Cassie , Grandad Ch. 8

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Cassie woke to see Grandad disappearing into the bathroom, the whiteness of his bottom seemed to glow in the dark. The sound of running water aroused her suspicions as she lay waiting for him to return. “I wonder what is taking him so long,” she thought. Rising from the bed Cassie wrapped the sheet that had being covering her and made her way to the bathroom. As she opened the door she saw Grandad leaning over the huge bath turning off the taps. “Good morning honey, how would you like to join me in the spa bath, there is more than enough room for both of us.” Dropping the sheet Cassie stood in front of her Grandad and said, “That sounds like a wonderful idea. And reaching to wrap her arms around his waist she cuddled into his back and said, “Thankyou for last night Grandad, I certainly liked having your cock in my ass.” I’m pleased you were ok with what we did, as I said I have quite a few fantasies and I hope over time we will get to fulfil them together.” “I hope so to Grandad” Cassie replied.

Turning to face his granddaughter he gathered her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “Cassie I think you are wonderful letting an old man like me love you like I do.” Then he lifted he into the bath and slipped in facing her. His legs spread so she could sit between them. Reaching up he pushed the on button to start the whirlpool. Cassie leaned back to enjoy the feeling of warmth the was encircling her body. Grandad watched her as she lay in the water, her firm lush breasts pointing towards the ceiling. Oh how he loved playing with them, and he knew what he did to her breasts every chance he got pleased her.

As the water bubbled around them Grandad felt the familiar feeling deep in his groin. Just looking at his granddaughter turned him on and now was no exception. Within minutes his cock was sticking straight up and the head of it was protruding out of the water. At that moment Cassie sat forward and saw his erection, lying back she lifted her leg and raised her foot toward it. Caressing his cock with her foot she smiled and asked innocently, “Do you want me to give you a foot job?” You are welcome to do what ever you like Cassie, as I told you yesterday, nothing at all bothers me when it comes to sex.” With that Cassie said, Ok Grandad, stand up then. I want that cock of yours down my throat.”

Without answering he stood before her and poked his huge twitching erection in her face. Cassie responded by licking the end of his cock and then sucking what she could of it into her warm mouth. The feeling was incredible, so much so Grandad had to hold on to the towel rail beside his to keep his balance. Cassie was casino siteleri doing a fine job sucking on his cock and it wasn’t long before he felt the familiar tightening in his scrotum and tingle down the length of his ten inch raging hard on. Wanting to thrust he gently pushed forward to encourage Cassie into taking more of it into her throat. Cassie tried to take more into her mouth but it was far to long so she gently sucked and licked the huge mushroom head till she could taste the saltiness of her granddads precum. As he moaned and signed Cassie sucked harder and harder wanting him to once again cum down her throat as she had done before. Remembering how much he loved her swallowing his cum made her want to please him again.

But Grandad wanted to feel the insides of her pussy again, his cock loved the tightness and the softness that made up her pussy. Stepping back and easing his cock from between her lips he knelt before her and grasped her full lust breasts. She leaned back and let him caress and play with them. Knowing he was about to fuck her with his gorgeous hard cock, Cassie opened her legs and let him position himself closer to her. The feeling of the water cascading around them was like being in a whirlpool. Reaching down to lift her pelvis from the water so as not to pump the bath water into her he said to Cassie, “Guide my cock into you hot pussy Cassie, let me take you here in the water.” So Cassie reached for his manhood, taking it in her hands she gripped it hard and slipped it thru her fingers. With her balancing on the palms of his hands she slowly placed the head of his cock against her clit and rubbed it up and down her vaginal lips. With the wetness of her pussy and the oil grandad had put in the bath it slid easily from her clit to her ass. When the tip of his cock touched her tender ass, she smiled remembering the ass fucking session they had the night before. Pushing forward she gave him a thrill to think that she wanted to take it up her ass again. But as quick as she did it she moved it back to the entrance of her hot wet pussy, that was throbbing to feel him inside again. “You are such a tease Cassie,” he said smiling.

As his cock came into contact with the opening her thrusted forwarded and filled her waiting pussy with the whole ten inches. Knowing that her cunt was now water tight he lowered her back down into the warm swirling water and pounded her, splashing water out over the side of the bath and on to the floor. Cassie held on to her granddad so as not to go under herself and let him fuck her hard and fast. The sensation was strange, but nice. Having water splashing slot oyna around her body and jets of water hitting sensitive parts of her was starting to cause her to tingle with excitement. As her orgasm built she felt his cock swell deep inside her and she responded by arching her back and lifting her cunt to meet his thrusts. As her orgasm exploded he took a nipple in his mouth and gently bit down on it. It was as if her nipple was connected to her clit because when he bite on it harder she felt her clit tingle and the explosion peak. Screaming out “Harder Grandad harder” she felt his hot semen spurt into her awaiting womb. He shuddered on top of her and groaned as she relaxed in his arms. The heat of the water and the heavy breathing had steamed up the bathroom. Slipping his cock from her tight grip, he kissed her deeply and said, “Cassie that was so good.” “By the look of it there is more water on the floor than there is in the tub.” Cassie smiled and looked dreamily into her grandads eyes. “You make me feel so good Granddad, thankyou.” No need to thank me Cassie, you make me feel years younger.” Now hurry and finish your bath, we have some serious shopping to do before we head home. Knowing he meant their bed she quickly soaped her body down and lay back anto enjoy the jets of water pulsating against her body

Grandad watched as she lay there thanking his lucky stars that Cassie wanted him as much as he wanted her. Buying a bed today for them would be the start of their nights together for as long as she wanted to sleep with him. And he hoped like hell he could entice her ito fulfilling some of his many fantasies. “And she amy even have some of her own I can help her with” he thought with a grin.

“Come on Cassie, we have to check out of here and go and check out the beds in this town.” But Grandad, what will they think when they notice we only slept in one bed which incidently we have wrecked, and we have flooded the bathroom.” “Well be long gone before they come to clean this room Cassie, and besides I wrote a fake mane on the registration form so they can’t track us even if they wanted to.” “Oh Grandad, Cassie said reaching to wrap her arms round his neck, you are naughty.” Kissing her softly he replied “so are you.” Playfully smacking her bottom he pushed her towards the door.

After paying for the room they drove in the city, keeping an eye out for a sign that indicated a shop that sold beds. Big beds, the bigger the better they had decided. Grandad couldn’t keep his hands off Cassie as they drove but she didn’t mind. She only smiled and knew he was waiting to fuck her again as soon as he got the chance. canlı casino siteleri And secretly she wanted him again to. She was now intrigued about some of his fantasies and once they were in there own bed she would ask him what they were.

Finding a carpark they left the car and walked down towards a large shopping mall. Cassie was first to see it, A sign that read. Big Beds, Small Beds, Beds for your every need! “Look Grandad, there” “lets go then sweetheart” Holding hands they walked towards the shop. They couldn’t believe what hey saw. Beds beds beds. But Cassie saw the dreams, a four poster super king sized bed. “Wow, Grandad, I want that one” pointing to the bed in the middle of the shop. “Do you think that will fit in our room.” “It’s a pretty big room Cassie, I don’t see why not.” he said. “The only problem we may encounter is getting it up the stairwell., he said to himself. As they stood and admired the bed, an assistant came towards them. “Beautiful isn’t it?. “I love it said Cassie, it is the nicest bed I have ever seen’. “Yes it is solid rimu and was handmade by an Indian.. It is a one of, and we can drape it in any colour you like.” Please Grandad, pleaded Cassie, can you buy this one.” .Wanting to end the sentence with, for us, she stopped herself, not wanting to arouse any suspicion about their relationship. “Yes Cassie It’s lovely he said, smiling at his beautiful Grandaughter.

“My you are a lucky young lady” said the assistant. “I know” said Cassie returning Granddads smile.

The only problem we have sir, is we won’t be able to deliver it for about a week. It has to be dismantled piece by piece and packaged up for transportation then reassembled by our men. “It may take between 5 and 7 working days, will that be a problem”? “No that will be ok, as long as my granddaughter has her new bed before Valentines day.” “That I can promise Sir, now if we can take care of the details,” she said as she headed for the office.

Cassie felt a twinge of disappointment in the knowledge that they wouldn’t get to sleep in the new bed tonight, but understood why. The first night she and Grandad would share there new bed would be Valentines day, “how appropriate” she smiled to her self. “Then I will keep the gift I brought for Grandad until then” “I’m sure he will like the shaving kit I got for us, and the fundies” Cassies pussy began to quiver as she thought about how her and her Granddad were going to celebrate Valentines day.

As Grandad followed the assistant to the office he pilled his credit card from his wallet. A receipt fluttered to the ground. Picking it up he smiled as he remembered what he had brought for Cassie. Each of the five parcels he had in the back of the car contained something that would look so sweet on Cassie….and in her. As he tucked the receipt back in his wallet he smiled as his cock twitched.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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