Cindy Ch. 04

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This story is continued from Cindy part3.

Claire came sneaking back into the house about 3:30 in the morning. Everything I had planned for her, the torment, the pain, the humiliation, all my dreams about my sister were about to become reality.

I had only thought sexually about Claire a few times. When I’d seen her walking out of the bathroom in only a t-shirt and panties or when I’ve accidently walked in on her when she was sitting on the toilet but apart from that she was always just my smart assed, verbally abusive bitch of a sister.

There was never ever any love between us. I was the freak, she was daddy’s little angel and as you know she became more than just his little angel. She was his little whore, sex on demand and now I was going to make her mine.

I waited until Claire had quietly sneaked into her room and undressed and climbed into bed. I walked down the hall and stood outside her room, listening for the creak of her bed springs, indicating that she had made herself comfortable and was preparing herself for sleep.

“Not yet sis, you have alot of work to do before you get some sleep” I thought to myself as I quietly opened her door and walked in.

I wanted this to be memorable, placing my vidcam on her vanity unit so I could catch every facial expression and word she said and every move she made. This was her torment and her raping.

I could tell my sister wasn’t asleep as she lay in her bed, on her side, her back facing me. I pulled the side of the blanket up and slid my hand under, feeling for the soft warm skin of the back of her thighs. Claire breathed in sharply when my hand came in contact with her skin.

“Still awake Claire, I hope so, you have alot of work to do girl and boy am I horny”.

“Go away freak, I’m tired and you have no right coming into my room and demanding something you have no right to have, I’m never going to fuck you or even think about letting you fuck me, SO FUCK OFF AND LET ME SLEEP, I’M TIRED” Claire screamed at me.

“Yes you are bitch, if you never want mum to find out about that tape of you and dad” I said thrusting my hand between her legs and grabbing a handful of flesh between her thighs.

I clamped my other hand over her mouth as she began to scream. Claire tried to thrash out with her arms, trying to fight her way out of the reality she was about to face.

“You maybe daddy’s little angel bitch but tonight you’re my slut…” I said apply more pressure to her inner thigh.

Claire’s screaming intensed until it turned into loud sobs and wails.

“How does it feel to be in pain my little slut……remember all those years of torment…….all those years of abuse……why Claire…..why did you have to be so mean to me…….I loved you Claire…….look what I got for being nice to you…..well tonight and every night you’re going to be nice to me, aren’t you Claire, you’re going to be so nice to me, whenever I want you, you’ll be there, won’t you sis, you’re my little slut, my little whore” I said giving Claire’s inner thigh one more squeeze.

My bitch of a sister gave out one more painfulled scream before lying dead still. No more fighting, no more screaming, just a gentle soft sob. I kept my hand over Claire’s mouth just in case she wanted to scream again. You know I actually started to feel sorry for her but a deal was a deal. She was now my whore, not my sister but my little whore.

“Open your legs whore so I can have a good feel of my little whore’s pussy” casino siteleri I said releasing my grip on her inner thigh.

Claire didn’t move at first but when she felt my fingers starting to tighten up on the soft flesh of her inner thigh, she spread her legs as wide as she could, turning herself onto her back.

“Now lets see how wet you are” I said running my hand up to her pussy.

“Please Ryan, no, don’t do this to me please, it’s not right, this is rape, I’m not willing” Claire pleaded with as I ran my fingers through her pussy lips and over her clit.


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Claire screamed, grabbing my arm as I held on tightly to her pussy lips.

Somehow seeing my sister in pain made me hornier than ever. The tears streaming from her eyes and the endless crying made me feel more superior over her than I had ever felt. I felt a power over her that I had never felt before. I released my stiff cock from the confines of my boxer shorts and instantly jumped in between my sister’s legs. Claire’s eyes widen and her mouth opened but no sound came from it as my big cock slipped into the tightest cunt I had ever felt. Claire held on tightly to my shoulders as I forced every inch of my manhood into the depths of her hot tight pussy.

“Feel that slut…..feel how big my cock is….I bet it’s stretching that tight little pussy of yours to the max……feels good, doesnt bitch” I grunted, ramming more of my cock into her.

One more thrust and the entire length of my cock was firmly embedded inside Claire’s pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhgggggggggg…..” Claire screamed, digging her finger nails into my back..

My sister’s face was red and puffy. Her eyes straining in their sockets as she looked up at me. Her breaths were like grunts and gasps as I began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. On the third thrust, Claire closed her eyes and moaned deeply, bringing her legs up as I plunged my cock deep into the folds of her cunt. God it felt good, her hot tight pussy practically strangling my cock. My balls slapping at her ass cheeks as I sped up the pace, ramming my cock harder into her.

It was too much for Claire. My cock was becoming her master. She knew it and so did I. She was now mine.

“OH GOD YES……….OH GOD……OH JESUSSSSSS CHRIST YES…….FUCK ME YES FUCK ME……OH DON’T STOP……FUCK ME RYAN FUCK PLEASE…………” Claire cried out, lifting her ass off the bed as she meet every thrust I made.

“Oh god Ryan…….you’re making me cum…..I didn’t want to cum……I don’t want you to fuck me…… oh please make me cum like I’ve never cum before…….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee” Claire moaned digging her fingernails into my shoulders as she rammed her pussy hard onto my cock as I rammed my cock harder and faster into her pussy. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee”

Claire arched her back, practically lifting us both off the bed and cried out. Her pussy exploding in a combination of heat and liquids, flooding my cock with her juices. I don’t know what happened to Claire but it was like uncaging a wild animal. From not wanting me to fuck her to pleading with me to make her cum was like something. slot oyna The wild craving in her eyes as she kept eye contact with me, forcing my head back to face her and holding onto the sides of my head as I pounded my cock in and out of her tight pussy.

“Fuck me……….fuck me…….fuck me…….fuck me…….” Claire grunted with every thrust I made, ramming my cock into her pussy as deep and as hard as I could.

“Don’t look away, I want to see you cum too, fill my pussy Ryan, fill me with your cum” Claire moaned, dragging my head down so she could lock her lips to mine.

Our tongues wrestled with each other as I carried on fucking my sister as long as I could until I couldn’t take anymore. Her tight pussy became too much for me, god she was tight and she knew it.

“Claire I’m cumming” I moaned, feeling my sperm rush through my balls and into the shaft of my cock.

“Good I’m cumming too, we’ll cum together” Claire moaned back at me, ramming her pussy harder onto my cock.

We never took our eyes off each other as we rammed our bodies into other. We worked in unison, my sister plunging her pussy back and forth onto my cock and me, plunging my cock in and out of her pussy. It was like heavenly music. All you could hear was the two of us grunting in unison and the sound of our sweat and juices slurping as we fucked each other in the most powerful, erotic orgasm that we had ever felt.

“Oooooohhhh gggooooddddd yyyyyeeeeessss” We both cried out as our bodies both exploded at the same time, Claire’s pussy exploding cunt juices in and around my cock and my cock firing load after load of cum deep into her pussy.

We both collapsed into each others arms, kissing wildly as we ran our hands over each others bodies. It was like we were two young lover who had just found each other. Claire had a passion even she never knew she had as she squeezed me tightly to her as she continued to kiss me deeply. We both looked into each others eyes. I wanted to tell her I was sorry I caused her so much pain and I was sorry I raped her so visiciously, I never wanted her to be mad or unhappy with me, i loved her far to much for that.

“You want me as your whore Ryan, you got me, just like I’m daddy’s whore, I’ll do anything you want me to do just like I do for daddy but you have to promise me, no more pain, daddy promised me after the first time he fucked me so I want you to promise me as well”

“Tell me what did dad do to you the first time he fucked you sis” I asked as I gently glided my fingertips up and down her stomach and over her breasts, making her nipples stand out from her breasts.

“He ripped open my shirt and and grabbed my tits when I refused him, he squeezed my breasts so hard, they hurt until I submitted to him. I had to beg him to stop. He then commanded me to strip all my clothes off and then get on my knees. I didn’t know back then what he wanted. He made me watch about a dozen or so porn movies, making sure I paid close attention to how the woman sucked on the men’s cocks and how they licked the other woman’s cunts. Then he shoved his puny cock into my mouth and made me suck him off, making me swallow every load until I got it right.” Claire said telling me every sexually graphic thing dad made her do.

“Why didn’t you tell mum” I asked sliding my hand down between us so I could feel her hot soaked pussy and my now harden cock buried deep inside her.

“Hell Ryan don’t you think I wanted too. He said we had made a pack. I wasn’t canlı casino siteleri allowed to tell anyone. After a while I even started to enjoy watching porn movies with dad, sucking and fucking him afterwards, it was fun, him squirting his cum all over my face and hair, over my breasts and cunt and even once allowing him to slip the head of his cock just inside my ass and squirting his load inside me there. In the end I forgot about the pain he had caused and souly concentrated on the pleasure. I even rejoiced in the fact that I was the only one in my class who was having sex until I met Rhonda”.

“What is it with Rhonda, why is she such a bitch, why is she so protective of Cindy” I asked thinking about all the times she threaten me with death if I even came close to touching her sister Cindy.

“Rhonda was the same as me, her father raped her when she was twelve. He would beat her first just to make sure she understood what he wanted before fucking her. When Cindy turned twelve, Rhonda made sure he wasn’t going to have her as well. Rhonda and Cindy’s father died shortly afterwards in a car crash. Rhonda turned to her mother and became a lesbian. Rhonda taught Cindy everything about becoming a lesbian like her. God she was murderous when she found out Cindy wasn’t a virgin anymore. If you had been there, she would of killed you without asking any questions”.

“Why, how,who said it was me” I asked hoping Cindy hadn’t told her.

“Rhonda hates you that’s why, Rhonda was about to finger fuck her sister and found her hand covered in sperm that’s how and who, Cindy said she didn’t know who it was. She said that she was quietly having a piss and the next thing she knew was she was being rammed against the bars of the fence and some guy was ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. Cindy said she begged him not to cum inside her so he rammed his cock up her ass and came inside her there but I know better than to say it was you.”

Claire began pumping her pussy back and forth along my cock and moaned as she buried it deep inside her.

“Making yourself horny again sis” I asked pushing gently against her as she turned us over so she was on top.

“God yes, just thinking about your cock plunging in and out of Cindy’s pussy and cumming in her ass is just a turn on” Claire said as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

“How did you know it was me” I asked giving Claire’s tits a gentle squeeze, pinching her stiff nipples until she moaned out loud.

“Because Cindy told me it was you…..she enjoyed it so much…….she wants you to do it again……..”Claire moaned giggling as she rode my cock like a horse.

“Why didn’t she tell Rhonda” I asked.

“Because dimwit, she loves you……hahahahahahahaha….” My sister laughed before she let out a long slow moan as she orgasmed again, ramming her pussy onto me before flooding my cock with her juices again.

“God you are a whore” I said flipping Claire onto her back and really pounding my cock in and out of her pussy till we both came again.

“Ryan if you want me as your whore say so now or we can call it quits” Claire asked as we lay in each others arms gently caressing each others body with our hands.

“Yes I want you as my whore but I also want you as my sister……plus if I want you to suck or fuck another woman then my whore will have to do it, won’t she” I said jokingly.

“Dad loved it when I made love to another woman while he watched before fucking us both and I’ve had sex with alot of woman because of dad, it was fun, fuck I even wanted to have sex with mum, I’ll even be mum’s whore too if you want me too” Claire said wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me deeply again before we fucked some more.

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