California Zephyr Ch. 04

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Copyright 1996, All rights reserved

Train 5, Car 0535, Bedroom E somewhere west of Creston, Iowa

[Author’s note: the following continues Karen’s story.

Readers will note that I was unable to maintain the scientific detachment which I achieved in the earlier files, as this file covers the period where I myself was swept up by Karen’s “magic” ring. I had never experienced such an emotional involvement with my research before. Therefore, parts of this are written in the first person. – Richard ___________, PhD formerly with the University of _______________.]

Afterwards, Karen told me how perfectly important Cam’s attention had seemed. She lost all consciousness of Sophia and I at this time. And his hand on her zipper was so welcome! She felt herself stretching out to aid his progress, without even thinking to do so. He caressed each part of her as he removed her clothing, touching with firm fingers that reminded her of the very best times with her ex-boyfriend. She felt worshiped, though, in this moment.

His contact at once created a wildness in her that made her want to get their clothes off instantly, but at the same time, there was no way that she wanted to miss an inch of this experience. He made her feel as valued as one of the precious gems that surrounded him at work, but she realized that he never had said anything as corny as that.

They were no longer aware of Sophia and me, who were watching, kissing, cuddling, enjoying the younger couple’s beauty. I began to massage Sophia’s back.

“Mmmm!” she exclaimed. “How did you know that I needed that?” I didn’t know how I knew that, so I tried to look enigmatic. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Karen sat on the edge of the bed to remove her jeans, Cam assisting. He knelt before her, visibly savoring the scent of her favorite body lotion, and kissed inside her thighs, taking these kisses up to her panties, over her panties; then his hands were at her lacy waistband. Spontaneously, she raised her hips from the bed, and in a flash, her last covering was in his firm hands, slipping down over her knees to the floor.

Cam’s eyes were drawn by this motion toward the triangle of curls his action had revealed. Karen’s blue lace had done as she had hoped, emphasized her natural blondeness. Work done, the panties lay in a relaxed, crumpled heap, no longer identifiable as a thing of beauty. Fired by the sight and the situation, Cam’s kisses returned to Karen’s thighs and then rose to her triangle of Venus. Sophia and I were both breathing harder, and as my massages turned to caresses, I felt the warmth radiating from my partner’s breasts, and then from her vagina. Sophia turned, smiled at me, and let her hand slip to my fly.

“Voyeur!” she whispered to me, laughing softly.

“Let’s think of something that will take our minds off them,” I offered. I stood up, facing toward Sophia and away from Cam and Karen, and began undressing. It was a risky move, I suppose, but Sophia saw it as the right thing to do. She stood beside me, and followed my example.

“Here, let me!” she insisted in a loud whisper, and somehow we were undressing each other. We carefully laid each other’s clothes out on the upper berth. As we deliberately took our time, we could hear Cam and Karen’s growing passion.

Sophia and I took one last long look at them. Karen leaned back against their pillows and a rolled up blanket, lost in a reverie of colors, once-forgotten lovers, and excited nerve impulses from every part of her body. The ring seemed to me to be glowing in its resting place between her now deliciously taut breasts.

Cam’s muscles rippled as he swept his hands over her, issuing commands to each part of our friend’s body. She tasted his kisses as if they were wine. Her nipples, her clitoris reached out, rivaled each other for his touch, for those kisses. He felt the warm blood swelling her vulva, and her body signaled joy in their joint preparations. Her scent surrounded them as her blood pounded against her skin.

“Yes… yes, firmly now!” she whispered hoarsely, as her clitoris won out in the contest for his caresses. Suddenly, we roared past a standing freight train, sidetracked for our passage. The headlight of the parallel engine lit our room in a blaze, and in that moment we saw their perfect readiness.

Karen stretched out her lovely legs to accept him, and Cam moved to enter her. In the dimness that followed the headlight’s flash, his hardness was barely visible to us. Sophia admitted later that, colored by her imagination, it looked very large. We saw his hips and thighs flexing as he slipped into the magic circle that Karen had prepared for him, his muscles working not to ram his penis into her, but to ease in gently, savoring each centimeter of her open gift. She folded her legs over him, and drew him tight to herself.

Karen felt his insistent, loving pressure, and felt the joy of welcoming him, her body perfectly prepared for casino siteleri his entry. His strength came down surrounding her, yet he did not lay leadenly upon her. They began to move in ancient rhythms.

At that moment, Sophia sucked in her breath at the beauty of this tableau, and Karen glanced over at us. Somehow, we had broken her concentration. We looked at each other. I thought she might suddenly be angry or embarrassed. Instead, she smiled, and then I saw her running a finger over her ring. In the distance, we heard the train whistling.

Karen’s eyes returned to Cam. They caught the reflection of the tiny nightlight, and we saw the concentration return. Her lips were half-parted, murmuring words indistinct to us.

Suddenly, Sophia and I were jointly swept up in a wave of sexual desire that overwhelmed our sense of time and space. Karen was beautiful physically, no doubt, but now I yearned to be a part of this woman, wonderful Sophia.

I hope that Sophia doesn’t mind my comparison to a man drowning, but in the moment that passed in that sleeping car compartment before I dedicated myself totally to her pleasure, I took one incredibly clear mental picture. Then I let myself go.

Her white teeth set against dusky skin dazzled me as it caught the light of a passing station. Her smile was genuine, warm and inviting; dark eyes twinkled with enjoyment, with anticipation. I pulled my gaze down, with what must have looked like a stupid grin, when I really wanted to be suave. Her anticipation was real, it flushed her chest with a dark rose tint, emphasized her full breasts; it brought her nipples up, ready for kisses.

Sophia was not the slim or dieting coed that I had once been accustomed to having. Nor was she the 30-something woman who had drawn me to her lounge car table this evening. I had thought I would be spending the night with that blonde, Karen, but events had taken a twist. WE were spending the night with that blonde, and Karen’s eyes, I suppose, could have been focused on us. Or perhaps they had turned again to Cam, the fourth person in this scene.

Before this night, I might have thought of a sleeping car room as being too small to contain all that was happening. Now our wonderful evening together was approaching its climax in the darkened rooms, so to speak, as we hurtled across the landscape.

I had never experienced anything like this. Before the trumped up harassment issue, I was a professor, and a good one, too. I had taken advantage of many situations, that came my way. And come they did! I had thought that I could savor sex as an intellectual exercise, but now I realized that my head was beginning to spin with excitement, as this full-grown woman moved toward me.

We had laid our clothes out on the lowered upper berth. Her fingers had nimbly worked their way through my buttons and down my zipper. There had been no coy hesitation, the only pauses having been for kisses which grew more and more intimate. Now we embraced, our nude bodies pressing for every advantage of contact. She raised herself on tiptoe, bringing her feminine warmth around me, measuring my erection with her swelling lips. The Superliner lurched on a curve, and we tumbled onto the lower berth, laughing as we fell into each others’ arms. We were side by side, with our legs hanging over the edge. She rose, brushing her black hair over my thigh, as she ducked to avoid hitting her head on the upper berth.

“Stretch yourself out and relax, dear Richard,” she directed. That was me, Richard, I couldn’t object. I pushed the blanket aside and stretched out on the sheets. She sat on the edge of the bed, leaning forward slightly in a way that made her breasts hang deliciously toward me. They moved lazily with the massaging motion which she began on the balls of my feet, a motion which brought me a feeling of peace and contentment, even as my penis waved for her attention.

“Roll over, sweet professor, you’re distracting me” she said, with a bit of a chuckle in her throat. Her voice wrapped around me, gave me a good feeling inside. I lay face down, burrowing my hardness into the sheet. She brought the skillful massage up my ankles, around and between my thighs, and then she knelt to follow up with kisses. As if urging it upwards, she took all the tension of my day and stroked it toward my erection.

There was no line drawn, no barrier. Her massaging hands arrived at my hips, kneading them, stroking them, easing toward nerves that carried the sensation around to my balls. They rolled wildly in preparation. All the while, she let sweet, sexy words slip into the closed atmosphere of our compartment. I began to picture the words hanging there, floating at different levels, grazing us as they floated past.

Her massage reached my sacs, a firm and loving exploration of them. I jumped at first, but mostly from the new sensation. There was nothing frightening in her commanding touch, it was a loving feeling, and I told her how their excitement slot oyna was her creation, how much I wanted to return the favors that she was giving me.

Sophia moved aside, her head bowed under the upper berth.

“Richard,” she hung on the “d” in my name, making it soft. “Yes, please roll onto your back. Am I making you happy?” The last question was with a laugh. She wasn’t insecure about it, she just wanted to hear me say it. And if she had been holding any doubts, my hardness was now graced with a sparkling flow.

“You are making me very…” the obvious last word that I meant to say was lost as I groaned with deep pleasure. She had knelt to kiss the shank of my penis, and at the same time, cupped my balls in her hand. Caressing and kissing, she filled me with dreamy thoughts, grazing her lips up towards the shiny head, chucking it in the sensitive spot under the head with her tongue, then seizing it in her lips.

She sucked hard on me, drawing out the fluid, caressing me with her tongue. My hands, my lips, moved over her, touching the muscles that were working so beautifully over me.

“Let me kiss you, too, Sophia!” Her cunt was grazing me, and it was wet with excitement. I wanted my kisses to be there, building her feelings toward our ultimate goal.

We squirmed around in the berth, as the train rocked and rolled a bit. Now it was my turn to kiss down over her smooth belly, over her mount, and then to explore the moist valley. I loved the sensation of her thighs moving around me, as she tilted to expose her sensitive tip to my probing, circling tongue. I avoided its peak and took my kisses into her opening, tasting the moistness, touching off a spasm of excitement. I worked back to the tip-top.

Sophia’s powerful hips tightened as her body telegraphed her desire. My hands found her full figure absolutely alive in every muscle, every nerve. I loved the sensation of response as my fingers trailed over each part of her round softness. With each kiss, with each swirl of my tongue, I was feeling her emotional waves freely expressed.

“Richard!” She pulled away, and sat up as best as she could in the berth, which meant that she was slightly bent over, her torrid breasts pointing at me. She strung out the final “d” on my name. “Come into me, now…. NOW.” It was a request that I could never have refused, given our preparation, given the moment, and given the flower opening, as she knelt over me.

We met like two streams joining. I flowed upward into her easily, wonderfully, warmly welcomed as she closed around me.

She moved around to find the perfect way to hold me, as my hands moved from her hips to her breasts. Smoothness, softness, warmth were in my grasp, swinging into my lips. The excitement from my kisses traveled back down through Sophia and turned into beautiful circles around my manhood. Each move we made took us higher. Sophia bumped her head on the berth over us, but just laughed. I felt the laugh from deep inside her.

“Let me sit up” I suggested. We squirmed around and I was able to sit up, with her on my lap. We looked down at her breasts, and then I held each up to kiss. She leaned back in ecstasy at the complete sensation, and then moved to press her clitoris against me again.

Our eyes traveled down to our entangled hairs, stuck like Velcro to each other. Only the base of my shaft was visible, the rest buried deep within Sophia. I pulled back as best as I could, and she moaned pleasant words as we watched its returning thrust, joyful in seeing our union.

Now our attention turned back to kisses and caresses. Sophia had focused her strength in her vagina, and as I kissed, she squeezed on my hard penis. I pushed back, and in our joyful struggle, I began to feel her readiness to climax. Her skin tightened, my hands felt her every nerve winding up. My balls were hurting now, ready to release the load that they had prepared. They suddenly were sensitive to the rumbling vibration of the sleeper bed as the train raced across the dark prairie.

She leaned into me, pressing her large breasts flush into mine, and then leaned back, beautifully tensioning my hardness. She told me afterward that gold and yellow and red colors had danced around us in the darkened sleeper room at that moment. I felt an electric power seize my penis, my balls; in the distance I heard a crossing bell clattering, and it grew louder as we came closer to it. I exploded inside her. I heard the train whistling. Sophia’s short breaths turned into a long sigh; the gold and yellow and red colors faded into a pleasant glow.

Sophia held me inside her, as our hands continued a lazy exploration of each others’ bodies. Our eyes, however, turned almost in unison across to the other side of the sleeping car suite.

Karen and Cam were holding each other in a gentle, loving embrace, watching us. The lights of wayside homes and farms were flashing past more frequently now, and it was easy to see the afterglow in their canlı casino siteleri flushed skin and gentle touches.

Cam rose from the 40-inch wide berth and with no appearance of self-consciousness, in one step, moved smoothly to the windows, pulling the shades against the pending arrival of Omaha and its bright lights. I felt Sophia tighten around me, and saw Karen’s admiring look, as Cam’s masculine lines took center stage in the suite.

Karen rose from the berth and motioned for Cam to take her place on the pillow. She moved with as much grace has had Cam. Afterwards, Sophia and I agreed that it had seemed to each of us to be a ballet.

Kneeling beside him, Karen caressed him with such gentleness that in the nightlighted room, we could not be sure if she actually was touching him or not. The train rolled gently to a stop in the Omaha station, and in the quieted car, we could hear Cam’s murmurs of drowsy pleasure.

Cam drifted in and out of a dreamy sleep, aware, catlike, of his lovely surroundings, but with his body recuperating. Karen looked down at him lovingly, felt his presence inside her, and drank in the beauty of his resting body. She traced his muscles with a finger, feeling the cooling moistness of his skin, outlining the sinews that had projected his being into herself. She glanced over at Sophia and I, who also were drowsily caressing, but her eyes returned to the man at her side.

She felt an overwhelming urge to kiss Cam, even though he might not be awake enough to be aware of it! Karen took her lips from his chest down over the firm muscles of his flat stomach and into his damp curls. His tired organ lazed to one side, as if trying to ignore her attention. Even though she felt the gnawing need inside herself to possess this beautiful creature again, Karen enjoyed his moment of passivity. It gave her time to enjoy going over the past few minutes, hours, days in her mind. She had headed east from the Bay Area in sadness over her personal life and over her grandmother’s death. Now everything had changed! These thoughts whirled around her, and as the last sense of adrenaline overload from their lovemaking drained out of her, Karen began to cry. She wasn’t sad, she told herself. But she felt the need to cry. Too many things had happened.

The tears started out as a glint around her eye, and then swelled into a stream. She didn’t want to cry, she was sure that Cam would be depressed by it if he saw her crying on his night of celebration. She reached over to grab at a washcloth, tried to dab at her eyes. Runaway tears escaped the cloth, however, and ran down her face, dripping onto her breasts, and then onto Cam’s chest.

Sophia was the first to notice. She left me, creating a cold spot on my side where her warm hip had pressed against me in the tight berth. I watched her sensuous walk across the room, and saw her hug Karen. I had never seen two women hugging like this, without clothing, I mean! It was a moment of beauty, in this case. Sophia said nothing, just embraced Karen. Yes, the cynical will note that as a man, I enjoyed watching two pairs of breasts, two pairs of lips, two sweet triangles, and (honestly!) two approaches to life. At the same time as my mind was telling me that Sophia was wonderful to offer this sisterly embrace, I felt my hormones signaling. I shifted my position, to let my balls move more freely. They had suddenly become uncomfortable as they were.

His partner’s tears on his breast must have awoken Cam. The jeweler’s eyes opened, and he pulled himself up on an arm.

“What’s the matter?” he queried. A puzzled look crossed his face. Sophia released Karen from her embrace, and patted her on the shoulder. Karen’s tears had ceased. Cam watched Sophia retreating to our side of the room, and I felt a twinge of jealousy as I saw his enjoyment in watching her movement. Sophia managed to exude an air of sexuality that in a younger woman would have looked trashy.

“C’mon, Karen,” Cam tried to console her. Crying women were apparently a mystery to him. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No!” Karen began to cry again. “Everything was right. Everything was beautiful!” Her tears again ran down her breasts.

Cam was at a loss as to what to do. And then he did what came to him. He kissed her.

He kissed her on the cheek at first, and the salty touch on his lips distressed him more. He kissed her on her lips, and the salty taste filled his mouth. Karen was still crying, but her lips and his pressed together with more and more determination.

Sophia and I saw his muscles flex as he held her tightly, rocking her in those powerful arms, as he whispered loving words to her, told her how beautiful this evening had been. Wonderfully, he never said a word about sex, just filled Karen with his kind thoughts and warm expressions.

We only saw the outline of this moment, across the dimly-lit room. But in his arms, Karen felt a purpose that was stronger than the explosive sex that had brought them together. He was so concerned about her that he was unaware that the physical symbol of his manhood had begun to assert itself again. Lazily, it moved up a little and then Karen noticed it draping back onto her thigh.

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