Born Beautiful, Rachel’s Story #15

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Chapter 15

Karl has sex with his mother in the barn while his sister, Rachel, watches.

She watched her brother unbuttoned himself and pull out his cock to stroke himself to a larger erection before presenting his erect cock to their mother. A time, when she only looked at him with love, now looking down at the floor with her mind obviously elsewhere, her mother didn’t even look up to acknowledge the sick sexual behavior of her son exposing his cock to her. In the way she looked at him or, actually, didn’t look at him, Rachel wondered how her mother could possibly enjoy having sex with her son after being so badly treated by her husband and her son. Abusing her for their incestuous passions, they were only using her for sex. Only, she had a look on her face that confessed to her daughter that she didn’t care.

After she confessed that she enjoyed having sex with Karl, she wondered if her mother was pretending to be so horrified by seeing her son’s cock and by the action of her son forcing her to suck him now. Maybe her mother maintained a brave face for the sake of her daughter by lying to her that she enjoyed having sex with Karl so that she wouldn’t feel so bad for her mother. Maybe her mother hated having sex with her son. She didn’t know. By her mother’s mixed signals, she couldn’t tell.

“Karl,” said her mother to her son in a calming voice, while appearing to play her part as the reluctant victim and the abused mother for the sake of her husband who watched their twisted interaction while masturbating himself. “I’m your mother. Forcing me to suck you is so very wrong.”

“Something that feels so very good, Mother, can’t be so very wrong. While I play with your big tits and finger your hard nipples, I need to cum in your mouth and I need for you to swallow,” he said reaching out to feel her big tits and to finger her hard nipples.

With her brother always exposing himself to her, always looking away in shame, embarrassment, and disgust, Rachel had seen his cock many times before, mostly when it was flaccid, but not when it was hard as it was now. Seeing his big prick now was different. With his prick sticking straight out and looking so very big and so very hard, instead of looking at his cock with shame, embarrassment, and disgust, she looked at his prick with hunger, lust, and interest.

Seeing her brother’s look of incestuous lust that he had on his face for the sexual love he felt for his mother was something she had never seen before, except in the way that her father looks at her and lusts over her. When a new feeling of incestuous lust emerged in her, something she never felt before, she wondered if she was turning into them, an incestuous pervert. Definitely, especially in the horny state she was in now, she’d suck her brother’s cock if he forced her to suck hm. She would.

This time the sight of his engorged prick aroused something inside of her that lay dormant until now. Perhaps, if was a simple feeling of jealousy that her brother wanted her mother over her. With no man in her life to make her feel special in the way that her brother was making his mother feel special now by sexually wanting her, she wished a man would pay her some attention too, sexual or otherwise. She wished her father had a hired farmhand who could give her a hand, a mouth, and a cock with the horniness she was feeling now.

Yet, when she thought more about it, relieved for the lack of incestuous lust, the sight of Karl’s prick didn’t excite her because the prick was her brother’s engorged prick. The sight of Karl’s big prick excited her because it was an engorged man’s prick. She’s never seen an erection so big and so hard. Preferring it not to be her brother’s prick that sexually excited her, nonetheless the sight of her brother’s prick aroused a curiosity and a sexual need to experience a man sexually. Feeling a familiar warm gush and a tingling feeling between her legs, she wondered what it felt like to have intercourse with a man instead of masturbating herself with her finger or with a carrot. Truly, now running on sexual overload, with it not even being her brother’s prick, it could have been any man’s prick that finally flipped her sexual switch.

Tired of being a virgin and tired of her father saving herself to give her to the perfect, wealthy man in exchange for land and livestock, in the way it was done with other women her age and in the way it was done with her mother and her grandmother before casino oyna her, she was tired of waiting to begin her life as a married woman. Women her age already had a husband and babies suckling their tits and a brood of small children tugging at their skirt and demanding their attention. As if a moth emerging as a beautiful butterfly after experiencing her metamorphosis, finally emerging as a beautiful woman, she wanted a man of her very own.

She needed a man who wasn’t as depraved as were her father and brother. She wanted a good man who loved her. She wanted a husband and to start a family with a baby. She wanted to have sex.

“Here it comes, Mommy. Here’s your big surprise,” said Karl with perversity.

In the way that he put his fingers inside his pants to wrap his hand around himself, as if taking hold of a wild eel or a big snake, when he pulled himself out of his pants, his cock was so big and so hard. Rachel was curious what Karl’s big cock would feel like in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. It was one thing to tease her brother and to control her brother with the promise and the hope of having sex with her, but she’d never have sex with her brother, that is, unless he forced her in the way her father coerced his son to have sex with his mother now. If only her father knew that his wife and his son were complicit in their incestuous, sexual desire for one another, he wouldn’t be happy. Yet, nonetheless the incestuous sex, as if her brother’s prick was nothing more than a dildo or a vibrator, generally speaking as big pricks go, she was curious about her brother’s cock.

What did his cock feel like to hold it in her hand while stroking him? What did his cock smell like to hold it up to her nose? What did it taste like to put his big prick in her mouth. What would it be like to feel that huge monster deep inside of her pussy.

If ever she found her brother drunk and unconscious, she’d be tempted to take out his cock and to feel him in her hand while stroking him. In the way she felt now, so delirious with horny, albeit incestuous sexy desire, maybe, if she was feeling wicked enough, she may even suck him. While knowing that he’d never know that she had sexually used and abused him for her personal, sexual education, in the way that he was using and abusing his mother now, she imagined that she’d touch him, feel him, hold him, stroke him, and suck him if only she could without him knowing that she had. As if his big prick was her personal, family sex toy, her way to control and dominate him, she wouldn’t mind having the unconscious use of his cock for an hour.

She wondered what was more sexually arousing. Was it more sexually arousing to see his erect prick or was it more sexually arousing to see the obvious sexual excitement that her brother had for her mother and that his mother secretly had for him. The lust that he had for his mother was the lust that Rachel now felt, not as much for him but for a man, any man. The lust that Karl had for his mother, Rachel wished a man, any man, would have for her.

Now guilt ridden that she felt pleasure in watching her mother being so sexually abused, she wondered how much she was like her father and brother, not so much for incest, but in her appetite for sex. Now knowing that her mother enjoyed having sex with her son, she wondered how much she was like her mother. Seeing her brother’s erect cock attached to his lust is what excited her that he’d want her at all costs. She wondered what it would be like to have a man so sexually attracted to her and so sexually excited over her as her brother was excited over his mother now. Just as she wondered what it felt like for a man to make love to her before fucking her, she wondered what it was like to have a man sexually abuse her and force her to have sex with him.

With a pull of her long, chestnut hair, when his mother opened her mouth to scream, Karl filled her mouth with all of him. Something that would have offended Rachel before, something that she wouldn’t have bared to watch then, was something that she couldn’t remove her eyes from watching now. A mother sucking her son, she watched her mother take her son in her mouth, close her lips, and wrap her hand around his big prick, while stroking him.

When Rachel watched her mother close her eyes to the image of blowing her own son, she imagined that, perhaps, her mother pretended that Karl was someone else other than her son. Maybe she imagined canlı casino herself blowing her husband. Nonetheless who she imagined, she wondered what she was thinking while sucking and pleasuring her son. Was she thinking that she enjoyed having Karl’s cock in her mouth or was she thinking that blowing her son was something she had to endure? Now that she knew the truth, now that her mother confessed how she really felt about giving incestuous, sexual pleasure to her son orally, she wondered if her mother was offended or excited while sucking her son. In the way that she was offended with the thoughts of them having incestuous sex before, wishing Karl was forcing her to blow him instead of forcing his mother to suck him, she was excited watching them having incestuous sex now.

Intently, as if expecting her mother to teach her what to do on her wedding night by demonstrating on her brother, she watched her mother suck her son, while Rachel wondered what it felt like to have a cock in her mouth. Then, with sorrowful shame replacing her sexual excitement, she realized how awful for a mother to be forced to suck her son and how sick it was for a sister to watch her brother forcing his mother to suck him. A man’s world, where women were of no consequence, had no rights, and weren’t even valued for their opinions, she wondered if she had a son, if he’d force her to blow him too. Suddenly feeling guilty of thinking such things, even the shameful thoughts of sucking her imagined son excited her.

Catching herself before falling victim and before becoming too enthralled over the disturbing sight of watching her mother suck her son, she wondered what was wrong with her? Was she just as depraved as the rest of her family? Was she thinking about blowing her brother too? Being that it was modern times of 1860 in Munich, Germany, maybe if it were a different time and a different place, she wouldn’t feel this way, so perversely guilty for having such incestuous thoughts about her brother and father. Maybe there was something in the water. Maybe she was just born this way to have incestuous thoughts, albeit spurred by the sight of her mother sucking her son.

Sickened by her father stripping her naked to watch her bathe while masturbating himself, automatically, she always recoiled from the sexual touches of her father and the suggestive groping of her brother. The thoughts of all the incestuous sex around her always physically sickened her before but sexually excited her now. She reached down to feel her breasts and finger her nipples, while wishing it was a man’s hand feeling her and not her own. As if the horse stall was a sexual, musical instrument, she watched her brother bounce the back of her mother’s head against the wooden rails of the horse stall that sprung back and recoiled forward against his humps in a perverse sense of sexual rhythm with a rebounding wooden noise. His preferred place for his mother to suck him, humping her mouth while fucking her face, she watched while waiting for him to explode his lust for his mother in her mouth.

No doubt, thinking that it was because she feared that he’d beat her and really hurt her, if she spit him from her mouth and didn’t swallow, her mother always swallowed her son. After her mother confessed that she enjoyed having sex with her son, Rachel wondered if she enjoyed swallowing him too. Maybe swallowing him was just learned behavior in the way of training a dog. As she had learned to do and had done so many times before in swallowing her pride, Olga swallowed her son too. Rachel wondered what it felt like to suck a man before swallowing a man.

Even though she was disgusted by the thoughts of sucking her brother and/or her father and swallowing them, Rachel wondered what it felt like for a man to fill her mouth with his cock before filling her mouth with his seed. She wondered what it smelled like and what it tasted like to swallow him. Something that she, as a woman in a man’s world, could control at last, just the thoughts of a man being sexually excited enough to cum in her mouth made her dizzy with sexual lust. She wondered who’d want her enough to do that, to hump her opened mouth, fuck her face, and cum in her mouth?

This time, not looking away with disgust, as she always did in the past, she stared at the incestuous, sexual interaction between her mother and brother with sexual interest. Imagining what it was like to suck him, she wanted to see her brother’s big prick kaçak casino in action. Now that it was all nearly over, she watched her mother stroking him faster with one hand, while cupping his testicles with her other. No doubt, pretending that she wanted to get the horrible experience over with, Rachel had intently watched her mother suck her son’s cock with relish. Indeed she did. Olga sucked Karl with lustful enthusiasm, while making all of those wonderful cock sucking sounds that Rachel imagined, based on the look upon her brother’s face, that all men obviously love to hear to show them that the woman enjoys sucking them as much as they enjoy being sucked.

Then, with a big hand pressed firmly to the back of his mother’s dark, haired head, as if submitting himself for decapitation, Karl leaned his head back and ejaculated his contempt for all women in his mother’s mouth. A learning experience for Rachel, her personal epiphany, watching her brother cum in his mother’s mouth was as telling as it was sickening to watch her brother so physically abuse and incestuously sexually assault their mother. If he’d do that to his own mother, what would he do to other women, women that he supposedly didn’t love. Yet taught so expertly by his father, now like son like father, men like them could never love a woman. Men like them could never give a woman what she needs.

Learning from her mother, taking lessons by not copying how a mother sucks a son but how a woman should suck a man, by delaying his ejaculation, she slowed the action of her hand to lengthen the sexual experience and increase his pleasure. She watched her mother stroked her son with her hand slower and teased him with her tongue longer, while looking up at him sexily with her big, green eyes as he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples. She imagined driving a man crazy, crazy enough to want her even more, and crazy enough to give her everything she wanted, and to do anything for her, even if the lust he had for her meant killing someone. Being that men enjoyed talking dirty, she’d tease him as much with her words as she would with her mouth, her hand, and her tongue.

With it being that time of the month, she was getting her period soon and she was so horny. Tired of humping her mattress, not relishing the idea of returning back to her room alone, but feeling so sexually frustrated after watching her mother pleasuring her son, she lifted her nightgown and touched herself where no man has ever touched her and while watching her brother force his mother to suck him. If only her mother knew the control she exerted over her son, maybe she did, she could have enlisted his help to improve their plight against her father. If only her mother knew the control she exerted over her son, maybe she did, she could have used the control she had over him to her advantage.

Then, when her brother pulled his cock from his mother’s mouth, no doubt, a purposeful act of disrespect, she watched her brother shoot a second load of cum all over his mother’s face, hair, and breasts. Disgusted as much by her brother giving her mother a cum bath, she was excited by the site of her mother dripping with her son’s cum. Holding up her hand and squinting to save herself from her son cumming in her eyes, Olga recoiled in embarrassed shame.

“Karl, no, that’s so wrong. That’s so nasty,” said Olga with sadness. “Why did you do that to me? Why must you give me so much shame, after I’ve given you so much pleasure?”

He looked at her and laughed.

Even after having submitting her will to him, this is how a son thanks his mother for crossing the incestuous line by sucking him. This is how a son has been taught to treat woman by his father. The typical men of their times, she could only imagine the man he’d be, once he left the farm. Like father like son, no doubt, he’d be another abuser of women, whether the wives and daughters of other men or his own.

Many of the women she knew were already married with children and already complaining what a chore it was to have sex with their husbands, men who only cared about satisfying themselves, for a split second. If only as an experiment to see if she was correct in her assessment that she could so control a man with her words, her mouth, her tongue, and her hand, she wished it was her sucking her brother and fucking her father. Maybe her father and brother would treat her better, more special, if she was sucking them. Maybe her life living on this horrible farm would be more livable, if she was giving her father and brother regular blowjobs and all that they wanted by allowing them to sexually use her body and incestuously abuse her.

To be continued…

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