Brainy Teen Ch. 18 Pt. 1

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In her bedroom, Wendy took twenty pictures of herself in sexy lingerie using the high resolution camera of her smartphone. She checked every picture and deleted it if it didn’t look good enough before retaking the picture again. Each image was more erotic than the last, going from decent to fully explicit. Her initial reluctance gave way after Wendy told herself that she was going to impress Lauren with those pictures, which would further her goal.

Besides, she rationalized, it wasn’t as if these photos were going to go public…and even if they did, it wouldn’t be the first time she had showed her body off in public. The performance at Rebecca’s beach house hadn’t been that long ago…and it hadn’t been so bad. She had actually enjoyed it. Taking these photos was like the performance, except one frame at a time. And she was, to be honest, enjoying this almost as much as she had the performance.

Part of the pleasure was knowing it was Lauren who was going to be looking at her. She did, after all, like Lauren…really liked her, more so especially over just the last few days, for some reason. She hardly could stop thinking about her…

This photo session, she reflected, must be a little like the ones for the porn magazines with which she was now so comfortable. It may be just her, a one-girl crew, but she could make the result come pretty close to the real thing, she thought. It did cross her mind what it might be like if this were an actual pro shoot, with a photo crew and a glossy publication to end up in…and her at the center of attention. She liked porn models; she had come to view them, generally, as ideals of femininity and beauty. She enjoyed their photos. And now she was kind of like one; no, not like, she was one right now. She was one of them. She hadn’t imagined she could be like them that much, but now…

One after another, the photos she was producing were good. They showed a good-looking, sexually desirable, and obviously available teen girl. The camera couldn’t lie; she was hot. If she saw herself, posing like this, in a magazine, she’d get off…to herself. She would like a girl like herself, would be sexually interested. Lauren will be, too. Nice job, Wendy, she thought.

Not once did Wendy question the decency of her project. Her once-keen sense of modesty was now mostly in decadent ruins. What was left would not survive the corruption which was bombarding her daily, and that which was coming her way soon.

Mary, Wendy’s mother, picked out a black evening dress from the closet. It was a modest dress that wasn’t too revealing, but still made her feminine curves stand out in an attractive way. Despite her age of forty-four, Mary was still attractive. She worked out regularly and maintained her figure well, being able to retain her hour-glass figure. Even though Mary told herself she was doing it mainly for health reasons, she wished her husband was home more often to appreciate it.

Though she had a sizeable cosmetic collection, a gift from an acquaintance a few years back, she hardly ever wore any make-up, reserving it for the rare special social event, and even then only used just a very light touch of it. She favored natural looks and didn’t like over-reliance on beauty products.

Her daughter’s heavy use of make-up lately–and how attractive it had made Wendy–had been playing on Mary’s mind, even though she had spoken against it to Wendy. Her girl was becoming a real beauty in front of her eyes, and her use of make-up had no doubt been part of it. As a result, Mary had started to try to imagine herself with a heavier use, as well, but had been reluctant to give her daughter a bad example that might reinforce her questionable direction of late; and besides, that just wasn’t her…that just wasn’t Mary Livingston.

After looking at herself in the mirror, Mary sighed. For tonight, despite her misgivings, she again entertained the idea of putting on more make-up than she usually did for social occasions. She would, after all, be among the rich–and glamorous, probably–and she did want to fit in, as much as she could. But her conservative side nevertheless finally prevailed, as always, and she opted not to, electing instead to stick with a touch of mascara, as well as lip gloss, which, as her one concession to emulating Wendy, she had decided to try again after seeing her daughter using it almost on a daily basis for the past month.

Mary’s conservative preferences extended to her clothing and accessories. The heels of her shoes were almost never above one inch. The highest was only two inches and it was rarely worn. She owned sexy form-fitting clothing and jewelry, but most of them were conservative because she preferred modesty and discreteness.

Mary glanced down at her hands. She was proud of how smooth, and feminine they were. Her nails were not short, at an attractive yet practical medium-long length. She had seen them longer on other women and admired them, but again, that just wasn’t her.

Fingernail polish was güvenilir bahis not her style, either. Yes, occasionally she tried a clear gloss, but it had been years since she had ventured to apply a colored polish. Even then, she had never thought a bright color was appropriate for a mother of two; maybe on younger women and girls, it might work, but anything too bold sent the wrong message, in her opinion.

Regardless, Mary felt a bit of pride for not using too many cosmetics on herself. Her belief was that she looked fine already without make-up. Mary was fairly confident about herself, and believed that using too much make-up would only hide her natural beauty. Many women her age didn’t maintain the same figure that she did, for which she worked hard through a regular exercising regimen. For them, using excessive make-up was just a way to compensate for their deficits, in her opinion. However, Mary would never consciously admit that she was also afraid of putting on too much make-up and of the image it might project.

While stroking her lightly tanned face, Mary smiled at her own image. Reaching towards the back of her head, she grabbed a mass of her hair and tied it into a pony tail, one of the few hairstyles with which she felt comfortable that wasn’t too plain nor too flamboyant.

It had been over a year since she had been to a dinner party. In the past few years, due to her husband’s overseas work and busy schedule, she could only attend social gatherings alone, or with friends or her daughters. It was a bit awkward without the company of her husband. Even though the dinner invitation from Ms. Powers wasn’t really formal, Mary wished her husband could accompany her. In fact, she harbored a slight bit of resentment toward him for leaving her alone so often, both in social situations and at home.

“Honey, are you ready?” asked Mary from Wendy’s open bedroom door.

Wendy placed the tube of lipstick down before turning away from the vanity at which she was sitting to face her mom and spoke through glossy fuchsia lips, “I’m ready, Mom.”

Mary was surprised. Wendy’s appearance in the gorgeous dress, make-up, and accoutrements she wore was stunning. Mary had not quite fully realized, before this moment, exactly how beautiful Wendy was becoming, and could be. But there was more. Wendy was…sensual. Mary could not bring herself to apply the world “sexy” to her own daughter, though that was clearly her impression, if not “slutty”. And it was the dress, more than anything else, which created that impression. “When did you get this dress?”

“Sarah gave it to me as a gift about a week ago. It looks nice on me, doesn’t it?” Wendy fluttered her eyelashes, which were teased with black mascara. The silver and purple eye shadow sparkled on her eyelids. It was a playful gesture, but with a subconscious flirtatious intent. Cynthia’s suggestions on the day before had gained a small foothold on Wendy’s mind.

Barely noticed feelings passed through Wendy: Show her your body…tease her…make her look…make her desire you.

Wendy arose and spun around, showing off her full length halter dress to her mother. Does she like me… like this? shewhispered to herself, in the back of her mind. Yes…she must. Look at me…watch my body…want me….The silver sequins glittered as if the whole dress was a seamless mirror. The V-shaped neckline revealed a hint of cleavage. Her legs were briefly revealed by the side slit on the skirt. She was wearing glittery silver strappy high heel sandals. She hadn’t worn the Sapphic necklace because it would be visible to her mother due to the low neckline of the dress, but kept it in her handbag. Her hair was done in a fishtail braid, a hair style that Wendy felt increasingly comfortable with.

The sentiment intensified that there was something about Wendy’s whole outfit that didn’t feel right to Mary. It was a little too garish for the occasion, in her opinion. Wendy had never dressed like this for social occasions before. While Mary wasn’t exactly opposed to her daughter’s new taste in fashion, she was worried about it being a symptom of a problem. Has my daughter been sleeping with boys? Is my daughter getting involved with bad people? Is she doing this to fit in because of peer pressure? Is Sarah really as good of a person as my daughter describes her to be?

At first, Mary hadn’t really been worried about Wendy’s change in her choice of dress and looks because Wendy was keeping up with her grades. She was even happy that her daughter was making new friends. Also, Mary had to admit her daughter was looking quite pretty lately, and Mary had nothing against that, per se; in fact, she was glad to see the beauty she had always been confident was somewhere inside her daughter finally start to bloom forth.

But recently, Mary couldn’t stop thinking about her daughter, especially in the light of the recent rumors she had heard about Wendy’s school and Sarah’s family. She had expressed her concerns to her daughter before, but all of Wendy’s türkçe bahis responses were vague and always positive. Mary had a sinking feeling that there was more to it.

The dinner would be a good opportunity to address her concerns. Surely, a person like Ms. Powers would be just as worried about the moral and social direction of her daughter as Mary was worried about hers. It was the obligation of every good parent. Mary hoped that something constructive would come out of the dinner.

“We still have about ten minutes before we need to start going.” It was now 6 pm and they were expected at the Powers’ mansion at 6:45. “You might want to double check your appearance and make sure everything is alright. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

As Wendy was looking at herself in the mirror, she suddenly felt a stirring in her loins. Her erect nipples poked against the bra and bodice of her dress. Sexual arousal came to her seemingly out of the blue. She had no idea that the fuchsia lipstick, a gift from Cynthia, was responsible. Wendy bit her lower lip. She walked briskly towards the door to her room and closed it for privacy.

After walking a few steps back, she collapsed on her fours on the carpeted floor. Her fingers reached into the slit of the skirt and beneath the fold of her pink satin panties. Rummaging through her hand bag, Wendy pulled out her smartphone and opened up the picture of Lauren in PVC lingerie. She fingered her pussy and stroked her clit. Her other hand went to cup her breast.

Wendy let out slight moans. In the midst of her arousal, Wendy’s imagination went wild. In her mind, she was licking Lauren’s butt, sliding her tongue upwards along the crevice, licking the skin of Lauren’s ass and the black PVC panties. Her hands were clutching both sides of Lauren’s butt. Lauren reached down and caressed Wendy’s hands.

“Oooh, Wendy, I love your tongue on my ass.”

A thread of saliva connected Wendy’s lips to the PVC panties when she pulled away. Wendy pulled down the panties to fully reveal Lauren’s smooth, naked ass.

A loud voice and knocking on the door interrupted Wendy’s imagination. She was far from cumming.

“Wendy, what’s going on? I told you before to come down in ten minutes. It’s six seventeen now!”

“Sorry, Mom! I just need a minute.”

Oh no, we can’t be late for this. I’m such an idiot. Wendy quickly readjusted herself in front of the mirror. Right when Wendy was about to leave her room, she made a last minute decision and put a metallic pink bullet vibrator in her hand bag.

During the trip, Wendy questioned her actions: Why was I thinking about Lauren all of a sudden? Yes, I’m supposed to seduce her. But, I should only be thinking about Lauren when I want to think about her. No, Wendy, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just practice. It’s all for reaching my goal.

Despite Wendy’s delay, they were still able to arrive ahead of time.

In a large window overlooking the circular driveway and front garden, Sarah could see a blue sedan approaching the front gate.

“They have arrived.”

“Indeed, Sarah.”

Serena, Sarah’s mother, slipped her hand into the slit of her daughter’s red sequined skirt and beneath the folds of the red satin panties.

“Uhhh… Mom, my panties will be soiled. Shouldn’t we do this later? The guests are already here.”

“The guests can wait.”

Serena cupped Sarah’s left breast through the red sequined bodice of the strapless dress. She kissed the corner of her daughter’s glossy red lips. Sarah turned her head around to receive a full kiss from her mother.


Automatically, the gate opened for the blue sedan. Wendy’s curious eyes examined the whole scene. The mansion was even larger than the one Sarah was living in. A maid directed them to park at a certain spot on the circular driveway. There was a discrete headset around the maid’s head.

“Good evening, we’ve been expecting you. Please follow me.”

The maid, who appeared to Mary to be in her early 20’s, gave Mary a strange vibe. While the outfit was a typical French maid’s uniform, the skirt length was a bit short, the outfit too form-fitting, and on top of that, the maid was wearing black high heels and full make-up. Plus, the maid’s demeanor was somewhat cool, if not aloof. She reminded Mary of a runway model at a fashion show, both in appearance and bearing–quite beautiful, yet with a detached, emotionless look on her face most of the time.

Mary figured maybe that was just how domestic help for the wealthy tend to be. And the maid was not unfriendly or disrespectful, certainly; in fact, as Mary witnessed later, she was capable of warmth, personality, and a very charming smile. But still, there was something–was “exotic” the right word? or “mysterious”? or even…”sexy”?–about the maid which gave Mary a small degree of apprehension.

Wendy’s eyes unconsciously appraised the maid’s looks. When she realized what she was doing, she justified it as güvenilir bahis siteleri doing it to maintain her lesbian persona. The maid was pretty. Wendy noticed her attractive curves, decent-sized breasts, green eyes, porcelain-like skin, and dark brown hair tied into a ponytail reaching past her shoulders. The bangs were cut straight in a classical style.

Light make-up covered the maid’s face. She wore cerise-pink lipstick with a coat of clear lip gloss. Black mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow made her eyes stand out. There was a hint of blush. For some reason, the maid reminded Wendy of Lauren. Before Wendy’s eyes left the maid’s body, her sexual arousal suddenly came back, and she used all her willpower to suppress it.

They walked along the stone-paved walkway to the main entrance. Apart from their footsteps, the only other sound came from the decorative water fountain. Upon entering the front door, the two guests were greeted by the splendor of the large foyer, which had a red-carpeted double staircase, checker-patterned floor of gleaming black and white marble tiles, decorative sculptures, a glistening chandelier, and an assortment of luxurious furniture.

“Please wait here,” said the maid, directing Mary and Wendy to sit on one of the exquisite red leather sofas. “Mrs. Powers and her daughter will be arriving shortly.” Since they had arrived ten minutes early, waiting was to be expected.

Wendy was nervous, but Mary more so. Even before meeting Mrs. Powers, Mary already had a feeling that the corporate executive wouldn’t be exactly receptive to anything even remotely critical of her parenting or to questions about Sarah’s intentions. She had to take a gentle and indirect approach.

Classical music played in the background, which Mary and Wendy had just noticed. Mary recognized it as a piece by Bach. It had a strange calming effect on both of them. Neither of them knew of the sinister subliminals hidden within the music.

“Wendy likes how her mother looks tonight… Wendy thinks her mother is sexy… Look at her eyes, face, lips, nose, breasts, legs… Wendy wonders what her mother looks like beneath the dress… Wendy thinks her mom could be sexier and more attractive… She needs prettier and more garish make-up… carmine red lipstick with heavy lip gloss… silver eye shadow… heavy black eyeliner… thick black mascara for very long lashes… They need to be long and curly… red lacquered nails… red high heels… red dress… Wendy’s mom looks better in red clothing… Wendy wonders what it’s like to kiss her mom, to touch her mom…”

Not knowing why, Wendy turned and stared at her mother, paying more attention to her looks than usual. She dismissed her looking as simply a proud appreciation of her mother for simply dressing her best. A sudden thought passed in Wendy’s mind, But, my mom could do better than that…

“Mary Livingston… You love your daughter… You want to be close to her… You appreciate her new looks and attitude… You like how pretty and sexy your daughter now looks… You feel proud of your daughter… You want her to become prettier and sexier… It makes you want her more… Go ahead, look at your daughter… Appreciate her beauty… Touch her…”

Wendy’s left had reached over and rested on the back of her mother’s hand, causing Mary to blink.

Did I doze off suddenly?

Not knowing why she touched her mom’s hand, but needing to come up with an excuse regardless, and having noticed her mom’s drowsiness, Wendy said, “Mom, we just need to wait a little longer. We don’t want to give a bad impression to Mrs. Powers, do we?”

“Sorry, honey, I don’t mind waiting. I was just so relaxed by the music.”

The maid had paused for several minutes, standing ten feet in front of Mary and Wendy, as if waiting at her post of duty. She was turned half-way away from the Livingstons, giving them a perfect profile view of her curvaceous body and pretty face–purposely. Mary took no particularly note, but Wendy fell for the bait, hoping the maid would not turn back and catch her looking.

The white-lace-bordered neckline of the maid’s uniform blouse, while not extreme, was low enough to show off how creamy and developed her cleavage was. Thanks to a specially-designed bra, her breasts were held up and thrust forward in a breathtaking fashion, and Wendy’s was the ideal vantage point to fully appraise their stunning shape. The covered parts of the eye-catching mounds were encased tightly in the shiny black silk of her uniform, which also hugged and displayed her slim waist, womanly hips, and generous rear, and showed-off her slim legs, in a manner which totally commandeered Wendy’s attention. Wendy also roved over the maid’s face, admiring her fine features, striking coloring, immaculate full make-up, and, especially, her full, shiny lips. Desires passed subtly through Wendy’s psyche. She is…nice…lovely…kissable…

Inwardly smiling, the maid felt Wendy’s eyes all over her. She swayed and turned and touched herself slightly now and then to give movement to, and draw further interest in, various parts of herself, but did not look at Wendy. After she felt she had teased Wendy adequately, as previously planned, she started to walk away.

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