Champagne Surprise

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When in any bar, gay or straight, I love to watch people without them being aware. It’s fun to try to figure out the stories of their lives and those of the people they are with. On this night, from across the smoky and noisy bar, I immediately noticed the two guys who seemed to be arguing about something. Every few moments they would glance my way and again resume their disagreement. I did my best to not be blatantly obvious about my interest in what was happening.

The angrier of the two was blond and beefy. His massive biceps and bulging pecs stretched the fabric of his white T-shirt to the limits. The shirt was tucked into a pair of belted 501s; worn thin in all the right places. A pair of old snakeskin cowboy boots finished off the tempting package.

The guy with him looked like the All-American boy-next-door. Incredibly handsome, he was on the verge of almost being pretty. His skin was smooth and tan. His teeth so white they seemed to glow in the dim light of the bar. He actually reminded me of some of my fraternity brothers with his clean-cut good looks. He looked a bit out of place in his button-down Polo dress shirt, khakis and loafers. Looks can be deceiving and I figured this one could have a real nasty streak. Little did I know I was going to find out personally.

The argument came to an abrupt end with the hunkier of the two shoving the “pretty boy” and stomping out of the establishment. The other guy took a deep breath and headed across the room directly to me. He stuck out a hand as he approached and said, “Hi, I’m Tim. Can I buy you a drink?”

I was somewhat stunned, but answered, “Sure, a gin and tonic.”

He was back in a few minutes with our drinks and after a couple of awkward moments I asked him what the big argument with his friend had been about.

“Oh, he’s not a friend. That little performance was my lover at his best. He gets that way whenever we go out to a bar. And that particular fight was about you.”

I almost choked on my drink. “Excuse me. What do I have to do with an argument between you and your lover?”

“Well, when we came in I noticed you and made some comment about you being an attractive casino oyna guy. Scott got all bent out of shape. When he left he told me to go after you if I wanted you that bad. I told him I intended to do just that.”

Still amazed, I listened to Tim as he explained all about his less than ideal relationship with Scott. After lots of stories and a couple more drinks I was beginning to feel like a counselor instead of someone this guy wanted to pounce on. A half-hour later Tim suggested we go somewhere else and I agreed. I thought a change of scenery would do us both good.

In the parking lot we agreed to just take one car and I got into Tim’s BMW. His hands were immediately in my crotch, kneading my balls and shaft. He struggled to unzip my pants and his face dove into my white briefs. My stiff prick was getting a good soaking through the fabric when Tim yanked my cock out of the fly and took the entire eight inches into his throat. All I could do was hang onto the dashboard for dear life as his mouth worked my meat.

I was about to blow a load when Tim came up for air and suggested we go to my place. I didn’t even bother putting my cock back in my pants as I gave him directions to my house, just a few blocks away. We pulled into the driveway and up to the side kitchen door. With my hard prick still sticking out of my fly, I got out of the car, fumbled with my keys and got us quickly into the house.

Tim fell to his knees and was again slurping on my cock. I lifted him up by the shoulders and kissed him. He broke away long enough to ask if there was anything to drink in the place. I told him I always keep a couple bottles of champagne in the fridge for “special” occasions. This certainly fell under that classification for me.

I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. Here I was entertaining someone I didn’t even know in my kitchen wearing nothing more than briefs and a T-shirt. As I got a couple glasses from the cupboard I could hear Tim shuffling out of his clothes. I turned around and the sight was beautiful. He was bending over to pull his boxers off over his feet and the most gorgeous ass was staring right at me. The perfect slot oyna bubble-butt was brilliant white, in contrast to his tan elsewhere, and totally hairless. His pink pucker was inviting me to an evening of fun and pleasure. He turned around and presented the flip side of a body that defined “swimmer’s build.” Jutting out from a trimmed bush was a long, thick, dripping hunk of meat that was getting harder by the minute.

I handed Tim a glass of champagne and dropped to me knees to catch the glistening drop of nectar mouth with champagne and without spilling a drop was able to take half of his shaft into my mouth. I swished the champagne around his cock and could feel the bubbles explode. I almost gagged as champagne shot out my nostrils.

Both laughing, we moved to the couch in the living room. Between drinks of champagne we kissed, sucked and licked every body part possible. Before long the first bottle of champagne was empty and I excused myself long enough to retrieve the other from the kitchen. The cork ricocheted off the wall as I opened the bottle. Tim was standing in the doorway as I headed back to the living room. He grabbed my stiff prick and led me down the hall to my bedroom. We again filled our glasses and settled on the bed.

Tim took my glass, set it on the nightstand and rolled me over on my stomach. He took a big gulp of his drink and lowered his face to the crack of my ass. His wet lips gently kissed the lips to my asshole. He formed a trough with his tongue and as it entered my asshole I could feel the cold, bubbling champagne flow into my hole. Tim licked, gnawed and chewed at my assring. Every so often his tongue would flutter around the ring of my ass. Then he would plunge it inside me and suck the combination of champagne and natural juices from me.

I wasn’t prepared when he lifted my torso up off the bed. In a classic “doggie-style” position I expected him to begin fucking my brains out. Instead, he started so serious ass-play. First, with one fingered then up to having four fingers massaging my guts. The emptiness I felt when he removed his fingers turned to surprise when I felt the cold glass rim of the champagne canlı casino siteleri bottle against my ass lips. Still half-full of champagne, Tim slowly and gently worked more and more of the bottle into my rectum. Then he would pull it out until the rings at the neck of the bottle popped out of my ass. In a fast movement he would shove the bottle back into me.

He than began faster in and out movements. Each time the bottle entered my body I could feel more champagne pour into me. The movement of the bottle, and my shoving my ass back to meet it, caused the liquid to bubble more and more. I could feel foam running out my ass to drip off my balls. Tim removed the bottle and again I could feel his hot tongue licking the foam from my balls, ass crack and hole.

I was repositioned on my back, with Tim straddling my body so his throbbing cock dangled above my lips. I opened wide to take in as much of the meat as I could. The bottle re-entered my asshole as Tim took my manmeat into his mouth. He was pistoning his own cock in and out of my mouth in sync with the bottleneck moving in and out of my ass. I felt lost in a fog of sex and man smells.

My ass felt like it was going to explode as the champagne gases expanded within me. Tim, sensing my struggle to not shoot champagne from my ass, pulled his meat from my mouth and got into position to plug my hole with his manly cork.

We were covered with sweat and champagne. I grabbed the headboard with both hands as Tim’s body slid into contact with mine. I could feel the head of his cock as it pressed slowly into me. Then, with one sharp jab, Tim shoved his entire shaft into me and I let out a scream. He began to fuck me like a mad man. Both of his hands were around my cock, pounding me to the beat of his fucking.

We were both close to blasting our juices. I could see and feel every muscle in his body begin to tense up. The liquid in my ass was sloshing around as he entered me harder and faster. I literally saw white light as a stream of white hot cum erupted from my cock, adding to the sweat and champagne covering both of us. He began to grunt as he lost his load into me. Together our contractions caused a shower of warm, bubbly champagne to spray out of my ass, around the plug of prick still lodged within me. We both collapsed exhausted.

We woke to a sticky, sweaty mess. However, getting clean was almost as much fun as getting dirty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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