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I come into the living room and there you are sitting on the arm of the sofa in your nighty. You greet me by throwing your arms around my neck, and my hands reach under your nighty and gives each breast a squeeze. I take your nighty off of you and I lower my head and my lips suck your nipples hard.

My tongue laps at them as they are rock hard, and sucks them and drop to my knees as I go down to lick your belly, staying there for a while, driving you nuts because you want me, you want my tongue on ur pussy so bad.
I pull you to the edge of the sofa. pushing you off the arm of the sofa, your back on the cushions, your ass up on the arm

I dive to your smooth pussy and lick. Your pussy opens up like a clam, inviting me in. My tongue gores deep in your pussy as I rub your clit with my thumb . It is not long and I I pull your lips wide apart, I shove two fingers in your cunt and lick and suck on your clit. I stop only to take celery from the fridge, and lift your legs up as I use celery as a flogger.

I flog your inner thighs, I flog your ass cheeks, I flog your bet siteleri pussy, holding back your clit hood so my flogger hits your clit, making you jump a bit. Your legs are folded back towards the rest of your body, your pierced pussy and ass is fully exposed to my games. Fully in my control. I love the visual before me, skin getting a shade of pink, your every hole opening to my advances

I get a bit more powerful with my flogger, the celery is bruised, but I begin to see your ass, your pussy starting to turn a bit reddish. When my celery has given up the ghost, I bend down and lick your ass hole. I lick it and probe it, your ass relaxes a bit. I take some celery stalks and tear the leaves off and tear the stalks into 4 in long sticks. I start stuffing your pussy with celery, and with great delight I continue to lick your ass.
It’s amazing how just when I think your cunt is full, after a few minutes I can push another piece in the middle. Your pussy is so full, and now I’m finger fucking your ass. I’ve got two oiled fingers, good old olive oil, for lube, and you’re pinbahis giriş going nuts. With a deft and swift rub on your clit and bazooom you cum.

I keep finger fucking your ass, as I stroke my cock. I am getting ready, and once my cock is hard, and oiled. I press my cock to your hole, and glide right in your ass. Your awesome cunt is stuffed, and it’s making your ass a bit tighter, but the nasty part of your cunt stretched, filled with celery, is a big turn on. So I start to fuck your ass, holding your legs, your knees in my arms as I begin to fuck your ass good

As I get going, delighting in fucking your ass, your cunt stuffed, you want me to fuck you rough. As I pound your ass, you get wild, saying “Fuck. Fuck me hard Dan. Fuck my ass, make me your bitch”
Hearing you talk like that, and feeling you push back, I get harder and fuck faster. Pounding your sweet ass, you love it. I love it, nothing better than my cock going in and out of your ass. And amazingly, your tiny ass stretches so much as I fuck it. There is no pain, just bliss as online bahis my cock slides and glides in and out of your ass

I am close to cumming. I say to you “cum for me Baby, cum now” I say to you. I pull out of your ass, and as you rub your clit, with gusto, I stand and pump my load onto your tits. I shoot three fat gobs of cum, onto your tits. I rub my cum into your tits, massaging it into your nipples That did it, you cum hard, your body tenses, and some of the celery pushes a bit out of your cunt

I start to pull the pieces of celery out of your pussy, and when all of the pieces are out of you, I snap pics of your stretched pussy and well used asshole. I show you how much celery was in your cunt and you are amazed. I help you to sit up, and you pull me to you. We squeeze tight, and you are so happy

You don’t care about the fact that my cock was just in your ass, or the olive oil, you take my soft cock and suck. You massage my balls, and suck me hard. You stroke my cock hard as you suck him. You suck him very hard and you stroke him. You are jerking me, and as I lean back, you suck me until I cum. a delicious cum that leaves me breathless, and happy.

Sated and a bit tired we cuddle on the sofa listening to tunes, but I know you, you will get me hard a again soon and get some more of my cock in you

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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