Charlotte’s Day

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The characters in this story are in their final year of standard education and therefore are 18 years of age. (This is my first attempt ever at erotica and I wrote it on my phone, so please be nice…)


Charlotte lay there wondering how it had all gotten so out of hand… Hours earlier she was an innocent Virgin at school. Now she was spread out on the science desk with her pussy gaping and her own sweet girl cum leaking from it. She began to go through the day’s events.

In Miss Jessica Stone’s science class she had been told off for passing notes and talking. Being as it was the last class of the day she’d been a bit casual in her approach and as such had earned detention straight after school along with her friend Emily and two other girls whom she knew, but Emily seemed to know them better.

**RING** the bell rang and all but the four girls and Miss Stone left. She assigned them the usual detention task of lines: I will not interrupt Miss Stone’s class with mindless nonsense. God she hated her. Miss Stone thought she was so big and cool.

“Oh look at me in the cool teacher with tattoos and a quirky style. Bitch,” thought Charlotte in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh good she’s leaving,” she thought. As soon as she left Emily and her began chatting. And the other two girls, Dee and Naomi joined in. Their conversation focused around usual stuff, hatred for Miss Stone (although mostly from Charlotte), homework, girls they hated and virginity loss. They all had great stories and then it was Charlotte’s turn. She told them the truth (she couldn’t be bothered lying).

“I’m actually still a virgin.”

The other girls looked shocked. “Youre what? Seriously??? But we’ve heard so much Charlotte! We’ve heard all about your escapades with boys from all over!” exclaimed Naomi. Apparently her reputation was a bit worse than she knew.

“No, I’ve never had a boyfriend, I don’t want one… I’m saving myself for someone special. I know them, but they don’t know I like them and I’m not sure how they’d react…” she takes the slightest of glances at her friend, as Emily was thinking about what she had said.

“She’s probably thinking about which guy it could be…” thought Charlotte. But she was of course speaking about her best friend Emily.

She had been in love with her for 3 years and had come to terms with her lesbianism illegal bahis and the fact it was probably not reciprocated nor would it ever be.

Unbeknownst to the four girls Miss Stone had actually come back into the room and overheard their conversation! “Well girls!” They all spun around horrified. “This is an intriguing conversation.” Their faces red with embarrassment.

“It seems Charlotte is in love with someone who doesn’t know it… Hmmm who could it be? Who could Charlotte be saving that pretty teen pussy of hers for? Well I think I know.” She looked at her with a wry smile and then glanced at Emily.

“How could she know?!??! She didn’t. Did she?!? Oh god, if she says it there’s no way I’ll be able to hide it,” the thoughts of Charlotte crashed through her mind.

“I believe that Charlotte is in fact in love with someone in this room.” The confused looks on the three classmates were obvious. “Want to tell us Charlotte?” She enquired with and evil smirk. Charlotte looked away.

“No?” She walked over to her. “It’s you Emily…” The words hung in the air. Charlotte could feel her face turn pink immediately, oddly her pussy convulsed slightly too, this was turning her on???

“What?” Came her friends inevitable response. “Oh yes, Charlotte loves you. She wants you. She wants you to take her virginity!” confirmed Miss Stone.

Charlotte’s eyes fixed on the floor for what felt like forever. She finally looked up at her friend and saw an expression she had not expected. Emily was smiling. So were Dee and Naomi.

“What?” Was all she could muster. They giggled.

“What? What’s funny?” she frantically enquired.

“I didn’t know you were one of us!” Emily said. “Your reputation and all, we didn’t realise you were lesbian. We are too!”

“What do you Mean YOU ARE too?”

“We are all lesbian together…” She pointed around the room. “Me, Naomi, Dee and of course Miss Stone!” This revelation blew her mind.

Charlotte looked at Miss Stone who was smiling. And then at the other two, who were holding hands.

“We can show you if you’d like?” Said Emily. “Can’t we Miss Stone?”

“If she wants to submit to us then yes, I don’t see why not! But this stays here, we have a code. All of our sex is secret ok? If anyone were to find out about our group, then the punishment would be very, very severe.”

Charlotte illegal bahis siteleri nodded, still unsure what was happening.

“Let’s go have some fun,” said Emily with a skip off her chair.

The girls all got up and headed for the lab room behind Miss Stone’s desk. “Come on Charlotte. I want to make love to you…” came Emily’s plea.

Before she knew it Charlotte’s legs had carried her there. She entered last and was already greeted by Naomi and Dee kissing hard. They were groping at each other’s clothes and ripping them off. Miss Stone watched on and was undressing slowly. Emily turned to her and smiled. She lent in and she knew this would change things forever, she kissed Charlotte tenderly on the lips.

“Oh my, I’m in Heaven,” Charlotte thought. Her lips were so soft and her tongue warm and wild. She began to kiss back and felt her body heat up.

“Right!” Said Miss Stone. “Everyone naked for this session and anything goes. One at a time with Charlotte though as she’s new. Sound ok?”

Her nearly naked body was Amazing and Charlotte couldn’t help but stare at her wonderfully pale skin and her beautiful breasts. I wanted to suck them. The woman she had hated so much was now an object of her lust.

“Ok miss!” came the unanimous cry and the stripping began. Cahrlotte was carried on the wave of their enthusiasm and compliance. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. It didn’t feel real.

These girls were amazing. Bodies of goddesses and they were soon kissing and fondling each other. Miss Stone sat up on the lab table and Naomi knelt in front of her began eating her pussy straight away.

“They’ve done this before,” Charlotte thought.

Naomi’s black skin and dark hair were like velvet chocolate. Her body contrasted amazingly with Miss Stone’s and her big boobs were to die for.

Dee began kissing Miss Stone before presenting her a nipple to suck on. She moaned. Dee was the most classically beautifully there. Her hazel eyes, Shampoo advert hair, hourglass figure and flawless skin were amazing, a site to behold. Miss Stone was nursing away on her tit and Charlotte saw her hand begin massaging Dee’s pussy lips. They were glistening with her arousal.

She turned to her fantasy girl… Emily. Her naked body was incredible. Her skin was milk white. Beautiful long blonde hair caressed her canlı bahis siteleri shapely figure. Blue ocean eyes pierced to her core. All capped off with a beautiful set of small perky breasts and a bald pussy. Angel. She was perfection.

She smiled and they embraced. Kissing and rubbing their naked bodies together. They were soon rolling around on the floor and she forced herself on top of Charlotte.

“Do you want me to take you Charlotte? Can I have you completely?” She asked looking deep into her eyes, longing for confirmation of their new found love.

“Oh god yes Emily! I want you so bad.”

She smiled and thrust her hips forward. Their naked pussies made contact for the first time. Charlotte had never had anyone touch her there before and she had only imagined it would be the most beautiful girl ever. It was and here she was, looking up over the smooth skin of the girl she had dreamed of being night after night.

Bolts of electricity shot through her as the girl she adored began making love to her with her bare cunt. Part of her body began to light up with pleasure. She could feel the juices from her mixing with her own arousal and her body reacted. Charlotte started grinding back. She wanted this so badly. Emily lent forward and kissed her as they fucked. This only heightened their arousal, Charlotte’s pleasure senses were in overdrive.

They picked up pace and there was something more wanton about their sex. The panting and moaning from these two was louder with each thrust. Charlotte looked into Emily’s eyes and felt love. Her body reacted and she could feel something swelling in the pit of her stomach.

Emily carried on and was getting louder. “Oh god Charlotte!! Yes baby girl, you’re gunna make me cum baby. My pussy loves your clit, oh mmmmmmm.”

Her dirty talk sent Charlotte over the edge and her body shot up. “Ahhhhhhh! Fuck!! Oh god!” she cried out as her body reacted to her new girlfriend.

Emily followed immediately and Charlotte felt the cum from Emily’s pussy spray her cunt. She was shaking violently on top of her and was crying out her name.

Charlotte’s body reacted in response to feeling Emily orgasm and she rode another orgasmic wave of ecstasy.

They collapsed momentarily and Charlotte looked up hugging her new lover and witnessed Miss Stone crying out with Naomi’s tongue on her clit and fingers deep in her hot sex. Dee was dripping girl cum like a leaky tap as she was getting fingered and was using all sorts of expletives as she came on her teachers fingers. Charlotte could tell that this was just the start…


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