Caleb’s Dream

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Caleb Hunter had this recurring thing in his head about returning to the room and the woman sprawled on the bed, covered in sweat after having had sex with him, the moonlight coming in through the window and highlighting her, breeze fluttering the curtains. She’d opened her glistening eyes and coo, “Are you ready to fuck me again darling?”

The film strip ran through his head like a familiar memory, only he’d never experienced it. In all of his years of ‘plucking’ females Caleb had never met a woman like that. In fact none have ever come close. The women he’d fucked over the years, including his wife, said things like…

“Caleb I don’t want you sweating on me like this.”

“You’re too heavy.”

“Stop, you are making me perspire.”

“Shut the window Caleb.”

“You know I don’t wish you to see me nude.”

“Fuck off Caleb. One a session is enough for me. Have you run the bath?”

Caleb sighed. It was a wonder he bothered having sex. At least his hand didn’t give him a hard time. He wondered if he’d be better of being gay but his cock began trembling at that thought.

* * *

Caleb Hogan Hunter was the second and youngest son of Hogan and Bernadette Hunter and had his first full sexual experience when in his final year at high school. The younger daughter of one of his mom’s arty friend had told how to make every move, and she told him not to fire inside her but of course he did, not understanding that instruction. The bitch belted him one and he remembered that very well. He saw stars for hours and was probably lightly concussed.

He wanted to go to the local college with his pals but oh no, his mom decided he required something called ‘strong moral fiber’ and sent him to a college run by a religious trust where he learned the meaning of edifying things so useful in life such as brimstone, the Dead Sea Scrolls, controlling masturbation and something called God’s Word. He was one of the few guys who wasn’t gay but fortunately the matron and the married female cooks were looking for guys who weren’t gay. As he aged his was through college his dick grew and he no longer kept falling out of those fat female sluts.

Aunt June, his mom’s sister arrived one weekend at college and applied for a leave pass to take him away for a picnic. Waiting to eat beside a river Caleb learned a secret about Aunt June. She liked sex, quite passionately in fact.

“If there are no women students and an all-male teaching staff Caleb, how are you developing your sex life?”

He was too embarrassed to answer so made masturbation motions to her.

“Oh my poor darling,” Aunt June cooed, smothering him with tit. As he gasped for air she was undoing her dress and bra and soon was pushing a nipple into his mouth.

“Er Aunt June?”

“Shut up and suck,” she purred and then asked in awe after unzipping him, “How old are you Caleb?”

He was nineteen then and stayed four years to graduate with a master’s in media studies, majoring in print media. Caleb’s mom also visited and asked him, “Why does June visit you so regularly?”

Caleb choked, unable to answer.

“Ohmigod, she and you are doing it aren’t you?”

Caleb nodded thinking that would be the end of Aunt June’s visits.

But no. His mom giggled and said the dirty slut and she made him tell her what they did and where they did it. She then chatted on as if that exposé had been forgotten. But no; next time when his mom arrived on a Sunday afternoon visit she took Caleb on a picnic where she hitched up her skirt and handed him a condom. They continued until he graduated. Caleb was very proud of his mom; she was such a good fuck, considerably better than her ‘dirty slut’ younger sister.

Caleb failed to win a position on the local newspaper after graduating. His mom called the chief-of-staff of the Clarence Herald and when that guy said no she went in to see him and took him out to lunch.

“How did you get on?” Caleb asked when his mom returned home from lunch just before 5:00.

“I have no idea,” she yawned and said she was off for a bath. Caleb noticed she was walking a little bow-legged.

Three days later a letter arrived offering him a position on the Herald as assistant to the motoring editor Karen Hobbs. Apparently there were complaints her road tests were too female oriented and it was decided to give her a male assistant to add his perspective.

“God a slick college graduate is the last thing I need,” moaned fat Karen whose tits wobbled down around her belly button, or at least where Caleb imagined the navel on a fifty-five-year old woman would be. He’s been briefed Karen was a former motor vehicle repair technician and possessed no formal training in journalism.

“I’m not interested in having sex with you,” she said. “I’m gay.”

Caleb longed to tell her how relieved he was to hear that.

Their first combined test was of a new model Ford pickup.

“A fucking gas guzzler,” she moaned.

“Then let’s also test the diesel version.”

“Are casino siteleri you mad Caleb? Two vehicle tests by two testers and we only have twenty-eight single column inches to fill including pix.”

“Easy. No introductory waffle like you usually provide, all comment confined to main points that readers are likely to wonder about compared with the model being replaced.”

“Listen asshole, talk to me like that again and you’ll get a shifter handle with over-size ball up your ass.”

“God you’re such a bitch but still very likeable,” Caleb said.

“Oooh, you are such a gentleman. Perhaps I should introduce my Carole to you.”

Caleb groaned to himself thinking that would be her girlfriend.

The review was presented for editing with Caleb combining both reviews and then chopping them fairly expertly to just over-run the allotted space to give the sub-editor something to do. It received complimentary remarks from the chief sub who hated every reporter/writer on the planet, as was the tradition.

Karen was over the moon because she also received praise and invited Caleb to dinner. He attempted to weasel out but was reminded Karen kept that shifter handle in her office locker. Caleb agreed to go.

Just like in the movies it turned out Karen and Sam’s daughter Carole who still lived at home was great-looking, a desirable featured being big pointy tits. Oh how Caleb desired. But she paid little attention to him. It interested the visitor that in the home environment Karen acted nothing like a lesbian. She was all over Sam when he came home and Caleb was very sure as wife and husband kissed Karen had a hand down the front of Sam’s trousers. A reporter is trained to be a professional observer to notice such things.

After a great roasted lamb dinner Carole announced she was off to bed.

Caleb joked could he accompany her. Sam thought that was a great joke and roared his head off but the two women looked at Caleb through narrowed eyes and that little incident taught the fledging reporter a great deal about women: sometimes they lack humor. Carole hissed at him to fuck off and Karen snarled, “Yeah, why don’t you go now Caleb. Shut the door on the way out.”

Caleb arrived at work next morning to be handed a memo by the chief of staff’s assistant.

‘You have been deemed unsuitable for Motoring so are now transferred to…”

“Cobb’s Bank is being robbed,” someone shouted.

Everyone rushed to see the action, sweeping Caleb along with them and they raced down stairs and out on to the street. He was excited, expecting to be near the center of real crime for the first time in his life. Cops were arriving, keeping people back.

“Where are the two guys dressed and wearing masks as Dr Spock and Eddie Murphy?” shouted the police captain.

Two policemen picked items from the gutter. They were masks, presumably when worn looked like Dr Spock and Eddie Murphy.

“They must have got away when customers were fleeing the bank,” the police captain raged.

Caleb spotted something and said to a Herald photographer not known to him. “I’m a new reporter and have seen something. Take a photo of me pointing and then follow me on the charge and keep shooting.”

The guy nodded as the police captain yelled to his men to spread out and apprehend suspects.

Caleb jumped out on to the street and pointed to two street sweepers pushing their handcart.

He then raced over, yanked open the handcart lid, saw the four bags of money and yelled, “Here’s the loot! Arrest these two felons.”

The guys attempted to run. He wrestled one to the ground and a woman tripped the other and as he fell she and her female companion sat on him.

Cops raced up, arrested the two robbers as well as Caleb and bundled them off to the nearest precinct.

But it ended well. He was soon released when other cops who’d been witnesses identified Caleb as the good guy.

‘Blonde and Rookie Reporter Foil Robbers’ screamed the front-page special edition of the Herald and that night the blonde Tracy Black and Caleb Hunter appeared on local TV on a network hookup.

“Weren’t you taking a risk foot-tripping an armed robber?” the interviewer asked Tracy.

“I just reacted and my girlfriend supported me in reflex reaction. What was there to be worried about?”

“A .45 slug through the center of your forehead would have destroyed your beauty,” Caleb interjected thoughtfully. Blondie’s eyes rolled up and she fell, to be caught gallantly by Caleb.

“Oh Mr Hunter. Please tell our viewers this wasn’t pre-arranged.”

“It wasn’t. I’ve been itching to get my hands on… er to personally congratulate Miss Black for her bravery and this has been my first opportunity. She’d been interviewed by the Herald after making a statement to the police and by the time I’d arrived back from my false arrest she’d gone, much to my dismay.”

“Please confirm how you solved something that some thirty police professionals had failed to observe?”

“I slot oyna saw those two street sweepers pushing their cart or whatever it’s called. I thought why aren’t those street cleaners slacking off and watching the scene behind them like everyone else was? I then thought when do you ever see two street sweepers push the one cart? You never do. So I alerted one of our photographers and moved in to foil the near successful getaway.”

“Were you scared?”

“No I had been diverted by the sight of Miss Black’s body.”

“What about her body?”

“Just take a look at it… it’s superb.”

“Oh Mr Hunter, you say the nicest of things,” murmured Miss Black, her body being very much the on-screen camera shot.

Caleb emerged from the dressing room he’d been taken to for removal of make-up and asked where Miss Black was. H e was told she’d gone. He cursed silently and went home, dispirited. His parents had copies of the Herald and had seen him on TV and expressed their pride in him.

* * *

Next morning the chief of staff’s assistant handed Caleb a memo. It stated he was to work directly under the supervision of the crime bureau chief.

The guy Phil Wright smiled and said, “Lucky break yesterday. Well done. Here’s a piece to do about high school girls apparently prospecting for spending money by offering sex after school. That’s Jake your photographer waiting over there looking surly.

“The law says we can’t identify minors soliciting for sex,” Caleb said.

Jake said darkly, “What the fuck do you know about press photography and the law?”

“Probably more than you do.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Yeah. Come on, let’s grab a car and go. We are far too early. The soliciting occurs after school.”

“Phil said this assignment is to test your initiative. He thinks you were dead lucky catching those robbers.”

“Yeah I was.”

“Come on now, don’t disappoint me.”

They arrived outside the school in their blue and yellow car clearly marked ‘Herald News’.

Three women coming out of the school gates shied away until one of them peered at Caleb and said, “It’s him; the guy who solved that robbery yesterday for the cops.”

They came over to the car.

“Get in the back,” Jake said and talk to Caleb if you know anything about child prostitution.

“We know nothing,” said one of the mothers, putting her fingers to her lips.

Caleb spotted that and said, “You are the mothers of some of those girls up to no good and have been to the school to plead with them to take stronger action to stamp out loitering, haven’t you?”

There was no reply.

“Publicity could embarrass your daughters and put them back on the straight and narrow. But who knows?”

“My Karen has been having sex. I wash her clothes and caught her with all this money. Come on girls, Caleb could be right. What have we to lose?”

“I’ll just write three mothers worried their daughters could be pulled into the sex ring, if one of you thinks about saying that to me.”

They got a great story. Caleb then stood in the street with the school in the background and called the school principal who identified himself but said no way would he be commenting to the media. Jake took the photo of Caleb on the phone.

The women lived nearby and the guys delivered them home and went back to the office.

The newspaper’s attorney made only a couple of small changes to Caleb’s story and advised the chief sub it should be only edited for grammar and spelling.

It was the front-page second lead in the newspaper that afternoon. When Caleb arrived to work next day the chief crime reporter Phil Wright said, “Good work yesterday. Today you work with photographer Kurt Brink and me. We work outside the school in an unmarked SUV with dark windows. If we see guys gathering we get their photos and then attempt to interview them. You do the talking and I’ll cover you and Kurt. Whatever happens don’t let them get Kurt’s camera.”

The stake-out ended in near disaster and was caught by an arriving TV crew who’d belatedly thought about their own stake-out.

Caleb had secured some great quotes from a couple of cocky young guys when an older guy came up and told them to shut their mouths.

“What’s the problem Alan? The girls involved are seniors, aged eighteen so we’re not fucking minors.”

“Shut up Roberto and you too Smithy. Give me your camera Mr Photographer.”

“Get fucked Bozo,” Kurt said calmly, and photographed the angry Alan with his top lip pulled back over his teeth in near maniacal rage.

Alan grappled Kurt for the camera and Phil dived in to push Alan away. Alan pulled out a knife and stabbed Phil through the shoulder. The TV cameraman standing in the middle of the street was filming that incident, oblivious to slowing traffic. Alan pulled out the knife out of the now screaming Phil, reversed it and smacked Kurt between the eyes with the handle.

Kurt fell, Caleb caught the falling camera and as Alan turned on him he kicked canlı casino siteleri Alan in the balls. As Alan doubled over Caleb thumped the back of Alan’s neck with his elbow and the thug dropped to the ground, out cold.

The female TV reporter meanwhile had pulled off her camisole, had ripped Phil’s shirt open and was stemming the blood flow. The TV sound technician was on his phone calling emergency services and school staff including the principal and school nurse with her medical kit came running out the school gates. Two young guys jumped from their vehicles parked in the middle of the road and felled Roberto and Smithy to the ground and restrained them. Sirens blared in the distance.

Caleb was back for a TV studio interview that night and said modestly, “A guy doing his job can’t be a hero when he’s just a guy doing his job and protecting his work pals under attack. Both Kurt and Phil would have done the same for me if our positions had been reversed.”

“You are very modest,” simpered the interviewer.

“And you are trying to make a hero out of nothing,” he grinned. “Haven’t you got any real newsmakers to interview?”

“Mr Hunter, you have been working on the Herald less than a week and already you are becoming a media star. You solved a bank robbery for the police who were there at the scene gawking. You filed a scoop story about concerned mothers worried their daughters might fall into prostitution and you were instrumental in busting the vice gang involved. All that in just three days.”

“Call me lucky and call our crime chief unlucky because he took the knife protecting our photographer and our hard-earned photos.”

Caleb came out of the dressing room after having his make-up removed and a blonde stepped up and kissed him, squashing her tits all over his chest.

“Caleb my hero,” she cooed.

“Tracy,” Caleb marveled. “Ohmigod, I thought you’d gone from my life.”

She whispered into his ear, “I’ve come back to give you my body you appeared to have admired so much. I ran out on you here after our joint interview the other night but having seen you back on TV twice more and tonight hearing the Mayor chastising the police chief publicly for the police not clearing away loiterers from that high school, I was aware I’d let a hero slip through my fingers.”

Miss Black and Mr Hunter fucked like rabbits that night. But Tracy ran out on him again.

When at last she answered one of Caleb’s near desperate calls she said, “I’m sorry Caleb but you sweat too much for my liking, you pass wind noisily during sex and you are poor at conversation afterwards. That’s you finished, get it?”

“Bitch,” he snarled, as he tossed his phone on to the sofa.

That was enough to get Caleb Hunter thinking.

Some women such as his aunt and mom don’t mind a guy sweating during sex but he now knew some females were not so lenient. Being intelligent, he resolved to tidy up his sex act by not farting, not ejaculating down women’s throats unless they pleaded for him to do that, and to talk to them lovingly during downtime. Er, perhaps he ought not put them through such a punishing schedule. If he was less energetic perhaps he might keep drier? Oh, it might pay to associate only with females who don’t mind being bathed in sweat?

For a while he thought it might be easier not to consort with females but that soon went the way of idle thoughts.

The chief of staff’s assistant handed Caleb a memo and he asked politely, “Eve we can’t just keep up this note-passing relationship. Do you fuck?

Eve, a pretty brunette with the reputation of being untouchable, looked around wildly and then said, “Meet me tonight at 7:00 at The Melba Bar.”

Caleb grinned and thought what a wonderful brush-off. Reading the memo he found he was temporary assistant chief of the crime bureau, the assistant moving to acting chief while Phil recovered from his shoulder wound. That afternoon he visited Phil in his private room in the hospital and Phil’s pretty wife Jenny said after kissing him in thanks for keeping Phil from being battered further, would Caleb mind the door while she gave Phil a blow job. Caleb didn’t mind but thought that why hospital had big-mouthed nurses, wasn’t it? He kept an eye on Jenny thought she was pretty good at it and when she finished noticed her brow carried signs of sweat.

The Melba Bar was crowded. Caleb had gone reluctantly thinking the promise of a date could be Eve’s idea of punishing him with a no-show for being so foul to her. He looked around and sighed. There was no sign of her but then a great-looking babe with her hair piled high, great make-up and a plunging neckline popped up in front of him and said, “Have you decided not to join me Caleb?”

Huh? He focused and could tell it was Eve.

“Um, just getting use to the light. Wasn’t sure if I’d recognized your thighs up there on a bar stool, not having seen them.”

She smiled and led him to where she’d been sitting and the two guys moved along one, freeing a stool for Caleb. Even then pulled her skirt up over her hips and asked, “What do you think?”

The sight of white flesh above the black stocking stops and lined by the black straps of her garter belt made Caleb dizzy with lust.”

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