Carly’s Punishment

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Carly Bellhorn heard the sound and alarm washed over her body. The sound was coming from the window. It sounded as though somebody was tapping their fingernails against the windowpane.

She turned around, quickly, prepared for the worst, and the paperback romance novel slid from her small hands to her lap. It took her moment to find the cause of the tapping sounds. The promised evening rain had begun to fall, striking the living room window.

She hadn’t noticed the coming of the rain, nor the gathering of twilight, but now that she gathered her thoughts and put things into perspective, she noticed it was rather dim in the living room, so she reached over to the lamp beside her, turned the switch, picked the book up from her lap and resumed reading. In moments the whole experience slipped her mind.

The living room was very small, but incredibly cozy. There was brand new brown carpet on the floor, a nice sofa, a nice couch, and the rocking chair where she sat now. There was a coffee a few feet across from the sofa, a real nice one Father’s great grandmother had given to him before she died. There was forty inch television, a DVD player, an expensive VCR, and hundreds of videos and DVDs to watch. Father didn’t actually make enough money to afford these things, but bought them anyway. Carly couldn’t actually object to Father’s not so clever financial decisions, and for three very good reasons. Number One: She likes these things just as much as he did; Number Two: he bought her pretty much whatever she asked for, just as long as she cleaned the house, made supper and gave him his space; and Number Three: If she ever asked him to stop being foolish, he might just giving her whipping, which wasn’t worth an argument. Carly just sat back and enjoyed the life, although she didn’t have much freedom.

At eighteen she’s only had one boyfriend, and that affair had lasted only a single week. Her sexual experience includes three men, all of them older men from around the neighborhood involved with wives who wouldn’t touch them. Carly was glad to get the experience, even though these older men always used her up, coming three and sometimes for before leaving. She’d lost her virginity to the man who lived across the street and he hadn’t been very gentle when he put it in her the first time. These man watched a lot of pornography and expected Carly to act out certain scenes. They wanted blowjobs, they wanted her to deep throat their cocks, they wanted to lick her pussy, they wanted to fuck her in the ass, they wanted to cum on her face or have her swallow it all, and they never cared much about her in the end.

Carly’s father could be strict and she wasn’t allowed to leave the house for her own reasons. She left to do grocery shopping, to buy clothes, to get what Father needed and to go to school. Nothing more. She’s gotten to know the living room quite well over the years, but she’s come to like being familiar with things. She didn’t care to much for surprised. She didn’t care too much about boys and having a good time. The world outside her house was unfriendly and scary. It was much safer in the house, reading books and cooking for Father. Even doing all her chores was better than being in the cruel world outside.

The light shined down on her angelic face, reflecting from her glasses. A person walking past the window might’ve thought Carly was an ordinary girl sitting on a rocking chair, reading a romance novel. If the person actually got closer to the window and a got a real good look, he would have been shocked to see just how wrong he’d actually been. Carly is about five foot seven and weighs about one hundred and ten pounds. Her eyes are light blue, big and sparking, hiding behind the glasses, which hide her true beauty. Her hair is dark brown, shoulder length and wavy. If not for some small distractions, the person at the window would have seen a girl that very much resembles Angelina Jolie, although Carly’s breasts aren’t as full. Her lips are just as full and thick, however. She has a nice, round ass, long legs, small hands and cute, but her stomach isn’t as flat as it could. A life time of living indoors leads to chronic eating, though Carly isn’t fat by any stretch of the imagination. Her thighs and ass are a tad thick. Her complexion is bright, her skin is very silky, made possible by many moisturizing creams.

The romance novel she read was pretty interesting, despite it being just like any other she’d read during her life of solitude. In this story, a young woman falls in love with a sexy older man, they fall in love, but their families dispute their marriage because of the age differences. The story really began getting interesting when the girl’s older lover is kid named by the man’s young nephew, who believes the girl is better suited with him. All day long, Carly’s eyes have been glued to the story, which is called The Perfect Love. A really cheesy title for a romance story, but the title didn’t affect the story.

Carly found herself smiling when the girl kicked a bowl of soup of the hands of the casino siteleri nephew while her arms were tied around her chair. The nephew, who claimed to love her more than any other man, acted calmly, cleaning the mess and bringing back another bowl. Carly wished the girl good luck and hoped the evil nephew burned in hell. She also couldn’t wait for the man to come to the rescue. In the previous chapter, the man had found out exactly where the nephew was hiding his girl. Carly read closely, feeling the same suspenseful anticipation a person would watching the climax of a movie.

Carly closed her eyes and thought of her perfect man. A big, husky, gentle, handsome man in his late thirties, big chest, strong arms, a piece of meat sculpted from the finest dreams the sandman could conjure. He was sweet and sensitive and always did the nicest things for her. They lived in a castle surrounded by water, there were guards, servants, jesters and much money. They weren’t king and queen, but they lived like royalty, and all the people around them adored them. When Carly dreamed, she dreamed big.

Suddenly, a soft noise broke her concentration. The fantasy was broken. There were footsteps coming from inside the house. They came every ten seconds or so, and Carly was positive it wasn’t the rain. She could still hear the tapping of the rain against the living room window.

Carly was started to get scared. She placed the romance novel next to the lamp and rose from the rocking chair while another light footstep came from the kitchen. Her mind began to panic. There’s an intruder in the kitchen, her voice in her head said. He might be a rapist. He killer. Maybe both.

She took another footstep toward the kitchen and froze. Father emerged from the kitchen, stepping into the living room slowly. He was soaking wet and completely dirty. His jeans were covered with grass stains. He was an impressive man, six foot four, two-fifty, black hair, muscular from years of manual labor, green eyes, almost no neck.

“Daddy,” she gasped.

“Who were you expecting,” he growled. He was in a foul mood, she could tell by the cold stare, the demeanor on his face, the fact that he came in through the back door.

“I thought somebody broke in. You don’t usually come home at five-thirty.”

“Can’t work the cemetery in the rain,” he said. He ran his fingers through his wet hair. Another bad sign. He wasn’t pleased with something and was waiting for the perfect moment to bring it up, then he saw the romance novel with bookmark sticking out near the end of the book, by the lamp.

“You read all day, Car.”

“Yes, Father. But I did all my chores.”

“Most of the house is real nice,” he said. His voice was gruff. His face had little emotion. It was so stern it sometimes freaked Carly out. “The living room is very nice. Is dinner done?”

“You said you wanted sandwiches. I was going to make them in a half an hour, but you came home early.”

There was silence. Father was looking into her eyes, Carly looked down at the floor. She’d made some kind a mistake, but daddy was keeping her in suspense. If this life is actually novel, Carly thought, then the reader of the story was on the edge of their seats wondering what was wrong.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

Father said nothing. Carly carefully sat back down in the rocking chair, keeping her eyes away from him, but watching him closely the best she could.

“I’m going to have to punish you,” Father told her. “I make life real simple for you, but sometimes you screw up. I’ve been lenient lately. Very lenient. But this mistake was the last one I’ll take.” He didn’t yell the words, didn’t start speaking like some lunatic, didn’t even sound excited. He spoke as if he were asking her about the weather.

“What did I do?” she asked, suddenly deep afraid.

“The dishes are still in the sink. Unwashed. How are you supposed to make me a sandwich with dirty dishes.”

Damn! She’d forgotten something. No wonder he was mad. It didn’t even matter if there was dishes on the top cabinet. Father liked all the dishes done when he got home. Carly supposed she could lie, give him the same excuse she’d given him about the sandwiches, but it wouldn’t work. Anything she said would be used against her with the belt.

“I’m really sorry-”

“No sorry,” he cut her off. “On the sofa. Assume the position. It’s time for your punishment.”

“But Father-”

“Don’t make me go over their and collect you. I said sofa, and hurry. The quicker you go, the quicker it ends, the sooner we eat.”

Carly slowly got up from the rocking chair. She felt like a murderer walking the last walk to the electric chair. She’d once read a gay romance novel based in the early twenties about a prison guard who fell in love with a wrongly convicted murder. The prison guard ended strapping his lover into the chair. He’d watched his lover die, then went home and shot himself in the head. It was a sad story, but it didn’t help her situation much.

Carly went to the sofa, slot oyna got down on all four, leaving her father in the distance behind her, free to do what he felt was right. She was scared, but also used to this treatment. An angry Father still wasn’t as bad as a rapist or murderer, but just barely.

“Take them shorts off, Car.” Carly sat on the sofa, removed her shorts and stared at her dad. Her eyes were pleading. “Panties too,” he said. “I want to punish you good. I’m gonna make your ass shine red with my belt.” As he spoke, Father was pulling his belt free. Carly removed her panties, slightly embarrassed to be stripping in front of her father, but used to it. Her father has seen her naked many times. She longer thought it was strange. “Now get back on all four.” She did without question. She didn’t want to prolong with experience by questioning his methods.

Father removed the belt from his pants. His stride toward the sofa was slow.

Carly could only imagine the painful crack of the belt as it beat down against her ass flesh. Without warning the first blow struck her left ass cheek. Carly grimaced in pain. Her eyes shut. She badly wanted to reach around and rub the pain away.

The second slap was to the right cheek, a little hard. The sound of the smack filled the living room. Father was breathing heavily. He almost sound as though he were enjoying himself. Three more rapid fire successions of the belt seemed to say he did enjoy. Each blow was to the center of her ass. The first two smacks were beginning to itch now.

“Teenagers need discipline,” Father said, then he smacked her left cheek again. “They should listen to their parents.” The right cheek. “The dishes should have been done.” Left cheek. “Even if I come home three hours earlier.” Center. “I expected you to start them when I left the house.” Left and right, two very had smacks. Carly bit her tongue to keep from yelling out, but somehow, someway, she also found herself liking this.

Her ass burned with a fury. She held her hands against the arms of the sofa. She felt Father’s hands caressing her ass for some reason. Now what is he up to, she wondered. His fingers guided up and down each cheek, rotating every couple of seconds, and felt great, actually relieved the burning some.

Carly wanted to say something, but held herself back. Father squeezed both cheeks in his powerful hands. His fingers slid between her ass crack. This was strange. Father was acting really weird. The belt whippings have never ended with him using his hands on her ass. The squeezes were released and tightened. She could feel fingers getting deep between her ass crack, until one actually touched the anus. He circled around the anus while the hand moved along the lips of pussy, tracing slow, smooth line around, causing Carly shudder in passion.

Father isn’t supposed to be turning you on, a voice deep inside said. Its wrong. But the sensation wouldn’t go away. Father’s fingers moved up and down between her ass crack. The tip of his finger would sometimes venture inside the anus, causing minor discomfort, but he never kept it in very long. The other hand continued moving along the outer lips, slightly flickering a damping vagina opening.

Carly sensed extra movement behind her. For some reason Father was taking off his pants. She could barely make out the bulge in his boxer shorts. She was giving her father an erection. Carly found a mixture of pride and confusion sink inside her. She didn’t know how sexy she actually was. She thought of herself as an ugly girl, a geek with glasses, but a geek wouldn’t be able to turn a man, and Father was turned on. She didn’t realize that the guys at school wanted her, and that the older men who fucked were able to cum some many times because of the beauty she wasn’t aware she had. Carly was to shine, involved into much isolation to realize these things.

Suddenly she felt something hard press against her ass cheek. At first she thought it was one of Father’s fingers, but quickly realized it was much to big. It circled around her ass, hard and big. In a moment she realized Father’s cock was out of his pants and against her ass. He slid between the crack of her ass, letting to graze against her anus, then pushed it up. Father got on the couch and knelt down. He began sliding his cock up and down between her ass, as though he were fucking a big pair of breasts. He used his hands to push her ass cheeks against his cock.

“Daddy,” she finally called.

“Hush,” he said. “Your so beautiful. So pretty.”

His cock seemed to be getting harder by the moment. Father wants to fuck you, the voice inside said. She didn’t feel distraught for a moment. Father thought she was beautiful. That’s all that mattered. He continued to move his cock between her ass, enjoying the hardness. One of his hands reached underneath her tee-shirt. His hand grasped and squeezed her breasts, pinching the thick nipples between his fingertips.

“Where’s your bra?” Father asked.

“I didn’t feel like putting one on,” she said, canlı casino siteleri fearing his mood would change and the experience would end. He didn’t say anything, however. His hands caressed her breasts gently while his moved quicker, up and down as the heavy balls ticked her pussy lips.

“Turn around,” he said. He pulled his cock from between her ass. Carly turned around, immediately missing his cock. She leaned her head against the arm of her couch. Father spread her legs wide open, until her right foot was high against the wall and her left foot was low on the coffee table. His fingers lightly pushed inside her. Father scooted further on the sofa.

“What are you doing, Father?” Carly asked, although she had a pretty good idea. Three men had eaten her pussy once upon a time, and according to the gleam in his eyes, that’s just what he was planning to do. Carly used his distraction to place her hands under her ass, soothing the belt burns.

“I want to taste your pussy now,” Father said.

Carly played dumb for Father’s benefit. She sensed he was having second thoughts about this, and she didn’t want this to stop. “Are you still punishing me?”

“Yes,” he said. “This is a new punishment.” His free hand continued to move over her small breasts, feeling the fullness of them underneath the shirt. Her pussy was already soaking wet from Father’s fingers. She couldn’t wait to feel his tongue all around and inside her. Her body actually broke out in gooseflesh thinking about it.

Father inched closed toward her vagina, licking his way up her leg until he reached the slit. Licking all around it, he heard screams of ecstasy as he continued to finger her clit with three fingers. He admired Carly’s patch of brown pubic hair, telling how much of a woman she’s become. Unable to keep herself from desire, she grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled Father deeper inside her.

“Kiss my cunt,” she moaned, and Father quickly obliged. Carly took her hands and lifted her clitoral hood. He sucked and licked around the mound while he worked his finger around her outer lips. She started biting down on her fingers to keep from yelling. Father’s hand slipped from underneath her shirt, and moved up her body. He inserted a finger in his daughter’s mouth and felt her tongue work around the tip while he slid his other hands from her vaginal opening, to her anus, inserting two fingers inside her tight ass.

He moved his fingers in and out of her ass slowly, but never lost pace as he ate her pussy. Carly moaned and mumbled, sucking on his finger as if it were a cock, making her desperate to taste Father’s actual cock.

“Let me suck your cock, Father,” she begged. “Please! I’ll be a good girl forever if you put it in my mouth. Her eyes sparkled with sexual delight. How could he play such mean games with his little girl? Stop keeping her in suspense. “Please,” she begged again.

He looked from between her legs and mumbled his okay. “I shouldn’t, this is a punishment, but okay.” Carly could tell that Father wanted a blowjob just as badly as she wanted to give one.

Father laid back on the couch and let his daughter pleasure him. He’s been without a woman for a few years now. He badly missed sexual encounters. Carly just gazed at his eight inch cock. It was bigger than the other three she had in her mouth, but felt she could handle it. She slid her shirt off.

“If you’re gonna cum,” she said, “will you warn me?”

“How do you know about cum?” he asked.

“I’m eighteen.”

“Oh yeah! I keep forgetting. Sure. No problem.” He relaxed again. Sat as if he were watching TV and not about to get his cock sucked. Carly slowly tongued his inner thighs, teasing him by coming up to his balls and leaving the feeling of her breath against the wetness as she went back down. While performing the tongue work, her hands stroked his cock, barely able to get the tiny hands over his cock. Then she began to suck and nibble on his heavy balls, working her way slowly from the base of the cock to the head. All at once she swallowed six inches of his aching member, feeling it distend her cheeks and almost gag her.

The movement of her head cast a shadow on the that turned father on even more. She licked and tasted the head of his cock, letting more saliva gather in her mouth, making sure it got wet and slippery. Carly ran her hands up and over it, then pushed it against her cheek, staring into Father’s eyes the whole time, to his apparent enjoyment.

The cock vanished between her thick lips. She braced herself against his inner thigh as she bobbed with more enthusiasm between his legs. Saliva was leaking from her mouth, spilling down his cock and over his balls. She slid the penis out of her mouth, licked up and down the shaft, moved up, stopped at the head, and licked between the V-shaped ridge beneath the head, then she went back down again, stopping at his balls.

She sucked and nibbled his balls, this time for real. She tasted each nut, let it roll over her tongue, rotating them every tem seconds while Father’s cock inadvertently circled around her forehead. She took the cock back in her soft hands shortly, sliding four inches of his cock into her mouth and sucking rapidly while jerking off the lower half of his cock.

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