Chronicles of Chris Ch. 01

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Please be patient reading this, there’s some backstory and development before the sex. I just ask that you give it a chance.

Many thanks to my new editor, drbob80. He cleaned this up and made it read much more smoothly.

Also, thanks to LancerInLA and leftylooo for reading and suggestions and listening to my whining.

The names have been changed, not to protect the innocent, because God knows none of us were, but because the author cannot remember anybody’s names, except of course the exquisite Mrs. Eva Petrovic.


I first saw her the day that Mom and I moved into the Northridge Lakes condos in Milwaukee. Dad had just died and Mom wanted to get away from our home town to make a new start. My older sister lived in Wauwatosa and the condos were close enough that we could see her and her family. If we needed help they could be there, but we were far enough away that we were not on top of each other.

Anyway, the movers had just finished and I was out front watching them pack up. I saw a kid about my age sitting on the porch of a nearby townhouse watching the truck and the guys working. Now, I have never been shy, I had to be outgoing to make myself heard when my siblings were around. I am the youngest of six and was the only one still left at home.

I walked up to the kid and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Chris Peters and my Mom and I just moved in over there.” I pointed to the townhouse behind the truck.

He sat there for a second with a look of surprise on his face before he spoke. “Hi, my name is Danousek Petrovic, but everybody calls me Danny.”

I know my eyes widened at his name and he grinned. “Yeah, it’s a mouthful. My family is Czechoslovakian and I’m named after my grandfather. I live here with my Mom and Dad and my little sister, Nikola. Everybody calls her Nikki.”

I heard a voice from inside. “Danny, who are you talking to?”

Danny said, “The new kid that moved in, today, his name’s Chris.”

Just then the door opened and I was struck dumb. A very short, very hot woman with long black hair walked out on the porch. She smiled and stuck out her hand and said, “Hi Chris, I’m Mrs. Eva Petrovic, Danny’s mom.”

I took that soft hand in mine and it felt like I was holding a delicate flower, her hand was so tiny. I looked at it and then started to drag my eyes up to meet hers and didn’t get past the most perfect set of tits I had ever seen in my young life. I stood there gawking and then I heard a polite clearing of the throat from her.

‘Oh shit,’ I thought. ‘She just caught me staring at her tits.’ I was afraid to look up, but I couldn’t just stand there staring at her tits. Finally, my face blood red with shame, I raised my eyes to meet hers. She had a grin on her face and her eyes were twinkling. I had been stunned by her tits, but was overwhelmed by the beauty of her face and the fact that she couldn’t be old enough to be Danny’s mom. She looked about 25, which would have made her 10 or so when Danny was born. I stood there speechless.

When I finally found my voice I blurted, “You can’t be Danny’s Mom; you’re too young and pretty!”

She lightly laughed and said thank you, all the time holding my hand. “But I really am Danny’s Mom, I had him when I was sixteen, I tell people he was two years premature.” She said and then laughed again.

Danny moaned, “Mo-om, you promised you wouldn’t say that anymore. It’s embarrassing!”

“Danny, behave, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. If anyone should be, it should be me because I got pregnant so young. But, I’m not embarrassed, because I had you.” She looked at him with a Mom’s adoring gaze.

Danny groaned again, “Mo-om, you’re doing it again. Please stop.”

Mrs. Petrovic had still not released my hand and just laughed at Danny. “Now, Chris, you know our deep, dark embarrassments, what should we know about you, your Mom and Dad.”

“I, uhhh, my Dad died last year, Mrs. Petrovic, it’s just me and Mom.” I stammered.

She let go of my hand and her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh, Chris, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, Mrs. Petrovic, you didn’t know.” I said, patting her on the arm and getting dangerously close to those tits. I jerked my hand away when I realized where it was. “Anyway, we’re OK, my sister lives nearby and we just go day by day.”

She stepped up and hugged me, which sent my cock into female proximity alert. I jerked my hips back and let her hug me, pressing those breasts into my chest. “Chris, I’ll be over tomorrow to introduce myself to your Mom and let her know that if you guys need anything, you can call on us.” She spoke into my ear and her breath was driving me crazy. Then she kissed me on the cheek and I thought I was going to cum in my shorts.

“OK, Mrs. Petrovic, I’ll let her know you’ll be over.” I answered her.

Danny said, “Come on Chris, I’ll introduce you to some guys that I know. I’ll bet we’ll all get to be friends.”

That’s how I met the woman that would casino oyna dominate my thoughts for the next several years. Danny and I instantly formed a bond and we became inseparable. We spent the next three years hanging out either at his house or mine, though I much preferred his. When we were at his house Mrs. Petrovic would be very attentive to all of us. We were introduced to foods that we had never tasted before. We were treated to late night surprises of baked snacks while we watched movies or Monday Night Football. The treats were oftentimes accompanied by a hug or kiss on the cheek.

We were also treated to occasional, accidental glimpses of frilly, lacy underwear or nightgowns when she didn’t know we were awake or there early on a weekend. The glimpses I got just fueled my growing obsession with her. I tried to catch her dressed in less clothing, but she always seemed to be very careful with teenage boys in the house.

Then came the summer of graduation and our eighteenth birthdays. Danny was the youngest of the four of us that hung together all the time. The others were Steve and Moose. Moose’s real name was Mike, but he really fit his nickname better. Moose was 6′-6″ and 280 if he was a pound. Everything about him was bigger than life. He played defensive end and had earned an athletic scholarship to Wisconsin. Danny’s birthday was at the beginning of July and his Mom had planned a party. It would actually be a dual purpose open-house, Danny’s birthday and Moose’s going away party. Moose had to report early for football and to get some academic assistance. Moose was a smart enough guy, but he had spent so much time concentrating on the field and weight room that his grades had suffered. He barely got into UW and the coaching staff was concerned they might lose him to poor academics. They wanted him in a regimented study program and were going to get him started early; hence, his early departure from home.

Mrs. Petrovic had arranged to have the clubhouse and pool for the day and it seemed she invited everybody that she, Danny and Moose had ever known. Danny’s dad had to go out of town on a business emergency, so he wouldn’t be there. Danny was really disappointed about that. The party started about 11:00 am and there were about fifty people hanging around the pool and clubhouse. People came and went all day, but the total stayed around fifty.

The four of us took a table together and other people drifted in and out of our circle all afternoon. The best part of the day was that it was really sunny and hot and all the girls were in bathing suits. There was an incredible amount of flesh on display, including a few moms that were looking good, too. I was disappointed since Mrs. Petrovic had on a loose Caribbean style dress that left her shoulders bare and wrapped tightly around her chest, albeit above her breasts. It flowed loosely down her body and ended demurely just above her knees. There were short slits up the sides that offered tantalizing flashes of her thighs, but not much else. I was mesmerized as I watched her play the perfect hostess all day. She occasionally looked our way and would catch me watching. Her eyes would twinkle as she shook her finger at me, laughing at my embarrassment at having been caught staring, yet again.

At one point I lost sight of her for a few minutes and after searching fruitlessly with my eyes, I joined the conversation at the table. To my surprise, Sara Jenkins and Joni Williams had sat down at our table. Sara and Joni were cheerleaders that had graduated with us. Sara was tall and blonde and athletic and Joni was small and petite and strawberry blonde. Joni was the object of my stalker-like mentality when Mrs. Petrovic was not around. Normally, she was pleasant to me, but not overly friendly. Today, however, when I finally joined the conversation she acted like we were best of friends. She even changed seats to sit by me. I was confused.

“Chris, you haven’t said much since Sara and I have been here. What are you doing this summer? Or should I ask who?” She asked, giggling. Then she grabbed my bare leg below my bathing suit and I jumped and she laughed some more.

“I, uhhh, I, uhhh, haven’t been seeing anyone at all.” I stammered. I was overwhelmed by her question and the warm hand on my thigh. My cock found the hand to be of interest and started crawling down my leg to say hi. I was taken off guard and I blurted, “I, I, I’m just hangin’ out here, until I leave for basic.”

I don’t know why I said that, nobody other than Mom knew I had signed up with the Navy and was scheduled to leave in two weeks. I had intended to tell my three best friends at the end of the party tonight. All the heads at the table snapped around and by their expressions I knew that no-one even suspected that I had joined up. I got a couple of hundred questions at once and the excitement at our table had drawn the attention from the surrounding tables. This was exactly why I hadn’t said anything in the first place. I hadn’t slot oyna wanted attention taken from Danny and Moose on their day and now I had fucked it up. The most interesting response was that Joni’s hand slid further up my thigh under my suit, coming dangerously close to my dick. It had started to wilt with my statement and the subsequent attention, but now came back with a vengeance.

Suddenly, there was breath in my ear and Mrs. Petrovic said in a whisper, “Chris, you should have told me, I would have made this day about you, too.” She kissed my ear and my dick leapt the rest of the way to full erection and right into Joni’s fingers.

Joni’s eyes got wide, but to my surprise, she didn’t jerk her hand away. Instead, she squeezed and slithered her hand further up and slowly began a soft up and down motion that made me groan in appreciation. Mrs. Petrovic heard my groan and she giggled. I think she thought that the groan was ENTIRELY due to her attention. She kissed my ear again and softly rubbed her tits against my shoulders. I could feel her hard nipples and groaned again. This time Joni thought the groan was due to her and increased the speed and pressure on my cock. She ran her thumb through the pre-come that had begun to seep and smeared it around the head. She ran her forefinger up under the head and scratched the sensitive skin there. I was starting to breathe heavily and I guiltily looked around and saw that no-one was paying attention to us. Mrs. Petrovic apparently was worried about the same thing because she vanished as suddenly as she arrived. My full attention was now on Joni and I noticed that her bikini was overfull and her pink nipples were desperately trying to escape their prison. That was all I needed to drive me over the edge and I started spurting into Joni’s hand. Again she giggled and did not stop jacking me until I quit spurting. My bathing suit was full and her hand HAD to be covered. As Joni stood she withdrew her hand and wiped it on my suit and shirt. Sliding up to me, she hugged me and I felt her wiping more on my shirt. Then she dropped her towel in my lap, neatly covering the mess.

“Chris?” She asked sweetly. “Would you carry my towel for me?” She was providing me cover to escape scrutiny of the ginormous wet spot on my crotch. I excused myself from the table and followed her sweetly twitching ass into the clubhouse. She went into the ladies locker room, taking her towel and giving me the opportunity to quickly shower in the men’s locker room and clean up my suit.

She was waiting in the hall between the locker rooms when I came out, feeling a little foolish. “Joni? What was that about?”

She giggled. “I know you’ve always had a little crush on me, but since I was always going out with somebody we never explored anything between us. I just broke up with Bobby and I thought maybe we could get together a little bit, especially since you’re gonna be leaving.”

It was a little surprising, but I thought, ‘what the hell, why not?’

“OK, what do you want to do?” I asked.

“I’m here with a whole bunch of girls, including Sara, so today really doesn’t work, but how about you call me tomorrow?” Joni asked.

“OK.” I said, still a little stunned from the events of the last half hour. Joni got up on tiptoes and gave me a sweet kiss and then ran out to the pool, leaving me with a half-woody and a shitload of questions.

I walked back out to the pool and looked at my friends at our table. My suit was still wet and with any close inspection it would be obvious what had happened. I needed a distraction. As I walked to the table I peeled my shirt off and threw it at Danny. It was wet from washing it in the sink and wrapped around his head with a smack.

He pulled it off his head and yelled at me, “You’re a dead man, Peters.” I had just turned to run when he caught me and we went over the side into the deep end of the pool. He was quicker than I expected and my mouth was wide open when I hit the water. I came up sputtering and spitting water.

“Asshole!” I muttered at Danny and then we both laughed, knowing I deserved it.

About that time, Mrs. Petrovic walked past our table headed for the kiddy pool with a huge beach ball. Moose was lighter on his feet than his nickname might have indicated and he jumped up and slipped past her; tipping the ball into the air and then to us in the pool. He ripped off his shirt and then followed the ball into the pool with an obnoxious cannonball. One of the results was the thorough soaking of Mrs. Petrovic.

“MOOOSE!!!” she screamed, “I cannot believe you did that! Give me that ball. GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!!”

Moose, rightfully responded, “I don’t have it, so I can’t give it to you, Mrs. P.”

“Moose! You know what I mean.” She snapped.

“We know exactly what you mean. But, we’re not giving it up that easily, Mrs. Petrovic. I think you need to come and get it.” I said, looking her straight in the eyes and smiling.

She surprised canlı casino siteleri me and pulled her dress over her head. She was wearing a crème colored one-piece that set off her skin and black hair perfectly. It looked like it had been made just for her, fitting like a second skin with no wrinkles or ripples. Like her dress there were no shoulder straps and the suit was held tightly to her skin right above her boobs. The net result was that her already awesome tits were even more pronounced. She dived into the pool and barely made a splash, just a little blip. When she came up her nipples had come to attention and were clearly visible. Danny had the ball and she made a beeline for him, growling at him to give up the ball. He was clearly startled by her sudden rush and almost lost it to her right away. She hit him squarely in the chest and as he went over with an ‘oof’ he flipped the ball to me. They surfaced together and Danny had an even more surprised look on his face. His mom was pressed tightly against him and her hands were below the water.

She turned her attention to me and demanded the ball with the same growl. I stood my ground and held the ball above my head. I’m not tall (only 5′-10″) but I had a good nine inches on her. She jumped at me and those breasts, which had been my masturbatory fodder for the last several years, slammed against my chest and then slid down my body. She threw her arms around me to keep from falling backwards. She continued to slide until her hands went below the surface and I was startled as she gripped my ass, pulling her chest tight to my stomach. My cock, which I thought had been satisfied by Joni earlier, found the contact to be of interest and started poking around to investigate. Mrs. Petrovic grinned at me as she felt my growing hardness and then grabbed my shoulders and pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around me, leaving her crotch level with mine. Letting go of my shoulders, she lunged at the ball and upon missing, fell back down and grabbed my shoulders again, pulling herself back up. The net effect of her play was that she was humping my now painfully hard cock with her pussy. I was shocked and looked down from the ball into her twinkling eyes and saw the evil grin. I tossed the ball to Moose and giving me one final thrust, she went towards Moose. I was left with a raging hard-on and once again, many, many questions.

Moose played the same game as I did, but she couldn’t get enough of a grip on his shoulders to pull herself up. Now that I had an idea of what she was doing I watched her closely. She couldn’t get her crotch anywhere near Moose’s, so she started rubbing her marvelous C’s against his dick. I glanced at his face and my suspicions were confirmed. He was surprised, yet pleased. She bounced several more times and then he threw the ball to Steve.

Steve, having no idea what she was doing, turned his back and held the ball away. She hit him with a full force shot on the back with her chest, knocking him off balance. As he went face first into the water, I saw her hands dip below the surface and, by Steve’s expression when he resurfaced, find pay dirt. He came up sputtering and she just hung on to him. They stayed like that for maybe thirty seconds and I saw Steve stiffen and then relax, understanding dawning on his face. Steve held the ball at arm’s length in front of him as Mrs. Petrovic squirmed against his ass and back. She would pull her hands from the water to make feeble attempts to get the ball and almost immediately return under the water. Steve had held the ball for several minutes and I was starting to get jealous. I knew Mrs. Petrovic was at least groping him if not actually jacking him off and I wanted some more, myself.

Irrationally I thought, ‘leave her alone, she’s mine’. Of course I knew that she wasn’t mine, not really, but I had lusted after her for the last three years, night and day and I certainly didn’t like the idea of sharing.

Suddenly Steve started shaking and I knew, actually, I think Danny and Moose knew, too, that she had gotten him off. She leaned in and whispered in his ear and Steve weakly tossed the ball to Danny and went to lean against the side of the pool. I looked around then to see if anybody had witnessed that hot encounter and found that no-one was watching us. Mrs. Petrovic approached Danny again and this time he didn’t turn away. She hit him in the chest with as much force as she had hit him in the back and he was again surprised. This time he didn’t go over and held his ground. His mom’s legs had firmly wrapped around him and she was holding tight. The ball was above his head and as she reached for it her tits were in his face. Every time she lunged for the ball he was hit in the face with “C” cups. For me it would have been heaven, but for Danny it seemed to be a little bit of hell on earth. He took a couple of boob slaps to the face and tossed the ball my way. His mom held onto him briefly, giving him a hug with her tits mashed in his face. I stood with the ball and she released him and slowly slid down his body, her hands disappearing beneath the water once again. She got on tiptoes and whispered in his ear and Danny stiffened and lurched away from her and I could barely hear her light laugh.

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