Cheating Tina

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There’s a group of us guys from high school, all grew up in the same neighborhood, and after we graduated, we vowed that we’d try to get together a few times a year, if and when possible. Our little neighborhood was somewhat removed from everyone else. We were looked upon as a group who lived on the wrong side of the tracks, but in reality, we all came from good, loving homes. We were just geographically separated from other areas, and we all lived in old row homes. Nonetheless, we were nice people.

Anyhow, fast forward a dozen years out of school, and we made plans to get together at a cabin my family owned in central Pennsylvania. There were 9 guys, but only 5 were going to be there Friday night, with the possibility of 2 more showing up Saturday. Several of us were married now, several with kids, some out of state, and a few in new relationships.

Friday night the five of us got there pretty much between 6:30 and 7:30, unpacked, got a fire going in the fireplace and the woodstove, cleaned the spiders and cobwebs out the latrine, made sure the electric was on to the latrine, and then settled in with our beers and the hard stuff.

It got hot in there with the fires going, and we stripped down to underwear and 3 of us in tee shirts too. Roger was making pizza moon pies on the stove for us. He’s the tallest of the five of us, a little over 6 foot, Italian heritage, fur covering his entire body, built and hung. He was wearing white boxer briefs and bare chested. We started joking with him that he better keep his pepperoni in his underwear while he was making the moon pies. He laughed, groped himself, and said he’ll have special sauce for anyone who gives him any shit. Then he winked at me. Tommy caught it and just chuckled.

See, when we were in high school, Roger broke both his arms when a fell off a balcony. In the weeks that followed, Roger was so horny, but couldn’t do a thing about it. His dad was helping him with his bath and bathroom habits, but he was constantly dealing with blue balls and viagra-like erections. His dad said he felt bad for him, and told him to get one of his buddies to help him get a girl to come by and relieve him. He called me and asked me to stop by later that evening. We all walked into each others homes, so I made my way up to his room, surprised that he wasn’t downstairs watching TV. He whispered and told me to close the and lock the door. I did. I could sense concern, so I went to his bed and asked what was wrong. He told me he needed my help with something. OK, I said. He told me his blue balls were getting SO bad he couldn’t take one more day without getting off. I just stared at him. He said pull down my sheets. I did. WOW! He dropped his legs and there stood this throbbing, glistening, veiny tower of cock, with two plump lemons laying in a leather bag. He said he needs jerked off SO bad, he can’t stand it. I was mesmerized. I grabbed hold of it, amazed at how hot, how hard, and how THICK it felt in my hand, He gasped, rolled his head back, and squinted his eyes shut.

In less than 10 strokes, his cum was flying everywhere. It just kept cumming and cumming, so I just kept on pumping it. His body went limp, but his cock was still hard in my hand. I stopped pumping but I didn’t let go. I just kept casino siteleri smearing his cum around in circles. When he opened his eyes, he looked at me and busted out laughing. It seems I took a few drops on my face, and one was on my lower lip. I got him cleaned up, and he kept thanking me, saying I was like the ultimate friend. He then explained that he was going to ask me to pick up a girl and bring her back to his place so SHE could do him the favor. I was embarrassed and he knew it. I was too quick to go for his cock, and I was hoping I didn’t screw up our friendship. He saw my concern, and said he hoped we could keep this going on a regular basis until his casts come off. It would save me car gas, and save us both time, if I was still willing. Once I found out he wasn’t mad, I was relieved. This went on for a few months, sometimes twice a day. I went so far as to suck his cock a bunch of times too. Anyway, one of the times I was draining him, Tommy caught us. Roger didn’t know we were busted. He promised silence if I would blow him too…and he never told anyone that I’m aware of.

SO. We’re sitting around getting drunk, and Kyle asks Mark what’s the weirdest or most awesome sex he’s ever had. With none of the wives or girlfriends along this weekend, the stories start to flow. Mark is sitting on a rocker, and he’s got his shirt off, same as Roger. He’s in cotton plaid boxers, and his fly is gaping. He’s really lean, ripped for sure, about 5’10” tall, and he shows a decent cock bulge in most of his pants. He rests his hands over the fly, and proceeds to tell us about a time when he was on a flight from PA to CA, and just as he was dozing off, he felt a hand feeling where he knows his cock bulges in the right leg of his sweats. He opened his eyes a slit, and realizes it’s the hand of the older lady to his right. She had thrown her blanket over both their laps, and she was helping herself to his dick. He acted like he was asleep, allowed her to jerk him off, and he just imagined it was one of the younger stewardesses. He said she had to go really slow because there were people still moving about, and she was trying to keep her hand gestures to a minimum. She had him on the edge for about 45 minutes before he finally blasted a load against the underside of the blanket. When he was done cumming, she pulled his sweats back up, pulled the blanket off, and he thinks she scooped the cum from the blanket and licked it. We were cheering him on. Then it was Kyle’s turn.

Kyle was about 21 when this happened. He has always been a fireplug. You know the kind of guy that’s just thick. He’s got big muscles, all of them round. His pecs are round, his delts are round, his biceps are round, his thighs are HUGE and round, his calves are big and round, his ass is round and it’s a work of art. His face is round, and he’s got a small round belly. He only stands about 5’6″ which is why he looks so thick. And his cock bulge is round. So, he’s in a seedy truckstop, somewhere in Ohio while he was on the road, and a pretty lady asks him for a ride, heading west. He obliges, and as she tries to climb up into his cab with a dress on, his face is right at her ass. He almost grabbed it then, but he held back. He just knew he was gonna be pumping her somewhere on this trip. About 10 slot oyna miles away from the truckstop, she mentions that he has a LOT of muscles, but one in particular has captured her attention. A little bit of banter back and forth, and soon she’s leaning over the seat to touch the muscle she wants the most. She puts her face right against his bulge and starts fishing his cock out. She saw he was about a 6 incher, but she was swooning over how THICK and ROUND his cock was. She bobbed for 20 minutes, and he finally blew a load into her mouth. She gobbled and swallowed like her life depended on it. Then she said he could pull over, and she’d hitch a ride back. She just wanted to suck a load out of his cock. And then she pulled up her skirt and showed him she’s a man! Everyone was hollering at that!

Tommy went next. He said all his sex is good. He’s not married yet, just getting into a steady relationship. He went on to say that several years ago he caught a friend sucking off someone that wasn’t her date, and that he struck a deal, that for his silence, he was to get blow-jobs too. So, for over 10 years, anytime he decides he wants an expert cocksucker draining a healthy load of cum out of his balls, all it takes is a phone call, and he knows his cock will be drained. I realized he was talking about me, but changed the gender to throw everyone off track, and to also keep from disclosing he likes head from a man. They asked him what leverage does he have over the cocksucker after all these years. He said it’s simple – cocksuckers like to suck cock. Everyone busted up laughing, saying they wished they were that lucky to have a cocksucker on call.

Roger was going to go next, but the door pushed open and in walks Tony. He asked what’s going on, and Roger says to listen up. As Roger starts talking, Tony starts stripping down to his underwear too, without a shirt. Tony has grown his hair out, – he’s black – so he’s definitely got a huge afro going on.

Roger says that he met this girl Tina one summer when we were all out of school about two years. She was his fuck-buddy all summer, and he just hooked up with her again a few months ago. Anyhow, they would go at it everywhere they could, almost like a bucket list of places to fuck, many times in public. She couldn’t get enough of his big fat phat cock, wanted it all the time, and was kinky enough to always keep it exciting. The most exciting thing he did was to introduce Tony to her. Tony had come out of the pool, was wearing thin white shorts, and was swaying for all to see. When Roger looked at Tina, her eyes were locked on Tony’s cock, and she was licking her lips. Tony just smiled as Roger was explaining all this, lifting his cock bulge to display it better as Roger described Tina being captivated by it. We all laughed, but there was sexual tension in the cabin, that’s for sure!

So Roger goes on to say that for nearly two weeks, they both fucked Tina together nearly every day, until Roger had to head back to his home in Maryland. She’d take one in the ass, the other in the pussy, one in the mouth, the other down below, giving head to two cocks at once, she just loved sex, big cocks, and lots of cum! A few months ago, she returned to this area, and she’s dating someone from town, but he’s also laying some canlı casino siteleri serious pipe with her again. He thinks she’s fucking him and taking her wet pussy home to her BF. We all groaned, trying to hide our hard-ons. Tony confirmed the first part of Roger’s story, but didn’t know she was back in his pants again. Tony offered to help him fill up her holes before he sends her home to her old man the next time. Then everyone offered. Hot stories!

Last was Tony – seems he’s been involved in several threesomes with white couples where the husband watches as he fucks the wife. Sometimes the husband helps, sometimes he takes pictures, sometimes he makes a video, sometimes he just sits there and jerks off, all while Tony is fucking whatever hole he wants to. He’s even had some of the husbands suck his cock clean for the next round. Some he fucks the woman, and when it’s time to cum, he dumps his load in the husband’s open mouth. I just about came on the spot. All the other guys were saying gross, or not me, no way. Tony told them to shut up, if a guy wanted to suck your cock and you had no commitment at all to them, you’d take the freebie. A hard cock has no conscience.

So, they all look at me. Roger, knowing I had not only jerked him off for a few months, but I was also sucking his cock. I’m pretty sure his dad figured it out, but he’s cool. Tommy, he’s grinning at me cuz I sucked his cock for over 10 years.

I told him all my sex was good too. I told them I just hooked up with Christy a few months ago, and that she’s really hot in bed. She likes it any way I give it to her, and that I can never give it too much. If I want anal, she’s good with that. She LOVES to be eaten as much as I love head, which is perfect. The guys said, that’s all normal stuff, tell us something kinky or wild. It didn’t dawn on me at that moment that everyone was talking about someone in their past, but I was spilling the beans about my current GF, that when they meet her, they’ll be remembering what I’ve said as they check out her ass, as they evaluate her mouth for sucking cock. But, I was drinking, so I went on. I told them that many times when she come home, she’s SO wet and excited to hit the sack. I usually eat her out, then she sucks my cock for a while, then we fuck, either anal or pussy. But the other day, she sucked me till I came, and then she tried to kiss me with my load in her mouth. I said WTF!

Roger and Tommy were grinning, cuz they both knew I had no problem with a load in my mouth, but the thing is, I don’t want MY load in my mouth. The other guys kinda ribbed each other, said that’s completely normal, not to worry about it, and just kiss her back and take the “snowball” when she gives it to me.

The story telling kinda died down after that. As I glanced around the room, I could see all kinds of erections, so I knew I wasn’t gonna be the only one jerking off tonight! I was bunking in a room with Roger, Tommy took his own room, Kyle and Mark too the other room, and Tony stayed on the sofa. Within minutes of going into our room, I was sucking Roger’s cock. I hadn’t done that in years. Then I got up to go out to the bathroom, but stopped by Tony’s room, and I sucked his cock. I jerked off in the latrine, thinking about Kyle, Mark, and Tony’s cocks too. In the morning we were all sitting around, and Tony started to make breakfast. Roger asked me about Christy. I showed him and Roger a photo, and they both hollered out TINA!

Yeah, Kelly ChrisTINA…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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