Brian: Consoling My Aunt

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Hello, I would’ve just gone straight to the point but this is my debut, so I just wanted to say hi to my readers. I hope to hear from you, you’re feedback does more than you think. Thank you.


My name is Brian, I’m 19. This is the story of how my aunt fell in love with my dick.

It was a warm Saturday morning, a few days to Valentine and I was laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling, watching the fan blades cover and reveal the light bulb above, if you’d asked me to go throw stones in the river with you I’d have done it, I was that bored. My girlfriend had just broken up with me without giving me a reason, honestly I didn’t care, she was too self absorbed anyway.

As I lay there thinking about how to forget my ex girlfriend my phone began to ring, I lazily got up to answer.

“Hello, Brian honey,” it was my mum.

“I need you to go over to your aunt’s, she’s too proud to admit it but needs your help with a few things now that you know… Ronald’s gone.”

My aunt’s husband, ex husband of two years, Ron had left her for an Asian bimbo, he even had the nerve to bring the new girl to the divorce hearing, what an asshole.

Aunt Rosaline was a saint, I always wondered why any man would want to leave her.

“Okay mum, I’m on my way.” I said hurriedly, I’d almost forgotten that I was on the phone.

I got dressed, locked the door and walked a few blocks down, Aunt Rose didn’t live too far from us.

When I got to the door I noticed a bunch of boxes labeled “R” on the porch, must be Ronald’s things I guessed as I pressed the door bell.

“Coming!” Came Aunt Rose’s voice.

I heard the lock release and the door opened, I expected to see a sad woman who I would probably have to console but to my surprise she was smiling, She rushed to give me a hug, it was so warm and full, thanks to her soft, big and braless breasts that pushed against my chest.

“Brian honey, what are you doing here?”

“Mum sent me to help you out with couple of things,”

“awwwww, that was so sweet of her, you didn’t have to, but since you’re here you might as well help me move some of these things outside,”

“sure, I’d be glad to.” I said.

Why wouldn’t I? After that hug, I was lucky not to have a hard-on.

My aunt Rose was a beautiful woman, my mum’s younger sister. She was like mum 2.0; everything mum had with a few adjustments.

Whether she did it intentionally or not she always turned me on, it didn’t matter what she wore. He boobs and her ass could not just be hidden. In front of me stood the object of my childhood fantasies.

I helped her move most of the heavy stuff, I hadn’t been hitting the gym lately so it was sort of a good workout for me.

Ronald was a producer so he had a couple of speakers and amps that were too heavy for just aunty Rose to get rid of. As I took the first amp to the living room I realised I didn’t know where to keep it.

“Aunt Rose, where do I keep this?”

“Out on the porch with the boxes!” She said from inside where she was packing.


After one hour, I was done, I sat outside getting casino siteleri some fresh air.

Then I realized that I hadn’t seen Aunt Rose in a while, so I called out to her but she didn’t respond, I called again and still no answer.

I went inside the house to check up on her, “aunt Rose!”

I heard a faint yes coming from the bedroom so I went upstairs.

I got to the room and what I saw sank my heart, Aunt Rose was sobbing uncontrollably, she was trying to clear her eyes but I could see she couldn’t stop the tears.

She’d been putting up an act the first time I saw her, she was strong but even strong people have limits. It was disheartening to see her like this.

I ran towards her.

“Please stop crying, I hate seeing you like this. Beautiful women don’t cry,” I was going with my best stuff.

She chuckled a little amidst her tears “if I’m so beautiful then why did Ronald leave me? Tell me why?”

Her crying became worse and I felt I’d made things worse, I regretted saying what I said.

I didn’t know what to do, almost instinctively I held her and kissed her neck “I’m sorry for what you’re going through, you don’t deserve this.”

Somehow she just stopped crying, I wanted to pull out of her arms which were already holding me tight but I decided to wait.

“Thank you, it’s not your fault, you don’t have to apologise.” She said after she’d calmed down.

She let go of me and sat on the bed. I sat next to her and she told me why Ron had left her.

She said he’d asked her to swing with him and she’d refused, he didn’t take it well and one day she came home to find Ron and his friend fucking his wife.

Ron smiled when he saw Rose and said “darling, we’ve been waiting for you, come join us.” Rose ran out of the house, she slept in our house that day.

A few weeks after, Ron filed for a divorce. She began sobbing at this point and I held her hand and it seemed to calm her down.

“Thank you for listening to me, I know it was hard listening to such a pathetic story,”

“it’s not pathetic, you’re just not the kind of person Ron wants, and he’s not the kind you need. I don’t care what Ron thinks I love you just the way you are” i said and smiled as I looked in her eyes.

I didn’t realise it until after she’d done it, she planted a kiss on my lips “I love you too” she said.

I felt this urge to grab her and kiss her again but I remembered she was my aunt so I hesitated, then she did it again. This time I didn’t let her go.

She grabbed my hair and kissed me harder and she moaned softly.

“Oh My God!” I thought to myself, this is really happening.

I closed my eyes and took in the moment, Incase she came to her senses and decided to stop.

I waited till we were lying on the bed and my hands were on her ass and she didn’t change her mind, I knew for sure this was happening.

She never stopped moaning, she got on top of me and began to grind her crotch on mine with her big soft tits touching me while our lips were still locked, it drove me mad.

Then she stopped suddenly and said “Brian honey, slot oyna are you sure you want to do this?”

Her voice sounded so soft, softer than anything I’d ever heard from her mouth, she didn’t even wait for my answer she went straight to my pants, undid my belt, unzipped the zipper and pulled down my pants along with my boxer shorts in one fell swoop, she didn’t even notice me nodding to her question.

I cock sprung out like a Jack-in-The-Box, I was sporting a half erection. But by the time Aunt Rose had put her hand on my dick, I was completely hard, my 8-inch cock had risen and was pointing at the ceiling, I could feel it throbbing in her hand.

She smiled, I took it that she liked my dick, then she put her head down and took my dick head in her mouth and moaned, I nearly exploded in her mouth.

She played with it with her tongue, I felt like dying, the feeling of warmth and the explosive bursts of pleasure running through my engorged dick-head was too much to handle, she stayed at the head and sucked like a pro, I didn’t even know blowjobs could be given like that.

As her tongue worked it’s magic on my tip, I moaned “oh shit.”

I could barely keep myself together. Here I was with my aunt and she was sucking my dick like a pornstar, the thought nearly made me blow my load.

I grabbed her hair and she responded by taking my dick deeper into her warmth mouth, as she did this her hand went to my balls and gave a soft massage, I let out a soft moan.

She went in an up-down motion on my dick and that was it, I couldn’t take it anymore, I exploded in her mouth.

I felt like rainbows were coming out of my dick, I closed my eyes and let go, if I’d died then i would’ve been okay with it, I’d cum so much that she nearly choked, thankfully I’d warned her a few seconds to my release so she was ready.

She kept her mouth on my pulsing cock until I’d was completely empty, then she swallowed all my children, it was so sexy and a bit funny when you see it from the unborn children perspective.

She crawled up to me and planted a kiss on my lips, I held onto her lips and reached for her leggings, she helped me by breaking the kiss and doing it herself.

Then she took off her top, free from bondage her boobs dropped like a Jay Cole album, my dick twitched. I quickly got undressed.

She layed back on the bed and smiled at me, “someone’s been going to the gym”

I blushed a little “I’ve got nothing on you, you’re perfect.”

“awwwww… Ahh.” I didn’t left her finished, I dashed for her hard nipples.

I loved how she moaned, it drove me mad. I grabbed the other nipple and played with it while sucking the other, it sent my aunt into a frenzy. She began playing with her clit.

“Ahhhhh, yeessssss…” she whispered.

Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips. I wished I knew what she was thinking, she kept giving moans of approval as I sucked diligently on her nipples.

“Harder!” She moaned as she approached orgasm.

I increased pressure but kept the rythme. In a while she began to twitch, her body began to shake in occasional spasms, canlı casino siteleri her moans began louder and she stopped me from sucking and held me like she wanted to break me.

Her orgasm was violent, she kept shaking for about 40seconds, during this time my dick got super hard again and after her orgasm she noticed it.

“Baby, come and fuck me, fuck your aunt, she hasn’t felt a man in a long long time.” She was still so horny, and so was i.

I didn’t waste a second, I took my cock in my hand and slid it straight into her pussy, it went right in, she was so wet.

As I entered into her, my dick felt so warm, I could feel the walls of her vagina gripping my dick trying to milk out cum, if I hadn’t cum just a few minutes ago I would’ve.

I was so turned on, I didn’t even bother starting slow, I started pounding like an animal, she loved it.

Her screams became wild, she was hysterical.

“Yes baby! Fuck me! Make Love to my pussy!” She kept saying all sorts of things, and it was working, I was on fire.

The feel of her sloppy insides were driving me crazy, I drove in and out, each time I went all the way in she’d scream louder and her pussy made a squishing noise. “Fhap, fhap, fhap…”

Her hand went to my ass as we fucked, she grabbed it hard, pushing me deeper with every thrust, I could feel my dick touching something inside her.

“Yes baby! Don’t stop! Harder! Just like that! Fuck me harder! You’re so big! Fill my pussy with your cock!” My dick felt like it was swelling inside her wet hole.

I held her breasts as I fucked her, “squeeze my nipples! Fuck me!” She screamed out, at this point I couldn’t even see her Iris.

She spanked my ass hard, this woman was fucking horny. She bit her lip and started thrusting to match mine.

“Fuck me! Love my pussy! Don’t you dare have mercy on me! I love it!”

My dick was in a world or pleasure, her pussy was like a warm, wet hand massaging my cock.

“Don’t stop baby, I need you! Fuck me! I’m cuming! I’m cuming! I’m cuminnngggggg!”

Her pussy gripped my dick like a vice then let go and a warm colourless liquid came out of her pussy, she was squirting.

“Yes! Fuck me!” I kept pounding her wet pussy and was rewarded with another burst of that warm liquid, it flew so far it fell on the floor.

That threw me off the ledge I came like an hurricane, the orgasm rippled through my crotch, I knew she could feel it too.

I wanted to stop but she held me back, the flood did not stop, she squirted 6 times before she pushed me out of her, closed her eyes and began to shake like she was having a seizure.

She kept saying “I love you, thank you, I can’t take it, I love you.”

I was sweating like I’d just finished a marathon. I lay on the bed next to my shaking aunt, held her hand and said I love you too then closed my eyes.

I started to wonder how my Valentine’s day would be then I felt her move, she climbed untop of me and kissed me, we locked lips for a while then she broke the kiss, fell back to the bed and snuck into my arms.

As I looked at the ceiling with the fan blades passing over the bulb I started to ask myself, “how did all this happen?” I was too tired to think.

I closed my eyes to sleep and the last thing I heard from my aunt was “I wonder how my sister’s is gonna take this”.

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