Caught Behind

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Caught Behind

The woman in my life had been away for a fortnight and would still be away for another two weeks. We normally enjoyed an active sex life and I was frustrated as all hell.

We were both bisexual and I was allowed to ‘play’ as long as it was only with men if she wasn’t also involved. She knew I was a passive slut when engaged with men and this only turned her on more than her usual aroused state. She loved to hear the ‘dirty details’ of any encounters I had the more depraved the better she liked it.

Now I needed some relief after a long week at work I’d decided to get some relief on a fine sultry Friday night. I prepared myself, shaved my balls and arse, clipped on my cock-ring and ball spreader and poured myself into a torn pair of jeans. Boots and a loose shirt completed the outfit and I hit the road to travel the short drive to the park where I knew I’d get used.

The park is only a small affair near the port of a small town but it does have a deliciously isolated toilet block that allows you to hear anyone approaching as they crunch along the gravel pathway that leads between the dense spiky bushes from the car park. The toilet block only has two cubicles and a urinal along one wall, but it is usually frequented by men after dark with very few of the kids etc that frequent the area during daylight hours. Being a tourist town there are lots of chances for assignations with total strangers and this was what I was looking for. The graphics on the walls left no doubt as the use of the block even thought the council regularly painted over the scrawled bragging and begging it was soon replaced and business went on as usual.

The cubicles had a large hole between them as did the one furthest from the entrance where someone could casino oyna stand out of sight in a dark corner and enjoy the activities of the room. I’d often watched or joined up to six men either in the cubicles or at the urinals late at night wanking, sucking and fucking. My preferred place was in the cubicle with two holes getting two holes filled!

The car park had quite a few cars in it but I knew most of the occupants would have strolled down to the pier away from the secluded toilets and only those who wanted some fun would venture near the locally notorious block after nightfall.

I made my way to the block as unobtrusively as possible, it was still early and I expected few to be there. I moved inside, allowing my eyes to adjust to the gloom, the lights were out and only natural illumination filtered through the door and the screened gap between the top of the walls and the roof.

Of course anyone there would have heard the tread of my boots on the path and I wasn’t to surprised not to see or hear the two men present until I’d unbuttoned and made as if having a piss. A slight moan gave them away.

I turned, leaving my hard cock out to peer into the dark corner behind me. No one was there so I stepped into this darkest corner of the block and looked into the cubicle. A man was on his knees his face against the hole in the opposite wall. From this distance it was obvious he was servicing a needy cock pushed through from the first cubicle.

I watched for a while quietly calling encouragement to the cock sucker. He seemed to enjoy the dirty talk and doubled and redoubled his efforts to suck the cock dry. The owner of the cock began to grunt and moan then I saw the sucker pull free and wank a huge cock across his face and catch thick splashes slot oyna of cum on his tongue as the far man let out his loudest groan so far. He quickly withdrew his cock and I heard him zip up and leave.

The sucker turned towards me, staying on his knees, mouth open and cum splashed. He was idly pulling on a good sized cock. I pushed my cock through the hole and he swallowed me immediately. I have about 7″ of uncut cock but he had it down to the balls in a flash, a slobbery sucking, licking cock hound. He sucked and slobbered around my excited cock better than any woman could ever imagine doing. I thought he’d suck my balls through the eye of my cock and couldn’t help squealing as I shot the biggest load of my life into his throat.

I sagged against the wall leaving my cock through the wall and he slowly pulled back allowing my slowly shrinking cock flapping in the cool night air. He’d occasionally lick the head and I began to revive, I can usually get it up a few times in pretty quick succession.

“My balls are blue and aching.” I heard him say. “Would you empty them for me?” he asked.

‘Would I.’ I thought and quickly turned around while dropping my trousers around my ankles. “Fill her up big boy.” I joked and before I’d even thought of how exposed I was standing in the open part of the toilets I was being entered.

His cock was a good size, a big head that pulled at my sphincter and long enough to ensure I knew he was up me. I pressed both hands against the wall in front of me and pushed my hole against the hole as hard as I could to let him get up me as far as his throbbing cock could reach.

I was fucking randy and careless and was soon urging him on louder than I realised. The combined sounds of his grunts and panting canlı casino siteleri with my urging and pleading and the slopping of a loosening hole around a mushroom head was an aphrodisiac to both of us and soon we did it. We came at the same, noisy, wet time.

I don’t usually cum without some cock action but being as randy as I was and being plumbed by such an ideal cock had done it.

He pulled out and quickly left the toilet. I slowly pulled my trousers up and staggered outside. I slipped around the back of the toilets and stripped. I don’t know, to this day what came over me but I stripped off and waited for the next occupants.

I slowly stroked my cock just stopping short of cumming until I heard action in the toilets, two men had entered only minutes before and I could hear moaning and rhythmic bumping of the cubicle walls. I pushed my right fist up my arse and fucked in time to the rhythm of the action I could hear. My imagination and the danger of being caught made it all the more illicit and exciting. I punched my hole as hard as I could, grunts and slurping sounds announcing each entry I achieved. I stroked my cock and made myself last until I heard the toilet fuckers satisfying their lust and then joined then letting my semen squirt onto the outside wall, gleaming in the moonlight and tried to reach my tonsils, the hard way.

I was still there when the two men left and I watched them walk away before pulling my fist out of my arse and thrilling to the obscene sound of my arsehole slurping, the warm splash of mucus on my thighs and the ache of a used fuck hole. I leant against the wall while my heart stopped pounding and I caught my breath before licking my hand clean and pulling on my clothes.

One last task was left. I re-entered the toilet and licked around each glory hole to get the full taste of the cocks that had been through them. The taste of cock, semen and saliva had me hard again and I resolved that a night on the dildo was required. But that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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