Christmas Carol part 4 The Wedding

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Christmas Carol part 4 The Wedding
It was time to leave for Vegas for Carol and Reese’s wedding.

I was driving out, so Reese could get his rematch, and since he’d bought me the car, I did feel obligated.

My wife would fly out in a few days as she had no desire to spend 3 days in a “gawdamned sardine can”.

The bulk of the luggage would go with her, and I’d pick her up at the airport when she got there.

I’d managed to explain the car and how I was responsible for Carol and Reese meeting without incriminating myself.

Everyone involved was well versed on the story, so hopefully we’d all stay on script.

I really enjoyed the drive, the 911 engine singing behind me and the scenery in front. More than a few times, I had the chance to test the limits of the car.

I arrived at Reese’s two days before the wedding, early in the evening. My wife’s flight was due in the next day at noon.

As rolled in, one of the garage doors opened. I took the hint and pulled in.

Reese was waiting for me as I got out of the car. We hugged. “Good trip?” He asked.

“Car made the drive.” I beamed. “Thanks again.”

“Least I could do.” He said. “After all, I got the better end of the deal.”

“True.” I grinned. “Speaking of, where’s the bride?”

“She’s inside finishing up last minute details with Robin.” He stated.

Robin would be the maid of honor, no surprise there.

Honestly, I was not looking forward to meeting Robin’s husband, I wasn’t sure I could mask my feelings.

The wedding itself would be at Reese’s place. It would be a rather small and intimate ceremony. At most, 20-25 people would be there. All of Carol’s sibs would be there, unfortunately, Carol’s mom was not in good enough health to attend. They would live stream the ceremony for her. Reese’s sister and her husband were already there. A few more friends and extended family were expected tomorrow. The rest would come in for the ceremony.

I found the girls in the sunroom going over details, they both lit up when they saw me.

Carol got up and hugged me. “I’m so glad you’re here.” She smiled.

“Me too.” Robin said, hugging me as well.

Robin felt me stiffen as she hugged me. “Don’t worry about it.” She said flatly. “Glen knows everything.”

She laughed at the look of horror on my face.

“Remember the training program you gave me?” She asked.

I nodded, confused.

“It worked so well that he’ll do whatever I tell him to do.” She grinned slyly. “If he wants to enjoy my charms, he’s got to behave.”

I smiled. “I told you it would work.” “I just didn’t expect it to work that well.”

“Turns out he likes being submissive.” She added. “And I’m REALLY enjoying being dominate.”

“You still never cease to amaze me.” I grinned.

“I’ve got a few more surprises for you if all goes well.” She cooed.

She was gone before I fully grasped what she said. I think I’m scared.

Dinner was casual and laid back. We ate and talked, catching up on the past year.

After dinner, the girls retreated to the kitchen to clean up and continue planning for Saturday.

Reese, Glen and I pulled up in the sunroom with some of Reese’s good bourbon. Reese’s brother-in-law didn’t drink.

“To the happy couple.” I toasted.

“Agreed.” Added Glen.

“Thanks guys.” Reese beamed. “I still have a hard time believing this is real.”

Shortly, the girls joined us and we all sat around chatting and getting hammered.

It wasn’t long before Carol, fueled by the bourbon, crawled in Reese’s lap and started sucking on his tongue and rubbing her ass on his crotch. She’s always horny, alcohol makes her worse.

“Behave.” Robin giggled. “Save some for the honeymoon.”

“There’s plenty to go around.” Carol smiled and went back to teasing Reese.

“You should know by now she always gets what she wants.” I stated. “Unless you plan on sedating her.”

It wasn’t too long before Carol started shedding clothes and once she was naked, started peeling Reese out of his clothes.

Reese looked uncomfortable, but did nothing to stop her, not that she could be stopped.

Reese’s sister looked stunned, caught totally off guard by Carol’s brazen display. Her husband watched, staring at Carol’s assets.

Once she had uncovered his treasure, she dove on it.

As big as Reese’s cock was, Carol somehow managed to deep-throat it. She was really working him over. All the poor guy could do was moan and squirm.

“Let’s be fair about this.” Reese said. He picked her up and laid her on the couch. As he slid his cock back down her throat, he leaned forward and stuck his tongue in her throbbing pussy.

She squealed as he made contact with her erect clitoris. The more Reese licked her labia, the louder she moaned. I guess gargling would be a better description, since, with her mouth full of cock, only sporadic noises could escape.

I looked over at Robin and Glen. I could see the lust rising in Robin’s eyes. Glen looked like a deer in the headlights. He obviously hadn’t been subjected to Carol’s shenanigans nor had he seen Reese’s impressive member.

Reese’s sister smacked her husband, “Stop staring.” She got up, pulled him off the couch and barked. “Let’s go, give them some privacy.” They left, but not before he got one last, good look.

Then, to add to Glen’s discomfort, Reese got up, turned around and shoved his massive boner in Carol’s dripping box.

She screamed as he hit bottom and wrapped her arms and legs around him. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!”

Reese started pounding Carol’s cunt, making dirty, wet noises as his pole pumped in and out of her.

With a final grunting thrust, Reese came, pumping Carol’s abused pussy full of his seed. Carol, moaning and babbling, orgasmed a few seconds later as Reese collapsed on her, spent.

As they lay there, sweaty and panting, savoring the afterglow, Robin and I applauded. Glen looked mortified.

“Well done.” I cheered.

“I can do better.” Robin said.

“What?!” Glen said, looking rather pale.

I looked over at her and she winked and grinned as I made eye contact. Oh Shit! I thought to myself, here we go.

“I need to go to the little girls room, I’ll be right back.” “Don’t go anywhere.” Robin purred, pointing at Glen. She gave me another wink on the way out.

“I think you may be in for it.” I said to Glen. “These girls get crazy when they get horny.”

He just swallowed hard and nodded feebly.

Robin returned, just as I suspected, stark naked, with fire in her eyes.

She strutted over to Glen and put her right foot in his crotch.

“Stand up and strip.” She commanded.

Glen stood and slowly started to remove his clothes.

“Get a move on buster!” Robin hissed.

He continued to disrobe, increasing his speed only slightly. He was clearly not keen on being naked in front of an audience.

Once he was naked, she instructed him to eat her pussy as she stood in front of him.

Glen slid from the couch and stuck his face in Robin’s pussy, only half-heartedly performing the required task. It was apparent he still didn’t like doing it, but at least he was trying.

“Pitiful.” Robin lamented. “Sit down.”

Glen dutifully did as he was told.

“Maybe you’d like to show my husband how to properly eat a woman’s pussy?” Robin said as she turned and pulled me up from the couch by my hand.

“I’d be delighted.” I replied. “But, if this is to be a teaching experience, we need a proper classroom.”

I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder, causing her to squeal, and headed to the kitchen.

I laid her out on the bar and instructed Glen to take the seat nearest to Robin’s rapidly moistening cunt. I invited Carol and Reese as well and they jumped at the chance.

“First, it helps to have a nice pussy to eat.” I said to Glen. “And Robin’s is one of the finest I’ve ever seen.”

“Second.” “Enthusiasm.” I instructed. “This woman wants you to nuzzle her most personal and private area.” “You should be honored she trusts you that much.”

As I was instructing Glen on the finer points of cuntlicking, I had my hand on her mound slowly working her clit with my thumb.

She was starting to pant and tremble, but I was in no hurry.

“Third.” “Take your time.” I chided. “Don’t just dive for her clit and try to ring her bell.” “Work her up slowly, tease, make her crazy with lust.” “Savor the sight, the smell, the taste.” “Make her feel like the whole world revolves around her.”

“See how wet she is just from anticipation.” I said. “I haven’t even started and she’s ready to pop.”

Then, I started kissing her inner thighs, slowly working my way closer to her gushing gash. Each kiss elicited a moan or sigh as I gradually moved in closer.

Finally, I kissed her labia, making her jump and gasp, and with a final kiss to her clit, I started with my tongue.

I slowly licked her pussy lips, lapping up the nectar she was producing and once I’d cleaned up her love honey, I stuck my tongue into her vagina.

She grabbed my head and pushed me into her twat as she started to babble and writhe.

Only then, did I escalate to licking her clit.

As I made contact, her legs slammed shut on my head and she went ape-shit. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her towards my face, throwing her legs over my shoulders.

I started drilling her pussy and sucking and licking her clit and lips, holding on to her so couldn’t get away.

She was howling by this point, screaming for me to make her cum, and I was not going to let her down.

With one final lick from ass to clit, she came, and as she did, I jammed my tongue into her hole and simultaneously reached up and pinched both of her nipples.

She nearly crushed my head when she came, and I swear they heard her scream in Reno.

I held her down as she spasmed and lovingly licked her clean when she was done.

“That!” I stated emphatically. “Is how you eat a pussy.”

Robin was unable to respond verbally, but did nod weakly and pat my head.

“As I have said before.” Carol interjected. “You are still very good at that.” “Reese, honey, you were paying attention?” “Right.”

As Reese was sporting a full woodie, I’d say he was.

Glen was still trying to wrap his head around watching his future sister-in-law get fucked and watching a stranger eat his wife. He was absolutely not prepared for what happened next.

Robin was able to speak by this time.

“Why are you still dressed?” She asked me.

“I was eating that luscious pussy of yours, naked was not required.” I answered.

“Well, it’s required now.” She purred. “Get up here and fuck me.”

Poor Glen could only watch as I stripped and prepared to fuck his wife. He knew she was screwing someone, but I’m sure he never thought he’d have to watch it.

After seeing Reese’s cock, I’m sure he was hoping I’d be closer to his size. He was wrong. As I’ve said before, Reese is larger than me, but I’m pretty well hung also. Glen, well I guess I’d call him adequate. I’m guessing he was starting to feel small (Pun intended).

I was elated at the chance to fuck Robin. I figured, with Glen here, I’d be in self-service mode, and after Reese and Carol’s show and eating Robin, I was ready to burst.

I crawled up on the bar and split her thighs, driving my dick into her like a spike. As wet as she was, I sank in, balls deep, immediately.

Her smoldering passion re-ignited as soon as I hit bottom and she started wailing and thrashing as I fucked her.

“GOD I’ve missed your cock.” She moaned. “Fuck me, pound my pussy.” “Make me cum so hard I pass out.”

Happy to oblige, I reamed her like it was the last fuck I’d ever have.

I jackhammered her red furred pussy with everything I had, eager to fill her with the load that had been building since I first got here.

All too soon, I growled and blasted her cunt with what felt like a gallon of cum and soon after Robin orgasmed, squeezing my cock as her pussy spasmed.

I laid on top of her until my cock deflated and slid out of her raw pussy, causing our juices to spill out onto the countertop.

I slowly rolled off Robin and slid off the counter onto the floor.

Robin sat up, then got on her hands and knees and licked up our combined cum from the counter. I helped her down and with that devilish grin I’ve come to love, walked over to Glen and kissed him. She shoved her tongue into his mouth, taking with it some of the contents she’d just lapped up.

His eyes grew wide when he realized what she was doing and he pulled away, shocked.

She just grinned.

Looking over at Reese, Carol was straddling his lap going for round two. She was bouncing on his dick, waving her tits in his face as she fucked him. They both shivered illegal bahis and came shortly and she stayed on his lap while they cuddled.

I guess they liked our presentation.

Glen excused himself and went to bed.

“Hope I didn’t get you in trouble.” I said. “He didn’t look very happy.”

“He’ll get over it.” She said. “Or he won’t, I guess at this point, I don’t care anymore.”

“If he can’t accept me the way I am, then that’s his problem.” She offered. “I’ve been denying who I am for too long, and I’m not doing it any more.”

“I think he’s more upset being the smallest dick in the room.” She mused. “Compared to you and Reese, he’s tiny and it’s messing with his head.”

“I hope you’re right.” I said. “If not, he’s gonna bolt.”

“I hate to be a wet blanket, but it’s been a long day for me and I’m going to bed.” I stated tiredly.

I kissed Robin while caressing her tits. “Thanks for a great time, see you in the morning.”

“Night.” She said. “My pleasure.”

“G’night guys.” I said to Reese and Carol.

As usual, I was in the room I’d always used.

After a shower, I went to bed, dreaming of furry red-haired pussy.

I woke in the morning and went to the kitchen for some breakfast.

Reese, his brother-in-law and Glen were at the table eating when I came in, the girls were in the kitchen making something that smelled heavenly. Glen looked to be in much better spirits.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Carol called from behind the range. “About time you got up.”

“In my defense.” I countered. “I don’t live in this time zone and I was ‘up’ past my bedtime.”

The girls groaned at the pun. Reese’s sister just look puzzled. Reese just shook his head and continued eating. Surprisingly, Glen actually chuckled.

“What’s cooking, smells great?” I asked.

“It’s an asian breakfast stir-fry.” Carol said. “Got the recipe from a friend.”

“Sign me up.” I said.

Robin brought me a plate of the wonderful concoction and I greedily ate way more than I should have. No regrets!!

After breakfast was done and everything clean and neat, I got ready to go pick up my wife.

“Reese. I need a favor.” I asked.

“Anything.” He answered.

“Can I borrow the Raptor?” I asked. “All the luggage won’t fit in the 911.”

“Sure.” He said. “You know where the keys are.”

With that, I said my goodbyes and left for the airport.

After picking up my wife, I loaded the luggage and we left Vegas.

I decided I was going to scare the panties off her so I wound up the truck and away we went. Amazingly, she actually seemed to enjoy the ride. I guess the wide open spaces make the speed seem less insane.

Reese and Carol met us in the garage when we pulled in.

“Good to see you Reese.” My wife said. “It’s been a long time.”

“Too long Karen.” Reese mused. “Glad you came.”

“Hi, I’m Carol.” “Reese has told me so much about you.” Carol said, hugging my wife.

“Any of it good?” Karen giggled.

So far so good, I thought. At least they get along.

Reese helped me unload the truck and he showed Karen to our room.

“Nice place Reese.” Karen observed. “Can I get the full tour later?”

“We offer tours every hour, just sign up at the office.” Reese grinned.

She laughed and shook her head.

Karen and I puttered around in our room, unpacking and making sure nothing was forgotten.

Two of Carol’s brothers and their wives came in not long after we got back and three other couples came in before dinner. They were all settled in the main house or the guest house as space allowed.

Dinner for 18 people was quite an affair. The women banished us from the kitchen while they all banded together to make the meal. We ate in the formal dining room, since it was the only room that could accommodate that many people.

We made introductions at dinner and Reese or Carol explained who everyone was and how they figured in this affair.

Then the dreaded question, from one of Carol’s brothers.

“So Carol, how’d you two meet?” He asked.

Carol shot me a quick glance and smiled. “Well, first I have to give you a little background.”

“I’m sure you remember that one.” She said gesturing towards me. “We dated in college way back when.” “He and Reese were frat brothers.”

“We were kind of a mutant three musketeers, where one was the other two weren’t far behind.” Carol explained. “So I knew Reese back then as well.”

“Well last June I came out to Vegas to get away from everything.” She elaborated. “After the divorce and … Marilyn…”

It took a few minutes for her to regain her composure.

“Anyway, who do I run into?” She smiled. “Him.” She pointed. “He was out here for some kind of conference thing.”

“Oddly, I heard him before I saw him.” She added. “I recognized his voice when he was talking to someone.”

“He nearly fell over when I walked up to him.” She mused. “I just stood there to see if he’d remember me.”

“You’d think he’d seen a ghost.” She laughed.

“After he got over the initial shock, we talked for awhile and caught up.” She said.

“He told me he was staying with Reese at his place outside of town.” She said. “He asked if I wanted to see him as he was sure he’d be happy to see me.”

“And the rest is history.” She gushed, wrapping her arms around Reese.

Everyone seemed happy with that story, and it was technically correct, even if a few details were left out, or modified.

We had a nice dinner, talking and laughing. Telling stories and remembering those no longer with us.

After dinner, we sat around the pool or in the sunroom, drinking and having a good time. Even my wife was loosening up.

Slowly, couples made their goodnights and left for their rooms until only Carol, Reese, Karen and I were left.

We were all pretty tipsy by then, so I wasn’t surprised when Carol wanted to go for a late night swim.

Carol stood up, peeled out of her clothes and dove in the pool. Reese stripped as well and followed her, surfacing next to her.

Karen looked at me with her mouth hanging open.

“I told you when I dated her, she was a wild c***d.” I said. “I guess that hasn’t changed.”

“That’s not… I can’t… did you see the dick on that guy!!” My wife gasped. “Jesus Christ, how does he not split her in half, she’s so petite.”

“I never really thought about it.” I said. “I haven’t seen Reese naked since college, so I’d actually forgotten how big he was.” I lied.

“You two coming in?” Carol called over to us.

“Your call.” I told her. “Both of them have seen me naked, granted it’s been 35 years, but…” “And you know I’m not shy.”

“I can’t.” She whispered. “Nobody except you has seen me naked in 20 years, besides, I’m afraid I’ll stare.”

“Nobody here is going to care what you look like naked, we’re all adults.” I reassured her. “And stare all you want, I think Reese is used to it by now.” “But I’ll make an excuse if you feel uncomfortable.”

“Give me a minute to think.” She said. Then she walked over to an open bottle of wine and downed about a third of it.

Then, she really amazed me and started shedding her clothes. She kept her back to Reese until she was nude, then turned around and walked to the edge and jumped in. I followed shortly thereafter.

“You’re even more beautiful than I imagined.” Reese beamed. “Thanks for sharing yourself with us.”

“Your tits are magnificent, I wish mine were that nice.” Carol added, bouncing her ample breasts in her hands. “And I’m starting to become jealous of redheads, your creamy white skin is to die for.”

“We can be a little…spontaneous.” Carol added. “Sorry if we overwhelmed you.”

Karen blushed and smiled.

“You really surprised me.” I told her, hugging her from behind, grabbing her tits and rubbing my cock in the crack of her ass.

“Behave.” She hissed. “I agreed to a skinny-dip, not a public groping.”

“Still I know it took a lot for you to do this.” I reassured her. “I’m proud of you.”

We splashed and played in the pool like k**s for awhile, finishing off the wine and being silly.

Time finally caught up with us and we excused ourselves and went to our room.

After a quick shower I went to bed, Karen lingered a bit longer and came out, still naked. Odd, she hasn’t slept nude in years. She walked over to the bed and tore back the covers, straddled my hips and started working my rapidly hardening cock into her pussy.

We haven’t had sex in over 4 years, so needless to say, I was surprised.

Having finally stuffed herself with my dick, she started slowly fucking me while fingering her clit.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I reached up and kneaded her 38DD tits and tweaked her nipples. Liking what I was doing, she leaned forward so I could reach her with my lips.

She gasped as I took a nipple in my mouth, biting it carefully while she continued to ride me.

She slowly sped up, breathing heavily, as my cock and her fingers worked their magic. Soon, she trembled, her pussy spasmed, and silently she came.

She lay panting on my chest, while her orgasm subsided.

I hadn’t cum yet, so I rolled her over. She was still lost in her orgasm, so when I impaled her again, she was caught off guard.

Desperate to cum, I pounded her hard, venting years of frustration into her willing pussy.

My sudden re-intrusion into her set her cunt ablaze, causing her to moan and thrash. Her tits bounced with each thrust, inflaming my desire to levels not seen in years.

Normally quiet during sex, she was starting to vocalize.

“Oh…OH!! mmm… ahhh.” She babbled. “Yessss…, I-I-I’m g-g-gon-a -c-c-cu…” She groaned and went stiff, cumming for a second time as I unloaded my balls deep into her clenching pussy.

I collapsed on top of her, panting, trying to catch my breath.

Rolling off her, I grabbed a tit, enjoying the feel of the warm globe .

She smacked my hand away, scowling. “I’m acting like some kind of hormonal teenage slut.” She hissed. “I don’t know what got into me.”

“I think it was my dick.” I laughed.

“You know what I mean.” She spat. “I’m too old to act like this, it’s not dignified.” “I’m a grandmother for Christ’s sake.”

“I think you need to rethink that.” I pondered. “Seems to me you enjoyed yourself.” “I can’t remember the last time you orgasmed twice.” “Besides, I think you’re just as sexy and desirable as you were when we first met.” “Loosen up, enjoy yourself.”

“I’m old and fat and wrinkled.” She said. “How could you possible think I’m sexy.”

“Because I love you and I’m a dirty old man.” “And I still think you’re the hottest thing with two tits and a pussy.” I grinned, leaning down to kiss her nipple.

“Go to sleep you old pervert.” She giggled, rolling over and pulling the covers up.

At least I got to see her naked ass for a bit before I turned out the lights.

Saturday morning was clear and sunny, generally a typical Vegas summer day. The wedding was set for 3PM, so the girls were busy with last minute details.

Reese was getting underfoot, causing Carol to repeatedly shoo him away.

“Reese, I don’t think we’ll have time for that rematch you wanted.” I mused. “But, why don’t we break out the Porsches and give some rides.”

“That’s a great idea.” Carol interjected. “I know my brothers would love a ride, and the way you two drive, well, try not to kill anyone.” She mouthed a silent “Thank you” to me and went back to her task.

We spent the next several hours taking anyone who wanted on rides ranging from mild to wild depending on the passengers preference. We staggered our runs to keep it from becoming competitive, I knew Reese’s mind was elsewhere, and didn’t want anyone getting hurt.

Eventually, we had to put the toys away and get ready for the ceremony.

The wedding was beautiful, Carol made a stunning bribe and you’d need a jackhammer to knock the grin off Reese’s face. They were made for each other. I just wish they could have gotten together sooner.

The reception was a sight to behold. Reese had it catered by one of his friends, who just happened to be a chef at one of the casinos. The food was phenomenal and we all stuffed ourselves shamelessly.

Of course, the bar was nearly equally fabulous and everyone got pretty toasted.

The celebration went on well into the evening and by ones and twos, guests left for home or retired to their rooms once again leaving Reese, Carol, Robin and I alone. Karen had gone to bed after overindulging in both food and drink, and Glen had passed out by the pool.

“To the happy couple.” I toasted.

“Same here.” Robin added. “I’m so happy for both of you.”

Turning to me she said. “And thanks to you.” “Without you, this never would have happened.”

“I’ll drink to illegal bahis siteleri that.” Reese said.

Carol hugged me, kissing me tenderly. “I’ll never forget what you’ve done for us.” “I love you so much.”

Reese just smiled. I knew what he was thinking.

“Dude, if you try to kiss me, I’ll deck you.” I laughed, wagging a finger at Reese.

“I’m happy, not stupid.” Reese countered. “Besides, Carol’s a much better kisser.”

We all laughed and enjoyed the happy banter until even we had to go to bed.

“Night all.” I said. Getting up to leave.

“Try not to fuck him to death tonight.” I scolded Carol. “You’ve got years to do that.”

I didn’t stay to hear her answer, I was beat. Bed felt pretty good.

Morning came way too soon and judging from the faces at the breakfast table, more than a few were sporting killer hangovers.

Reese and Carol were WAY too chipper eliciting groans from the pained masses.

Everyone would be leaving for home today, myself included. I needed to drop Karen at the airport by 10AM, then I’d be headed out. By early afternoon Reese and Carol would have the place to themselves once again.

After breakfast, I borrowed the Raptor again and took Karen to catch her flight.

By the time I got back, better than half the family and friends had departed, with several more in process. I went to my room to pack for the trip home, pausing to make sure I had everything.

Lost in my thoughts, I was startled by Robin.

“Leaving so soon?” She asked.

“Yeah, gotta get back before my practice replaces me.” I lamented. “I wish I could stay longer.”

She hugged me, kissing me deeply. When she had finished, she looked me in the eyes.

“What was that for?” I asked. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“For everything you’ve done for Carol.” She said. “She’s so happy, I can’t tell you what that means to me.”

“More dumb luck than anything.” I said. “Not like I planned this.”

“Still.” She added. “You have done a wonderful thing here, don’t sell yourself short.”

“Thanks.” I blushed. “I love them both dearly and if I’ve done anything that brings them happiness, I’m happy too.”

Trying to change the subject I asked. “Where’s Glen, hangover get the best of him?”

“He left on a redeye at six this morning, and yes he looked pretty bad.” She giggled.

Puzzled I asked. “You’re taking separate flights?”

“Not exactly.” She smiled. “That’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“I’m not following you.” I said, even more puzzled.

“I haven’t bought a return ticket yet.” She stated. “I had planned to stay on here for awhile to help Carol clean up and such, but Reese, damn his hide, seems to have everything covered.” “I feel like a third wheel, so I was thinking, since you’re more or less heading my way, how’d you like a passenger for the trip home?”

Before I could form a sentence Robin mused. “I’m guessing by the big, dumb grin on your face, that’s a yes.”

I managed to nod, confirming her suspicions. This was going to be a MUCH better trip than I had planned.

“Good.” She chirped. “When do we leave?”

“I’m just about ready, give me 15 minutes, then meet me in the garage.”

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me excitedly. “This is going to be fun!”

Reese and Carol were with Robin when I got to the car.

“So you really have to go?” Carol sighed.

“Yeah, gotta get back, responsibilities, blah, blah.” I said. “Wish I could stay, but be assured, I’ll be back.” The last part I said mimicking the Terminator.

Everyone laughed at my bad impression.

I loaded our stuff in the car. “Ready?” I asked Robin.

“Let’s be off.” She grinned.

“Did we miss something?” Reese asked.

“I kinda picked up a hitchhiker.” I k**ded. “I’m taking her home.”

“I thought you were going to stay for awhile.” Carol said dejectedly.

“You don’t need me, you two have everything well in hand, besides, I feel like I’m in the way.” Robin said.

“You could never be ‘in the way’.” Reese intervened. “You’re always welcome here.”

“I know that.” Robin admitted. “But I’ve got to leave sooner or later, and I think this will be a lot more fun than a boring old airplane.”

“Slut!” Carol laughed.

“Just know what I want, learned from the best.” Robin giggled, hugging her sister.

“You two be careful.” Reese chided. “No hanky-panky while the car is moving.”

“Unless she’s a contortionist, I don’t think that will be a problem.” I mused. “The interior in this thing is a bit tight as you well know.”

“Point taken.” Reese conceded. “Still, keep your eyes on the road.”

“It’ll be difficult.” I said, smacking Robin on the ass, causing her to yelp. “You’ve seen her, she’s one sexy little thing.”

Robin actually blushed, it was adorable.

Tearful goodbyes were said and we roared away, headed east for home. We got a bit of a late start, but the miles fell away.

Robin and I talked and laughed, remembering old times and celebrating new ones. If I wasn’t in love with her before, I truly was now. She and I have so much in common. It’s almost scary.

The weather was great, and with the flat 6 singing behind our heads, we made for Colorado and our first stop.

Where possible, I pushed the limits. Nothing like a good mountain road and a Porsche to get the blood pumping. Alas, the opportunities were few, mostly due to traffic or limited knowledge of the roads.

We stopped for the night west of Grand Junction. After settling in to our room, we had some dinner and then hit the shower to relax after the day in the car.

Robin called Carol while I hit the shower and I wasn’t surprised when a set of hands appeared around my waist and a pair of perfect tits mashed against my back.

“How’s Carol?” I asked.

“Sad that everybody’s gone, but glad she can go naked around the house again.”

“I’m sure Reese is enjoying that.” I laughed. “Girl never did like clothes.”

“True.” Robin said. “We’ve got many pictures of her as a c***d, most of them naked.” “She was born an exhibitionist I think.”

As she was talking, her hands drifted south to my slowly inflating cock.

“Seems you may be enjoying that thought as well.” She mused.

“Carol’s body is great and all.” I said. “But you, my little minx, are the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck silly.”

I turned around facing her and kissed her passionately. My hands found the round globes of her magnificent ass and I massaged them enthusiastically.

She moaned into my mouth. “Silver tongued bastard.”

Breaking the kiss, I slid down her chest, and presented with her luscious tits, took a nipple between my lips. She gasped and grabbed my head, pulling me to her.

Alternating between the two, I tongued and nibbled her into a state of arousal.

Needing more room for what I had in mind next, I shut off the shower and carried Robin from the bathroom, tossing her on the bed.

I immediately crawled between her legs and parting her pussy lips with my tongue, attacked her clit.

She nearly screamed as I made contact with her joy button, “God, I’ve been thinking about that all day.” She said between moans. “It was all I could do to keep my hands out of my pants.”

“I can’t deny I’ve been wanting this too.” I mumbled through her pubic hair. “I love eating you, the taste, the smell, your reaction, it’s intoxicating.”

I started working her over then, licking top to bottom and everything in between. She squealed and writhed while my expert tongue rapidly drove her to ecstasy. Moments later she came, making enough noise that I was afraid someone would think I was killing her. Her legs clamped on my head and she thrashed around, overwhelmed by her release.

After, she had calmed down, I licked her clean and laid down next to her.

“I really need to fuck you, how do you want it?” I panted. “After that display, I’m about to explode.”

Robin got up on all fours, turned and wiggled her heart shaped ass at me. “Give you any ideas?” She purred.

I got behind her and rammed my raging hard-on into her waiting pussy, cramming her full on the first stroke.

Robin groaned and pushed back into me. “Fuck me, I’m so damned horny.” “Fuck me NOW!!”

Needing no more incentive, I pistoned my rock hard rod into her, slapping my balls against her ass on each stroke. If eating her pussy got her going, this was lighting her up like Christmas.

“That’s it.” She gasped. “Fuck me harder.” “Make me cum.” “Pound me til I can’t walk.”

I fucked her so hard, I feared I’d hurt her, but she just begged for more.

By now, she was chewing on her arm trying not to scream. She was slamming her ass back onto my cock almost as hard as I was fucking her.

I continued to ram her hot pussy, occasionally reaching under her to fondle her breasts, or rub her clit, til I couldn’t take it anymore and with a final thrust and a guttural groan, blasted her cunt with my molten semen. With my second or third shot, Robin’s pussy spasmed and nearly crushed me as she shrieked and came.

We collapsed in a heap, exhausted, panting and heaving. When we regained our senses, we finished our shower, and fell asleep in each others arms.

When I woke up, Robin was already dressed and ready to go.

“Damn, I was hoping to get one more look at that hot body of yours before we left.” I complained.

“If you did, we’d never get out go here.” She giggled. “But, I don’t think you’ll be all that disappointed, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

She had a devilish grin on her face, but wouldn’t tell me anything else.

“Let’s get breakfast and get going.” She barked. “We still have a long way to go.”

After a quick bite, we packed and hit the road. Once we were back on the highway, Robin produced what looked like a keyfob. She handed it to me and grinned.

“What’s this?” I queried.

“It’s a remote control.” She cooed, squirming in her seat.

“For what?” I asked, curiously.

“For the vibrator buried in my pussy.” She admitted. “I thought it might make for an interesting day.”

“How’s it work?” I was getting interested to say the least.

“Top button sets the speed, next button adjusts the intensity, the third button does various patterns and the last button is the on/off switch.” She coached. “Pretty simple really, but I think it’ll become apparent once you start playing with it.”

I hit the bottom button, turning the unit on and Robin immediately jumped and squeaked.

“Wasn’t expecting you to dive in so quickly.” She chirped.

“I’m a fast learner.” I said. “Let’s see what this thing will do.”

I’m sure I had a wicked look on my face, and I was looking forward to making her squirm.

I played with buttons and settings for quite some time, observing the effects on my captive subject. Soon she was sweating and moaning, barely able to form sentences as I asked her to describe what each change did.

By the time we stopped for lunch, she was incoherent, babbling, pleading for me to make her cum. I told her she was free at any time to take the remote from me and end her problem, but if she didn’t, I had no plan stop before we got to our hotel.

She did not take the remote. I think she wanted to see how long she could take the stimulation.

When we got out of the car to have lunch, I noticed a wet patch in the front of her shorts, she was that excited.

I turned the unit off during lunch so I didn’t have to carry her into the restaurant, but I did buzz her a few times just to keep her wound up.

“You want to take that thing out?” I asked her before we got back in the car.

“No.” She moaned. “It’s incredible, I can’t describe it, someone else having that kind of power over you, it’s making me so horny I can’t stand it, but I don’t want it to stop.”

We got back on the road headed east for Nebraska.

I continued to tease her throughout the day, keeping her just short of cumming. By early afternoon, she was so wet I could smell her love honey and she was back to babbling and moaning.

I saw her reach for her pussy once, but she stopped and gripped the armrests instead.

Despite my distractions, we made bumblefuck Nebraska about 6PM and I decided to stop for the night. After all that stimulation, I figured we needed to stop early if we were going to get any sleep.

I left Robin in the car while I checked us in, she probably couldn’t walk anyway. Afterwards, I unloaded the car and carried her to the room. The clerk shot me a strange look, but I didn’t care, I’d had a raging boner all day and I was going to fuck Robin’s brains out, right after I drove her over the edge.

I laid Robin on the bed and removed her clothes. She was beyond reach, so focused on the canlı bahis siteleri sensations from her long suffering pussy that she was completely unaware of what I was doing.

As I pulled her panties off, I took a moment to appreciate the wetness found within them. She was so wet I could sc**** her nectar from the material with my finger. I took a taste and found it to be delicious.

As soon as I had her naked, I took a moment to savor her beautiful form as she quivered on the bed. Her face and chest were flushed with her passion and her nipples looked like they could cut glass. Her pussy hair was matted with her juices, and a short pink antenna protruded from her swollen labia.

Now was the time to end her suffering. I took the remote and turned it up to maximum. Robin jolted like she’d been electrocuted and screamed. Her mouth hung open and she babbled incoherently, clenching the blankets in her hands.

It only took 30 seconds or so for her to explode. She went board stiff, shrieked and started orgasming. She writhed and moaned for a good 2 minutes, spasming every 10-15 seconds as multiple orgasms raged through her. Then, totally drained, she collapsed, sweating and breathing hard.

I took this opportunity to pluck the vibrator from her tortured pussy, marveling that something so small could cause so much hell.

I took about 20 minutes for Robin to reassemble her brain.

“Where are we?” She croaked.

“Somewhere in Nebraska.” I answered. “We’re done for the night.” “Are you OK?”

“Yeah.” She answered weakly. “That was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.” “I’m not sure I can walk yet, but rest assured, as soon as I can manage, I’m gonna fuck your dick off.”

“How ‘bout I chase us up some dinner while you recover, I suspect it’s the last chance we’ll get to eat.” “Food, anyway.” I grinned.

“Sounds good, I’ll be right here.” Robin whispered.

When I returned, she was at least sitting up. We ate dinner, after I got naked, fair is fair.

“I want to take a quick shower before we start.” Robin stated. “I smell like a whorehouse.”

“I’ll let you take a shower, but I want to clean your pussy before you do.” I leered. “I’ve never seen or smelled anything like that before and I want to explore it.”

Robin seemed unsure, but let me proceed. I wasn’t going to get her off, I just wanted to taste all that pussy juice.

I cautiously explored her wet folds with my tongue, savoring the taste. It was decidedly different than her regular secretions, more intense. I carefully cleaned her up, avoiding her clit, purposely not doing anything to rev her up. I wanted to see what she had in mind.

I let her take her shower alone, once again, not wanting to excite her, we’d be taking another one in the morning before we left. I’d have a hard time explaining to the wife why my face smelled like someone else’s pussy.

She emerged from the bathroom glowing, more sexy and beautiful than I’d ever seen, and with fire in her eyes, attacked.

I was sitting on the bed when she lunged at me, knocking me over on my back. She sat on my chest, pinning my arms down with her legs, her furry muff only inches from my face. She slid down to my stomach and leaned down, whispering in my ear.

“You’ve been very bad today.” She hissed. “And now I going to make you pay for it.” “Do exactly as you’re told, or you sleep alone tonight, got it?”

I nodded.

“Good.” She smiled, the fire in her eyes raging even more. “For the next hour, you will not move, you will not speak and you will not touch, clear?”

Again, I nodded.

At this point, my erection was firmly wedged in the crack of her ass, and slowly she slid further down until it was dragged through her wet slit, until it sprang, straight up in front of her.

“I see I have your attention.” She purred. She then bent forward and licked the head of my penis, causing me to flinch.

“Lay still.” She commanded. Then she slowly took me in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head as she sucked me.

She made sure to get me close, but not take me over the edge.

It was going to be a very long hour, but, I guess after what I did to her, it was only fair.

After 20 minutes or so, she moved back up my chest until her pussy hair was tickling my nose. She sure knows how to tease me! She rubbed herself on my face, coating me with her nectar. Then she fucked herself with my nose, mashing her wet snatch repeatedly against my face.

All I could do is lie there, wishing I could at least use my tongue.

“See how wet you make me.” She cooed. “But, since you’ve been naughty, all you can do is look.”

She wheeled around and again thrust her pussy in my face, while she started licking and sucking my painfully rigid member. Reaching down with one hand, she started rubbing her clit, playing with herself, inches from my face.

As she played with herself, she got increasingly wet, actually dripping onto my chin. I carefully licked up the drops, hoping she couldn’t see me.

Despite what she was doing to herself, she still managed to bring me to the brink several times only to deny me at the last second.

Finally, her fingering made her cum, and I got a very closeup view of her pussy spasming and quivering, causing even more juice to run out onto my face.

As her orgasm hit, she deep throated my cock, massaging me with her throat muscles. I came almost instantly, arching my back and grunting, shooting my load deep into her mouth. She took her time cleaning me up, then sat up smiling.

“Hour’s up, but I’m not done with you yet.” She purred. “Do whatever you have to do, but make that thing hard again so you can fuck me senseless.”

I’d spent most of the last hour staring into Robin’s wet cunt, so I knew what I wanted. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my face, sticking my tongue deep into her aching hole.

She gasped as I went totally nuts, licking, nibbling and tonguing her pussy. Her tits swayed above me, so I manhandled them, tweaking the nipples, causing her to moan even more. Just as she was about to cum again, I jammed three fingers into her, catapulting her over the edge. She spasmed and went limp, nearly smothering me before I could push her off me.

“That never gets old.” She panted. “I could spend the rest of my life sitting on your face and be a very happy woman.”

“Normally, I’d agree with you, but I’m hard again, and I’m gonna fuck you til you beg me to stop.” I stated.

Robin laid back, spread her legs and beckoned. “Challenge accepted, give me all you got.”

I mounted her, impaling her on my massive cock, pinning her to the bed.

She groaned as I split her pussy, stretching her walls apart.

I reached under her, cupping her ass cheeks in my hands and started hammering her cunt, slamming my meat into her with all the strength I had. I was on fire and only her pussy was going to put it out.

I had cum once, so I was sure I could go at least 30 minutes, maybe more, before I’d nut again. She was going to walk funny for at least a week.

I fucked her like a man possessed, causing her to moan and thrash, as I worked her into a frenzy.

“Oh God.” She gasped. “I think it’s getting bigger.” “You’re gonna split me in two.”

The longer I fucked her, the more vocal she got.

“Jesus, you’re so deep, if I open my mouth, you’ll cum in your own face.” She panted. “I can’t stop cumming.” “I can’t take much more, cum, goddamnit, before I….”

Not ready to finish her off just yet (or maybe I was showing off), I continued pounding her quivering cunt, my thrusts making wet, dirty noises as I sloshed around in her juices.

“Ng,ng,ng.” She grunted with each thrust. Her mouth was hanging open and she was drowning in a near continuous orgasmic tidal wave.

“Please…stop…fucking…me.” She moaned. “I…can’t…OH…GOD…I”M…CUMMING…AG-G-GAIN-n-n.”

Watching her lose her mind one final time, I exploded into her ravaged, raw pussy, shooting everything I had deep into her, grunting like a wild boar.

I fell on her, totally drained. I couldn’t fuck her any longer if I wanted to. I’d given her everything I had. Gasping for breath, heart pounding, my head between her tits, I laid there, collecting my strength.

She was heaving as well, lightly caressing my hair, as she regained her composure.

“You’re not dead.” She whispered. “You’re still breathing.” “But if you do that again, you’ll probably kill us both.”

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take.” I panted. “You drive me wild, you inspire me.” “You’re so damned hot, you make me crazy.”

We continued to talk and cuddle for awhile til we both fell asleep, me still lying on top of her.

I awoke in the morning, alone in the bed. Apparently Robin had managed to shove me off her at some point in the night.

I headed to the bathroom, I had to go, BAD!

Robin was there, washing her hands, she’d obviously had to go as well.

“Morning beautiful.” I said, running my arms around her, cupping her tits and nuzzling her neck.

“Good morning.” She smiled. “You OK after last night?”

“I haven’t felt this good in years.” I beamed. “How about you?”

“Feels like somebody drove a Mack truck into my cunt.” She said. ”But other than that, I’m great.”

“Guess I got a little carried away, Huh?” I queried.

“Well, to be fair.” She admitted. “I did dare you.”

“That you did.” I grinned, giving her tits one final squeeze.

“Give me a few minutes and then we’ll hit the shower.” I said. “Gotta go.”

“Back in five.” She purred. “Don’t start without me.”

We had a nice long, hot shower, lathering each others bodies and enjoying the intimate time together.

Robin finished before I did and exited the shower. I needed a few more minutes.

When I exited, Robin was at the sink, bent over looking at something in the mirror, her perfect ass in full view.

I got immediately hard, staring at her.

She was busy preening and didn’t notice me until I stepped behind her and plunged myself into her exposed pussy.

“Oh Shit!” She gasped, grabbing the countertop for support.

I placed my hands on her hips and started pulling her ass into me, thrusting deep into her cunt.

“Oh God.” She squealed. “I wasn’t ready for that.”

“Want me to stop?” I asked. “If you’re too sore I can stop.”

“Oh FUCK no.” She nearly screamed. “Gimme what you got, I need it bad.” “I would have jumped you earlier, but after last night, I figured you’d be done.”

“Ain’t dead yet darlin’.” I drawled. “Though parts of me are pretty stiff.”

She saw my grin in the mirror. “Damned pervert.” “Enough with the bad puns, just fuck me.”

I pulled out of her and stepped back. “Hop up on the counter.” “I want to see your face when I make you cum.”

She sat on the cold marble, making her squirm. “Come and get me.”

I stepped between her spread legs and rammed myself back into her waiting cunt.

She moaned and wrapped her arms around me. “This is our last chance.” “Make it good.”

I started cranking, and very shortly, blew my wad into her.

She was noticeably disappointed that she hadn’t cum as well.

“Fear not.” I told her. “I’m not done yet.”

I kissed her and kneaded her tits, keeping her arousal level up. I was waiting for my cock to deflate and slide out of her.

As soon as it did, I dropped to my knees and shoved my tongue into her well fucked pussy. She grabbed my head, pushing me into her, gasping and moaning.

“Oh!” She grunted. “That’s…” The rest was unintelligible, I couldn’t hear it because she slammed her legs closed on my head.

I licked and probed every crevice and fold of her slit, cleaning her juices and my cum from it. I slowly worked her into a frenzy, and before long, she spasmed and came, making even more nectar, that of course, I licked clean.

“Holy Shit!” She exclaimed. “You just keep getting better at that.”

“Helps to have a willing, inspirational partner.” I grinned. “Makes me want to rise to the occasion.”

“More with the bad puns.” She groaned.

Smiling, I picked her up and carried her back to the shower for a quick cleanup. As we toweled off afterwards, I enjoyed watching her tits jiggle as she dried.

We hit a quick breakfast and headed for Iowa.

We made good time and I had her home by late afternoon, we didn’t talk much during the trip, we were both bummed that the trip was over, and tired from fucking each other silly.

I helped Robin carry her luggage into the house, Glen wasn’t home from work yet.

“Guess this is goodbye.” She said sadly.

“Yeah.” I mumbled. “Better get going, got to be home tonight or the wife’ll be pissed.”

We hugged and kissed for much longer than we should have.

“I really gotta go.” I said. “Much as I want to, I can’t stay.”

“I know.” Robin admitted. “Be safe and don’t drive too fast.” “I’ll see you again soon enough.”

I kissed her one last time, got in the car and headed for home. My next conference can’t come soon enough.

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