Bonding with Our New Brother

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Sandra must have spent forty minutes in the shower shaving herself to a smooth, silken finish. Her tan legs were done, and she was touching up her bikini line with extra care. Her clit was plump from the sensual attention; she was imagining what she’d wear on that Rio beach during spring break–perhaps her black lace microbikini, maybe the cheetah two piece, “and what the fuck, I’ll go topless too,” she thought. Her ass wasn’t going to go diminish any, despite the marathon training to which she’d dedicated herself for months–though this was not a problem (in fact, such an ass was a Brazilian asset), since she was headed to the booty-loving capital of the world. Besides, “real men love a thick piece of meat. They know home when they see it,” she thought, feeling a tingle shoot down her spine and warmly saturate her second chakra. She observed her wetness with light taps to her pubis before she dipped an index into the warm lube her body so copiously produced by a single, sexy idea. She draped some nectar on her pleasure button and spread her labia, lifting a leg high in the shower to explore herself at different angles and with a stretch that intensified everything. She diddled both ends, playing the rich harmony of the two regions. Then she turned her back to the shower door and pressed her big round cheeks against the clear glass.

Did she know he was watching her? Of course she did. And who was he? Her stepbrother Kyle, peaking in through the steam-billowing crack in the door as he wanked his stubby, large-headed prick vigorously–ever more so now that her back was turned and that beautifully large bum seemed almost deliberately presented for his viewing. His jeans rustled at his clumsy ankles. He’d never witnessed a real naked girl before; had only jerked off to hosiery ads in catalogs, ripped-up porn magazines, the hundreds of sultry looks he’d imagined from girls; had shuddered in lonely evenings wondering what he could do to the mysterious body of a female. While Kyle stood there, gangly-muscled and hunched over, he was shoving his stepsister’s dirty panties in his face, inhaling the musty perfume of aroused pussy. These were his favorite pair, which he’d wanked before, a rainbow-striped thong which he proceeded to hike up on himself once he’d freed himself from his pants.

And then it happened. The moment one valve stopped, another opened. When Sandra turned off the water, Kyle’s body triggered the semen sluice gate to open. He tried to hold it in, to clench his muscles back, but he was at the point of no return. He felt an animalistic sense of viciousness as he let himself go in the taboo triangle of those panties. Drunk from the fumes of cunt-scent and visions of that theater of an ass, he let out an irrepressible squeal as he spunked the multicolored panties with a load that wouldn’t stop flowing. Each semen shot was as powerful as the first stream. The thick white cream boiled into the velvet, feminine patch, penetrating every fiber, and reluctantly dribbled down his inner thighs. “Fuck!” he mumbled, carefully but quickly removing the cummed underwear and tossing it in the hamper.

Sandra knew her horny little sibling would need a minute or two to clean up without her “discovering” him, so she stayed in the sauna-like shower and massaged jojoba oil into her curves and her tenderly shaved parts. Her almost-three-inch-diameter light-colored areolas were goosebumped from the humid exhibitionism, casino siteleri and the rich oil hardened her nipples until they were ready for hard nibbling. She longed to self-suck.

Kyle scurried out of the bedroom like a matted dog. He felt a rush, having caked her thong in salty stickiness. He ran to his bedroom and pretended to search for his clothes for that evening’s family reunion. Then his door opened, and his other stepsister, Kim, walked in.

“Where the fuck’ve you been, Kyle? Dinner’s in twenty and you don’t even have a shirt on.” She noticed the cum stain on his belly hair but thought nothing of it. “Get dressed soon or my mom and your dad ‘ll be pissed. It’s fifteen minutes to the Italian restaurant, so you have five minutes.”

Kyle was utterly relieved that it wasn’t Sandra who opened the door. He was still red-handed as far as he could tell, literally and figuratively. He threw on a nice striped shirt and winkled dress pants and splashed on an overdose of a cologne advertised by a famous basketball player. There was no time to wash up, as disheveled as he was.

* * *

At dinner that evening, the families mingled cordially but without intimacy. The seven stepkids were still fairly knew to each other, but got along fine. Their parents were only worried about the eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds: Kyle, Kim, and Sandra. The children played; the teenagers sulked, sneered and sarcastically smiled. Kim and Sandra were close to each other and never left the table. Kyle was shy, and though embarrassed about his semi-secret masturbation just forty minutes before, sat directly across from the sibling he wanted to discover.

“You know, you ought to learn to iron your own pants, Kyle,” Kim smugly said.

Kyle shrugged at the frowning one and continued to devour his lasagna. Sandra giggled and got up to sit beside Kyle, having finished her meal. She wiped her mouth and threw the napkin on the table with a feigned confidence.

“Don’t listen to Kim. She’s just upset that our mom made us overdress for this shithole pizza place. Sandra gave him a jovial noogie and everyone at the table laughed, the parents especially.

Under the table, Sandra had secret plans. When she read that everyone was busy with another social focus, she put his hand on her bare knee. Naturally, he jerked initially but she pressed it in assurance, thence moving it up her thigh. Kyle’s heart thumped and he took a deep breath to compose himself, looking around the table to make sure no one noticed. Only Kim made suspicious eye contact, but she soon walked off to hang out with her boyfriend outside. Then Kyle felt the inside of her dress, and finally her very wet crotch.

Too wet. “Oh my god,” he thought. “Those are the cum-stained ones!”

“Feels pretty nice to cum in my panties, huh, little brother?” she whispered. “Did you like what you saw earlier?” She turned to him as if they were enjoying a casual chat, and made sure that no one else noticed where their hands were. “Knowing you were watching me made me real fucking wet, and draping this cum patch on my baby-soft twat has made my clit throb all evening.”

Kyle gulped. “So you’ve blue balls, huh?” he laughed, proud that he could make a joke amid in such a powerless state.

“Sweety, I don’t have balls, but I do have red lips above and below, and you’re gonna find out what both pairs can do to do you,” she casually slot oyna spoke in a normal tone, knowing everyone was out of earshot.

Kim returned, staring at the two of them and then glaring at her parents. “Mom, can we leave soon?”

“The check’s coming now. Don’t be so impatient,” her mother responded. And in minutes the group was back in the van to head back home, with Sandra’s hand under her new brother’s bum the whole ride back. Kyle’s dick ached against the confines of boxers, pants, and layers of social decorum.

Sandra whispered one last thing before they all entered the house: “My friend’s coming over this evening. I think we all should hang.”

* * * Everyone but the two of them had gone to bed. It was maybe midnight. Kyle snuck rum from the cabinet into Sandra’s bedroom. She called up her friend, looking Kyle over and devilishly smiling as he waved it in front of her.

She hung up and locked the door, then pushed Kyle on the bed. “Let’s get these painful pants off you and free your special member.”

Before he knew it, she was halfway down his erection looking up with whorish satisfaction, slurping up his cum-sticky cock and lapping at his balls where cum was webbed in the public tangle. Midway through the rapid blowing her girlfriend knocked quietly at the door.

“How’d she get in from the front door?!” Kyle asked bewildered. Sandra hushed him and rushed up and unlocked the door. It was Kim, in a purple babydoll outfit and a matching see-through thong. Her cute little nipples–half the size but just as suckable as Sandra’s–brushed up against the material. She looked nervous; her face had that same serious look. Her black straight short hair and pale, thin body was a fine contrast to the curly curvy brunette that was her best friend and sister.

“Well,” Sandra said, locking the door again. “Grab yourself a drink and enjoy the show, sis.”

Kim willingly complied, sneaking a little smile as she poured herself a good, hard drink. She sat on the bed by Kyle’s head, petting his hair as Sandra recommenced her professional suck-and-stroke technique. Kim pressed Kyle’s two hands above his head so he could push up her small breasts as she diddled her clit. She then straddled him without a word, letting him inhale her musty essence. His breath alone made her wet and loose.

Sandra came up for air. “I told her you loved to sniff panties. We know you love our smell,” she laughed and went back to her sucking, letting her straps fall aside so her breasts could hang freely. She then got up to grab a large bottle of jojoba oil, which she drizzled on her tits, rubbing it in and lustfully looking at her new brother, who now had a face full of puss that he was lapping with the zeal of a boy trying to lick down candy. Kim bucked and dipped her hips, riding his nose and tongue like a cock, knowing just the spots she wanted scratched. She downed his cock and scooped up his ass cheeks for more.

Sandra pushed her aside so she could titty-fuck him. Slightly annoyed, Kim got up and pushed her sister over and tongue-fucked her from behind. The three of them were a moaning, sucking, oily mess of lust who couldn’t settle on one position. Kyle looked up astonished at the sight of Sandra’s massive tits sandwiching his veiny prick, slurping it every so often, and deep-throating it when her sister dove her whole face into her dripping, loose lips.

Kyle got up and watched canlı casino siteleri Kim as she sucked up Sandra’s juice box. He stood with his proud prick raised in vanity and lust. He knew he could show off his body now, and he ripped off his shirt to reveal his hard abs, now dripping with sweat. The girls, still in their thongs, looked over and feigned admiration. Then they really admired him. Then, when they were about to fight over who got to ride him first, Kyle took command.

He was ready to pound some pussy doggiestyle, and he’d begin with the girl he thought hated him. He tapped his dick at Kim’s mouth so that she could trade off puss and cock at intervals. Then he butted in front of her to tap on the glorious Sandra ass, and to tease her entrance with his mighty staff. She begged him to fuck her, pushing her fleshy ass back, hoping to get a hole in one.

“Kim, get over the bed,” he ordered. Kim smiled at him for the first time that evening, leaning over the bed and arching her ass so that her hairy pussy was ready for him.

“Fuck me, daddy,” she said, lifting her babydoll dress up and pulling aside her microthin thong.

And fuck her he did. He pierced her virgin-tight lips with the giant mushroom head, and continued to slice into that soft suck hole, tapping her ass lightly. Sandra shook her head and landed a heavy hand on Kim’s ass. Clearly Kim had a high pain threshold and had no tolerance for light spanking. She wailed at the reddening smack and looked back lustfully for a harder fucking.

She ponytailed her hair and offered it to Kyle. “Pull it like I’m your dirty slut, daddy,” she begged again. After a vicious round of thrusts, Kyle pulled out, his cock white from the precum he couldn’t contain. Sandra pushed him on the bed and straddled him, bouncing on his cock as he smacked her round ass and even tits. He yanked up her cummed panties and pounded her good, her ass jiggling fast to the furious gyrations. Kim proceeded to ride his face again, and the sisters kissed passionately as they got a good tongue- and cock-fucking.

“I think he’s going to blow, Kim,” Sandra laughingly whispered between moans. So she got off him and sucked him to help him plateau his pleasure.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m gonna cum!” Kim screamed suddenly, creaming her cunt juices on Kyle’s face. He hungrily drank her ejaculate.

Sandra sat on the floor and spread her thick legs to welcome his final entry for the evening. Kyle lifted up Kim—who had subsequently collapsed from her mind-blowing orgasm—and she sat at the edge of the bed to watch.

Kyle mounted into Sandra in one fell swoop, pounding her pussy with a fury he didn’t know he had. Her ass got rugburn from the virile pumping, her legs flailing in the air. Kim knelt by him, caressing his chest and brushing her nipples against his strong arms. His triceps alone got her going again, rubbing her tired puss. She cupped his balls and tugged at them, leaning down to kiss and suck at them. Then she took out his cock and sucked off Sandra’s tang glaze. She stroked Kyle vigorously, looking into him and telling him to cum. She looked to Sandra, knocking his cock on her sister’s clit, tapping the red, open labia, and inserting it one last time. Kyle stood still.

“Stroke it, Kim,” he directed. And she pumped his cock wildly as he groped and pinched their nipples hard, viciously. His man cream streamed up into Sandra’s sweet womb, bathing her tight cavern with a thick load. Mid-stream, he pulled out and unleashed his cum on both their faces and tits. He came like Peter North. He felt like a porn star. And they, they slept like babies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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