CFNM with Sister Ch. 02

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Sister was six months from graduating photography school. She had to do a portfolio to graduate. She wanted to do like what author s do with their books. Have a picture of themselves at the end of the book. Well, sister wanted a picture of herself at the end of her portfolio. She asked if I would take some pictures of her. I had taken a few photography classes but nothing like what she had taken. I told her I would. We had picked a day to do the picture taking. When the day arrived she had set up her camera and the other equipment. So all I had to do was point and shoot. I started to take pictures of her. They were mostly shoulder and above shots. I don’t know what it was but after a bit of taking pictures next thing I knew I got an erection. It was one that I knew wasn’t going to go down without having an orgasm. I kept taking pictures until she wanted to take a break.

When we stopped she looked at me and asked, “Are you alright, you look flush.”

I said, “I’m fine.”

She said, “The last time you looked like this you had an erection.”

She looked down as she said that. illegal bahis Then her eyes went wide and she said, “OMG, you have an erection, don’t you?”

I blushed some more and she said, “OMG you do. Why?”

I said, “I don’t know. It just happened.”

She asked, “Would you mind if I saw it again?”

I was going to protest but she said, “If I didn’t show it to her, she was going to tell everyone what happened.”

This wasn’t helping my condition any with her wanting to see it. In fact it was making me even harder. I started to undo my pants.

She said, “Not your pants first. I want you to take everything off starting with your shirt, then your pants, then your underwear. “

She sat down and I stood in front of her and I started with my shirt. Then I finished undoing my pants and sliding them down and taking them off. She saw the bulged in my underwear and got this big naughty teasing smile on her face.

She said, “Well I’m waiting.”

I put my hands on my waist band of my underwear and slowly slid them down over my erection and let them drop to the ground illegal bahis siteleri and stepped out of them until I stood there in front of her totally naked with my penis sticking up and out at her, twitching. She sat there looking at it for a moment .

Then she said, “Much better, huh? Much better than keeping it inside your pants? It looks very hard and your balls look so firm and puffed up.”

She asked, “Would you mind stroking it for me?”

I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started to stroke it.

She said, “Slow down, not so quick.”

So I slowed down and stroked as she watched.

She asked, “Feels good, huh?”

I nodded and said, “Yes.”

She had me stop and she had me step closer. Then she asked, “May I?” And without waiting for a response she reached up and wrapped her hand around my shaft and started slowly stroking my erection.

She said, “Damn it feels so hard and really warm too.” She smiled and giggled as she said it. Then she reached up with her other hand and caressed my balls. After a moment she saw my legs starting to canlı bahis siteleri tense up and my breathing had gotten shallow and I started moving my hips so she stopped and let got of my erection. She sat there looking at it some more for a moment. Then she had me sit down next to her. We talked for a bit about other stuff but I stayed hard. My erection didn’t go down. Not even a small bit.

Finally, she asked, “Don’t you want some relief?”

I nodded and said, “Yes.”

She said, “Then why don’t you masturbate to orgasm while she watches.”

I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started to go slow. But it didn’t take long. I started to go faster and was pushing my hips up as I continued to masturbate for her. After about two minutes this stream of cum came out and went up high into the air and came down landing on my stomach and chest. She jumped when she saw it come out and how high it went. I got in about 5 more squirts before my cum only started to dribble out of my erection.

When I was done she said, “Wow that looks like a lot of cum. Bet that felt really good to squirt, huh?”

All I could do was nod. After about a couple of minutes she got me a towel and I cleaned up but she wanted me to stay naked as I took more pictures of her. Which I did. I stayed somewhat semi hard. Since I was staying naked for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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