I don’t remember. Give him time to rest and eat and I’m sure he’ll fuck you.”

“He didn’t get all weird about his aunt wanting to fuck him?”

“Nope, far from it,” Veronika smiled. “He admitted having sexual desires for us.”

“Maybe he’ll cure the dyke out of Krystal. I’m surprised he isn’t her kid half the time,” Viktoria observed. “I made a couple calls and made sure to get time off for the game. I think it only right to see him play since I’m already here.”

“He’ll be ecstatic to hear that. This is his big year, sis. He needs all the support he can get.”

“I know, I know, you won’t shut up about it,” Viktoria commented.

“You don’t talk about Katherine much. She is doing okay, right?”

“Yeah, of course. I’m not the helicopter mom like you are. She is her own woman. I set some ground rules I expect followed and then give her space. Good grades, good clubs, no troubles, just a normal, boring daughter; the best kind. Like I told you yesterday, I’m focused on making sure she doesn’t end up preggo by some deadbeat loser and leaving her a single mother.”

“Just have her marry Nik,” Veronika joked.

“Don’t think it hasn’t passed my mind. Family is the only bond we can trust, sister. Blood ensures we’re loyal.”

“Mom, can you cook breakfast for me, please?” Nik suddenly asked, walking into the kitchen. He wore only his boxers, still reeked of sex, and covered in blood. He didn’t clean himself up, having dozed off again after his mom left to take a shower.

“My, my, you’re looking mighty handsome there, stud. You left some of that for me to lick up?” Viktoria teased and flirted with him.

“Huh?” Nik responded.

He completely forgot to shower and get rid of all the blood. He looked like he came out of a horror movie.

“I’ll go shower.”

“No, don’t, I’m just teasing you, Nik. Come pull up a stool next to your flirty aunt and keep her company while your mom cooks up breakfast,” Viktoria said, putting away the important papers.

“So mom told me you know everything? Aunt Krystal knows everything too?” he asked Viktoria.

“We sure do. Our mom taught each of us when we turned eighteen, family tradition.”

“I’m not gay though,” Nik randomly stated.

“Wait, what? Who said you were gay?” Veronika said, stunned.

“Well, Aunt Viktoria said Grandma taught all of you, so that means you all lezzed out together.”

Viktoria began laughing loudly, so hard a tear streaked her face.

“Don’t be silly. You don’t have to be taught sexually. Don’t get me wrong, mom had a smoking body when we were younger, but I meant teach you the family business. This is rich, Ver.”

“Give him a break, Viktoria, he is taking in a lot of stuff at once.”

“The only thing your teenage male brain needs to process right now is you got two smoking hot babes who’ll ride you dry. The book says your cum is going to give us eternal youth, and I don’t want to get old and wrinkly, so you better believe I’m riding your cock as much as possible,” Viktoria commented, running a finger up Nik’s shoulder.

Nik tried to take in and process all that got told to him but it was a lot to handle. All he wanted to do was finish the soccer season as a champ and get scouted for a free ride. All this family sexual drama made his head hurt.

“What else do I need to know?” he asked.

“Blood sharing, feeding us your cum, that is about it; nothing else for us until we test stuff out. I guess there is no use hiding this part but there are other vampire clans out there. We’re not the only one, assuming their lines didn’t die out,” Viktoria answered.

“Wait, there are more of us out there? Incestuous families?”

“I don’t think they are all incestuous, but there should be some out there. We don’t know because we haven’t had any powers in generations. Until you and Veronika drank each other’s blood, we’ve been dormant and hidden.”

“That book doesn’t reveal a lot, does it?”

“It is charred up and hundreds of years old. Fragments are all we get. We’ll be the ones writing the new family tome.”

Veronika laid out plates and served up breakfast.

“Eat up, young man; you have a responsibility to take care of. Don’t worry, baby, mommy won’t be jealous,” Veronika told him, giving him a hot kiss on the lips.

“Fill those muscles full, Nik, I want everything you gave your mom. No holding back. Give it to me,” Viktoria teased, reaching down to rub Nik’s flaccid cock. “I’m sure I can get this hard again soon. Don’t mind me.”

“I’ve got the practice game coming soon. I’d be happy canlı casino siteleri if you came to watch, Aunt Viktoria.”

“I’ll make sure not to embarrass you when I cheer from the stands with the other parents. I made sure to get the time off. Now, we won’t be jealous if you want to go off with some tight, young cheerleader after the game,” she teased him, still rubbing his bulge.

“Why would I need a girlfriend when I have mom?” he answered.

Veronika flushed immediately, smiling.

“Heart-breaker already. Hasn’t even fucked me and already I’m not girlfriend material,” Viktoria said, jokingly.

“Very funny, Aunt Viktoria, but you’ll be off back to the west coast. How would I make you my girlfriend when you’re living there?”

“Yes, I would be too far away to fuck every night. What good is a girlfriend you can’t fuck? Your mom has me beat on that front,” Viktoria laughed. “Enough of me teasing and tempting you while you’re hungry. I’m going to go make myself look hot and go wait for you in my room. Take your time and eat your fill.”

Viktoria kissed Nik on the lips, slipping him some tongue, before going off to freshen up. Nik pushed aside all his emotions and focused on eating, filling his stomach with a different kind of vitality. Even while eating, his predatory eyes never left his mother’s body. Back turned to him as she cleaned up some dishes, he gazed hungrily at her perfect ass. Lust, love, hunger, the why mattered not to him, he simply needed to be inside her.

“You finished eating quickly, baby? Want seconds? I don’t think you’ll get a chance to eat for a while, not until Aunt Viktoria has her fill of you.”

She stroked his hair tenderly, showering him with praise and affection.

“Don’t be jealous, mom,” he said.

“Don’t worry, baby, I won’t be jealous. I’m happy and proud you’ve accepted your role in the family so readily. Just relax and just think about being able to fuck two hot MILFs in the same day.”

Nik nodded, digging into a second helping of breakfast, trying to rest before being put out to stud.


Viktoria showered and dressed up hot for her nephew. Hot lingerie, a tight gown, elbow length gloves, and ruby red lipstick shining brightly to finish off the desired look. Growing up, Viktoria was a haughty bitch. Either through desire or design, she took life more serious than the others.

Krystal had an athletic build and a warrior’s heart pumping blood in her veins. She spent more time on the field and in the gym than caring about the family legacy. Veronika was the youngest born, and got spoiled the most. Her beauty got her modeling gigs and enough cash to not worry about life. Viktoria took the family teachings to heart, embraced them, and took it upon her own shoulders to carry the burden of family history and future expectations.

Beautiful, brainy, tough, she worked hard to achieve everything in her life without the help of anyone, even her husband, as successful as he may be. Biological fate held her back from achieving it all. She birthed a girl. A few weeks older than Nik, almost brother and sister, she desperately wanted a son so she’d feel a mother’s passionate duty.

She’d have to settle for a nephew. Not what she dreamed for but it’d have to do. She waited there, laid out on the bed seductively and sensually, dressed to the tens like royalty. No cheap slut outfit for her first time, Viktoria would show him who the queen of the family was.

A slight rapping broke up her intense thinking.

“Come in,” she purred.

Nik slipped inside but stopped immediately in his tracks, seeing his hot aunt lying on the bed, stretched out seductively. She pulled up her dress slowly, letting him get a long, good look at her toned legs.

“See something you like, stud?” she asked. “Come sit next to your Auntie. I don’t mind you didn’t wash up. I like it nasty. Something your uncle can’t get it up for, but fuck him.”

Nik sat next to Viktoria, in his shorts, and still covered in the blood and fluids from his morning tryst with Veronika. He still never thought to clean up.

“You look beautiful, Aunt Viktoria.”

“Just call me Viktoria now, Nik. Save the syllable. And I do look hot, don’t I? I am fucking gorgeous.”

He knew her to always be arrogant, though she never put him down ever. More she had a higher opinion of herself than others fed her.

“Now, we’re going to enjoy our fun. I’m going to milk your fat balls dry and get all the cum and blood I can from you before I go back to the west coast.”

She caressed his hair tenderly, giving him motherly affection. The act made Viktoria’s heart skip a beat, and while it did not show on her face, inside she felt a tinge of sadness for not having a son to share this tender moment with.

Nik leaned in, cupping her face. Smooth lips touched hers, glancing the ruby red lipstick. Soft, sensual, they kissed passionately like lovers, caressing each other’s hair and face. Viktoria could smell the blood, not the dried caking but the fresh vitae pumping underneath his skin. The scent intoxicated her mind, made it hazy, and forced her soft kisses to roughen up. Teeth bit and clawed at Nik’s lip, forcing the skin to break open and gush fresh crimson inside her craving mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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