Boo, My Grown Up Daughter

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“Boo! Breakfast time, honey!”

I got up especially early this morning in order to cook a feast for my lovely daughter, Boo. She had definitely deserved it. Just as my thoughts were drifting to the marathon of love we made last night, my little Boo came prancing into the kitchen.

What a heavenly girl she was! She was about to start college but looked like she is 12. She can’t get into R-rated movies without showing ID because she looks so young. She stands just over five feet tall, has golden-blond hair that reaches the small of her back, and is as cute as a button. And although her breasts are not that big, they are extremely perky and give her the perfect hour glass figure.

“Hello Gorgeous”, I said as I bent over to hug. And I meant she was GORGEOUS: she was wearing one of those oversized T-shirts (a pink one) that revealed her soft cotton panties if she lifted her arms at all.

“Hello Handsome”, she whispered as she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. Goodness, was she ready to do it again already!

“I want YOU for breakfast, daddy…” was all she said before she started nibbling my ear. While quickly getting hard from the warmth of her mouth on my ear, all I could do was simply grab her by her little ass, gliding my fingers slowly across her bum.

“OOOHHH, Daddy, I love when you run your fingers over me like that!” Her voice is more high-pitched than most 12-year-olds she resembles. “You’re making me wet already! Can we do what more of what we were doing last night?”

Ah, last night. Yes, the heavens smiled down upon me last night.

It started when I picked up Boo from work. She was old enough to drive but always insisted that I drive her to and from everywhere. Looking back, it must have been part of her plan to wear my down over time.

Boo hopped inside the truck. She planted her usual kiss on my cheek, but she also placed her right arm around my neck. It had been a while since I had got any action, so the touch of her soft, youthful flesh against me casino siteleri made my dick twitch.

My wife left me and Boo a long time ago. Boo was a very fragile child; after my wife left us, Boo thought that I would leave her as well. I was as affectionate with Boo as I could be to give her assurance that I would never leave her for any reason.

“Daddy, can we go get ice cream tonight?” Asking for ice cream was Boo’s way of letting me know that she needed to talk about something.

“Sure, Boo. Do you want to go out or do you want to get some from the grocery store and take it back home?”

“Let’s get some and take it home.”

So we went to the store and got her favorite ice cream. While we were in line, Boo saw a Britney Spears on the cover of a magazine and asked me what I thought about her.

“Well, she’s not bad, but she’s nothing compared to you.” I was already in the process of trying to make her feel better than she was obviously feeling right now. If she wasn’t down about something, why did she ask for ice cream?

“Daddy, you’re just saying that,” she said as she blushed like the young schoolgirl that she resembled too much.

But this time, I really wasn’t. I always told Boo how beautiful she was, and while I always meant it, it was more of a duty to compliment my daughter in such a way. But I was looking at her now in the store, and I really meant it–no other girl could compare to my Boo.

I snapped out of this thought pattern when I paid the cashier. I was a little distracted while driving home because Boo wanted to hold my hand. All the way home, she rubbed the cute thumb of her precious hand up and down my larger hand.

I scooped out the ice cream and made two bowls while Boo got dressed. When I put the ice cream away, I heard a noise that had broken my heart so many times before–Boo was crying. So I allowed myself into her room to see hersitting on her bed, her face already red from the crying. Without speaking, I sat down beside her and pulled her into me.

When slot oyna she settled down a little, I asked her, “What’s the matter, honey?”

In a few minutes she was done crying, but still whimpering a little. “I want to grow up! I am tired of being looked upon as some twelve-year-old when I’m about to enter college. I want people to start treating me like a grown up.”

I was too busy worrying about my hard-on at the time to want to pull her closer. But she took the initiative herself and snuggled herself into me. Before I could say anything, she completely sobered up from crying and said, “…and I want to do grown up things, Daddy.”

Before I knew it, she was kissing my neck. She started giggling and moaned a little, too. She guided me to lay on my back and began massaging my fully-erect dick.

“Daddy, I want to make love to you. You have been so good to me over the years and it’s time to pay you back.” I started to object, but she placed her fingers over my lip and quieted me. She then put her other leg around me so that she now straddled me.

“Now Daddy, I’m going to do a lot of the work here, so just sit back and enjoy.”

She took off her skirt to reveal her white cotton panties, and guided those off as well. She grabbed my right hand and together we unbuttoned her blouse. I felt up her upper body while she took her bra off. She then helped me out of my jeans and boxers.

Straddling me again, she took my hands and placed them on her hips. She leaned forward and we kissed each other like there was no tomorrow. I openned my mouth a little, and that was all the invitation she needed. She slid her tongue into my mouth and we french kissed like intimate lovers.

“Ooooohh, Daddy, please fuck me. FUCK ME NOW. OH, DADDY!!!” And to think, I hadn’t even entered her yet, and she was already shaking from an orgasm. This brought me to the brink of cumming, but I was able to hold it down.

She took my dick and guided it into her. “Daddy, I’m still a virgin, so please be gentle.” canlı casino siteleri Then she thrust herself down on top of me. When the pain subsided, she had a look in her eyes that comes from the realization of a forbidden act is about to commence.

“Ooooo, Daddy, fuck me…fuck me…fuuuUUCCCCKKK!!!! OH DADDY!!!” I was hardly doing anything at this point; my baby girl Boo was bouncing up and down on me so fast that I could not keep up with her rhythm. All I could do was hold onto her hips and watch her enter a realm of ecstacy.


She collapsed on top of me. She was breathing but not conscious of her surroundings. I pulled her up a little so that I could suck on her nipples. I kissed all around the nipples before I began licking them.

When Boo came to, she was instantly turned on again by the attention I was giving her breasts.

“Daddy, I am yours. You can suck on my breasts any time you want. I OOHH DADDY DON’T STOP I AM GOING TO COME DADDY OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

This time, I couldn’t hold myself back.

“HERE IT COMES BOO, I’M GONNA FILL YOU UP WITH MY SEED!!!” Then I exploded in her pussy right as she herself came. She was still on top of me and we held each other while we caught our breath.

We made love throughout the rest of the night. I have never met a woman who came as easily as Boo.

So now we stand here in the kitchen, me holding her with her legs wrapped around me.

“Well Daddy, are we gonna have more fun like last night?”

“Boo, we are gonna fuck every day for the rest of our lives.” I carried her to our couch and again let her sit on top of me.


Boo took a while to again catch her breath, while I kept nibbling her breasts.

“Boo, of course I’ll marry you. You are a beautiful grown woman. I love you.”

“And I love you, too, Daddy.” We stayed in each other’s arms for hours, kissing and fucking and moaning and grunting.

Yes, my beautiful Boo is a grown woman, alright.

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