Catfight Invitational

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Tonight there was anxiety in the air. The main ballroom of this most luxurious casino was brightly lit. Full of high society people – beautiful women in evening dresses, rich men in black suits – the air was thick with the smell of many expensive perfumes blended together into an impossible exotic mixture. About a hundred of dark wood, red cushion chairs were located along the walls while the center of this vast room was free. Those sitting in the chairs were expecting something big. It was an invitation only event, but not the usual game of poker, and pretty much every person in this room had a vested interest in what was about to happen.

Tonight a decade-long family feud over the largest and richest estate in the country was about to end. After many years of controversy, courtroom battles and millions spent for nothing, this evening in this ballroom would bring a cruel but sophisticated closure to the ordeal. For this high stake event, each family has selected a young, fit woman to protect their interests in a very special way. These women would engage in a fight and the winner would take it all – the estate would become the property of the family of the victorious girl.

Lady Hilary de Vaudeville was a natural beauty of strong complexion, a luxurious blonde. She looked stunning in a white, full-length ballroom gown, cut very low on top, exposing much of her creamy breasts. She was a doctor like many women in their family. The rumour had it that Hilary practiced yoga naked, and in her student years, she had been a good pole dancer.

Baroness Frances Hamilton-Blythe was a lovely redhead, a very talented and popular fashion magazine writer. Tonight she looked charming in a dark crimson long evening dress with open shoulders. Her main feature was that irresistible innocent smile and small but firm breasts.

According to the rules the girls first would fight three rounds, three minutes each. It was to be a freestyle bare fistfight and wrestling with no holds barred – the main goal was to knock out the enemy or make her submit. If after the main rounds there was no winner, then there would be an extra round without a time limit. Owning the estate was extremely important for both families so everybody in this ballroom knew how this encounter would probably end – these ladies would fight until one of them died. Some sources even speculated that both families would torture and execute their girl if she were to give up, but neither of the sides made any official statements on that matter.

In a short formal ceremony in the center of the room the girls greeted each other, then the audience, and stripped for action, both peeling off their long silk gloves very slowly staring at each other with ice cold hostile expressions and trying to intimidate the opponent. Next their expensive evening gowns slipped down to the floor followed by the high heel shoes. casino siteleri The audience applauded expressing their total approval – neither one of the women was wearing a bra so they both stood there almost naked, in their very brief silk white panties, garter belts and stockings. Both women featured perfectly fit adolescent bodies, natural firm breasts, flat bellies and unstoppable desire to win. Hilary’s breasts were C-cup with large smooth skinned areoles and nipples, deep pink in colour, while Frances had darker nipples and smaller areoles.

It seemed that being naked before a deadly fight turned the women on – while parading boldly both of them kneaded and tweaked their stiff nipples expressing sexual excitement to a great pleasure of the spectators hungry for a delicious catfight. The magic and charisma of these girls made the crowd to forget that they came here to end a decade long family feud; at this moment it was all about pure sexual magnetism and lust.

Even though one could say this fight essentially had no rules, the event was orchestrated by a specially hired timekeeper – a cute brunette in her early thirties named Caroline; she was a lawyer from a neutral legal firm that acted as the coordinator of this battle. Her outfit was consistent with the atmosphere of the night but a bit more official – she was in a black bikini and black shoes with high heels. From this moment till the very end of the match she, the nurse, and their corner girls were the only people allowed to interact with the sexy fighters.

Hilary attacked first and managed to get in close, landing a quick blow to her opponent’s firm belly, just below the panties line. It landed with a good smack inspiring a loud outburst of yelling and cheering from the crowd and the excitement of the audience grew with each jab and punch thrown. Incensed by the sudden pain, Frances tried desperately to get a few punches in return on Hilary’s pretty face. The blonde kept her guard up well, but still one nasty blow somehow got through the defence catching her on the nose and drawing the first trickle of blood.

It was a very good move and it had tipped the balance of the round. Frances’s supporters and family shouted out congratulations and words of encouragement. For a moment it really looked like the redhead was in control – she was attacking while Hilary was only concerned with her protection. The blonde was desperately circling the room trying to escape the avalanche of punches and find a way to retaliate, but that was quite difficult as Frances, stimulated by the first blood on her enemy’s face, was unstoppable. Doing everything possible to block the kicks, Hilary still suffered a few good blows into her beautiful face, shoulders and belly, while her response was very limited.

It was clear that Hilary desperately needed a break and to her great relief the timekeeper slot oyna whistled to end the first round and the ladies retired to their corners, where they were immediately sponged and towelled off by their bare-breasted corner girls. Hilary needed an attention of a nurse. The woman in a short white dress took a small bottle of antiseptic cream out of her purse along with a pack of cotton swabs and gently treated the slight cut between Hilary’s nose and upper lip. She also wiped a tiny trickle of blood that had run down into the corner of her mouth. The nurse then went to the Frances’ corner and proceeded to peel off her panties to examine the reddening bruise on the lower part of her sexy belly. For the moment that was all she had to do but one could bet that after the second round these girls would require much more of the nurse’s attention.

Soon the whistle was heard and the two women, eager to get at each other again, came out of their corners swinging and punching furiously. This time they struck each other’s face and breasts with more precision. As part of her revenge for the first round Hilary managed to land a very hard right to Frances’s nose. The redhead shuddered to a halt and closed her eyes in a silent scream. Several of the female supporters in the front row shrieked out in sadistic glee as blood came out of the hurt nose. It was really good. Shaken Frances could not hold back tears as she tried to maintain her balance and not to fall down to the floor. For a few seconds there was a pause in the fight – Frances was busy with her bleeding nose and Hilary could not continue with punching because her knuckles were badly hurt. Then the fistfight turned into wrestling.

The women clinched and held onto each other’s necks trying to force their opponent to their knees. Eventually, Hilary managed to push Frances down and then quickly applied a head lock – now the redhead was on her knees while the blonde was standing behind and clutching her neck with the left hand. Reaching down Hilary grabbed Frances right breast and squeezed it in the most brutal way making the redhead scream. It looked really painful and cruel. The audience applauded showing their appreciation of this skilfully executed attack. Realizing how much damage could be done to her precious breasts, Frances pulled all her energy together in a desperate attempt to break free. Instead of trying to get up on her feet right away, the redhead made a more sophisticated move. She grabbed hold of Hilary’s fingers and tried to bend them causing a lot of pain and forcing the blond to ease the lock. With the move’s success, Frances was able to spring forward, but reacting quickly Hilary caught her around the knees and brought her right back down again. It was not over yet. Pushing against the floor Frances turned her body around, sat up and punched Hilary in right in her face. The move was good. The blond canlı casino siteleri lost the advantage.

Frances hissed a curse, bared her teeth and with an animalistic roar brutally attacked. In an outburst of wild energy she punched furiously at her enemy’s young and still well rounded breasts. Hilary’s lovely face quickly turned from a satisfied sneer from the damage she’d done to the redhead’s nose just a few seconds ago, into a sudden grimace of pain and fear. She tried desperately to guard against the redhead’s attack, covering her face skilfully, but the blows kept coming. Frances extensively pummelled Hilary’s breasts, quickly changing them from a creamy white to a bright red, while her friends and supporters screamed out their approval once more – as in the first round again Frances seemed to be doing much better than her opponent. A few punches more and Hilary could be lying on the floor, but the neutral and unbiased brunette timekeeper whistled to end the round, saving the blonde once again. The two women broke apart and teetered unsteadily back to their corners; badly shaken Hilary with her bruised breasts and cut face, and Frances with her swollen and bleeding nose.

The nurse and the corner girls rushed to help the women, using all their expertise to tend to their wounds. This time it was a lot more work. The nurse was very motherly and both women seemed grateful for her administrations. They really needed these short few minutes to recover before what could be a decisive round.

Soon the whistle was heard and part three had begun. Both determined to win, the women advanced at each other again, even more aggressively than in the first two rounds. This time it was Hilary who viciously punched at her enemy’s breasts in a forceful effort to give her tit for tat. She was determined to inflict most severe punishment on those young firm tits. Frances however expertly guarded herself, jabbing back at Hilary’s face. Despite all this effort a few hard blows did land and connect on her breasts. Not to be outdone, she countered with a savage right to Hilary’s chin, which knocked the blonde girl stumbling backwards and finally down to the blood stained floor. Frances’s supporters applauded and cheered out loud with delight, but it was premature – Hilary was back on her feet in no time and began a wild and crazed counter-attack of her own. Being the fitter of the two, she seemed to have much more wind and resiliency than Frances, who was now beginning to show signs or getting tired and weaker even though she kept hammering away at Hilary’s face and body. For the first time in this fight Hilary was taking control. Just then, the timekeeper whistled and ended the last round. The two women, both breathing heavily, dropped their fists and sauntered to their corners slowly. They knew what would follow.

While the ladies were recovering in their retreats the brunette timekeeper announced that there would be a brief break in the action and since there was no winner the last round will continue without a time limit until one of the girls died or surrendered.

To be concluded…

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