Cassie’s Step Dad

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This is my first story on here and would love to hear your feedback but please don’t be to mean

Cassie was sunning herself by the pool in her bikini with her best friend Kate, they had been friends for 6 years now since her mom remarried to her step dad Scott; Cassie looked a lot like her mother but she was a bit bigger in the chest area, Cassie was a B grade student with a flair for languages

Scott had married Jules Cassie’s mother when she was 12. Jules was the perfect woman in everything he wanted in life and he loved Cassie as if she was his own daughter. Scott had already got one son who was back packing across Europe with his girlfriend.

Cassie had grown up quickly and she had grown close to her new step dad in the last few years, it had become almost a normal father-daughter relationship. Cassie become a daddy’s girl, she so relaxed around Scott, she would walk around the house in her panties and bra in the summer months without even Scott or her own mother saying a word to her. Cassie loved to call her step father ‘dad’.

When Cassie got to community college, money became tight around the house so it was up to her mother to find a job that paid better, after a few months of searching Jules found a job but the only downside was that Jules needed to work away from the home and her loving family. Scott suggested that he should be the one to do it but Jules would not hear of it.

Cassie missed her mom in the house, but she had Kate over most days. Kate was now spending more time with Cassie than she did with her own family; Scott enjoyed the sound of voices in the house and his step-daughter happy. Kate had the same build as Cassie, slim but she had the world’s tightest ass.

The girls spent most of their time sitting by the pool or in it, so the sound of the girls coming and going through the house was as normal. Scott got up from his seat in his study and wet to the kitchen to grab a cold drink from the fridge, but he came across a pair of bikini bottoms sticking out from the fridge door, the image stuck in his mind as it wriggled about. He thought it was Kate as he felt blood start to rush towards his cock, the idea of doing Kate was overpowering but he looked on his hand a saw his wedding ring which reminded him about how much he loved Jules.

The fridge closed and it wasn’t Kate it was his own step daughter Cassie holding a pitcher of iced water, but his cock started to harden in his pants.

“Oh sorry dad I didn’t see you there.” Cassie said as Scott saw her in a new light, he had never seen her as a woman before today she was always just little Cassie, but now she was a sex object; cassie stood there in her orange bikini, her breasts barely being held in by the two triangles of fabric which covered her nipples which were poking through due to the coldness of the fridge.

“Don’t worry dear I just came in to grab a drink myself.”Scott moved toward the kitchen island to cover up his grow erection from Cassie. Cassie walked over to the island on poured herself a glass of ice cold water, Cassie stood there innocently in her bikini looking like a temptress while she drank the water.

“Hey! How long are you taking with that water Cassie.” Kate said standing in the doorway to the pool area, Kate loved to flirt with Cassie’s dad as she found him hot, all Scott could do was to wave at Kate, and Kate waved back in a sexy manor and blown a kiss in Scott’s direction.

Cassie disappeared with the iced water pitcher out to the pool and Scott watched Kate’s bikini bottom disappear too.

“Is it me Cassie or is it your dad getter hotter these days,” Kate said as she sipped on her iced water, this made Cassie go red with embarrassment as she had never even looked at her dad that way, he had always been there.

“I bet I can seduce him.” Kate was being funny but something inside made her more determined to do it.

“Don’t say thing like that Kate about my dad, it wrong.” It was the first time that Cassie had heard Kate talk about her dad as man, Cassie had lots of boyfriends even went all the way with some of them on the second or third date this was different. Kate talked about Scott as if he was another of her conquests; Kate felt a little wet just thinking about his big cock in her body.

“I’m only joking Cassie your dad is safe, I promise I will not go near him.” But all Kate could think about was I bet he was great in bed, because he had a great looking wife. Cassie relaxed in the sun, safe in the knowledge that her best friend wasn’t going to make a play for her dad. The two of them lay under the baking sun.

Scott got his beer from the fridge and rushed back to his study, the images of Cassie were still revolving around his head as he tried to cool down his erection with his beer but to no avail, picture of his whole family sat on his desk; it was taken a few months ago on holiday in the Rockies, Cassie stood by her mother Jules both of them dressed in skiing gear. It reminded Scott how hot Jules acutely was as she looked more casino oyna like a teenager herself not a mother with a teenage daughter in tow. Jules had always made a point of keeping herself in shape, Scott peeled open his pants and fished his cock out and started to wank himself off over the picture of his hot wife.

Scott had missed Jules so much that telephoning her every day but it wasn’t enough as he was planning to surprise her with a visit over the weekend to her new place with him and Cassie.

“Cassie, can I stay over tonight as my parents are going out to some boring dinner tonight.” Kate had made up her mind she wanted to have Scott and not her best friend would stop her.

“Sure Kate, you can borrow my pajamas tonight if you want.”

“Thanks Cassie, you’re a great friend to me.” Kate said as she planned in her head how she was going to ensnare her biggest game to date. Kate couldn’t wait for later that night because she’d heard that older men were great lovers and she had become bored of boys her age. Scott was relieved to blow his load over his hand and the idea of his wife enjoying herself. The image was his wife’s body but he pictured Cassie’s head on her as he came.

Scott cleaned up his mess with some handy wipes and returned to work on his many briefs on his computer, Kate got up from the sun lounger and noticed that Cassie was asleep on hers, she wonder into the house and walked towards Scott’s study. Scott always left the door open to his study so he could keep an ear on Cassie while she was at home; Kate lent against the door way with her hips jutting out and watched Scott work at his computer. Kate watched him silently for a few minutes before she coughed loudly to get his attention.

“Mr. Groves,” Cassie said “would it be ok if I stayed over tonight.” Kate’s first part of her plan had fallen into place.

“Sure, I’m fine with that Kate.” Scott said only briefly leaving his computer as the legal briefs wouldn’t write themselves. Kate walked upstairs and towards the master bedroom where she was going to seduce him later that night. Kate couldn’t resist finding out good the bed was so laid down and imaged Scott pounding her in it, just the image of the idea got her wet and she slipped a finger into her cunt and worked it until she felt an organism building.

Scott was work hard when he heard a scream from upstairs followed by a big bang, he rushed upstairs towards the bedrooms and tried every door until he found Kate on the floor next to his bed, the bed sheet were in a mess but Scott brushed it from his mind and walked over to Kate and offered her a hand up.

“Thanks Mr. Groves I stupidly kick your bed as I left you’re personal bathroom, stupid me.” Kate tried to cover up the real truth about what she was actually doing in his bedroom. Scott wonder why Kate was very formal with him all the time as she always addressed his wife by her name, and she never used his name it was always Mr. Groves no matter what.

“Please me more careful Kate as I may be a lawyer but we are not rich family by any means.” Scott helped Kate to her feet as he gazed on her body, Kate could feel him looking at her body as she got up from the floor, it was a great turn on for Kate as her cunt started to leak again. Kate walked out and down to Cassie who was still poolside, Cassie had just woke up from her nap and saw Kate sitting back down on the sun lounger.

“Girls room.” Was all Kate said as she lay back to take in the sun, Cassie was totally unaware that she had an organism over her father in his bedroom and she had almost got caught doing it. Cassie turned over on the sun lounger on to her front and untied the knot that was hold her bra top on, she was determined not to get tan lines on her back.

Kate did the same as Cassie but went further and removed her bra top and her bikini bottoms too, the idea of no tan lines was very appealing and sexy too in Kate’s mind. The two girls spent the next few hours tanning themselves until the sun started to set in the sky. A beautiful red sunset as the sun lit up the sky before night crept in. Scott was busy in the kitchen making a salad for all of them and drinks; he treated them to cocktails as he would be drinking himself beer.

The girls went upstairs to change for dinner they both put on loose fitting tops and short shorts which were badly frayed at the seams, they were both proud of their tans as they got dressed they left on there bikinis under their clothes as there was not need to remove them. Cassie put her hair into two pig tails and Kate followed suit just before they left the bedroom.

The meal went without a hitch and they settled down to a night in front of the TV and the girls watched a movie and then caught the shopping channel, the only thing that they loved more than shopping was shoe shopping. The channel had an hour of designer shoes on and Scott felt sorry for his credit card as the two girls looked at him with puppy eyes over almost every pair of shoes.

“Pick a pair and I will pay for slot oyna them,” knowing it was the only way he was going to get any peace.

“Can Kate have a pair too,” pleaded Cassie she knew her dad would give in to her demands.

“Ok, but don’t tell your mom were you got them or she would kill me.”

They both settled on the shoes they liked, costing over 160 dollars but well worth the price if it meant some peace until she saw another pair she liked.

“Thanks Mr. Groves, you’re wonderful,” Kate gave him a kiss on the cheek and a good view of her cleavage in her bikini bra as she bent over to kiss him. Scott could feel his cock growing again in his pants but this time he wasn’t going to do anything about because his daughter was too close by.

“Night girls I’m off to bed now, “Scott got up from the sofa and turned to leave the room when he saw Cassie wanting a good night kiss from him.

“You’re a bit old now aren’t you Cassie for that off me,” Cassie started to sulk as she had always given him a good night kiss.

Kate started to yawned as if she was tired and wanted to go to bed; Cassie took the hint and headed up to bed. Kate was a little behind her on the stairs, they both entered Cassie’s room and stripped off all their clothes, Kate found Cassie silk see through teddy and Cassie put on her pajamas and headed for bed.

“I need to go to the bathroom first Cassie,” Kate headed out of Cassie’s room and walked towards the master bedroom. Kate put her hand on the door handle and turned to find Scott sitting on the edge of the bed naked with his cock in his hand. Kate stood at the door way and saw his cock and her cunt started to leak, Scott saw Kate’s 18 year old body through the fabric and it caused his hard on to get harder.

“Now, now Mr. Groves that no way to treat a guest in your house.” As Kate closed the door behind her and walked over to Scott.

“You should not be here at all.” Scott sat there still holding on to his cock, he was so transfixed on her body and how hot it really was. Kate stood next to Scott and removed her teddy, letting it drop to the floor at her feet. Kate then got to her knees and started to kiss the head of his cock Scott let go of his cock and started to enjoy her mouth on his hard cock.

“Let me take care of you in my own way tonight.” Kate said as she looked up at Scott with the same puppy dog eyes she had earlier. Her kisses changed into long licks down his shaft to his ball, Kate couldn’t believe how wet she was getting from just given a blow job. The feeling for Scott was out of this world, Jules never gave a blow job this good before.

Scott put his hand out and cupped her breast and squeezed lightly and Kate moaned as his touch was driving her wild, her nipples become hard as they bushed against the inside of his legs.

“Kate I want you now.” Scott said as she continued to lick every square inch of his cock and she wanted him but on her terms.

“Will you put that beautiful hair into a pony tail first?” The pig tails were reminding him of his daughter who was hopefully asleep now. Kate stopped licking him and pulled out her pig tails and grouped her hair together in one single pony tail like Scott had asked of her. Kate brushed her hair behind her ear and then she took hold of his cock in one hand and restarted to lick him again but this self felt how wet she was between her legs.

Cassie was wondering why Kate was being so long in the bathroom, Cassie headed out of her room and towards the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom the door was unlocked and Kate wasn’t in there to Cassie’s surprise.

Kate was so turned on by giving Scott just a blow job that she took his cock in her mouth and started to moan loudly, her fingers were working overtime in her cunt but were not the same as a cock could do for her. Cassie just walked out of the bathroom and she heard moaning coming from her dad’s room and went over to investigate the strange sounds, she put her hand on the door handle.

Cassie opened the door and saw her best friend sucking off her own father; Scott had put his hand on the top of Kate’s head and seemed to be enjoying himself. Cassie stood there in the door way and watched so Kate sucked off her dad until he came in her mouth.

“That was nice and now for the main event Mr. Groves, “as Kate wiped away cum dripping from her mouth, Kate pushed her dad onto the bed and climbed over him.

“I want you inside now!” Kate demanded. Cassie could see hoe wet Kate was.

“I want you too.” Scott replied to Kate as he kissed her in a very passionate way. Cassie couldn’t believe what see had just witnessed her father betraying her mom with her best friend. Kate whimpered something to Scott that Cassie couldn’t hear.

“Cassardra come here now,” Scott shouted out as Kate sat on his chest and played with his chest hair, Cassie slowly approached her dad and her best friend, Kate just smiled as Cassie passed her.

“I love you Cassie but would you do something for me dear,” scoot asked canlı casino siteleri lovingly of his daughter.

“What dad?” Cassie was still in shock from things she had seen Kate did to her father.

“I want you to join us tonight, as I love you Cassie and I what to show you my love for you.” Kate took Cassie’s hand and held it gently as Scott kissed Kate full on the lips just like he had done to her own mother.

“Please join Cassie,” Kate pleaded “I want us to be one big happy family.” Kate dismounted Scott’s chest and now stood by the bed next to Cassie. Kate started to undress her by undoing the buttons of her pajama top to revel Cassie in her most beautiful state, her chest was raising and falling as she took every breath. Cassie’s breasts were a lot bigger than her mother and she had the most perfect nipples in the world and no tan lies in sight.

Kate kissed Cassie’s neck tenderly and worked down her breasts slowly savoring the taste and the moment, Cassie had chills as she felt Kate’s lips on her breasts. Scott lay on the bed and watched his step daughter enjoy herself as Kate took her time undressing her.

“I have always been jealous this Cassie.” As Kate kissed her bellybutton “it’s really the cutes bellybutton I have seen.”Kate kissed it over and over again. Only Cassie’s pajama pants covered her modesty as Cassie was totally embraced by her best friend. Kate moved her hands to the band which was held the pajama pants at her waist and popped the big black button at the top, followed by the other small ones soon after.

Cassie stood there almost totally naked in front of her best friend and her dad, the only thing hiding her modesty was a pair of pink panties with bears on them. Kate took hold of Scott’s hand from his side and placed it on Cassie’s covered mound, Scott had enjoyed watching Kate take control of the situation like proud father, scoot could feel Cassie’s cunt under the fabric of her panties.

Scott felt a little bit of dampness as he moved his fingers toward her clit. Cassie’s body was enjoying the attention it was getting from both her father at her cunt and Kate who had returned to sucking and licking her nipples. Scott rocked his fingers over her panties and caused Cassie’s cunt to flood, Kate was sucking on one nipple and gently rubbing the other nipple between two fingers.

Cassie could feel an organism build deep within her body but this was unlike the organism she had given to herself using mom’s toys, scoot felt her panties were getting wetter and wetter as time went on.

“I’m coming daddy.” Cassie blurted out as Scott worked his fingers harder against the material of her panties, Kate stopped playing with her nipples and gave Cassie a kiss like she had given Scott earlier, their tongues embraced and Cassie came. Kate brushed away Scott’s hand from his step daughters mound slowly dropped down and scooped her fingers around Cassie’s panties at her hips and pulled them down to her feet.

Scott saw his step daughter in her full beauty an 18 year old version of her mother and Cassie was some goddess to worshiped too; Scott’s cock regained its hardness within seconds of seeing the forbidden fruit of his step daughter.

“Oh my Mr. Groves, you like what you see then.” Kate said as she saw his cock spring back to lie at the sight of his step daughters’ dripping cunt.

“Come here Cassie and give me a hand with it,” Kate took Cassie’s hand and pulled her onto the bed, Kate got on one side of Scott and Cassie got on the other side, Kate took Scott’s cock in her hand and held it upright and started to lick it again. Cassie didn’t need to be told as she joined her best friend in giving her dad a blow job together. They took turns in sucking on his big purple head and tasting him.

Scott put his hands behind his head and relaxed as his two girls took care of him, he was very proud of Cassie as she had turned into a beautiful sexy woman; Scott could feel he was coming again.

“I’ coming ladies,” Cassie took the lead as she flicked his hole at the top of his cock with her tongue, seconds later cum splattered out and covered her face; Kate held her face in her hands and started to lick the cum. Kate was very careful not to swallow any cum as she wanted cassie to taste her father in a special was way, Scott watched as his step daughter tasted his cum from Kate’s mouth.

“Dear I want to make love to you the same as your mother, Cassie.” As Scott ran his hand through her hair, Cassie tilted her head towards her farther to reassure him that it was alright to take her.

Kate watched as she saw cassie position herself over her dad and take his cock deep into her body, Scott loved the feeling of cassie’s warm cunt at it warped around his cock, he watched as cassie moved up and down on him, he was reasonable sure that cassie was on the pill but he was not sure about Kate.

“It’s alright to cum in me daddy as I’m on the pill,” Cassie moaned while she continued to bounce up and down. Cassie felt a pair of hands cup her breasts as she continued to make love to her dad, it was Kate playing with her nipples again. This time she wasn’t squeezing lightly but really mauling them, Cassie found the pain had heighten the feeling of her father’s cock

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