Brother-in-Law Banging

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I recently attended a wedding for a relative of my wife’s. The wedding was one of those very swanky, Black Tie affairs held at a ritzy country club hotel. It was a really formal occasions where no uld, then I scooped up the rest of the cum from mychildren were allowed. There was no buffet or lines to stand in. Rather, Waite Staff actually delivered your meal to you at a table which was complete with linen tablecloths and napkins. Good china and stemware were at every place setting.

In short, to be honest, this was not my kind of party. Being more of a cold beer out of an ice-chest type guy, I felt like a real fish out of water. Hell, when I’m partying, unless I can wear shorts and a t-shirt and piss off the deck, I don’t really consider it a good time.

Anyway, I got dragged out of town to this one because the wife was really close to the cousin getting married…and I couldn’t come up with a real good excuse (lie) quickly enough when she asked me what I had going on this particular weekend. One upside to the wasted weekend though, was the fact that I would get to see my wife’s 23 year old brother, Max.

Max and I had hooked up about 3 months ago for a really hot fuck, but he had been weird about being near me for the rest of that visit, and ever since then too. I was hoping to get a little time with him to make sure we were still cool. I was pretty sure that he was just feeling weird about our hook up, and I hoped we could talk it out.

Well anyway, we dropped the kids at my mom’s house and then had to drive 2 fucking hours to a wedding I didn’t really want to attend in the first place. We checked in to the resort and got ready for the wedding. Before I knew it, we had sat through the (yawn) service and (bland) dinner and the band had already been (ho hum) playing for a while. I had danced with the wife a few times and she was now circulating to catch up on the family gossip, leaving me to sit there with a stupid smile on my face pretending that I give a shit.

After an already long day, I had had just about enough of this hoity toity affair. Don’t get me wrong, the couple we were sharing the table with were nice, in a plain vanilla sort of way and my wife looked fantastic, but my feet hurt in my dress shoes, I felt uncomfortable in this ballroom full of people and my suit was way too god-damned warm.

Time for a break!

I was just heading out the side door of the ballroom for some fresh air when I spotted Max. Good god, he is a gorgeous athletic masterpiece! He is about 6’3, and I would guess 190 lbs. or so, and very, very muscular from working out to maintain his sports scholarships. His dark brown, almost black colored eyes glistened out from under a very masculine, prominent brow with thin dark brown eyebrows. They were framed in his classically chiseled face by a normal, short, jock-type hairstyle. He was wearing a nice suit that was cut to be very, very flattering. It definitely looked as if it had been tailored, not bought off the rack at Sears like it was (lucky bastard was BUILT!). His broad shoulders were heavily muscled, I assume from a lot of gym time. His waist was small and gave him a great “V” shape. His thighs were also muscular and I could see his quads flexing as he walked. I also couldn’t help notice that his package looked great in his slacks. As I know from previous experience, he has a great “cut” cock, about 7 inches long and nice and fat. It fits perfectly in my mouth!

“What’s up, Max?” I asked him, extending my hand for a handshake. “Having a good time?”

“Yeah, it’s alright. The food’s good, anyway.” Max replied, grasping my hand and giving it 3 quick firm pumps.

“A little too stuffy for me,” I said. “I am gonna go outside for some fresh air. Want to join me?”

“Umm…sure, yeah, okay I guess. Let’s go” was Max’s answer.

Without any further conversation, I snagged two bottles of beer (Some fancy pants imported slop, blech!) from a passing waiter and we headed out through the doors onto a large patio overlooking the darkened golf course. I handed Max a beer and we sat down at a table at the edges of the patio lighting. The usual small talk ensued about his school, my job, family, etc. and then I finally asked him.

“So, what’s up with you? I mean…are we okay? You and me…it’s just been kind of weird since, well, you know.” I said.

“Yeah, we’re cool. It’s just…” He tapered off into silence, paused a moment, chewing on his full bottom lip and then looked at my face with an open casino oyna expression. “It’s just that…well, I really want to screw around with you again, you know, so it’s kind of hard being near you.”

He stopped to take a deep shuddering breath and I jumped in. “Max, I really want to get with you again, too. I mean, fuck dude! Sex with you was just about the hottest thing I’ve ever done! THAT’S GREAT! I really want to fuck around with you some more.”

“Okay, cool. So… how soon do you think can we do it? Can you get away tonight?” He asked eagerly now that his mind was made up.

It was at that point that I realized that max had not brought a date to the wedding and I asked him about it. “You didn’t bring a girl to the wedding? Do you have a room?”

“No date man, I think I was hoping we’d bump into each other” he said to me with a lopsided grin. “I have a room, I am in 412.”

“Cool…let’s do it tonight. Fuck, let’s do it now!” I said as I put my beer down and headed towards the door. “Let me tell your sister I am going up to your room for some beers and I’ll meet you there in 10 minutes.”

Without looking back I went in and found the wife talking animatedly with her great-aunt whatever-the-fuck. I told her to hang out and have a good time, and that I was headed up to Max’s room for some peace and quiet, and to watch the game. Then I caught the elevator and went up to Max’s room.

As I was knocking on the door, Max rounded the corner. He smiled as he met my eyes, and let me into the room, holding the door for me with a laugh as I entered. The Door had barely clicked shut when I felt his strong hands grab my shoulders from behind and firmly steer me towards the bed.

He gently but forcefully pushed me onto the mattress as his powerful hands gripped me from behind. I felt his hard muscular body press against my back as he leaned down over me bringing his face to the side of my neck. His hot breath was steaming in my ear.

“I have been dreaming about this for months now,” he breathed in my ear. “It’s all I can think about. I need this, man”.

Then his tongue flicked out and licked the back of my earlobe. He leaned in and softly nibbled the side of my neck under that ear. His hot breath caused a fuzziness to settle into the higher thinking end of my brain, leaving only the lusty animal behind. My whole body shuddered with desire for him. My own cock was becoming rock hard and I could feel the press of his massive erection nestling into the crack of my ass as he lay atop me kissing my neck. He grew more and more intense with his kissing, and soon enough he was biting and sucking my neck. I was writhing underneath him, wiggling my ass to allow his cock to slip deeper into the crease between my cheeks. We were both moaning and groaning, lost in the moment.

“Whoa, take it easy stud!” I said, regaining a little of my composure. “Slow down.”

“Okay, it’s just that…I am just so horny” he told me with a large grin. “It’s hard to take this slow when I’ve been thinking about it for months now.”

I rolled onto my back, allowing him to face me. He rubbed his hand over my bulging crotch, giving out a low moan. Then he leaned in, gently this time, and kissed me on my mouth. Normally I am not into kissing with guys, but with Max it was different. He was nothing less than beautiful as he leaned in, his full lips already slightly flushed with his desire. His deep eyes were so dark and enticing that I felt I could be washed away in his gaze. When his lips brushed onto mine, it was almost electric! My whole body shifted to an entirely higher plane. In spite of my usual desires, I found myself kissing him back. I was hesitant at first, but before I knew it we were making out like teenagers in the back seat of mom’s mini-van. His tongue thrust repeatedly into my hot mouth and I sucked furiously on it every time it plunged in between my lips. I was just so turned on that it felt ‘right’.

We kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity. I felt as if I had lost myself in his lusty embrace. He kissed and sucked on my bottom lip, I gently nibbled his lip back. Then he began to work his way down my neck. Passionately he pecked his way down over my chin to the nape of my neck. Like the lightest touches from a kitten’s paw, he nibbled his way around to the side of my neck and up to my ear. All the while, his hands were sensuously rubbing and squeezing my chest and shoulders, and I was rubbing and grasping his back and ass.

“Wait,” slot oyna I breathed to him, “let’s take a shower together. I need to slow this down a bit, or I’ll cum all over myself before I ever get out of my pants.”

“Okay, c’mon” he said as he stood over me offering me his hand.

He helped me to my feet and led me by the hand into to bathroom. Smiling, he turned on the shower and faced me.

“I have wanted this so bad…” he said as he loosened my tie from around me neck. “I have to have you!”

Max undressed me and before I knew it I was naked, standing in front of him. He also undressed himself as he studied my naked body, and smiled. He gazed over my body from top to bottom, and I did the same to him. He is gorgeous. Most impressive was the throbbing cock pulsing in his groin. Sticking out and pointed a little bit up from his trimmed pubic mound, his curved shaft was throbbing. I felt a renewed surge of lust as I took in the view.

I pressed against him and he guided me over the lip of the shower stall, backing himself in under the water. I smiled at him and began running my hands over his chest and shoulders. He tipped his head back as I bent down and took his nipple into my mouth and began sucking on it. The hard BB sized nub tightened as I sucked and nibbled. I dragged my tongue across his smooth chest and licked his other nipple too. It snapped hard in an instant and he gasped. His dick was pressed against my thigh and I could feel him lightly pumping it back and forth to hump my leg, gliding it on my skin.

It took all of my self control not to swallow him then, but instead, he moaned as I took a bar of soap from the rack and began to wash his whole body. I caressed every muscular bulge and sexy curve while I washed his skin. I lathered him up, and he also gently washed my body at the same time. We both paid a little extra attention to each other’s throbbing cocks. I rubbed his prick a little more than was strictly necessary just for cleanliness. His spongy-hard cock just felt so damn good in my hand that I was unwilling to let go.

After we were both rinsed, I couldn’t wait any more. I slid down his body and knelt in the drizzle of the shower with my hands at my side and with his cock in front of me. As the shower drizzled onto my head and face I leaned forward and slowly took his throbbing prick into my hot steamy mouth. It was so worth the wait!

His prick is nice-sized, maybe almost too thick for extended oral sex, but it was sure fine right where it was for now. My mouth was opened as wide as possible and I had pushed my face down over his dick allowing him to press the head into the back of my throat, leaving my nose rubbing in his little patch of trimmed pubes. I held him in my throat like that for as long as I could, savoring the fullness that I felt. When I finally pulled back for a breath of air, I sucked hard on his shaft before letting him out from between my lips with a faint plop.

“Oh god!” he exclaimed. “Suck me. Mmm, yeah, that’s the way. Suck my cock. This is just like I’ve been dreaming about. Do It!” He crowed as he reached down grabbing his prick and wiggled and shook it at me like an enticing treat.

I reached out and gently grasped his shaft with my right hand, allowing me to stoke him while I sucked and slurped his spongy cock head. With my other hand, took hold of his heavy, full balls and began gently pulling on them. I worked him like that for a while, gobbling as much dick and pre-cum as I could with each thrust, pausing to occasionally lick and suck his heavy balls.

Max moaned and grasped my head in his hands, clearly enjoying my attention to his cock and balls. He pulled my head deeper into his crotch, forcing his meat deeper into my mouth. I reached back with both of my hands and gripped his powerful smooth ass cheeks in my palms, squeezing and pulling his body tight against me.

“Oh god, yes” was all he could gasp out, repeating it over and over.

Soon enough, his thighs were resting against my chest as I drove my face back and forth pushing his throbbing cock back into my throat. I gently massaged his ass with my hands and his cock with my mouth, all the while listening to a chorus of his moans and dirty talk. He was face fucking me with passion and I loved it.

His dick throbbed in my mouth and seemed to grow even harder. I tried to encourage him to fuck my face even harder by gently trying to work a finger into his ass hole. He stabbed his cock into my throat a few more canlı casino siteleri times, and I expected a load of cum very soon, but instead he reached down and gently guided me to a standing position. Then he turned me around to face away from him. He put tender but firm downward pressure on my shoulders, urging me to bend over in front of him, leaving my ass up in the air, exposed to him.

Before I knew what he was doing, I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks open, and the warm, wet pressure of his tongue as he licked my asshole.

I gasped loudly in exclamation!

He dove into licking my hole, at first swirling his tongue hotly around the rim of my man hole, then plunging in, fucking my ass with his hard tongue. The sensation was almost too much to handle. My knees got a little wobbly and I had to grab the side of the stall for support. My cock was already hard, but now it was throbbing with lust. I knew that just the slightest touch to my manhood while Max tongue fucked me would drive me right over the edge. Max must have sensed that, because he backed off my pucker and began to knead and nibble my ass cheeks, only occasionally dragging a finger or his tongue over my hole.

I stood up and smiled down at Max, turning off the shower. He also rose and then took my hand. He grabbed a bottle of lotion from the sink and lead me back out to the room. He guided me to the bed where he had me to lay down on my back.

Kneeling between my spread legs, Max leaned down and picked up right where he left off. He pushed my legs up into the air, exposing my ass. Then he lay flat and began to really lap and lick my ass again. It was only briefly this time though.

Max uncapped the bottle, and then lifted my spread legs to rest them on his shoulders. He squirted a large dollop of the lotion onto my ass and began working it in to lube my anus by fucking me with his fingers. At first I felt only one finger ease into me, then another and then another. It was really amazing to watch the lust wash over his face as his fingers banged my ass. He was possessed with an almost wild look as he began to roughly slam his fingers in and out of my butt.

“Fuck me Max” I said as I looked into his animal-like eyes. “I need your cock in me, now”.

He didn’t argue. He squirted some more lotion on his hand, greased his purple, throbbing prick quickly, and pushed his whole big dick right up my ass in one savage thrust.

“Aw…yes!” I exclaimed loudly. “Fucking Christ, that’s good. Fuck me!”

He quickly began to pump his dick in and out of me. I could feel his heavy balls as they slammed into my ass and his thighs as they slapped against my upper ass. I felt so turned on knowing that I had my legs spread eagled and thrown up in the air like a common whore. I grabbed my ankles and pulled them back, to open myself up as much as possible. The extra feeling of naughtiness added to the state of arousal.

Then, I reached my hands down and spread my ass open farther for him. My legs also slid down his outer body, getting my ankles off of his shoulders. He reached down grasping his dick at the base and pulled it all the way out of me before plunging back in. Over and over he did this until I lost count, then he drove all the way in again, balls slapping hard on my ass. He stabbed me over and over with his hard cock, and I lost track of everything but the feelings washing through my body from my ass. He was pounding me again, varying his pace as he fucked me, obviously trying not to cum too soon, but it was really no use.

“Jack it on me,” I said to him, “I want you to shoot your hot load all over me. Max.”

He pulled his prick from my greasy asshole and stood up next to the bed. I scooted over under him and he began to furiously jack his cock while pointing it down at me. I was rubbing my own cock, and Max stepped closer, holding his cock near my face. Then he moaned like a banshee and began blowing his nut. As the first streamer of hot slimy cum struck my chin, I also began to cum. As I jerked and came, I leaned my head back and opened my mouth in a gasp of ecstasy, allowing Max to dribble the rest of his man juice into my greedy mouth. I swallowed as much as I co face and chest licking it off of my fingers.

Max leaned down smiling and began rubbing the cum into my chest and face.

“Boy, that was even better than I had hoped” He said.

“Yeah…that was awesome…just incredible” I breathed in answer.

We both quickly cleaned up in the shower, and I even sucked his cock some more, but he was spent, and I was too. We just spent the rest of the night drinking beer and acting like two buddies…who just fucked each other that is. Man, if his sister only knew!

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