Cash, Grass, or…

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Is there anything sadder than a dive bar on a Tuesday evening? Here I am looking like Morticia Addams in a black tank top and blue jeans, working on my second beer as I try to pretend that my app hookup is just running late. A giant boom box from the 80’s is trying to play some rock song but it’s impossible to make out. Makes sense, I’m honestly surprised it turns on with the three bullet holes in it.

I’m one of only four people in this place. There’s what very well may be the first biker passed out in a shabby wooden booth, most of his drink ended up in his ZZ Topp beard and he’s snoring loudly. Then there’s the redneck at the bar who after his second mescal is slurring his way through a racist manifesto. Finally you got the creepy ass bartender who keeps looking my way and licking his chapped lips as he stares at the cleavage made by my pushup bra.

My fault really. I know how I look. I’m that goth girl next door sexy. My hair is so black it’s almost indigo and I keep it long enough to reach my shoulder blades. It’s a great contrast to my porcelain skin which a lot of people think is makeup but it’s all natural. I love the way I look but the sun is my nemesis as I can’t tan, only burn. I’m 5’6 and a size two with these b-cup conical breasts and legs that go on for days. I know the kind of attention I’m going to get from creepers, but In my defense I thought I was getting laid and wanted to look sexy in this tank top and blue jeans.

I took a sip of my beer, resigned to a night in bed with a vibrator, when the door to the bar flew open and a couple walked in. He was tall and muscular with his hair in a crewcut and his light chocolate skin glistening with sweat in the neon light of the entrance. As pretty as he was, my attention was immediately fixed on the woman with him. Her hair was raven black like mine but wavy, her skin a deep bronze and mamacita was thick. Her massive breasts were barely contained by her dress and despite the fact it looked like the bra was built in, they rested down on her stomach. Her thighs were wide and amazing and when she turned to say something to her man and gave me a profile of that ass I’m not ashamed to say I got wet. I love the ssbbw body type, so much to hold, my thin frame just gets enveloped in them and the way they ripple when you set a good pace is a real sight to behold. The hottest, most depraved fantasies ran through my head. I could just imagine the cock he was packing, feel it in my mouth as I have her on a bed up to my wrist in her pussy or having her smother my face while he eats me out. Or my main fetish, the one I was originally here for tonight, the one that had the long hard plastic bound up to me so I could walk around. I needed to fuck this gorgeous couple.

Mr. Gorgeous walked up to the bar, “Is there a phone I can borrow?”

The bartender gave him this weird look as if the question was seriously disturbing his staring at me time, then in a snarl said, “Phone is for customers only.”

“But we really need to just use the phone, it will be a quick call.” The woman said. Her voice was this beautiful alto and I could hear her in ecstatic arias all night. The bartender wouldn’t budge and the racist at the bar was starting to become aware of the couple. I downed the last sip of my beer, time for some thrilling heroics.

“Hey guys, you can use my cell if you need to make a call.” They both turned to look my direction. She moved my way first, the bounce in her breasts as she came my way had me suppressing a growl. He came strutting close behind with long easy strides. If I wasn’t careful I might squirt in my jeans just from looking at them.

I unlocked my phone and handed it to Mr. Gorgeous as the Latina goddess introduced them, “Thank you so much. I’m Rosa and this is Richie. You’re really saving our lives.”

“No problem. I’m Caroline but everyone calls me Car. Glad I could help.”

What followed was a tense conversation between Richie and the person on the other end as Rosa let me in on their situation. Bad luck with the airlines had left them without their luggage and neither of them had noticed how low the batteries of their phones were. Now their rental car had broken down. Apparently it was smoking out in the parking lot right now. Rosa wasn’t worried, she was the optimistic type, and if I wasn’t mistaken, she was devouring me with her eyes.

“Good news is they are going to credit us back the cost of the rental. Bad news is we’re stuck here. They won’t send anyone out to pick us up.” Richie looked mad as hell. Who could blame him. He handed me my phone and I made a show of stretching over the table to get it. Despite being mad I saw his eyes quickly look down my tank top at the small creamy mounds on display and stood up in time to catch Rosa checking out my ass.

“Ya’ll want a drink, it’s on me?” Richie started to say no but Rosa said something about always relying on the kindness of strangers. I went up to the bar and got them both a bottle of what this place considered the good stuff and then sat back at the table. Good small talk led to some light flirting, led to Rosa’s admission casino oyna that though they were wildly in love with each other they loved hooking up with other people for threesomes or more. She was a bit of a lightweight and the cheap beer had her talkative. Richie was looking a bit embarrassed but when he caught the look in my eyes that changed to arousal.

“So why do they call you Car?” Rosa asked.

“I’m a smooth ride and get you where you want to go.” I said. Richie choked on his drink but Rosa looked thrilled. “Speaking of, I got a place where we can all go stay tonight. I can drive us there. It’s not much but it will be comfy enough.” They looked at each other and then Rosa leaned over and whispered in his ear. A warm smile spread across his face.

“How could we ever repay you?” Rosa asked turning to me, her voice low and sensual.

“You know the old saying, cash, grass or ass, no one rides for free?”

“Oh. Definitely ass then.” Rosa said. We raced out to my car.

Richie and Rosa climbed into the backseat of my car. I felt a bit like an Uber driver, but watching them make out in the rear-view mirror was hot. She was the aggressive one, pushing him back into his seat and kissing him rough. Her hand snaked down into his pants. It was hard keeping my eyes on the road.

“We need some ground rules for tonight.” Rosa said as she leaned her head over by mine. I looked in the mirror and while Richie was using it to look at me, his right hand had disappeared under her dress. It explained the smile I heard in her voice.

“Women cum first.” I said.

“Fucking right women cum first.” Rosa agreed as she began twerking back on his hand. How far away was this motel anyway? “But other than that, Richie only fucks my pussy. I’m sorry if that’s a problem, but he doesn’t do condoms and I won’t have him knocking up any bitch but me.”

Well that was a bit of a downer but I understood. “Anything else off limits?”

“No abuse. It can be rough, but if someone says stop it means stop. I really don’t think that one will be a problem though.”

“You never know, sometimes I like to choke a ho.” I say with a smirk.

“Oh yes mama!” Rosa cried out.


“Yes please.”

“Both of you?”

Richie’s face was shocked. Rosa moved back to him and began kissing his neck and nibbling up around his ear. “Come on babe, you’ve liked it when I’ve shoved a finger up your ass. This won’t be that much different. Plus turnabout is fair play. I’m sure she’ll let you have her’s?”

“Three holes, no waiting.”

“Oh shit!” he cried out. Rosa had his pants open and I could finally see that magnificent cock of his. It was as big as I hoped.

“Say yes baby.” Rosa said as she lowered her mouth onto the thick helmet. She got half of him down and was rapidly stroking the rest of his length. The sound of her slurping filled my small car which began rocking as he started to buck up into her mouth. He ended up saying yes a lot as he filled her cheeks up with his jizz.

I turned into the parking lot of the motel I had rented and found a spot close to the door of my room, thankful that the trip was finally over. I just pulled the key out of the ignition when I felt Rosa grab my head and pull me into a kiss. It was rough and awkward as we both had to stretch over the seat. Her lips parted as did mine, I expected tongue, but instead got a mouthful of her man’s load. It was salty and thick and I sputtered as it went to my throat quicker than I expected. Her tongue followed after it, ensuring I had to swallow her man down.

“So much for women cum first.” I said as Rosa pulled away.

“In the car doesn’t count. Let’s get inside.”

We raced from the car, Richie following behind Rosa as he held his pants up. I dug my key card out of my pocket, jammed it in the slot roughly and let out a small cry of joy as the light turned green and I heard the mechanism unlock. Rosa pushed me inside the room once the door was open, thankfully I had left the lights on. I threw myself onto the bed and she walked right up to the edge as I turned around to look at her.

“You like a thick woman? You want to suck on these huge tits, feel this sexy belly, grip this big ass and fuck this juicy pussy? You think a thin girl like you can handle this much woman?” Rosa brought her hands up to the top of her dress and began pulling it off of her. Watching more of her luscious body expose herself to me as she asked what all I could take was hot as fuck. She had the dress down to her waist, exposing those massive saggy breasts to me. Each one bigger than the pillows on the bed and looked three times as inviting. Her nipples looked thick and long enough to fuck.

I moved to the edge of the bed and got up on my knees and pulled her in for a kiss. This big and beautiful Latin angel was going to be mine all night long. Our tongues danced together, she still tasted faintly of Richie’s cum. My hands roamed her amazing body as she hugged me into her. I wanted to feel more of her against me. She sensed my need and we broke our kiss long enough for us to slot oyna rid myself of my tank top and bra. She then enveloped me with her body. Her breasts shifted around my small frame, her nipples playing along my hip bones as I was pulled between them against her. My own perky breasts with tiny nipples were standing proudly erect and I moaned into her mouth as they dug into her body as we melted into each other. Their was just so much of her, she could tittyfuck my entire body! How Richie ever let this woman out of bed I would never know. If I was with her I’d keep her fucked so hard she’d never walk again.

Rosa broke the kiss first and trailed down my neck, kissing and nibbling along my carotid, taking my pulse with her tongue. I stroked my hands through her fantastic hair, reveling in the feel of being devoured as she left a trail of hickies from my neck to just above my left breast. She then began to slowly make her way across my body, making me cry out as she bit and sucked a necklace into my skin. She was marking me as her’s and damn if I wasn’t completely onboard for that. Once she finished her circle of exquisite pain in my flesh, she bent down and took half my right breast into her mouth. She sucked on the entire boob as she played her tongue against my nipple. I held her head to me and groaned, wanting more.

Richie was sitting at the small circular table by the window, soaking in every bit of the sex on display before him. He must have shot a gallon of cum in the car if he was still half flaccid watching Rosa and I. There was no jealousy on his face as Rosa took her delight in my lithe body, only lust.

“You like to watch your chick with another chick? Like seeing two women enjoy some Sapphic fun?” I asked as Rosa switched from my right breast over to my left. I reached behind me and undid the straps on my heels without having Rosa stop her glorious sucking. Her hands were gently caressing my back or running through my long hair. Richie just nodded absentmindedly, not really hearing my questions.

“What if I claim your woman? Just grab her and roughly fuck her right and proper? Still be turned on? You want to see me be the big bad bitch and make Rosa here scream my name till the cops show up?”

“God yes!” Rosa answered from around my tit. I ran my left hand down her back, raking my nails along her spine hard enough to leave red lines on her bronzed skin. She yelped and straightened up. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face to mine, claiming her mouth, forcing her to gag on my tongue. She maybe three times my size but I wanted her to know I was in charge. She whimpered into my mouth and gave a sexy deep moan as I stopped my assault on her tonsils to stand up and undo the button on my jeans. The rough, baggy fabric fell away to reveal the black open crotch harness I wore in place of panties and the seven inch attachable dildo that was tied against my right leg by a silk strap.

Rosa’s eyes went wide as I drew the sex toy like a duelist draws a sword. I brandished the hard purple plastic so she could get a good look at it in the dingy yellow light, then plugged it into place with a swiftness that comes with years of practice. “Give me your mouth!” I commanded. I stood up on the edge of the bed, putting my plastic dick right in front of her mouth. She leaned forward tentatively, kissing the head. I snatched a handful of her raven locks and pulled her toward me as I thrusted forward. Her eyes bulged as I hit the back of her mouth, the sound of her slurping and gagging filled the room.

I was thinking about squatting down to see if I could make her deep throat the whole shaft when she pulled herself off. In one quick movement she picked me up and threw me down on the bed. I gave a very girly squeal as I was airborne then landed on the plush mattress. She climbed on the bed and on top of me. Kissing up my right leg, up my thigh, over my waist. I felt her breasts and belly drag along my body as she kissed up to my mouth.

“I need my pussy on your gorgeous face!” she said with an urgency I didn’t expect but welcomed. I stuck my tongue out as she kept crawling over me, licking down her throat and breasts and stomach till she rose up and I briefly saw her giant pussy before she lowered herself and the lights went out.

They say your other senses get stronger when you lose one. Well I couldn’t see and could barely hear as she sat on my face but smell, touch, and taste sent my body into overdrive. The feel of her weight on me as she ground me down into the mattress, the smell of her arousal flooding my nose as it was surrounded by her labia lips, the taste of her precious nectar as my tongue probed into her. I brought my hands up to grip her fantastic ass as she gyrated on me. It was difficult to breathe but damn if this was the end what a way to go! I could barely hear her moan but she moved around till my tongue left her pussy and found her clit. I sucked the small button into my mouth, blowing it like a tiny cock. More of her pressed down on me, trying to go deeper in my face. I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t want to let go. My fingernails canlı casino siteleri dug into her thighs and I heard her cry out faintly, then liquid splashed down my bottom lip and chin. She rolled off of me and I gasped for breath as she lay next to me gasping as well.

I recovered first and rolled onto my side and gave her left breast a vicious slap down on the long erect nipple. She howled and gave me a questioning look.

“You almost killed me!”

“Sorry.” she said sheepishly.

I leaned in and sucked the nipple I had slapped between my lips. Rolling it around with my tongue. Her eyes fluttered and she moaned as I suckled her like a baby. My right hand played along her belly caressing and tickling down to the thick dark forest that covered her venus mound. I tangled my fingers in her coarse hair, massaging down hard to her pelvis, pulling up to pull on the hair. Her moans were music, a symphony I was composing with my hand and mouth.

“Oh Car! That feels so good! OHHH! Damn! Richie you need to be taking fucking notes! AH! Mmmmm, this feels amazing. Almost like I’ve got a dick inside me.”

“You ready for one inside you?”

“YES!” she screamed.

I heard Richie get out of his chair but I beat him to it. “You sit back down and look pretty, this is my job!” I ordered. I could see the now fully erect meat in his hand, definitely recovered from his blowjob. I made sure to keep eye contact with him as I slid into his girlfriend’s cunt. Her needy slit took every inch of that dildo, squelching happily as it was filled by me. Rosa cried out, her passion louder even than the sound of our bodies colliding. I pulled almost all the way out and then slammed in, over and over, looking at Richie the whole time. Letting him know that I was fucking her, I was in charge here. For a moment I could see anger and jealousy on his face as I made his woman call my name, but then I guess the hotness of two women fucking got the better of him as he just sat back and lightly stroked himself.

I turned back to focus on Rosa, her eyes closed tight as I stroked slow and deep. Her hands tried to hold her stomach and breasts still. She was probably a bit self-conscious about her size moving around, but that was one of the hottest sights to me. I increased my pace, grabbing a handful of hip in each hand as I pistoned in and out of her.

“Let go. I want to see what I’m doing to you.” I whispered. She hesitated, but finally her arms left her body. Seeing her flesh react to my thrusting was amazing. Her fingers gripped the bedspread as her stomach rippled and her breasts rolled up to her face and around her as I fucked as hard and as fast as I could.

“Look at me Rosa! Do you want me to make you cum? Do you want to cum on this hard cock?”

Her eyes opened and locked with mine. She was grunting and moaning too much for words but her eyes told me she wanted to cum hard. Keeping my eyes on her, I stuck the four fingers of my right hand into my mouth, got them good and slippery with my spit, then fanned the hood of her clit without breaking stride.

It was like she touched a power line! Her back arched off the bed and her whole body went rigid. I stayed with her, keeping her pussy full, still fanning her sensitive clit under that fleshy hood.

“FUCK!!” she finally cried out as her body relaxed enough that she was back on the bed. She pulled me to her, rocking herself against me, urging me to resume my pace. Her legs crossed over my ass as she thrusted me into her, her fingers dug into my arms as her body shook against mine in an orgasm that had her skin glowing red through the bronze. Her hands came up my arms to pull my face to hers as she kissed me deep, moaning the last throws of her passion into me.

“Enjoy yourself?” I asked as she finally let me go. Her brown eyes sparkled in a lustful haze as she just nodded a yes.

“Good. Cause now I need you. I’m so wet from watching you cum. Your beautiful body has me so close. The noises you make when you just lose yourself are such a turn on! Have you ever fisted a woman before? Fuck! I knew I found a good slut! I want your fist in my pussy and your man’s cock down my throat!”

I rolled away from her and turned around so I was on my back across the bed. My legs dangled off one side, my head hung off the other. The whole world looked upside down as I watched Richie walk over to me, his thick meat bobbing in the air in front of him. The bed creaked as Rosa moved into place. I felt her fingertips brush against my lips, standing out proudly from the crotch less underwear I had on. I moaned as she toyed with my prominent clamshell.

“You ready for all of this cock to go down your throat? I’m going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours, be balls deep in your face.”

I reached out and grabbed his shaft and dragged him the rest of the way. He was so warm and full in my hands. I kissed the head of his penis, making sure to smear my red lipstick on him, then began licking him. My saliva mixed with his precum and I was using my hands to coat his shaft in the two liquids. I was just about to let him in when I felt Rosa shove four fingers into me. I cried out and Richie used that as his cue to thrust in. I wasn’t in control any more and that fact added to my arousal as I felt my vagina get roughly stretched and my nose collided with his nuts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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